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Dedicate - Day 7 - Surya

Welcome to Day 7! This 17 minute session is the perfect remedy after your Day 6 practice. Today we honor Surya, the sun, finding a good stretch, the perfect rinse, and a welcoming of CLARITY.

Go at it with a gentle ease. Soften the shell. Salute the sun. Feel out each gesture with an inquisitiveness.

31 comments on “Dedicate - Day 7 - Surya”

  1. I am really looking forward to doing Day 7 but am unable to download your youtube video.

    Thank you for the Dedicate Journey.

  2. I was not able to open Sutra, so I went back to Yoga Camp Day 11, I Release, which was exactly what my body needed today. Will try to come back to Sun Salutations later.

  3. The above link in the comments worked for me. There was a couple of times that the video went black, but otherwise was fine.

  4. I was able to complete Day 7 but the video kept going dark!
    I listened to your voice and was able to do it!
    YAY. I am getting stronger!

  5. I had the blank screen a couple times but Adriene’s voice kept me going! I did Day 6 & 7 back to back today as I had an icky tummy yesterday. Couldn’t face core work but now it feels great to be caught up

  6. Video glitches here, too... had to cut & paste the link to open video, then it kept going black. But I could hear your voice and followed along fine. Beautiful practice and just right after a day of errands and then taking down holiday decorations - Surya recharged and replenished me! Thank you, Adriene! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  7. Love this practice! Day 7 was flowing! Thanks so much! I'm all caught up, can't wait for tomorrows practice!

  8. Thank you for having done these videos. They have been a catalyst for me to try yoga. I'm finding it rewarding and energizing. I hope my balance gets better and that someday I'll be able to leave my hands behind my back and get them to move more than a few inches.

  9. I don't think they are video glitches. I think they are intentional to help keep you from looking at the screen instead of focusing inward, or at least that's how they seemed to of times out.

  10. Loved this video. I have bookmarked it; a quick, energetic practice that made me feel great.

  11. Surya - How perfectly fitting for this sunny Sunday practice. As the morning sunshine poured in through my window, it's fiery glow warms my face and pierces my closed eyelids in quiet mountain.
    Just what I needed ❤️ Thanks again for sharing your talents Adriene.

    Deep sigh

  12. Another great session and I got to do this in the wilds of Northern bc coast on a boat in the sunshine!!!! It was awesome. Thanks. I love love love your yoga sessions.

  13. How beautiful to have this flow today, it hooked me into the highs and lows of life; that the downtimes are always followed by rising energy and so on. Building equanimity was not something I expected today, so thank you!

  14. Thank you so much! I already can't believe the difference and improvement I feel in 7 days. Am so grateful for this program.

  15. Just a little bit too fast for me as I am new to the practice, but always feel good. Now I can start my day in good conditions !

  16. so i just started this 30 day journey. Today was great! I did it after sundown. So no sun for me to gaze in but the moon did great. Tomorrow morning i will do day 7 again to kickstart my day and the day 8 video in the evening. Its great to have time for me after a day off working at home.

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