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Dedicate - Day 8 - Meditate

It's Day 8! Today’s gentle moving meditation yoga practice is an opportunity to stretch, release, calm, rejuvenate and restore. Bring a pillow and a towel or blanket if you have one.

Today's practice a real treat. A comforting hug.

62 comments on “Dedicate - Day 8 - Meditate”

    1. this has ben awesome I am loving every day helping with my back are amazing

  1. I really appreciated the pillow suggestion for the forward stretches because I tend to get a sore lumbar & this helped.

    (Benji the 'Breathing Bolster' - ha ha!! Love it 🙂

  2. I was ready for some action this morning and a little disappointed when I saw you on the floor. Little did I know that it was exactly what I needed. Thank you Adriene!

  3. Meditate.

    In your words Adriene, "Smoothing out any frayed nerves. . . "
    Love this metaphor. Loved this practice.

    Thank you once again.

  4. Thank you for a wonderful practice today. Definitely smoothing!
    I'm also curious - where is the location of the beautiful place where you taped this series? It provides a gorgeously serene and fresh backdrop to the practices.

  5. Absolutely beautiful and so perfect ... exactly what I needed today. Thank you, Adriene! You are such a bright light and gift of love to the world.

  6. Loved it! I loved the slowness of it. Perfext fornthe snowy day today! Loved The Crown as well!! One of my favorite shows!!

  7. This was perfect for me today- such a busy day, used this practice to reset and relax before a work dinner. My dog joined me on the mat for the last part- we were extra cozy 🙂

  8. Thank you Adrienne for guiding me in the direction that makes me feel ggod.. You are just what i need in my life. I feel so good and happy during and after my practice with you.

  9. Loved this before work in the UK! thank you. 'let your inner thighs get a little sunlight' made me laugh too, they should see more sunlight 🙂

  10. Do you have a modified pose for the feet in front forward bend forearms on the floor pose? Even with height my hips are so tight I can’t move towards the floor! I replaced this with child’s pose but is there another I can use? Loved the rest tho ❤️

    1. My friend found that she does best is she walks on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes first. She has back and hip issues (we are both in our 60’s). I started out miserably stiff with gelling joints if I sat for any period of time. I have found that I move. Much better after just 8 days of this program. This particular episode made me laugh because I used to do all these exercises 40 years ago and they didn’t seem quite as difficult back then.

    2. I had the same issue with that pose. Would love to know how I can improve flexibility here

  11. Loved today's practice,it was just what I needed for mind, body and soul, thank you! And I loved The Crown. Both brilliant! x

  12. No matter how busy my day, I have WANTED to make time for this and have done so. I am two days behind, but have not missed a day and just as I remember from my past yoga life, yoga transforms. ( In so many ways! ) i am older, my hamstrings and hips are tight, things are not opening as fast they used to, but my mental clarity and focus and general well being are transforming and I do think I am starting to see the hamstrings stretch a little. I begt by day 30 I will be in forward bend without my knees bent! Thank you! Namaste

  13. LOVED today's practice, and I LOVE the crown! And from this day forward "let your inner thighs get a little sunlight" will be my self-love mantra for that part of my body!! 🙂

  14. This may sound weird but as much as I loved this practice, it was the most difficult/ confronting one for me. I’m hoping that by day 30 I won’t feel that way anymore. Thank you for your guidance.
    Yes I saw the crown and loved it

  15. Just wondered why im getting nauseated in some of the long stretches? Anyone else experience this? Otherwise great practice!

  16. Love this series thank you Adriene. I'm sticking with it that says a lot! Yes, The Crown was amazing! Ha Grateful to my friend Lynn who introduced me to you. Blessings & love, Jen

  17. Adriene Your practice is the most wonderful experience. I now start my day with one of the morning videos and have been managing to do the Dedicate series later in the day. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much

  18. Perfect follow-up to yesterday's practice. Loved it & yes I did see The Crown and am anxiously awaiting the new season.

  19. Loved this session but did find some difficulties at first with ageing joints. Starting with the left knee behind the right was good for me as so much easier when it changed! I'm hoping that daily practice will halt or at least postpone onset of arthritis.

  20. Loved this session but did find some difficulties at first with ageing joints. Starting with the left knee behind the right was good for me as so much easier when it changed! I'm hoping that daily practice will halt or at least postpone onset of arthritis. And the sun flooded in through patio doors for the relaxation which felt wonderful! (Midday UK)

  21. I am trying to do this morning and evening and being such a creature of habit, it is working! I look forward to hearing your soothing voice! I have a long way to go with severe osteoarthritis in the hips with stiffness everywhere. I am feeling hopeful that this will be exactly what I need to lessen the stiffness and keep the pain at bay. Thank you!

  22. Hello. I am new to the 30 day yoga challenge and loving it! I'm just wondering what people do after the challenge? What sort of videos should I be doing to build on my practise? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Robyn, so glad to hear you are enjoying Dedicate! Some people in the community move on to another one of Adriene's 30 days series (the original 30 Days of Yoga, Yoga Camp, Revolution, or True), others start following the Monthly Yoga Calendar, and some embark on their own and begin exploring the YWA library. If you like the structure of the 30 days, then another 30 days series might be the next step for you. If you like the feeling of community when you practice, then you should join us on the Monthly Yoga calendar when you complete Dedicate. Just jump right in on whatever day of the calendar it currently is to practice with the community. 🙂

  23. Really struggled with this today. My hips feel tight. I find sitting with legs crossed really uncomfortable even with a blanket or block so cannot lean forwards. I am sorry to say I actually gave up half way though as I was hurting and there didn't seem to be an alternative position to go to.

    I have loved every other video I have completed with Adriene (beginners yoga, 30 days of yoga and dedicate so far) so am disappointed I really didn't enjoy it today. I hope that in time as I become more flexible these poses will become easier.

  24. Unrelated - but your backyard is unbelievably stunning !! I thought maybe it was a green screen but then I saw a rabbit run across the background. You are incredibly lucky to live wherever you do.

  25. Wonderful session. I still feel tight, but my body is waking up and my mind and soul are healing. Thank you. I appreciate so much these free yoga classes, they are a great opportunità and I send you my blessings for your generousity

  26. Thank you, this was amazing! I loved it, love your yoga classes <3 Thank you for your generosity. Love.

  27. Good Morning! Loving the series so far - it has really been helping as I start to treat my body as it should be and with making muscle ache after working out lessen.

    Just a quick question - I'm a larger individual with a large belly it makes a lot of these positions from today's practice nearly impossible to really complete. If I am bending over as far as I can which is probably half of what you achieve in the video is this still working what needs to be worked or are there alternate positions I should use?

    Again thank you for this series- sending good thoughts!

  28. I needed this today!! Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to be apart of this journey. How incredibly generous you are to have this videos online for free. I am loving everyday.

  29. Hi Adreine

    Firstly hank you for doing this, i am really enjoying this and feeling better each day.

    Just want to know what i can do for my lower back, it started feeling stiff since yesterday and today when we did the last bit of practice at the end just lying down with the blanket under my knees there was a acing tension in y lower back.. any advice?

    Also i have almost the similar breed dog but she is white- and she does the same movements as your dog" benjie" her name is Lassy :).. had a laugh today when i saw how cute they are together.

    Look forward to the rest of this great journey


  30. Adriene,
    Thank you for this day. It was just what I needed after a stressful day in the classroom. I am not one to sit still long and today's practice made me realize how important it is to take a moment and just breath!

  31. I am new to yoga, and in my 60s, so this is all a great stretch for me. Thank you for this series to start my day and expand my meditation practice. I pray that stretching and strengthening will improve as I continue on this journey.

    I am still working on the fundamentals, so just getting into the position of feet tucked in and centering my tailbone to keep my head over heart, heart over belly is an awareness challenge. But leaning forward from that into a bow? I certainly have no clue how to move from A to B! I trust all will come with time and practice.

    Blessings for this gift.

  32. I would love some suggestions on how to make this left foot in, right foot in seated position more comfortable. I cannot bend forward AT ALL, let alone have my forearms resting on the mat. My ankles are screaming. Please advise as this is as far away from meditative as possible. Should I support my knees with pillows? Go higher on my lift?

  33. Oh boy, I obviously needed this practice; burst into tears as I said namaste! A gorgeous practice, thank you x

  34. Hi Adriene, I've been trying your yoga 30 day dedicate sessions and have really enjoyed them. We are on covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand so it is a good time to try to get some exercise while mentally helpful to learn your yoga practice as well! I struggled with today's cross legged exercises as I am not very flexible in that position at all (age and lack of exercise). So I didn't really manage the first half very well. Is there a better starting point until I become more flexible over time? And hopefully lose some weight

  35. This is the second 30-Day Yoga journey I've embarked on with you, but the first time I've commented, I realise. So yes, thank you SO much, Adriene! I so appreciate your whole approach and the light-spirited way you inhabit your embodied wisdom and share it with us all. I was feeling a bit jangly and tired after full working day in lockdown, but decided to meditate rather than skipping a day. I somehow knew that the session would be just right for today... And sure enough, it was just the slow, meditative session I needed, just as yesterday's surya session was just the stretching and flow that I needed. So yes, thank you again and namaste. Looking forward to the rest of this Dedicate journey with you. xxxx

  36. I almost skipped this one because I was looking for something more active today, and I'm so glad I didn't. A good reminder that there's plenty going on in stillness, and to find stillness in the more active poses. Thank you as always, Adriene!

  37. This must have been the first meditation session where I didn't feel weird.
    That said, I am quite new to yoga and meditation. Sticking to the sessions, proud of myself if only at day 8. I found myself looking forward to this moment all day long and enjoying it to the fullest.
    Thank you for making this all so normal by gently talking me through every step of the way and occasionally treating us to your beautiful sense of humor.

  38. It was calming and eye opening at the same time. What a great way to start off my day.

  39. I never wonder if you mean it when you say "I love you" on your videos. And I never wonder if that applies even to me. I know it to be true. I feel your love during every video and many of them during each moment of the video. And I love you too. You are my teacher and you have changed my life and taught me to love and care for myself. Something I desperately needed to learn. And something I needed to learn with someone there holding my hand every day showing me how. You are that someone. I know you've heard all this before, but it deserves to be said again. Thank you for loving us and for loving me.

  40. Hi Adriene,
    I have been dealing with anxiety lately due to COVID pandemic and becoming a refugee in the last year. Your lessons give me and many hope and energy to exist. love you.

  41. A wonderful series of videos! Thank you so much. This site has been really helpful. Day 8 was perfect for today!

  42. Ahhh, perfect Day 8 on a day off from skiing. Thank you, Adriene, for bringing your light into the world. I've felt your love coming through since Jan 2020 and you've helped me weather the pandemic ups and downs. Love you right on back!!

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