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Half Moon Pose

Foundations of Yoga: Half Moon Pose or Ardha Chandrasana! This yoga pose stretches and strengthens the whole body and can help improve balance and coordination.

Open your chest and your hips! Relieve fatigue and reduce stress hormones by practicing this challenging posture. Return to it again and again to see how the pose evolves and how the body reacts. There are loads of opportunities and benefits! Take your time, listen to your body and enjoy the ride. Namaste!

9 comments on “Half Moon Pose”

  1. I have recently discovered your website and think it's just wonderful. It really is a ministry. You're reaching so many people in an amazing way. I was wondering if you would consider making a video greared towards pre-teen/teen girls? It's so important for them to be comfortable with and mindful of their bodies at this age. I have daughters, 11 and 12, that are enjoying the foundations of yoga videos and would really love something tailored just for them. Thank you.

  2. Hi! I love your videos. I am a beginner and really appreciate you taking the time to break down each pose it makes doing a whole yoga work out less intimidating. I do have one question about this half moon pose. When ever I do this position my leg's (the one that stays connected to the ground) hip hurts really bad. Is that normal and I just need to keep practicing or is it something I should be careful with? I know you arnt a doctor or anything but I thought getting an opinion from someone who gets yoga would be smart. Thank you so so much! God bless:)

  3. Hi Adriene !
    Its Rumaisa from Pakistan.I just wanted to say you a little thanks :* . You don't know how you are helping me through the yoga journey. I had wasted a long time searching for the yoga videos suitable for me and in the end i was frustated like ... . Well anyways thank u so much for your free yoga videos .Love you so much .
    In the end i will like to ask one thin..Can u post your videos on vimeo again?Cause youtube is blocked here in pakistan and its really very difficult to access them.

  4. I have a daughter about your age. You remind me of her, she live in Kawii Hawaii.
    I am 58 and I love your classes.It's a great compliment to my light & sound meditation.
    I do meditation taught by Master Ching Hai. She is a powerful soul helping millions.
    Blessing to you ; with masters LOVE,
    Thank you.

  5. You make it look so easy. I just couldn't do this pose - I felt like a mental midget; like I wasn't getting it! However, I WILL keep trying! Thank you for all your videos. You come into my family room every morning. Since I started my practice only two months ago, I have experienced so many benefits. Yoga has really helped with my stress and anxiety levels and with my flexibility too which means a lot at 59! Looking forward to hearing about your new place and yoga room. Lots of scratches for Benji 😉

  6. Thank you so much, Adriene...I love your videos.! I've watched countless Youtubes and yours are by far the most complete, professional, light-hearted and inspiring. You are a really gifted teacher who has made my yoga journey lighter as well as deeper. Namaste.

  7. Strained hip muscle doing this pose. Have done it before, so not sure what I did... Any suggestions to ease the ache?
    Thanks, so much.

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