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Foundations Of Shoulder Stand

In this Foundations of Yoga video, we explore Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand, also known as Candle Pose. Adriene guides a practice of Shoulder Stand for beginners in this 32 min video.

For this video, you will need two blankets or towels. Remember to focus on the process and the journey rather than the endpoint as we explore the postures of bridge, plough, fish, and shoulder stand.

Shoulder Stand is known as the mother of all asanas, though this asana is not for everybody.*

There are benefits to learning the prep work for this pose allowing you to work at your own pace, safely, and with controlled breathing.

Inversions can seem intimidating, but when done correctly, at your own pace, and with neck integration and awareness, it is possible to enjoy the revitalizing benefits they have to offer at any stage of practice. Benefits of this practice include, increase in immunity, healthy blood flow, healthy digestion, as well as an opportunity to soothe the nervous system and any irritation, with regular practice.

Be mindful and remember, the breath always comes first.

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Now, hop into something comfy and let’s get inverted!



*Please, speak to your doctor if you think inversions may not be right for you.


22 comments on “Foundations Of Shoulder Stand”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart to yours!!! I'm so glad I 've found you!!
    Have an awesome week!

  2. Thank you! This is perfect timing for me. I had just struggled with shoulder stand at a public class and really appreciated how you broke it down.

    Also: fair warning to any cat owners: if you use towels/blankets, like I did, check to make sure your kitty isn't lying on the towel behind you before going back 😉 My little guy was, of course. He would like to issue the request to Adriene that all future yoga videos involve folded blankets and towels on the ground, as those are two of his favorite things. 🙂

  3. That was wonderful i was not able to pull that one off but i will work on it, You have such Beautiful energy Thank You so much for sharing it with the rest of the world.

  4. I’m an experienced yogi who has never been a fan of shoulder stand. For the first time, I felt GOOD in this pose. Thank you, Adriene for the excellent guidance! ‍♀️D

  5. Thank you Adriene, that's the teaching I've been waiting for... for literally years!! Your love, patience , excellent teachings and humility are indeed a great gift to us all. May you be blessed for years to come. Thank you.

  6. This was a challenge for me, but I really did enjoy it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I have SI joint issues (Ehlers Danlos), and am intrigued about how/why the lack of a full "roll down" protects those joints as you get out of the plow pose. Can you explain that for me? I'd like to give it a try. Excellent 'splainer video :). I am always impressed by you! Thank you :).

  8. Hi Adriene!

    I just want to thank you for all the great videos and messages you create for the community (and for creating the community!). I fell in love with yoga thanks to you.

    I have a small suggestion for the monthly calendars which I otherwise really love. They don't include the date on top of the individual days which makes it quite confusing when you're trying to find the right day quickly, especially if you are from Europe where we start with Monday on the left instead of Sunday. Do you think you could add these for the next year?

    Thank you so much for everything.



  9. Thank you, Adrienne! I'm your fan from S.Korea. I've done this pose many times..but today with you I feel something different, some heat on my all spine from tail bone to nect bone...Than you for your warm hearted guidance~!

  10. This really busted up a bad mood for me...I was giggling with my first few attempts, and then voila! Thanks for the smile Adriene.

  11. Oh, that was fun! I'm trying to reconnect with daily yoga. Preparing for the January 30-day challenge. The hardest part really is the commitment, and that is where I fail. I'm looking forward to 2019, and recommitting to the task.

  12. Hey Adrienne, I've just started following your videos and getting into yoga this Jan, and I'm loving it. Thank you for your time, patience and enthusiasm, you really make learning yoga achievable and enjoyable. I always leave the mat feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day or calmed for bed. Thank you.

    I really enjoyed this one in particular (it was always something my sister and I did while watching TV or waiting for dinner - who knew it was a yoga pose!). I'd love to see more of these videos (and yep, I've seen the other foundation lessons and they're great too) - like the crow pose and other challenges. But seriously, love your videos, thank you!

    Gemma (NZ)

  13. First time I did some Yoga - pfew, I'm like an 'old lady' I couldn't manage all of it, when I tried the shoulder stand my legs kept falling back forwards - not enough strength in my core I guess.

  14. Magic ... Made my neck feel *better* than before I started!

    I've been doing headstand with ease for a decade without blankets. I tried with blankets once this winter at an Iyengar course and that was fine. But this today was incredible. I attribute it to Adriene's fantastic subtle suggestions.

    I watched the first demonstration then did the second round and stayed in shoulder stand a while longer while she moved into the closing sequence. I came out of it feeling super calm ... fluid, still, happy. So much so that it surprised me.

    And my neck feels like an Advil or an edible just kicked in. I've had a minor neck-shoulder-back "thing" for the past six months. Coming out of the pose I felt light, lengthened, smooth, and pain I wasn't consciously aware of was gone.

    Wow. Thank you thank you.

  15. Dear Adriene, your videos are simply wonderful. I've been following you just about every day now since July. I'm stronger, more relaxed and, as a saxophone player, find it especially beneficial that my breathing has improved. I'm following your latest series Breath, and am even a little dizzy afterwards. But in a good way! Wishing you a new year full of joy and creativity! Thank you for your generous work and service!

  16. Hello Adriene,

    I just read all these comments before watching this video...I have to concur with everyone! This time doing yoga WITH you and FOR me has translated into so many parts of my life...deep breaths before poses on the saddle of my bike...better breath control (long exhales) on my flute...even amazing awareness of my body during lovemaking. (eek, did I just share that?!)

    Thank you for being my guide to my own home practice. "Salud" to you!

  17. Thank you! I am a disabled combat veteran and am unable to do my previous exercises like running and hiking, but i think I found the answer in you yoga classes. I will continue beyond the 30 day beginner course and feel myself getting stronger already.

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