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Detox and Reset

Full class alert! I invite you to practice through the very last second of this video. You got this!

This intermediate session focuses on detoxification, shedding weight, core toning, and creating space. This is a breath-led practice, so you can expect to feel calm and strong as well as expect to experience the benefits of this session long after it’s over. (Cue healthy body function and flow!)

All levels welcome.

Meet your appropriate edge, honor where you are today, and let’s do this together.

I’m right here with you. Stop thinking about it and let’s go!

11 comments on “Detox and Reset”

  1. Thank you. I took a break from yoga and healthy eating. Oops. Decided to do this today without noticing it's an intermediate class. Wow. But I made it through to the end. Winning.

  2. Hi Adriene,

    Just want to thank you for today's practice. Yoga has given me quite a lot over the last several years and taught me an appreciation for the practice of caring for myself in this way. Your kindness, gentleness, humor and caring towards those who practice with you are greatly appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful day. With affection, Jann

  3. This is a great practice. After a short break from my 30 day yoga journey for travel and excess, this practice showed up at the top of the page and was just what I needed. The conversation about Release, Humility and Opening were words I needed to hear.
    I will come back to this practice often.

  4. This practice was amazing! I feel revived and strong. Ready to face anything that comes my way. Thank you Adriene and Benji 🙂

  5. This practice was everything I needed! Feeling reenergized, relaxed, and strong. This video is going in to my favorites yoga rotation! Thank you, Adriene! Namaste

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