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Garland Pose

Learn the foundations of Garland yoga pose with Adriene! This pose is a great hip opener! Good for stretching and strengthening the feet, the ankles and the back body. Great for the the belly and increasing full body awareness and good posture. A fantastic pose for pregnant women too!

5 comments on “Garland Pose”

  1. Any yoga for post head trauma videos? I had an accident 5 months ago, broke my jaw and 5 teeth. Recovering now, after several oral surgeries. Need some yoga without inversions. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Linny!

      Many blessings for a good recovery darlin! I suggest you try the healing in yoga playlist. There should be some good videos there for you to ease in with. Sending love. Holler if you need me. xoxoox

  2. Hi, hi. Was curious why is this exercise called Garland? Is that the guy who invented it?

  3. Good Morning, Your teaching has truly changed my abilities. We took a 2 hour hike yesterday (25 mins straight up hill) and I was shocked at this new strength and lung capacity. What a difference.

    Thank you is an understatement,

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