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Dedicate - Day 30 - Liberate

Welcome to Dedicate Day 30. Per tradition, today will require you to have faith, keep an open mind, and listen to your body.

For the final session of this program, I will not verbally instruct this session, but instead invite you to lead your way. I will take off the mic and practice alongside you, encouraging you to utilize all of the tools you have learned on the journey thus far. Find freedom within the form, use me anytime you need me. I'm here for you! Check in for ideas on what to do next, or simply enjoy the music as you move on your own.

Move slow, be mindful and remember, the breath comes first.

You cannot go wrong with this practice as long as you trust.

You have everything you need. And more.

It has been a total honor to be your yoga guide and even more of an honor to be your friend and fellow human in this process and on this journey.

Remember, it’s not the end.

It is most definitely the beginning.


125 comments on “Dedicate - Day 30 - Liberate”

  1. I think there was a little magic in this last practice. My balance was good, I got my feet flat on the ground and even got down to squat without rolling backwards ... all firsts for me! Loved it, thank you xxx

    1. I totally agree! I find balance postures a challenge but in this lovely unique practice i found my balance! Thank you. Om shanti shanti shanti, peace peace peace.

    2. What a beautiful way to start the year off with the 30 day Dedicate practice. I am already missing this focused practice and daily attention to self care with the many thousands of others on the team. So empowering.

  2. After only making it half way over the last 2 years I have finally completed 30 days of yoga with you, Adriene. I am so proud.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed practicing every day and intend to continue.
    This was the first time I had completed the last day so that was a surprise and I enjoyed it. It was good to see how far I’ve come.... I did miss your voice though.
    Thank you so much ❤️

  3. Thanks Adriene this was a true learning experience, I felt a peaceful calm come over me today I never felt before,I think I finally see the real beauty of yoga,after all the stringth building its time to free the mind and soul.

  4. Thank you Adriene, Dedicate was amazing and my dog Bernie loved every minute too!! Christine, UK xx

  5. This 30 day yoga journey was something extra special. The beginning of 2019 was not what I expected at all, having to deal with unexpected serious family health issues. In the middle of it all, I believe this yoga journey was more helpful than you could ever know. I have been able to deal with the stress and uncertainty with grace, and feel grounded physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Today's routine was so touching, and heartfelt. Thank you so much for your sharing your passion. Namaste.

  6. Thank you Adrienne, you’ve changed my life and we’ve never met. That to me is mind blowing. I work as a script supervisor and endure some horribly long days but for the last 7 months I have started every day with you no matter how early my calls or how late. Your 3 day challenges keep me motivated as every day will change but yet the yoga is always there as are you. I bow my head to you and all you have accomplished. Namaste

  7. I enjoyed today's practice so much! I actually teared up at the end of it. What a beautiful practice. I cannot wait for your next 30 day journey. I will continue to practice with your February calendar this month. Namaste

  8. Thank you for this amazing journey! I enjoyed all 30 days; I can feel myself growing in so many ways.This has been a great way to start 2019!

  9. Thank you, Adriene! This was an amazing month and my heart hurts that it's over. But its blessings are far-reaching and will surely accompany us all through the long months of the new year - and then we can enjoy another phenomenal journey with you. (hurrah!!) For myself, I'll be practicing with you daily as always and have saved a lot of practices from Dedicate as new go-to faves. Thank you again, our beautiful yoga goddess. xx

    1. PS: Must add this last day practice was (for me) your most beautiful and emotional yet. Especially loved Benji joining you at the very end. Pure magic! Thank you again so much for all you both do. (typed through streaming tears)

  10. Thank you for this experience Adriene; having followed along and loved practising with you (and all the other yogis on the journey!) for 30 days I feel quite emotional! You have started to help me be kinder to myself. I needed to prove to myself that I can dedicate myself to something and achieve a goal and I do feel great about 'completing the 30 days'- but I think you've helped pop me on a path to help me try and be motivated and committed but without so much anxiety. I can't see my day being yoga-less tomorrow- I'll be exploring more of your wonderful videos! Thank you Adriene!! xxx

  11. I almost cried at the end because I don't want it to be over! Thank you for sharing yourself with us and making me love yoga more than ever.

    1. I think we're allowed to cry, lol. Ok, I did. It's a release and a surrender, part of the journey, right? 🙂

  12. This was the first time I did all 30 days it was so good for my mind and body. It was so good to to include this in my new year goal setting a refocusing. So many parts of my life benefit from a regular home practice.

  13. These past 30 days have been amazing. This is the first time I followed real time and I have felt amazing. My strength has improved and my confidence as well. Your words and guidence has truly made this a womderful experience. Today i felt a little challenged without your voice guiding me and was a little nervous whem we started, but once i found my breath, I connected to me. Thank you and can't wait to join you in February!

  14. Thank you. I enjoyed every single yoga session with you and Benji. This has helped keep my mind calm and my body strong in the dark, cold days of January. Looking forward to more! xo

  15. Such a wonderful culmination of everything we did the whole month! Thank you for this wonderful journey; let it not be the end of a road but the beginning of a strong and loving exploration for many more days, weeks and, if i am lucky, years to come. Much love and gratitude. Xo

    See you soon... in February (Polar Vortex: away with you!)

  16. Thank you so much for this journey! It's the third one that I have done with you and I'm doing yoga (almost) every day for 2 years now. And it's so good for my body and my soul!
    I'm going to start dedicate again with day 1 today.Thank you so much!

  17. Thank you Adriene - and the rest of the community!
    I fell blessed, strengthened and humble.
    Daily home practice is a beautiful thing, when guided by you, Adriene. <3<3
    =) Maria.

  18. CoSM Crew LOVED the process with you! Thank you so much for making this available to so many people and for inspiring a wonderful journey! Looking forward to continuing my practice with you!

  19. This is the third 30 day challenge I’ve done with you Adriene. I miss your guiding voice but I kept telling myself t knew what to do and could guide myself. It’s not easy and it opens the floodgates. I was sniffling so hard it was affecting my breath! As always I am so grateful to you. You are a wonderful person.

  20. <3 THANK YOU.

    I feel like a new person after completing the 30 days. I feel strong mentally and physically. I've learned to love and accept myself, to be softer with myself, and to be proud of what I can do today...and I could go on and on.

    Love love love from Canada.

  21. Hello, I'm really enjoying your 30 days of yoga series. I just bought the downloadable version, because I want to be able to have it with me while I travel, but it seems like a different series than the 2019 30 days of yoga series. I wanted to be able to continue that 2019 series, which I have already started. Is that available for download? Thank you.

  22. Thank you for a wonderful workout. My focus for this last day was fantastic! My balance was dead on and I never experienced such a fluent balance exchange. (usually tip over, put foot down, etc.) I am sure I will have days where balance is off, however, I know now I can do it:) The way you build on each movement was very helpful. Thanks again!

  23. I cried during this last practice and I bookmarked it to do in the future. This was an amazing journey and I feel more in touch with my emotions than I have in a long time. thank you Adrienne for taking me on this journey.

  24. Tears of joy for dedicating something to myself since the birth of my first child (18 months) - namaste, Adrienne; namaste all.

  25. Such a beautiful 30 day journey. Actually 36 for me as I needed a couple of 'migraine' and 'low back' practices along the way. I've been enjoying your 30 day journeys for awhile now and they become such an important part of the day. Looking forward to February calendar. Thank you for the time, care and love you put into sharing your yoga practice. Namaste from a snowy Ottawa morning.

  26. Adriene – thanks so much for Dedicate – I’ve been following you for two years now and as always very engaging and enjoyable.
    I remembered today though as I heard the introduction to Day 30 that I had disagreed with the silence last year in True and have to be honest I still feel the same way. It is such a radical change from how the sessions have worked up to now that’s it’s like I’ve walked into the wrong room – unlike every other day I come on your website, today I feel disconnected and not part of the community.
    For me to follow you on screen and do it myself at the same time is not practical without audio ☹ so I gave up after 10 minutes and just sat and watched the rest.
    Nothing wrong with silence – I absolutely love your sessions that are as much meditation as yoga, but something half way would be great – verbal cues perhaps rather than a running commentary.
    This was like a performance I was watching, not involved in – a beautiful performance – you are a beautiful dancer to watch. I guess I’m in the minority with this view, so next year I’ll just remember to finish on Day 29. Namaste

  27. Finished up today!

    Thank you so much Adriene. I love your thoughtful approach.

    Just signed up for a year subscription!

  28. Oh Adriene ❤️ I’m doing this last dedicate day about ten days after my other days as due to massive life changes I’ve moved country, so a lot of emotions and stress already. I promised I would only do this when I felt I could totally dedicate myself to this last of the 30 and boy was it worth it. I smiled, cried a little and just felt the flow and the strength and the silent communication from you. Strangely almost as if you were in the room with me. Thank you from my heart to yours for this gift that you keep on giving. For helping me build strength inside out. I wouldn’t have coped as well these last couple of month if it weren’t for you. And I know going forward that strength is there and I can’t wait to keep going on my forever yoga journey. Namaste

  29. Thank you Adriene for all that you do. I really enjoyed the first 29 days of Dedicate. I have to say, though, I personally cannot follow along without the verbal cues. I found it too painful in my neck to keep bringing it out of alignment to see what was happening. If there was any way to have 2 options, a silent option and then a voice over option for those that need the cues, that would be great. Namaste.

  30. Hey, I finally got there and so glad to join all you finishers at last, and so sad (that this 30 days is over). Oh well, will just have to start over!
    I can't tell you how much my confidence in my body has improved and how much I have dropped all the 'striving' that I usually bring to the mat. I have loved this, thank you so much!

  31. I have loved the 29 days up until now. It is probably just me, but I have a hard time doing this without the voice instructions. I can't practice and look a the screen too. Thanks so much for doing these videos.

  32. Thank you for this 30 day journey! I loved it !
    Bravo for staying focussed even with Benji on the mat!

  33. Thank you for this journey, Adriene. I've never done one of your journeys before and haven't every been much of a yogi at all. I find your practices inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting. I finished this journey on 2/10/19. I didn't give up, even through illness and work stress. My husband has noticed such a positive difference in me over the last 6 weeks of this journey. I'm a dedicated follower now. Namaste.

  34. Finally finished! What a great way to finish this journey. I loved to just go with the flow of the music and do my own thing with the new tools included you thought me. Thank you! Namaste.

  35. Thankyou (: I have learned so much on this journey physically and mentally. It has effected my day to day in such a positive way. I did not expect to feel so emotional by the end of this 30days venture, but I am touched and my soul smiles for myself, for you, and for everyone who has embarked on this peaceful and strengthening journey. Truly grateful.

  36. I just want to say how thankful I am that I came across your 30 day Liberate Yoga videos on Youtube. I am a mom to a three year old, beautiful girl and I had a very hard pregnancy with her. I had not exercised in over two years, and I had been struggling with low self-esteem, because I became so overweight and did not know how to exercise. I simply did not know how to get my body to do the things I would see people doing on T.V., but you told me to take my time and to listen to my body. I completed the 30 day (Liberate) yoga challenge last week and I have to say I had never moved and felt my body as I'm beginning to do now. I hope I can continue with yoga as a way to help me feel good within myself, as well as with my physical body. It has also been helping me to cope with anxiety and stress. I almost quit the first week, because I felt awkward and I did not think yoga was for me, but I've realized that yoga is for everyone. I appreciate what you do!!!

  37. I still have days 27, 28 and 29 to do, but I wanted to do Day 30 today (Sunday) to have a little extra time to let it set in. What a beautiful journey. Thank you so very much to you, Benji, the host of people who work to share this practice with us, and the community who make it part of something much bigger than any one of us. So grateful.

  38. Just finished my 30th day of dedicate. I did not want to finish. Brought tears to me. Thank you for your kind and loving heart. It reaches so many and spreads it around.

  39. Dear Adriene,
    It is Feb. 28th and I just completed the whole series...I've never done yoga, and I know now how much I LOVE it. I am so thankful for your willingness to share what you know. I have been working hard to lose 40 pounds doing cardio every day...and have lost 20 so far. I've found that yoga settles me, strengthens me, and gives the peace I need each day. My cat, Elsie, has become her own version of Benji! Thank you thank you!

  40. Thank you for a beautiful journey helping me finding my way back to my yoga practice again. You really are a ball of sunshine. The love just radiates of you!
    Also what is this music? where can i find it? I came in to the most amazing flow today. Perfect ending of these 30 days!

  41. Yeah! I finished. It took 2.5 months, but I was dedicated. And still am. Although I don't get here everyday, I will keep getting here. Adrienne, you move my body, and my soul. Unlimited gratitude.

  42. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you for this powerful yoga days and the love you share with us.
    With lots of love! Namaste!

  43. Dear Adriene,

    I discovered you 2,5 years ago on a sleepless night when I was wondering how will I ever get out of the sadness that was filling me then. You brought light to my life and you helped me be brave.
    I met my flame a few months after I met you. Now he is my husband and we have a wonderful 4 month old daughter.
    Pregnancy was not all easy - I had to stop climbing mountains at one point, I switched from YWA to prenatal yoga with another teacher, I gained a lot of weight and lost my sense of self.

    After birth I struggled for a while - I didn't recognise myself, not just physically, but also mentally. I waited 6 weeks for the doctor's ok, I started practicing some postnatal yoga, slowly rebuilding my strenght.

    As the spring came close, I was ready - ready to find the way back to my inner self, ready to accept my wonderful body as it is now, ready to practice "normal" yoga like a "normal" person (did I tell you I felt so lost that I felt broken?). Dedicate was my journey back. And today, at the end of the wonderful practice, I cried out all the "No's" in my mind and I made room for love - love for myself, love for life, love for love. I cried and now I am relieved.

    You are magic. And I am forever thankful for your support, acceptance, love.

    Lots of love!

  44. Have just completed the 30 day dedicate programme and am loving it, found the last session slightly challenging as think for where I am at now I need more guidance to support my practice. It’s been perfect to fit in around a busy lifestyle and carve out some me time. It’s been a perfect start to my yoga journey - my only question is what next. Would highly recommend to everyone.

  45. Thank you so much Adriene!
    You are always my 'go to' for yoga practices.
    Every day you are an inspiration!
    Thank you,

  46. Thank you Adriene
    This has been the most amazing journey over the 30 days, I listened to my body and when I needed to I took a rest day so it's taken me about 6 weeks to complete but my body feels so very different. Stronger, more energy and so much more in control. Looking forward to daily morning sessions with you.

    Thank you again so much

  47. Thank you so much Adriene, I have come to the party late, following cancer treatment. Your 30 day journey has restored confidence in my body and your positive, cheerful spirit has been a tonic to my soul every morning. Carried on doing what your doing! The world needs positive life giving energy like yours. I’m off to book in at a regular yoga class, and I’m telling you that, as it will help me follow through.
    Julia from London

  48. Well, I prefer to go slowly when I learn something new, and I did, practicing each day's lesson twice before advancing to the next (what's the rush, right?). Anyway, this was a game changer for me, and I'm hooked on the feelings Yoga gives me. Thank you so much Adriene for what you've taught me...I almost feel as though I know you.

    Good luck and


    1. What a great idea to practice each day twice before advancing to the next day, Paul! We're so glad you enjoyed your Dedicate journey. Keep going. You're doing great!

  49. Thank you Adrienne for your heartfelt practices. I really enjoyed them and they were greatly appreciated, bringing a sparkle to my day.

    I had a little giggle when I saw Benji today. Day 30 feeling the love 🙂 That's what I loved about your classes they always brought a smile to my face and encouraged me to get on the mat with joy, curiosity and love.


    I wish you well dear yogini.



  50. From up on my little mountain in rural Northern California, I send thanks to you Adrienne. I completed this 30 day yoga series in a pattern of run, yoga, run, yoga, as my 5 year old daughter suggested...and it has helped me immensely through the process of doing my best to support my 42 year old baby brother in his fight for his life against alcoholism. We all have our own struggles and I can't thank you enough for sharing your love, wisdom, humor and fur baby with a world that needs love more than anything!

    With eternal love and gratitude,

    ~ jules ~

  51. I just finished this. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 in Maryland and I am so proud of myself for completing this journey. It took me about 45 days, but that's 30 more times of doing yoga than I would have done. I've never done this much yoga so close together and the emotional benefits have become so clear to me.
    You've taught me so much!

  52. I always get super emotional on the last day. For all reasons. Thank you for this practice, Adriene!

    Is there any way we can access the music used in this session?

  53. Thank you Adriene,

    This very compassionate and healing 30-days have pulled me through some rough times as my husband almost died from an accident a few days into the practice. I will never forget how strong and empowered I felt along the way, to trust the process and let go of control when things weren't in my hands. It has been a miraculous journey and tears started rolling down my face during this last session. I cannot thank you enough for what you have gifted me and therefor my family. It was transformational. I will keep going with you along my side thanks to your next videos, as I cannot bear the thought of not hearing your lovely soothing voice in the weeks to come. Thank you - Namaste.

  54. I have loved this series so much! Thank you for making it available for free for the community. It's been a true gift!

  55. Sending huge gratitude to you for this amazing gift. Your smile through this last practice was so full of warmth and love that it made it extra special. Benji sensed the end of this era too, sitting on top of you at one point! It's been an amazing journey - thank you. I only found it a month ago so have just finished now and will be looking for another of your series to start tomorrow because this is now part of my and my dog Kenya's day.

  56. I loved my intro to you last year by taking the True Yoga Journey with Adriene. Thank you for sharing the 30 Day Dedicate Journey with me for the second time this year, once before shoulder surgery (while trying therapy to mitigate the surgery option), and now again, after successful rotator/bicep/labrum surgery. So nurturing for body and soul and just what I needed. And to dedicate the practices to someone special was a bonus focus and gift!
    Looking forward to my next 30 day journey and beyond!

  57. Thank you for helping teach me how to listen to my body. And how to slow down. And breathe. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression and who's been without a job for a couple months, I just wanted to say thank you, Adriene (and Benji)! 😉

  58. I'm am late to the whole yoga thing but so glad i found you on line. I've only been practicing for about 6 months but love that I'm able to practice at home.
    Love Love Love Yoga With Adriene

    1. Thank you Adriene, as I am sure you have heard many times your generosity has been such any tremendous gift. My life has been faced with many serious challenges lately, I am a young 59 year old whose work that he loves has taken him around the world, but whose creative soul has taken a back seat to. This time I have spent learning yoga has had a lasting impact and I thank you for being you, and for the way you have helped me. Xo

  59. Hi Adrienne!
    Thank you so much for all your videos they are great. I have been doing your videos for some years now and love them all, especially the asides! And Benji of course! Now that my husband has retired we have been doing them together - two old crocks feeling stiff and sore but after your sessions - brand new people. One thing though (yes there is always a BUT) we would really appreciate it if you would consider on your 30th day sessions to just give gentle instruction - down dog, 3 breath cycles, cobra 3 breaths, forward fold, halfway up etc we find it difficult to watch you and do the moves, gives us a crick in the neck.
    Keep up the great work and see you on our iPad!
    Di & Peter

  60. Thank you so much Adriene. For this 30 day journey, for bringing yoga into my life again, but most of all for helping me find and recognize myself. I believe you are a wonderful woman. I am grateful.

  61. That was awesome. Thank you so much. For a 50 year old guy who use to run 3 miles a day and now it hurts getting out of bed......this was the perfect remedy! Again, thank you! This was great!!!

  62. Thank you again -- it's my 2nd 30-day journey in a row and it's helped so much -- I feel stronger in more than just one way. I especially loved day 29, the playfulness, the running, the laughing along with you. I figure, why stop? See you again! x x from France

  63. A perfect end to a great 30 day journey. I haven't dedicated myself to exercise for nearly five years so this is a great re-boot for me. And never have I done yoga. I was intimidated to consider 30 minutes of music only but I found the rhythm, the breathing and the music made the 30 minutes seem like 3.

    This is all new and all a stretch for me and I am grateful for your guidance and care. Now to continue the journey. I need to find something that keeps me moving forward. Until next time, namaste.

  64. What an amazing journey! It is just the beginning .... I loved it all and the last practice was really liberating. I felt free and fulfilled... more confident in my performance, most importantly grateful for you being my guide. Looking forward to continue practicing with you Adriene. xxxx Magical and effortless flow... that's how it is and it was.

  65. In honour of everyone who is on this journey - wherever you are on it - I will be making Adriene's Yogi Tea. I have just completed day 30 of my first journey with you all. I am so happy! and have inner peace that I have always strived for and aim to keep.

  66. Wow Adriene. I am beyond blessed to have come across your 30 day yoga journey. In many ways I believe it has saved me. I have always loved yoga, but this dedication completely changed my relationship with it. I know how to be patient with myself now, how to listen to my inner voice. TRUST. Your practices have settled me. When I realized that we would not be instructed on day 30 I was nervous. This was something I had never done before. But I immediately decided to trust myself and where this unguided flow would take me.... and WOW. The fruits were plentiful. I connected with myself in such an amazing new way. I was having a conversation with myself through my movements. There were some moments when I would look up from what I was doing to see where you were and there were times we matched up (but taking the movements in different patterns- which I thought was even cooler)! It was cool to feel so in tune internally, but then also feel a connection to another person. I am sad that this journey has ended but am so grateful for where it took me.

  67. Thank you for you gift of love and flow. What an incredible last practice of this 30 Day Journey and one that was so emotional for me, seeing how far I'd progressed and today I got deep inside to a place that was profound, sorry for being corny, but it really was. I'm privileged to have shared this place with you.
    Namaste from NZ

  68. Dear Adriene,
    I found you after the worst breakup of my life. You helped me heal in ways I couldn't imagine. I cried the tears of joy during this last session and will forever be grateful. Namaste <3

  69. This practise is dedicated to you and Benji with a heartfelt thanks for the journey I have been on and the peace you have brought my heart. Namaste

  70. I’m not even sure what to say but beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an incredible 30 day yoga journey. You made me love yoga and start to love my body even more. Your guidance, acceptance, and encouragement is what makes you unique and gives me a feeling of connection and love for yoga. Completing Day 30 was emotional for me! I followed these videos during COVID-19 quarantine time and my goal was to keep a clear mind. I truly believe each day eased my anxiety and kept me calm during a pandemic. Thank you Adriene and the others who followed along and encouraged me. Lots of love, Amy xo

    *Practicing from the Netherlands, heard about you in Spain, originally from the US

  71. My mind, body and soul thank you for guiding me through this last thirty days in the midst of a pandemic - getting back into yoga is truly the silver lining of this time for me. The journey has brought purpose to these days and calmness in my heart. Your guidance and humility have been so helpful and you are so very much appreciated. Namaste.

  72. Namasté.

    This free practice was an awesome way of closing the course by realising how much we've learned in this process.

    We'll keep doing daily yoga with you for sure.

  73. Dear Adriane,

    Gratitude for your dedication and giving me a wonderful start for the last month.
    Your nice voice, humor and Benchi are a good treat to complete the yoga. Gyms are closed these days but you help us to stay calm and strong.
    Thank you so much, I will check out your website further to continue with; Yoga with Adriane.
    Love from the Netherlands.

  74. Thank you dear pal, thank you for connecting and believing in us all...I have loved every day of Dedicate and like so many others, had a real cry on Day 30 triggered by child’s pose...My inner voice has adopted your lovely wit and gentleness. A very big thank you, from my heart to yours...Sarah ps my dog, Ciara and three cats would walk under me or plonk themselves on the mat, thought so funny when Benji did that today...thank you sooooooo much xx

  75. I did it! Thank you for leading me through the beginning of my yoga journey. This last session was art in motion. What a lovely practice. Benji is the best. My parrot enjoyed the journey as well often getting inside my shirt. Now to begin the next 30 days. Namaste

  76. that was a beautiful culmination of many days of work. thank you for the silence, it spoke volumes to me!

  77. Hi Adriene,
    Our daughter recommended your yoga videos in particular the Dedicate - 30 day yoga and my husband and I did all 30 days during the covid-19 pandemic. It was so helpful and peaceful. You are a very good instructor we enjoyed your lead very much. Please keep at it, we need to all vibrate at a higher level to make the world a better place.


  78. Hi Adriene,

    All I can say is thank you. I have so enjoyed this 30 day practice and felt very emotional on this final day.

    Benji has been a joy. I will keep practicing with you as your warmth and patience has been an inspiration.



  79. Thank you for this fun and emotional ride Adriene! You are a gem and your radiating personality has been so calming for me during this beautiful journey. Thank you for this and love and light to you always. Namaste!

  80. Thank you very much for bringing this practice into my life. It is now part of my routine and it has helped me overcome many worries and overthinking in my head. I actually had tears going down my cheeks throughout that last day! You helped me believe in me so much more than I was used to. Thank you Adriane, and from now on I will keep waking up with your voice guiding me through a session, until one day I guide myself through it all. <3

  81. Thank you Adriene ~ this is an absolutely amazing end to an amazing series and I have really loved the synchronicity of my health and spiritual journey with each video. A long suffered chronic fatigue and pain and It has taken me 2 months to finish this series and I am so glad that I perservered! This practice has served as a reminder to be patient and kind to myself and listen to where I am and what my body needs. I have greatly benefited from this journey and love your compassionate teaching and personal flare (and yes I smeared the honey!).
    Namaste .

  82. Have just completed 30 day Dedicate having done the 30 day Home just prior to that - and commencing 30 day True tomorrow - so inspirational and while I will never match your moves am far more further on than I thought possible and cannot imagine a day without my yoga now - thank you so much xx

  83. Have just completed 30 Day Dedicate having done 30 Day Home prior to that and commencing 30 Day True tomorrow - I will never match your skill and grace but am more supple and cannot imagine a day without my yoga now - thank you Adriene - Namaste xx

  84. This was an amazing journey! This was my second 30-Days this year. I surprised myself today! Regardless of the kids screaming in the background, I was able to tune them out and focus on my practice. I was steady and I feel strong. Thank you Adriene, and thank you Benji for sitting on Adriene! LOL Thats what my two year old does to me as well! I punctuated this practice by tearing up as soon as my palms touched my third eye. Beautiful.

  85. Completed 30 days ‍♀️HOME and now completed 30 days ‍♀️ DEDICATE.
    Today’s practice is the one I’ve enjoyed the most and finally found my grounding, my balance and my movement with the breathing. NAMASTE

  86. Wow - Thank you so much!
    Dedicate was my second 30 day challenge in a row and I never had a regular yoga practice before that. I tried to do sports but it was always a chore I felt I had to do to be healthy. This was not only fun but intensely beneficial. I never felt I knew my body so well. I feel like muscles are stronger now that I never knew existed. I feel fit as a fiddle and also look great - which was not my goal at all - but does not heart either 🙂
    Stiffness and back pain are not gone but reduced. I am looking forward to the next thirty days - I just have to pick one - thanks for making all this great content available!

  87. very cool. felt a little random and weird but i had fun. I will definitely try it again. x

  88. Thank you so much for these free yoga journey that you have made. I started with Home and was committed from the start. Your guiding has been so liberating for my way of thinking about myself, and my self-esteem. It feels as if it is easier to cope with difficult situations. I feel stronger and safer. And it has made me a better person in many ways. It was not easy to do day 30 in Home. I felt a little empty, but started right on Dedicate. Today is day 30 and was a great ending. You have taught me so much. I was free and relaxed. Now I look forward to continuing the journey Thank you very much

  89. My second time around for Dedicate - with many of your other 30 day yoga journeys between - and I loved it. Lots felt new, and lots I knew I could do better this time around. Thank you so much for your generous gift.

  90. Hi Adriene, During the middle of this fantastic 30 day yoga series, which had done wonders for my energy levels, flexibility, & lumpen menopausal abdomen, I came down with a virus that could have been flu or mild covid. As I was recovering I got excruciating sciatica from my back down by right leg (which will teach me to lie around being ill). I restarted your yoga sessions concentrating on your ones for sciatica/back pain, & after 3 days was able to sit down again. I've continued the second half of Dedicate, &, along with walking 3 miles a day (during the very strict French lockdown rules of no more than 1 hour outside to exercise, within 1km of your home), I feel like myself again. Without physio, without painkillers, without doctors appts, you really helped me recover my full strength! Thank you so much for your kind, gentle, inclusive, fun approach, & wonderful array of yoga sequences, that brought me back to me. Namaste

  91. Liberating indeed. Thank you so much for this wonderful practice to cap off a wonderful past 30 days of Dedication, it was fantastic! Looking forward to moving on to 30 days of 'Home' . Thanks again, Namaste! 🙂

  92. Thank you soooooooo much for this wonderful thirty days. I been practicing yoga for over 20 years, but learned so much from you. I will definitely continue. Love from Europe.

  93. Thank you!

    Most definately the beginning....



    Daniëlle from the Netherlands

  94. Thank you for this journey Adriene!

    I have practiced yoga for 10+ years and didn't expect to learn this much from online practice. I have truly developed my grace and the quality of my movements. Thank you. And thank you for helping me prioritizing myself.


  95. Took me since the beginning of November (aka Lockdown #2 in the UK) to finish this but pleased to stick with it - and still feel like I learned a lot! Thank you Adriene and the YWA community for helping me to persevere, always worth it!

  96. This was my very first yoga practice without any verbal instruction, and thank you for making this video to push me to do it! I kept peeking at the video at first, but at some point I truly did just start listening to my body, and either began exploring or figuring out what to do next. Thanks for encouraging me to lead the way!

  97. My first 30 day of yoga practice was more than words can express, I feel so thankfull!

    This journey began as a practice of dedication to myself and expanded to so much more, I found release, I felt relieved, I grew stronger and reconnected with myself body and soul in ways I did not think was possible to do by myself inside the comfort of my home. I cried a lot in the process and I felt like I have released a lot of old trama locked inside my body especially in my spine and hips.

    After 30 days my body feels better than it felt for years and my soul is more calm and happy.

    Thank you Adriene for your guideness, for being so gentle and for teaching me ways to find what feels good. I will defenatly keep exploring with you on my side new ways to feel better, heal and get stronger body and mind. I send you and Benji all my love and graditude.


  98. Thank you for a wonderful 30 days. My first day 30 from a previous programme I was a bit lost, following you without your mic, but this time I did my own thing and sometimes when I looked at the screen we were in sync and I joined you for a while. I feel a different person compared to 30 days ago, life seems just.... easy.... now. Love.

  99. Thank you, Adriene, for a beautiful journey, felt a bit lost at times, but you were there to guide me. My daughter is doing your yoga, and introduced me to it. Have enjoyed Dedicate, looking forward to another journey with you. X

  100. Hi, first LOVE LOVE LOVE Adriene! Second, for me, the page is only showing the link, not the actual video. Third, while I totally understand why she does the last one with no talking, I wish she would at least name the poses we are to move into next as it is hard to both participate fully and keep my eyes on the screen the whole time. It is actually quite disruptive to constantly be craning my neck to keep up!

  101. Thank you Adriene for sharing these practices with all of us. It has taken me probably about 60 days to complete the 30 days... but that is more than I have done on any kind of regular basis for several years. I love your voice, your goofy humour, and your open-heartedness.... not to mention your wise and patient guidance of all of us as we move along at our own pace. It has been a great experience for me, and I hope to join you on another 30 day journey soon! Warmest blessings to you.

  102. First time through Dedicate but I will be coming back. I’m 58 and never felt stronger. Thank you for doing what you do, Adriene. You are an inspiration.

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