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Eagle Pose

Learn the foundations of Eagle Yoga Pose! This balancing posture can be challenging at first but offers a long lasting relationship of tending to yourself. Balance, twist, stretch, strengthen and stimulate! Boost focus, concentration and the lymphatic system! The eagle fixes his eye on one point with superior vision and focus.

This yoga asana connects us back to the third eye chakra – which stimulates clear vision. We practice eagle pose to aide to check in with our concentration and fix our gaze upon one point. This pose requires that you keep tending to it.

As you balance and spin multiple plates (on one leg!) and twist and bend (metaphors galore!) you hold on to your drishti or your gaze and begin to settle in. That third eye chakra of sight and intuition begins to open. The more you tend to the pose – the more likely you are to calm the mind and the clearer your vision becomes.

Go deeper! Namaste.

15 comments on “Eagle Pose”

  1. I love this and I love you! Thank you for sharing and for being a part of my daily routine. YOU ROCK!

  2. Would you consider making a video about bandas? I would be really interested in your explanation and/or tips about them. I can't seem to pull in my middle without tensing my jaw and eyes...

  3. Wearing my Yoga with Adriene shirt and singing The Wind Beneath My Wings!

    LOVE your videos - your whole schtick... I did the 30 Days of Yoga and am now a proud do-er of a (very interesting looking) crow pose...


    I found you by googling MY name and yoga - and there you were. I love the personality and individuality that your bring to the practice and the fun and freedom I am inspired, thereby, to put into mine...

    Keep on rockin' it, baby....

    1. I too have the 30 days all done and my own t-shirt to remmber them by!

      The Eagle Pose was able to for me to work a part of my body in the calf area that need strengthening.

      Enjoyed every minute of it.

  4. I did it, now after are my knees and legs begin to feel wobbley after I finished? And also while doing yoga is It an automatic detox, curious.

  5. I am a complete beginner to yoga and really enjoy your videos. Would like to see ones maybe towards those that are elderly and on the plump side 🙂 Thank you. Alexia

  6. Just came across ur videos this morning after talking to my daughter! Did day one n then went to ur website...where I discovered that u r in my daughters area! They both live in Largo! I'm in freezing cold Indiana. ..yuck! So crazy that I happened to pick ur video! I'm going to ask them to do the 30 days of yoga with me! March 1st--day one! Thanks

  7. Hi Adriene,

    First of all thank you for the videos you have on your channel. They are very easy to follow :). I have one question. Every time I try to do any balancing pose I am able to balance my body with my right feet up and left feet on the ground but the other way round and I always tremble and fail to stand in the pose even for a few seconds. Can you kindly guide what could be the reason and how to improve my balance...

    Many thanks.


  8. What, how do you even wrap your arms like that? I seem to have a strong enough foundation to remain in a position near where you had yours, but wow! My hand is reaching the wrist of the other arm, but that's where it stops.

  9. I love your videos and instructions! I'm going to "fly like and eagle..." Thank you so much!

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