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Practice Practice Practice, Est. 2013

This morning I took a look at the calendar. Instead of seeing all my to do's I thought of all the ta da's. I reconnected with my intentions and nodded that I was doing just fine. After that, I realized I was doing more than fine. It was a damn fine morning and I was doing good. More than good! Things are going great! I then realized that I was going to stand behind the aforementioned thoughts and feelings despite the fact that: (insert list of things not going great, anything from my finances to commercial farm animal treatment.) I then turned over and began the Vanity Fair issue that Judd Apatow edited. (Special All-Star Comedy Issue!) It had been sitting on my bedside since the top of the year, waiting patiently for me.

Often it is at about this time in January where we begin to unconsciously (or consciously 🙂 ) shrug off our intentions or revise our resolutions. Instead of focusing on the bad- this morning, when I looked at my calendar, I focused on the mother f***king good. I hopped on that horse and rode it on through till lunch time.

Hey! It lasted till lunch time! But then one little trigger - one little thing - that doesn't match the happy-healthy-romantic-sunny-yogic-conscious-loving-day I was having and it all crumbles. Like a house of cards. Or whatever.

IT CAN CRUMBLE. (Especially if your hormones are currently having a disco party.)

I almost let it fall all the way to that place where its hard to get it back. It is hard to get it back from that place, don't you agree? But instead, I stood up for that happy-healthy-romantic-sunny-yogic-conscious-loving-day. I squinted my eyes, looked it in the face and turned that sucker around. I got back on that saddle. Also, I was patient with myself. I am practicing that.

My yoga practice reminds me to allow for all possibilities. At all times. Sometimes I forget (we are human!) but even in that moment I can open myself up to all possibilites. I practice patience in that moment. I stop. I don't react. I remind myself to make no assumptions about how it will turn out, just like I do when I arrive on my yoga mat. This is a consciousness I have never felt before in my life. I'm practicing it and it is working.

2013- put it into practice. In this case I practice patience and consciousness. (Very astute, I know.)

Be patient and exist in that moment where you get thrown off the horse - no matter if it is a mustang or a donkey. (Shout out to donkeys!)

This year I choose to bask in the beautiful unpredictable moments. To go with the flow and focus on the practice. I know that the practice is rewarded. It, in fact, is the reward. I can feel it.

Lets take care of ourselves. Connect. And cultivate a practice of finding what feels good. It felt good to not let the bad stuff take over. It felt damn good to emerge from it. It felt amazing to leave it behind me and move forward. This takes practice.

Remind yourself of your intentions today, re-connect with your resolutions. Don't spend anytime with unsupportive thoughts, don't focus on what you have failed on- instead, focus on what is to come. What do you want to practice in 2013? What is your practice right now? Practice does not just mean practicing the physical aspects of Yoga. Today it was a practice of patience and consciousness. (Yoga) For you it might be a practice of eating better, a practice of stopping to smell the roses, to eat more breakfast tacos, or to look up at the sky. Perhaps a practice of cultivating ____________. You fill in the blank. You are in charge.

Practice makes... you happy.


A kiss from Blue

A kiss helps too!

Happy New Year Everyone!

6 comments on “Practice Practice Practice, Est. 2013”

  1. What a great day!!! I do believe we both had very similar days today and it only serves to make me happy that the world seems less lonely because of this beautiful synchronicity.

  2. Just wanted to say that days like this still happen in 2021, and this is still 5star advice for them!momma said there'd be days like this and it is SUCH a good feeling be able to stand up and deal with it!!

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