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Head & Heart Reset

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.


I write to you from a cool and quiet nook in Austin, Texas.

I’ve got the Winter Olympics going in the other room, on mute.

Today’s free practice is a wonderful, if-I-do-say-so-myself, 25 min session to guide you toward connecting to your deep listening points.

While on the quest for feeling, loving and living as your true self, the way in which you are connected to your listening centers matters.

Scientific research has shown us that a healthy heart means a healthy brain. And now we are acknowledging that healthy mind also connects to a healthy heart space.

I love how regular yoga practice provides us the awareness and tools to tend to it all.

Oh, the head and heart connection!

It happens. Our emotions get the best of us, we can get in our own way and even get wrapped up in things that at our core don’t even truly matter.

Know the feeling?

I thought so.

A healthy head and heart connection helps us to discern what serves our energetic state and  process things in a way that teaches us to learn to love and love to learn.

While life by its very nature cannot always be coming up roses, taking responsibility for your energetic state should remain your priority.

When our emotional state is balanced we are able to raise our coherence levels and get to that feeling of POSITIVITY.

Positive emotions allow for the systems of the body to work together creating that feeling of balance and well-being.



Now, are you ready for the really-truly beautiful thing?

When you are in an emotional or energetic state you are not the only one affected by it. Your heart is the center of energetic communication! So by cultivating a positive and loving experience within yourself, you are creating a positive and loving communication with other organisms around you.

By taking time out of your day to practice self love, you are providing yourself the opportunity to raise your awareness levels and remain in a positive loving state. This allows you to feel good, run at optimal functioning, AND transmit love toward others.

Love wins.

It’s St. Valentine’s week. Don’t forget your numero uno. Your one and only. The truest of all the loves!

Yo’ Self. 

With Love,


PS: Treat Yo Self! Self Love Sweatshirt is now in the shop! A rose… because my Mom is the Rose Queen. It’s hard to pick just one to showcase but here is one of her rose paintings…


As your desire is, so is your will. 

As your will is, so is your deed. 

As your deed is, so is your destiny. 

-- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (IV.4.5) 

16 comments on “Head & Heart Reset”

  1. Adriene, you are an ANGEL from Heaven. As always, this practice was right on time and I added it to my favorites! I am honored to get on the mat with you each day. Sat Nam.

    Love you, girl!
    rho from NYC ;o)

  2. Adriene, I loved every bit of today's practice. I enjoyed yoga 28 years ago, during my university days, but fell out of practice after I graduated. The hubby got a 4k smart TV in July and , hey 'o!, I found you and my love for yoga returned. Thank you for your beautiful message and spirit. You have literally changed the quality of my life!

  3. Adriene, hello! So, now you are with me on holiday, too. I did TRUE with you in January and found myself continuing a daily yoga routine, it is absoluetely yummy, as you say. And you know what? I am turning 49 soon, I am in the French hills called Les Vosges, taking beginner ski classes while my little ones take theirs, and the instructor was stunned by my balance and control of movement and asked what other sport I was doing. And when I said he nodded knowingly, 'well, of course, this is the yoga I'm seeing here'. I was so proud, for both of us. Thank you so much, it is magical to be part of this experience! With lots of love, Csilla

  4. Hi Adriene, I just want to thank you, thank you, thank you! A friend told me about you the first week of January, and I have been doing yoga "with you" almost every single day since! It has made a big difference for me in so many ways. I am 63 years old, used to do yoga every day over 40 years ago, but have not been able to get myself back to it until now. I bless you for the beautiful way you guide and love us. Thank you so, so much!

  5. thank you so much adriene
    This wonderful
    i practice this morning and it was so good
    Nathalie From Clermont Ferrand France

  6. Hi Adriene, thanks for your wonderful teaching and inspiration. I just wondered if I could ask you about chaturanga as I struggle with upper body strength. How did you get to the stage of being able to move with this posture, was it practice or do you incorporate any other weight bearing exercise to be able to do this?

  7. Adrienne,
    Thank you for your beautiful spirit and your encouraging words. I did the January challenge after several years away from the practice. It has been life changing both in mind and body. And now I know as I get older I truly need to continue for my strength balance and overall health. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are such a blessing!
    Love and Blessings,

  8. After your sessions, I feel so good. Like a champion! Corny warning! I feel like Rocky Balboa winning a boxing match shouting, "Adriene!" After your sessions! This feeling kind of matches my life since I am a practicing martial artist/boxer! Your yoga has helped me in so many ways. On the yoga mat, ans in the dojo. Your voice reminds me to do the most important thing - breathe - when I am losing focus. Also when i weightlift, I remind myself of the power of your grace and words during my sessions. Find what feels good. That is the best advice I've practiced in my journey of self-love. My past was rough and had a lot of negatives. But I found your youtube page back in 2015, at the hardest time in my life. Thanks so much for being you and sharing your love to everyone!

  9. Adriene,
    I wanted to thank you for you encouraging words and wonderful videos. I’ve tried other yoga videos in the past, but never felt like I was catching on and sound myself getting frustrated. So I stopped doing yoga. I am not the most flexible person, but found your videos several months ago and really enjoyed the experience and your encouragement. I did the True series and loved it!

  10. Thanks again Adriene! I just finished True and have been yoga-ing along with you for years. Wonderful teaching 🙂

  11. This video saved me today! Yoga is magical! And you are the best guide. Thank you for sharing all of this with us, it's truly life changing x

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