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Dedicate - Day 27 - Power

Happy Dedicate Day 27! There are many layers to this 30 minute yoga session. Today's practice guides you to recognize your personal power.

I hope you enjoy!

3 Days more!

9 comments on “Dedicate - Day 27 - Power”

  1. Loving your videos thank you so much ! I’m beginning to think about day 32 - I saw the plan but want to increase my time on the mat and those sessions look a little short - is there any advice you could give to how as a member I can continue to practise every day with a varied lesson ? Because you’ve taken such care in putting this month together I haven’t over used my wrists or had any pain and I’m mindful that if I go solo I might not put together a plan that does this . Thank you for everything ! What a month of discovery both on and off the mat ! Xx

  2. Thank you, Adriene, for this practice. The phrase that has resonated the most with me through this journey has been, "you have everything you need." I've been able to carry that phrase off the mat into the chaos of the world, and I find it calming, empowering, reassuring, and loving. Thank you for introducing that phrase, and I hope that it can be as much to someone else as it has been to me.

    PS-I'm loving the venue for Dedicate, it looks like it's maybe on the Guadalupe River? Wherever it is, it's beautiful.

  3. Dear Adriene,
    I had the day off from school because it snowed in Illinois and the country roads were icey. After I made a timeline of my life and bugged my older siblings, my mom voluntold me to do yoga with her. I was really excited to see Benji and kept a very close eye on him the whole time. I have lots of questions about Benji. I want a dog exactly like him when I grow up.
    Savannah, Age 7

  4. I started at end of January so just on Day 27 today. But I have so thoroughly enjoyed this journey I will be starting all over again sharing it with another. Love the program! Love you voice!

    1. Hi Carrie, you might want to try the latest 30 days yoga series next. It's called HOME and was released January 2020. You can find it on the YouTube channel and here.

  5. Adriene,

    Loving the Dedicate series. On day 27 and looking forward to the next 3 days. I have been following you for just over a year now. My sister-in-law and nieces have been challenging each other to exercise 5 days each week. We have added your yoga classes to our workouts and we are all loving it. Our challenge has continued for 13 months!! Thanks for offering your classes to us. We love them.

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