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Forget What You Know

This blog post is an invitation...


There comes a moment in each task, each adventure where you have an opportunity to talk or listen. One of my intentions for 2013 was to talk less and listen more. I understand that is ironic now that I am writing my blog...but hang with me.

Lately I keep coming back to this phrase: Forget What You Know.

If I was a tattoo gal I would tattoo it on my arm.

The more I practice listening the more special and important this invitation to, "Forget what you know" becomes.

Often new students will "warn" me that they know NOTHING about Yoga. I love this! It makes me smile so big because knowing nothing is not just okay as you enter yoga practice, it is amazing and ideal. The ability to start over is an empowering tool as is the practice of listening. When we stop trying to THINK, LEARN or DO we begin to LISTEN, EXPERIENCE and LIVE TRUTHFULLY. 

So now that we know that not knowing is okay and amazing we can give ourselves permission to just listen to play and ENJOY the practice. Now, not only is the pressure off when it comes to mastering a pose but the pressure is off to even have to learn it a certain way at all! What I am encouraging here is for you to make it your own. Lately I have been encouraging my students to make each posture their own. I want to inspire the body to have a conversation and allow the mind to stop thinking and striving to learn. In my personal practice I really enjoy learning new things but I am striving to change things up as well and constantly question the "right" way to do yoga asana.

 As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner. -Rumi

Recently I watched a TEDxTeen Talks (that I will post below) that reminded me of this same invitation to strip down and be still and experience the moment. Young Jacob Barnett gives a great presentation full of charm but embedded in his presentation is the same reminder with a little extra encouragement and inspiration. He is a smart kid. For one, he uses images of chocolate chip cookies in his power point and speaks of skateboards and X-Boxes. Genius. More importantly, however, Jacob reminds us that we all learn differently. "In order to succeed you must do it with your own unique perspective." He reminds us that when we approach something we cannot approach it like everyone else but we must approach it in our own creative way. In the long run this practice will be a contribution back to society. No matter what field. I understand I am suggesting Quantum Physics meets Yoga. But I agree with Joshua and I think his story, his message and this reminder can be used for those approaching or returning to a yoga practice. Especially a physical practice on the mat. When something ends up not working you do not give up. Instead, you keep looking for more evidence. Young Barnett says, "Instead of being a student of your field, be your field." I love that. In fact that is how I approach my acting career. But since we are talking Yoga, instead of being a student of yoga, live your yoga. On your mat all it takes is a different perspective to solve the problem. On the mat, we are responsible for our own happiness. It is a beautiful experiment. A beautiful practice.

So, drop your coins! Lets cultivate fresh open minds and get creative on the mat. Follow me, listen to your teachers and then take it and put it into your own perspective.


2 comments on “Forget What You Know”

  1. Did you know that Jacob Barnett was exposed to the practice of Conversational Intelligence that helped him overcome a lot of the challenges he describes in his TedTalk? Cool stuff!

  2. Wow...who knew you were such an intellect?! Awesome ted talk. Thanks for sharing, and I am super glad to have gotten to know you a bit through yoga. I just finished day 6 of your 2015 you have any more 30 day series? 🙂

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