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Dedicate - Day 18 - Love

Welcome to Day 18! I love this program because it really proves that you can get strong, toned, more flexible and stable in your body without having to push, crunch or put yourself down.

Today's session is a 20 minute practice to stretch, strengthen and anchor you in love.

It is an opportunity to lovingly connect to yourself, but also to the community, and I don’t just mean Yoga With Adriene.


The world.

Love rules.

It starts with you.

Chant it with me…

Self Love Now!

See you on the mat!


19 comments on “Dedicate - Day 18 - Love”

  1. Adriene,
    Thank you so much!!! I am loving Dedicate - my first 30 days in real time, I eagerly look forward to each new day. You rock. Namaste

  2. Adriene,
    Thanks for the reminder to love myself. . . Morning eye opener.
    As for stories with love; my book 'With the Rain Comes Love.'

  3. Thank you, Adriene! Love your approach to yoga, to life, to it all. This felt good, and I find myself, more and more, knowing the next part of the flow before it has come, which to me, is a good sign 🙂

  4. I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 30 years. The last few though, i have been doing the same 3 dvd's over and over ad nauseum and was getting ho hum..... Then i found you! I love your comments and the yoga. Yoga is great again for me. Thank you

  5. Thank you so much! I used to have stiff, back pain and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't go away. Now i'm on day 18 and it is gone. My body forgot all about all of these awesome yoga moves. I'm so grateful to you and for sharing your skills! Namaste.

    1. My back is also feeling much better and I can now stand straight after sitting down for a while!

  6. I have done your 30 day yoga challenge before but never as religiously or i its entirety. You are changing my life! In just 18 days I feel better about my body, my mind, and my soul. Thank you Adrienex you are an inspiration!

  7. I love this session! I barely looked at the video, and was able to follow your voice, and best yet, could actually do some of the transitions I’ve not been able to do previously. Thank you so much! These make my day, I truly look forward to them. What am I going to do when our 30 days are up?? 🙂

  8. I had a heart scan yesterday in hospital and the scenographer and I were chatting and then, we both found out that we were doing Dedicate every day! We waxed lyrical on it's benefits and I thought it fitting on this episode to share that our hearts were opened on a hospital bed, under fluorescent lights, amidst monitors and machines. Scenographer said, "if you're doing yoga everyday then you're doing pretty good in life", and he knows all about our beautiful hearts.

  9. I've been doing your videos for a couple of years now and absolutely love them! As a single, 28 year old entrepreneur of three businesses, I needed something to help quiet my mind, but still get the exercise and stretching I needed to keep the blood flowing and stress level low!

    PS, I have a three legged Red Heeler named Earl who loves to help with my Yoga.

  10. Love Love and Lots of love to you! Thankyou so much!

    Practicing with you feels like I am practicing with a friend; someone I know and love and is going to be there to support and encourage me. Thankyou so much Adriene for bringing Yoga to us in a way that helps us learn, understand and love our self.

  11. We are carefully guided through this slightly higher-energy session and it never feels like you are pushing us. Thank you!

  12. Adriene thank you so much for sharing your practice with me.
    I am taking the 30 day Journey along with 1 other class of yours daily.
    You have helped me strengthen my mind, body and soul, Truly!
    You are patient and mindful of advising us to only do what we are capable of, a true leader!


  13. Dear Adrianne,
    I'm so thankful for your yoga lifestyle. Benji is the dogma
    Dog who also inspires all of us to wake up to a beautiful
    Practice of self love. Gratitude namaste.

  14. 'relax your shoulders, relax your heart.' Why is that so hard to do? Practising the day after valentines day, I really needed the love of this practise today.

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