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Dedicate - Day 5 - Flow

Happy Day 5! The journey continues! Today's practice focuses on the marriage of movement and breath to help guide you to a balanced flow state.

Trust the practice, trust the process and remember to enjoy! Enjoy the pace of these early days, gather everything you need to move with intention and go with the flow!


59 comments on “Dedicate - Day 5 - Flow”

  1. This dedication series is amazing!!! I have practiced yoga for 18 years and an learning so much more about the poises. Thank you so much for offering your guidance through these videos Adriene! You are a fabulous teacher!!! Namaste

  2. This is my second thirty day yoga practice and its going great! Thank you so much for your hard work in putting these series together. Do you have additional videos that are longer? I would like to supplement my dedicate practice with something a little longer.

  3. Hello Adriene, I want to send you a letter in the mail. I am not having any luck finding it on your site. I have a hand written letter. I feel more connected to what I want to share with you. Thank you Matteo LeCompte

  4. You are a gift Adriene! I am currently enjoying Yoga Camp but I can’t wait to start the Dedicate series too. Your energy is intoxicating and contagious. Much gratitude!

  5. I could tell today that I am already getting stronger. I loved how days 1 through 4 have helped me get to this point. Thank you, Adriene! Also, I noticed that the video view count went up by about 8,000 while I was doing this session. That's so awesome to know that thousands of people were doing Day 5 at the same time. I just love that. I am already looking forward to Day 6 !

  6. You’re absolutely out-doing yourself, Adriene! I’ve been with you for 1.5 years now..
    This is an amazing series!
    I’m a yoga lover for 20 years. I find myself improving so much with your loving guidance.
    I love saying “Namaste Adriene” at the end of each session.
    Ps: My dog looks exactly like Benji ❤️

  7. Thanks for the encouragement! Being honest: today was tough. I'm a beginner. Going to stick with it. Appreciate the options!

  8. I'm loving this dedication to myself for the new year. I had a tough 2018 and am focusing on me for 2019. I have been following you for over a year with my daughter's influence. Thank you!!!

  9. I loved today's session. I feel very strong after Day 5. I hurt my ankle so I tried to keep it steady during many of the poses, but I wanted to participate. Any suggestions for doing yoga when you have a hurt ankle? I wrapped it today and just tried not to put too much weight on it.

  10. Adriene!! I feel great! I always do your videos, but there is something about this series that is really making me feel vibrant, new, and excited! Thank you for the kind words and the motivation to think differently.

  11. FYI - this address is posted at the bottom of her emails:

    Our mailing address is:
    Yoga With Adriene, LLC
    1108 Lavaca Ste. 110-188
    Austin, TX 78701

  12. Is there a name for the arm sequence? It is part of my favourite ever video, so really pleased to be using it every day.

    Thank you for such a wonderful gift x

  13. Thank you for making these classes available online!! This has been a wonderful help to my post-partum recovery. The childcare at the gym I belong to doesn’t allow children until they are 6 months old. So thankful I discovered your dedicated series and can start getting back in shape at home!

  14. You were my first inroad to yoga in January of 2018, giving me a solid foundation and the confidence to join a local yoga studio in April. In December, I had a full hysterectomy, and a very large fibroid tumor removed. After several weeks of rest, I'm easing back into yoga now with yourDedicate series. I love how my body remembers where to go, and feels comforted and nourished by these familiar flows. Thanks for offering this to those of us who need a home practice and aren't experienced enough to do it alone.

  15. Have started the Dedicate series late. Really enjoying it. This one was tough but feel great getting through it. Look forward to the rest.

    You *really* are a wonderful person, Adriene.

  16. I am re-experiencing Dedicate again! I loved it the first time around, however, just finished Day 5 (again) and I feel sooo different. Stronger, more balanced and more present. Yesterday I was suddenly aware that I was feeling very stressed, took a couple of breaths letting lots of love in and lots of love out and there I was - calm again! It's lovely flowing the first four days together. Thank you Adriene! Namaste.

  17. Thank you so much Adriene for your generosity in providing this wonderful home practice course. I'm so happy to have *discovered* you! Felt drawn to begin with some trepidation - was it going to work for me? Yes, yes and yes! I go to a lovely weekly class and this chimes well with it; I've attended classes on and off for years, occasionally having been put off by impossible demands of bendiness and now have found the right place in real space and virtually.
    Incidentally, my dog often sits with me while I practise, although she does like to lick my nose if she enters the room when I am in downward dog!

  18. Thank you Adriene for this beautiful gift to the world that you bring. I used to run about 20k a week and lift weights and after becoming sick I could no longer do this. I also felt that to work my body so hard was in fact perhaps not honouring it fully and loving myself from a more aligned place. My goal at this time is too deepen my spiritual practice, connection to self and my body through making Yoga a part of my daily practice. Dedicate has become the most beautiful sacred practice for me each morning after my meditation and although I am only on Day 5 of this journey I can already feel the difference in my body. Yoga has become the practice for which I can truly accept, love and honour my body exactly where it is, without the pushing, controlling or forceful nature I once knew. Not surprisingly I can feel my body responding and resonating more to this practice and I feel more vibrant than in months. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the world, I love the way that you teach and the presence you bring to the practice, it deeply resonates with me and has brought so much to my journey. My two dogs and sometimes even the cat love to join in, it often ends up in fits of laughter! I swear my Rupert has been staring at Benji on the screen 😉 Namaste to your beautiful soul x

  19. Today hit hard. I lost my breath several times and folded during several extended poses. I am 65 and my strength isn’t what it used to be. Keep going, keep breathing, never give up. It’s ok to fold. Off to harvest potatoes.

  20. Tomorrow I am hitting day 5 class. I am a former Zumba and jazzercise trainer but I always struggled with flexibility issue. I quit on teaching a year ago and it took me that long to try yoga. I am noticing that my flexibility is better every day and I also started to lose some weight. I am 50, so I do have some belly fat and other parts of my body to be fixed. So my question is... are you losing a weight too when you practice yoga?

  21. I'm 69 years old and this series lets me work with what I can do now so that I can do more when my stiff body and mind soften.

  22. Loved this so much I'm now doing the 30 Day Dedicate for the second time. One question about Day 5 that I don't recall from my first go-around: When Adriene says "take a big breath, naval draws in..." - I'm confused because I thought drawing naval in was how to exhale. This won't be the first time I find that I don't breathe right. LOL.
    Regardless, I adore Adriene and this journey with her and millions of others. Peace!

  23. I have been using Yoga with Adriene for a few years but I am finding this 30 day yoga practise extra helpful, as I am in quarantine with Covid-19. I don't have a mat but I am using a towel the best I can! I'm on Day 5 of my hospitalisation and day 5 of the practise. Hoping I won't be in for the whole 30 days, but I will definitely keep it up on my release 🙂

  24. In these crazy days, your presence in my world each day has given me some peace and has empowered me. I felt better after 1 minute with you on Day 1 and just now completed Day 5. You are wonderful and have helped me heal in my daily grief over losing the world as we have known it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! For you I wish peace and I look forward to hanging with you again tomorrow morning for Day 6.

  25. In these anxious times the breathing and the yoga have been enormously helpful. I am so glad there is a 30 day program because I’m committed to doing it every day. Thank you Adriene.

  26. I am so grateful for this yoga instruction during all these days of social distancing. Your are an amazing teacher, Adriene. I have practiced yoga for a number of years but I am finding that with your teaching guiding me I am learning so much every day. This is a very fun and fulfilling way to experience yoga. Thank you Adriene!

  27. I am doing this in Melbourne, Australia, during this crazy time, when my usual yoga practice is not available. It has been hugely helpful to me. I love your calm and open approach, Adriene. It is keeping me sane. The sessions are subtly extending me - each day I find something new.

  28. Working from home have gotten me bored and stressed at the same time. I miss teaching my students IRL and seeing my coworkers. The only positive thing is that I've gotten the time to practice using your videos. I love them and they bring some positive energy in all the craziness that's going on in the world.

    Stay safe and thank you from Sweden.

  29. April 17, 2020
    Day 5 in the book. This is kickiny butt in a good way. Thank you so much.

  30. Hi, I’m doing this in England during the COVID-19 lockdown and it is my therapy. Thank you x

  31. Thankyou so much for putting together this amazing series!

    I was feeling a little stronger in my legs today!

  32. I am usually so relaxed after each class I struggle to find the motivation to sit and write. I don't comment a lot but every time I think "wow! that was so good. I feel so good!" and I wish my thoughts could directly transfer to the comment section. Thank you so much Adriene

  33. Hi Adriene and my yoga friends,
    I am on Day 5 of my "return" to yoga. I feel so much better both physically and spiritually. I am writing from my home on Mayne Island, BC and am not working this term due to hand surgeries on both my left and right hand. Yet, I can still carefully practice, and this has helped a lot. My love goes out to all of you as we continue this wonderful journey of life, especially now as we have all been dealing with the strange and estranged feelings from Covid. Now more than ever, yoga is beneficial. Thanks Adriene and Benji for guiding us.

  34. Day 5 done! Today I didn't do yoga early in the morning, but in the evening. It was a different experience, I am extremely pleased and happy with today's practice! Well done, to you and me, because I need the motivation and the calmness will keep me going. Thank you!

  35. Thank you Adriene, Your yoga is helping my healing and yoga journey after a very hard five years. Namaste to you and Benji from Toto (that's me!) Barney and Bertie (K9's!)

  36. Thank you Adriene for giving me the tools to do yoga at home. Where I live there are very few yoga salons to visit. I had 4 shoulder surgeries over 2 years, then neck problems after. I started doing yoga about a year ago and it has helped me more than anything I've tried! Not to mention my back! Thank You Thank You!!!

  37. Adriene and friends,
    I have been doing these 30 day yoga videos since last March, so over a year now. They have given me a new way to move through my day, starting with these moments to focus on myself. At 72 I recognize the importance of taking care of yourself so you can, in turn, take care of others. What a great teacher and a lovely person you are to me. My dog and I send greetings to all, with love.

  38. Thank you so much Adriene! I so love your yoga classes. They have helped change my life. I feel so amazing! Xxx

  39. You helped get us through Covid and I am still discovering more. Love Dedicate. Just got to Day 5 as a huge Outer Hebrididean storm rages outside. Cosy!

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