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Feel Good Flow - Upper Body

This balancing and strength-building Feel Good Flow practice assists you in developing both stability and flexibility in your joints while connecting and moving from your core. With a focus on the upper body, prepare to use asana and breath technique to move your whole body, regulate your nervous system, and release tension in the neck and shoulders. Use this time to connect to your breath, learn more about your current mental state, and cultivate an abundance of peace within.

26 minutes to check ALL THE BOXES!

YOU CAN AND YOU WILL. The hardest part is showing up.

11 comments on “Feel Good Flow - Upper Body”

  1. Dear Adriene,

    Thank u so much for being there. I really enjoy your classes. There are well done, and enjoy the variety which can easily fit the mood of the day. This is so useful during a pandemic, allowing us to stay in shape and in peace at home.

    Wishing u a lovely day,

  2. I have a little "shake" after this practice in a good way! I had some difficulty with the balance but I pushed through. I will return to this practice. Thank you!

  3. My doctor recommended Yoga w Adrienne a year ago when I was still recovering from a horse kick that sent me flying. But I procrastinated. And picked up my pace at work and home without life balance. After an unrelated home accident left me with a broken neck last summer, I wondered if I would move normally again or resume my active lifestyle. This week I moved from strictly range of motion PT to beginning strength training. A sleepless night prompted a search for this connection, and Adrienne’s 10 minute bedtime session put me down like a baby. This session is my second try at it. 26 minutes. Wow! Feels good. I didn’t keep up on repetitions but I was able to everything except sustain the one leg pose. Feels SO good. Thank you!

  4. Thank you ADRIENE!

    Your practice is just what the doctor ordered... on a snowy New England day.

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