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Dedicate - Day 29 - Celebrate

It's Dedicate Day 29! Celebrate this opportunity to get closer to your unique self and to get closer to something bigger than yourself. Today we not only celebrate how far we have come but we celebrate the ongoing journey.

And remember, you are not alone.

You are uniting with so many, across the globe, through practice.


36 comments on “Dedicate - Day 29 - Celebrate”

  1. Lovely practice. I can't believe it's day 30 tomorrow. Thank you so much for this beautiful series. I love that Benji has been in each video and the nice scenery outside. I practice your videos daily and have been for just over 4 years. Thank you for all you do. You're a beautiful person and my daily yoga practice is part of my life. Namaste : ) xx

  2. Thank you so much Adriene and Benji!
    I celebrated coming to the mat for 29 days, awesome! Todays practice made the whole Journey seem so smooth , and not because Cruella did not turn up.
    Knocking on heavens door and dancing on the mat was pure joy that made me tearful and greatful at the same time. Big namaste Hanne

  3. I love that todays practice was “celebrate”, because today is my 33rd birthday 🙂 Thank you for 29 amazing days! Even though I have been enjoying your guidance for years, this is the first time I have joined a journey with you.
    Thank you SO much!!!
    Lots of love from Denmark

  4. Loved this! Feeling so good after a beautiful practice 🙂 Don't even need to go to the "wrist store" haha!

  5. Feeling good! This is my first 30 day practice and I've LOVED it. Hoping I'll just carry on with daily yoga now. Planning to make a cake tomorrow with a wee yoga pose on top to celebrate day 30. Namaste x

  6. Thank you so much, Adrienne! I never fail to learn something new from you and you pull out one more posture or variation I haven't come across before.

    Although I haven't "made it to class" every day, I have become noticeably stronger - now able to just about push up from lunge to Warrior One. That is a big achievement as I have to monitor my body carefully due to spinal issues.

    I can go back and "make up" the missed days as well as do reruns for the next eleven months. It might take that long to develop, practice, and integrate all the new, um, "tricks" so I can move through them easily by next January. I look at these videos as introductions. Now the homework begins!

    Thank you again for your everlasting gift of yoga and your presentation of it to make it available. We celebrate you as well!

  7. Great Class! I'm gonna miss it so much that I'll probably start all over again after Day 30.
    Feeling fine and I am not - as most of my surrounding families - ill, cold, feverish. I see a causal relationship 🙂
    Thanks Adriene and Benji,
    Lots of love (in and out) from Holland.

  8. Thanks so much for this wonderful series of 30 days - I have always done our Jan 30 days and loved the way they transform how I feel and how strong my body becomes.

    I always feel really sad on the last day and are always looking for something to take me through Feb, I have your calendar so I'll give that a go.

  9. Thank you so much Adriene!
    I was tired before starting... almost skipped it and I did well in hitting the mat: I am so much better now!

  10. Good Morning-

    Wow what a journey. The long and winding road to day 29. One more to go, Day # 30 tomorrow. (I wasn't able to do it consecutively due to lodging situations!) The cherry on the sundae. Thank you for creating these videos and of course including the wonderful Benji. Sharing your beautiful practice and knowledge of yoga with all of us is such a sweet gift. I have been traveling the past six weeks and have enjoyed digging deep into my home practice and the Dedicate challenge really helped with that. It reemphasized I am on the right path and I have firmer thighs now too. 🙂
    If I had a daughter Adriene, I'd want her to be just like you. Hope that's not too creepy. lol
    Thank you for being smart, funny and so much shakti. Namaste

  11. Adrienne, thank you for the positive change you have brought to my mind and body! I did yoga regularly before having kids and have been trying to get back into it for years, but I didn’t have the time, or there wasn’t a class,, or I couldn’t afford it, etc.etc....then a friend told me about dedicate and after one session I knew I’d found the perfect way back to yoga, and at the same time back to myself. You are so inspiring, humble, supportive, and true and your work is truly a service. I’m on day 29 and so happy to think of the beginning you have helped me to make. So much gratitude in my heart for you!

  12. Sad to see this journey come to an end! Just started with Adrienne in January and so lucky to have found this series. I have not missed a day and cannot believe the difference in my middle-aged body and my outlook! Thank you, Adrienne, for making this available! I’m a huge fan and evangelist!

  13. Thank you for this series, Adrienne! It has taken me over 60 days to get to day 29, and I do so appreciate that you mention once in a while that we can celebrate getting to the mat each day, whether it takes 30 days or 365 days to get to day 30! I can be so super critical of myself, and it's lovely to have your kind voice urging me to accept what I showed up with *today*. It's kinder than I am to myself, and though I may argue with the sentiment in my head, it's healing and helpful to hear that encouragement from you. <3 Thank you so much, and thank Benji too! See you tomorrow for Day 30!

  14. Even though completing the 30 days was my goal, now that I'm almost done I feel sad! I don't know whether I will re-do Dedicate or start another series... But thank you again for the wonderful sessions!

  15. A thousand thank yous are not nearly enough to share my gratitude. I just started yoga about 5 weeks ago. Sure wish I'd found this beautiful practice 40 years ago!!! I haven't missed a day of yoga...some days I do more. I'm excited to celebrate my internal, external, and spiritual growth with this beautiful series...but I'm so sad to see it come to a close. I'm very anxious to begin another 30 day journey...just not sure which one is right for me? Lots of LOVE in...Lots of LOVE out!

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like I've found my yoga "home", after years of trying some less soulful (to me), less holistic practices. Your kindness, compassion, and love are a consistent reminder to me to treat both myself and others that very same way. Please know what a beautiful impact you've made on my life, and of course, on so many others'.

  17. Thank you, Adrienne for sharing love and light with us as you guide us through these Yoga exercises. Your gentle voice and radiant smile encourage me!

  18. I have come to my yoga with so much love and gratitude to you for what you have taught me in these yoga practices. It’s made me a happier and stronger woman inside and out. Thank you

  19. Good Morning Adriene!
    I can't believe I haven't missed a day with you. It's my first go-to after morning coffee and I look forward to this time every day. I am growing inside and loving myself a little more each day. What you put out there is so beneficial. My body is stronger, my belief in myself is growing and I can't wait to start another journey with you.
    With gratitude and love,

  20. I’m certainly celebrating today as I have come so far since day one and enjoy every second. It gives me so much peace.

  21. I love all the videos of you, but this one has become my favourite. I've realised practicing today that I've become more gentle and compassionate with my body. And when we started celebrating with dancing near the end, tears started running down my cheeks.

    Thank you so much again for sharing this amazing practice.

    Sending you and everyone who has practiced lots of love in and lots of love out 🙂


  22. Getting ready for full hour practice. When I started this in the depths of the pandemic, I could only handle a half hour. But now I am ready to spend a full hour with you. Thank you for the practice

  23. So we got into this because of WheezyWaiter. I've always been curious about yoga and his video was the final push into trying it. And now this 30 day series is ending but we're absolutely sure we'll keep with it because it's awesome.

    And will also make sure to pay what feels good for this one, cause it was terrifically worth it. 🙂

  24. I started this journey in quarantine. It has certainly helped get me through it. It got me out of bed and energized to start my day. It helped me connect with a hurting world. I had a time to pause and focus on me releasing all the yuck of the previous day. Thank you!

  25. My son introduced me to your yoga practice. This is changing my life. I am tuning in almost every evening to unwind, be grateful and get sleep without medication. I love you Adrienne for what you give us so feely and generously. Be well!

    Thank you!

  26. Thank you so much. This is my second 30 course. Just loving every moment. Can't wait for the next one.
    So much more I want to say but for the moment just again.....thank you

  27. I started practicing with your videos back in May, following a neck injury and some pretty major shoulder problems. I thought, maybe it'll help. I had no idea how much it would. I've been through a lot this year, both physical and emotional pain. There has been more than one occasion when I've been brought to tears on the mat. You've helped me get stronger, more balanced, and more conscious about my movements, but you've also helped me to process my pain, to love myself, to love others. I can't thank you enough, Miss Adriene. I don't say this lightly, you changed the course of my life. Yoga was simply the conduit. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  28. Showing up on the mat with your guidance has helped me be present in my professional life, feel better about myself and has helped to prevent me from feeling grouchy in my body and mind. Namaste.

  29. Mister Darcy, my young dog, loves your classes because of Benji. He eagerly watches with his nose on the screen, when Benji is moving around. And Mr. Darcy cannot understand why he´s not allowed on my mat.......

    awesome work, Adriene 🙂

  30. Ok so it took me about four months to complete up to this celebrate lesson! Such a mixture of fear and sloth during these hard times. Thank you very much for always bringing positive forces together for good. I will continue on!

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