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Finding Your Center

Finding Your Center invites you to find and connect, or maybe reconnect, with your center.

Adriene created this core and pranayama practice to help you get centered in both the mind and body. Roll out your mat today and use this 18 minute practice to spiral back in towards what matters most.

Take a little time today to connect with your center and Find What Feels Good.


Leave a comment down below and let me know how it goes for you.

47 comments on “Finding Your Center”

  1. I was not aware there was a retreat going on. I've been following you on youtube and via the letters since January, keeping to it, loving it, needing it ( sharing it with my 4 years old even though she does not understand English yet - she usually joins in on the happy baby pose/half bridge pose and absolutely everytime for the closing namasté, bowing and thanking!) and what amazes me most is that each Sunday post just comes in the right place, right moment, right need, right spiritual direction. Just what is needed. Clearly something magic binds us all surfing the same magical wave. Once again, thank you so much for guiding us in there! Sending you - and the whole community- lots of love and magic ! -^- namasté

  2. Hello Adriene, thank you so much for creating such wonderful Yoga practices. I am new to Yoga, I only found it in June this year after I suffered a mental breakdown. Your practice has helped me so much. A mere "thank you" doesn't seem enough to give you in return for all the ways you and your Yoga practice have helped me (physically, mentally and emotionally). You and Yoga have saved me in so many ways. Thank you so much you beautiful kind soul. I am your loyalist fan and I sincerely wish you all the blessings of life. Namaste and God Bless you x

    1. Very nicely written, I feel the same exact way as you do! I have been doing yoga with Adrienne for 3 years now and it is a saving grace. I had fibromyalgia, diagnosed with Hashimoto and a year and half ago a mini van run into me and broke my humerus, in spite of it all I continued the yoga and it has helped in every situation.
      Thank you Adriene ❤️

  3. Having a tough morning but this video really Helped me put things more in focus, it's when i'm having a off day when yoga put's me back on the right path Thanks to You & Benji Namaste !!! 🙂

  4. Hello! I was aware of the At Home Yoga Retreat with Adriene, signed up for it, but sadly, have not been able to access it. I do hope that it will be included on Adriene's youtube channel. I so appreciate all the classes. Such a wonderful gift! Thank you so very much!!!

  5. The poem comes at a perfect time for me: my friend texted me last night a recurring text: My husband is an asshole. Now I must say that she has loved her her husband for many years. Her text is a product of the frustration of living with a mate whose illness makes him a challenge. I will share this poem with her, and she will laugh. Thanks!

  6. Thanks! This was a great video, I liked the rush of energy and the the calmness afterwards Also I want to say that your Sunday letters are so nice and I always end up doing the yoga video for the day, that makes me feel great. Have a nice day!

  7. So so good, thank you !!!
    Ive started with your videos in April this year and have seen such a powerful change in the way I acknowledge my body and my spirit. Im feeling more self love than I have possibly ever felt and am physically also feeling more agile and strong. THANK YOU

  8. Thank you so much for giving me movement everyday. I have fibromyalgia and wanting to get back into yoga and doing your 30 day videos they are perfect to get my body and mind going. When I am getting tired at work I can go for a short walk and breath and clear my mine which continues to help me. I live a train journey from London and would have loved to have joined you but I am not good and very tired towards the end of the day but sending love to all. Thank you Adriene x

  9. I’ve been following (and loving) your (and my) yoga journey for a while now. Used to live in California but moved back to England a few years ago. Super excited to see your roadshow heading our way in September but $60 for the 90 minute session makes it out of reach for a lot of people 🙁

  10. calm amidst the chaos was definitely needed today! nothing like savasana while your kids argue & fight running in and out of room. i stuck with all the stuff I usually give up on too 🙂

  11. Thank you again Adriene for another wonderful centering practice - leading with my Center in mind and being with my breath made such a difference. Namaste.

  12. So cool that just yesterday I was lead to the 1440 Multiversity site for the first time as I search for all things Alanis Morissette. She is doing AMAZING things to enlighten people on the mind /body connection and I was thinking how she needs to link up with Adriene ... and now I see that Adriene is at that incredible spot where Alanis has also spread her love. They are two amazing women and I genuinely feel their sincere love and support as I strive to be my best self.

  13. Hi Adriene
    Is this pregnancy appropriate? I'm 20 weeks pregnant and would love to give it a go.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Anna, when practicing yoga while pregnant, you should avoid twisting, core activation, or anything on the belly. Hip openings are good but we advise to go easier in the third trimester. Modify core moves with reclined cobblers pose and modify belly stuff with child’s pose or yogi’s squat. And please consult your doctor/physician before starting any exercise program or for restrictions and advice specific to you and your pregnancy. Thanks!

  14. I loved the idea of a “Home Retreat” and started Friday morning with the Morning Fresh practice video with a good walk in the afternoon. Saturday was Total Stretch practice with attending a faith service and an afternoon time set aside to read a great book. Today is set up for a Gardeners practice and special dinner that I plan for my husband.
    Yes, I am retired as of six months ago and I cannot imagine how young mothers and and non-mothers who work full time can be so kind to themselves. I honor all of them.
    One day you all will have the time .. and actually TOO much quiet time. Indeed, our three children are in their 30’s and live across the country. I’ve got time now but those were wonderful tones too.
    Namasteto Adriene snd ger crew including Winder Dog, Benji!

  15. Ah, this is perfect timing for me! Will do this later today. Adriene, I just saw you on the Adidas website! Checking out the apparel now. I am so excited! Thank you for all you do.

  16. Later today on my mat.
    But very welcoming as always
    Just the lesson uk. Is having a heat wave
    So lack of sleep feeling like I have
    Just. Come out of the washing machine
    To be centre.d.
    Any one else feeling the same ?
    Go to yoga before bed. By Andrienre

  17. Even if I am away from my home, your guide always brings me home, to the center, where I am.
    Here in Italy we say: Dove c'è Barilla, c'è casa - Where is Barilla (kind of pasta) , there's a home - centre ❤
    I feel in the centre of the world, my world and I FWFG.
    I love you

  18. The Old Dominion is lush and green from a rain dance! Centering love yay, thank you Adriene!

  19. I enjoyed that session but I have a weak right wrist and found some of the poses painfull and hard to hold

  20. Dank je wel voor deze mooie video. Spijtig dat er geen Nederlandse vertaling bij is.Dat zou nog veel fijner zijn,dan verstonden we alles beter.Namaste.

  21. Hi everyone

    I have PTSD and have been searching the Internet for some yoga for PTSD. For example I feel so released when I do some looong, deep psoas stretches. However I am not a yoga teacher so I don't really know which yoga poses is the best way to deal with the psoas.

    Has anyone any experience with this topic?

    Thank you very much.

  22. I've been following you and your amazing yoga blogs and practices on You Tube since last year - it is making a big difference in my daily life - body, mind, spirit and relationships. You are such a special person! Love your style, approach, and humor - thank you!

    p.s. I wasn't aware you are in Scott's Valley or I would have signed up (live in the East Bay about 1 1/2 hr. drive). Sorry I missed this event and meeting you!

  23. Thank u. I dont check in for a few weeks....but never delate...and then, i do a marathon session. Helpful.

  24. Just what I needed to refocus myself.
    Thank you Adrienne ❤️
    My life is definitely better since I met you.

  25. Hi Adrienne,
    Thank you, I have had a break for a few weeks, now I am back, this practice was exactly what I needed to bring me back to center in all ways. On your trip to England are you only going too Alexandra Palace? It would be great if you came down South to bring some love, light & inspiration to those of us who can't make it on the 18th September 🙂
    Love & blessings,

  26. Hi Adriene, Thank you so much for all your wonderful videos.
    One question I have: you said in this video 'you should feel no tension in the neck here',
    but what if you do feel tension? I always have it with this exercise.
    How to avoid it?
    Thank you!

  27. Adriene, I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found you. I had an amazing yoga instructor when I lived in Haliburton,Ontario and had been searching for the same when I moved to Collingwood, Ontario. After trying several studios my RMT recommend you. What a blessing. You are exactly what I was looking for. Your practice is so similar to what I am used to. Evety class feeds and soothes my mind, body and soul. My heartfelt thanks for all that you do for me and the yoga community. You are a blessing.

  28. Hello Adriene, I have not been doing yoga for a couple of months. it all started with a small surgery then packing to be with my daughter when baby comes. Moving from Vermont to Arizona, gulp! I was doing your class daily, and today I finally got back on my beautiful mat with your class and felt so peaceful and sure of my destiny. I have missed you and Benji, My dream is to do a class with you in person! From my heart to yours, Kate

  29. Hello Adriene!

    Thank you for sharing your talents, gifts, and yourself with us on the mat! I am a big fan and have enjoyed my, at home, yoga practice with you immensely!

    You have encouraged me to also share my time and talents with others in a meaningful way. I have created a website for people to go to in which they can seek guidance with making difficult decisions in their life. Modeling after you, this will be free for the asking.

    Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and guidance through my personal yoga journey-it has helped me to not only define, but to create the best version of myself!

  30. Thank you very much, Adriene! I have joined your free classes for two years I guess and I love your energy, radiance and practices. Also this one, to connect with my core. I feel relaxed and vivid now.
    Can't thank you enough for all you do, to share yoga with us, the world.

    With love and blessings,
    M-A from Holland.

  31. Love this video and come back to it often to re-focus, re-centre and begin again.

  32. I've been doing yoga with Adriene for almost 9 years now. If been trying to sign up for the annual 30 day yoga event but I've been blocked from several different pages for the new CENTER 30 day yoga starting in January 2023. Is the Registration not yet open? I'm not having technical problems on my end. I want to join. Can you make it easy for us?

  33. I am committed to the center course because . . . I need to get in touch with my body so i can better align body and mind. Plus, Deepak says yoga should ideally be mastered before (or perhaps with) meditation. I have difficulty in meditation to to bodily health issues. Kundalini and TM are my ultimate goal.

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