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Dedicate - Day 25 - Alive

Welcome to Day 25! This short session is packing some serious gems for your yoga practice and your life. A 14 minute practice to gently wake up the body, check in with any areas that might be a little tight or sore and put you back in the driver’s seat.

But, for real.

Don’t be fooled by this short session.

Your Day 25 mantra could change everything…

I think you are ready!

* * Follow the aliveness * * *

Make this your mantra and watch everything transform.


23 comments on “Dedicate - Day 25 - Alive”

  1. This was a great video!!! I'm glad I do this at home because I definitely make funny sounds or just laugh at myself as I try to keep up with your great video!!!!
    Thanks for the variety! Amazing transitions! I've been on this journey since day 0. I've done it before I went to bed, or after work or early in the morning. I stayed committed to it this far. I'm so excited at how 2019 started out.

    1. Love these videos. Thank you, Adrienne, for your sweet gentle approach to my yoga journey

  2. Loving the 30 days of yoga. Thank you, Adriene. It's been a tough month with the loss of my dad and this is keeping me fresh and alive and motivated every day.

    1. Cynthia, I am sorry for your loss. During this time last year I was in the process of losing my dad to congestive heart failure. It was a really rough time, but like you, I found that my daily, at home yoga practice helped so, so much. That and my faith {sending a prayer your way today!} gave me structure and a reminder that I was still there and still strong in the midst of it all.


  3. I love this yoga experience. My cat, George is fascinated by my efforts too. I think he is quietly impressed!

  4. I started the dedicate yoga journey in the beginning of January and I felt in love with this friendly and mindful start in the day. Since my journey ended, I continued my daily practice, sometimes for myself, often with the "alive" session.
    Kisses from a rural part of Germany and thank you so much for this daily time with me, my breath and all people around the planet 🙂

  5. Hello Adrienne! I am a 67 year old woman that absolutely loves your videos! I used to do yoga up in my room in the 60's. I was very good at head stands. Then I went to college and never did it again. But I am back with you! Better late than never! I feel like I really benefit from your posture points, breathing and just being more aware of my body and mind. Thank you very much for your efforts and positivity!!

  6. I'm doing this the day after Easter and I choose to feel Alive and to just practice being!!!
    It is soooo pefect and I plan to share with those who take my own yoga class today!!
    LOVE and PEACE

  7. I love moving in an unexpected way and discovering a new entrance into a pose -- thank you for that! I find myself carrying messages and lessons off the mat more and more. I'm so grateful. hugs from France!

  8. Adrienne, I have found your practice to be so refreshing and enlightening1 thank you so much particularly in this difficult time to set a pace of guidance and self-assuredness. I appreciate your work very much.

  9. Adriene,

    Thank you for making your videos accessible for free during these difficult times. This is the most peaceful part of my day and your videos are helping to keep me sane! Im so grateful for the meditation this allows and for the progress I am making with Yoga! Love & Light

  10. Adriene, I have been practicing with you for about two years on and off. During these crazy times (COVID-19 is when I am taking this journey) I decided to combat my mental health issues with finally completing a consecutive 30 days with you and really digging into myself.

    I cannot even explain the improvement I have seen in my day to day state of being. Thank you so much for being authentic and vulnerable with us.

  11. Loved today's practice! It was short and sweet which reminds one that taking care of oneself doesn't require hours of work everyday, small tiny steps are also as effective and enjoyable. Thankyou Adriene!

  12. Was feeling a bit down on this Sunday and not sure why. After finishing this short practice, I do feel better, more uplifted. I guess time on the mat connecting with myself, body and spirit, and other yoga practitioners is a comforting salve! Thank you Adriene.

  13. I have followed you for the past 6 years. As I now have a challenge with joint pain, your yoga practice has allowed me to be more flexible and steady. I feel like I'm still enjoying my body. You are an awesome teacher and so likeable! I absolutely love Bengi. This was a perfect workout for me.

  14. Loved the yoga videos. Have been doing yoga weekly for several years, but now do a daily practice and makes me feel more alive and so much more energy.

  15. Thank you so much for these videos Adriene. Being doing yoga for years. Your videos are the best. Jan from Yorkshire

  16. Dear Adrienne,

    I hope you get this message. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your sessions. I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years. It's been my lifeline.

    Last summer I discovered your youtube sessions and did the 30 day round of breathe. Now I am doing the 30 day Dedicate and it's everybit as wonderful. I love your beautiful spirit and encouraging words and your instruction is spot on. I wanted to say a huge Thank you for your contribution to my health and well being during these crazy times.
    PS You are one person I would love to meet in person. You are lovely!!!

  17. I feel sooo good, alive and centred after enjoying this Alive session. Thank you for reminding us all to find what feels good which helps us all to live a full life. Thank you Adrienne!

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