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Dedicate - Day 24 - Balance

It's Day 24! Continue to grow your vocabulary, stretch your body and calm your mind as we begin the final week of this 30 Day Journey! Today's session invites you back to a natural state of balance.

Embody BALANCE. This one is a good one!

No person or pet left behind! Enjoy your practice!!

You are doing great!

23 comments on “Dedicate - Day 24 - Balance”

  1. Thank You Adriene 🙂 I am enjoying your teachings so much! It's my daily therapy to reconnect with myself again ;-). Wishing you a beautiful day !!

    1. Adriane you are being such a nice partner with this yoga practice every day. Muchas Gracias ! desde Argentina

  2. Wonderful, as always! Pets do really feel involved too - my cat Yasha usually comes and sits with me when I'm on the mat, or he watches the TV, which he never does otherwise! Today he even reached his paw up and tried to catch Benji, I got a great laugh!

    Thanks for this magnificent yoga journey Adriene.

    Much love to you and everyone else here <3

  3. Thank you Adriene for your motivating words of encouragement,and the fun way you deliver
    your yoga! Love the surprise part of whats' next today?...and how each session supports the next
    and how I'm getting to know myself better.I work shifts,but can easily slot a session into my day,which sets me up for the day.Love Benji...and his take on things also! 🙂

  4. I'm already sad that we're into our final week. But we passed the 21 day mark so now the practice is part of the day as much as putting pants on in the morning, lol!

  5. I managed to download today’s session using intermittent 3G in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. I was on the mat under a blue sky over looking the lush green paid fields #amazing

  6. thank you, so what I needed, not what I wanted, I found the stillness a real challenge today, it brought a great level go awareness. thank you

  7. Thank you Adriene, for creating these practices!

    My courses just recently resumed at my university, and it has been hard to find balance (or time for yoga) these last few days. I am so grateful I took the time for it today. I feel so much more centered, peaceful, and energized now!

  8. Thanks so much, Adriene! I had to miss yesterday because it was one of those go-go days from 4:45 a.m. to bedtime! And I was SO bummed I couldn't squeeze this in. For the first time ever with a yoga practice, I notice that I finally felt HOOKED! I was so glad to get back to it today. Thank you for putting this content and your true self out there. Namaste.

  9. Still enjoying the journey! I am running a bit behind but who cares. I don't 🙂
    Thanks you Adriene!

  10. Still enjoying the new challenge each day as a beginner. I work shifts and these 20 minute bite size sessions are manageable. Love Benji too. I’ve been a competitive cyclist for many years and now enjoy social riding. I’d forgotten some of my muscles were there! Cyclists are guilty of neglecting their core, so your sessions are a great supplement, thanks.

  11. Oh my gosh I'm feeling amazing, thank you Adriene.
    I have been going to the same masseuse now for around 5 years and she has said that she has never seen my body in such great condition so thank you for your inspiring words.

  12. Thanks Adriene! I feel so great spending my mornings focusing on me. You are an exceptional teacher.

  13. Thank you so much for these videos. I am on an awareness journey in my life and although it’s already day 24, I finally feel and understand all the beauty in the the words you speak. I can now say my body and soul are being fed and for that I say Thank You! You are a gift to many and may your bright light continue to shine. Love you.

  14. Thank you thank you thank you! Adriene, yoga with you has been amazing, at 62 my yoga experience has always been “its to hard for me, I’m not flexible, the instructor isn’t giving enough information.” You have made me smile and laugh out loud.. l feel like I understand so much more about yoga doing the free 30 day journey. Namaste

  15. Love, love, love these videos! Not only the great exercise, but also the wonderful words that accompany them! Such a wonderful part of the day. I've said it many times now, but once again, thank you Adriene, for putting this out into the world. You are very spcial.

  16. This is helping so much with Covid lockdown in Ireland. Thank you and love to fellow yogis.

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