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Dedicate - Day 16 - Dulce

Welcome to Day 16! Today's practice is DULCE, or sweet!
May this session be sweet and supportive and may it serve as everything you need to smile and keep showing up.

Today’s practice designed to feel like the perfect hug.
You’ve earned it!

Plus, there is massage! (And core, there is always core. Don't worry, it's sweet.)

21 comments on “Dedicate - Day 16 - Dulce”

  1. Thank you so much Adriene! I love you! you make a big difference in my life! Thank you again ...yeah; being sweet to myself! I will 🙂 wish you lots of love and light and for everyone else thats reads this!

  2. Thank you for a quiet practice of self-love. As always, your soft-heartedness and sense of humour keep everything interesting!

  3. Thank you so much for all the yoga. Seems "cheesy" but it really changed a big part of my life. The way I fell, the way I think. I had big (that felt huge) anxiety issues and I feel so much better now. I feel very great full for all this yoga. I would never have started yoga if it hadn't been so fun and free. Now I'm so happy when I know my yoga time is approaching and i would really be willing to pay a lot to keep watching your videos.
    I am spreading the message everywhere i can, to friends, family, colleagues, other people, to say they absolutely should start yoga with Adriene.

    Thank you again 🙂

  4. Thank you for the sweetness you bring into the world. It is received by many grateful hearts.

  5. Thanks for this series, Adriene, and for so many other super-helpful videos on your site. I have one question: what do you recommend for those who may have fallen behind (not that I know •anyone• who has fallen behind!) on the daily videos and want to catch up? To put it another way, is it better to continue day by day, or skip ahead to get to the latest one, and then maybe go back and finish the others later? Please let me know. Again, many thanks.

    1. Same here! Sometimes my body is telling me it needs something different, so I’ll still do yoga everyday, but occasionally I take a break from the 30 day challenge to do a different video. For me, I still go in order because I love building on the poses. It’s Feb 2, but I’m only on day 16. What’s the hurry? 🙂

  6. I love your videos and that Benji joins you! My cat, Benji, joins me every time I do yoga with you.

  7. I particularly loved this practice. 🙂 Thank you. You had me at the neck massage.

  8. Thank you Adrienne! Your practices have made a considerable difference in how I Feel about myself, my body, and others. Before I began these practices I was achy and stiff resigning myself to the fact that I am over 60 now. However, now the aches are gone, I feel flexible and strong. I'm convincing my husband to do the same.
    I enjoy your sense of humor. Today's practice gave me a sense of happiness and peace....even with 8" of new snow on a March morning! Welcome spring?!❄️

  9. Hi Adriene, you have likely heard this many times from many people but you are a huge help in my life at the moment. I have a lot of things on my plate right now, to the point that I don’t know how I cope reasonably well (and I will be fine) I am starting yoga at the tender age of a young 59 and I want you to know a little time for myself is becoming valuable. Thank you for so generously providing the introduction.

  10. how did you know this was just what I needed? after a long day and a sizeable dinner I thought, hm, I could just skip it this one day ... but decided to make a little space anyway. it was perfect, and sweet, and I loved thinking about HOW I move. thank you again!

  11. Hello
    Enjoying these yoga sessions. I have some problems due to arthritis (left knee and right elbow). Have been trying to adapt.

  12. Hello Adriene! Thankyou so much for being there and teaching us. I was not feeling good today, emotionally, yet I came for the practice and I believe that it was a good decision because during the practice your voice guided me to be compassionate with myself and love myself and that's what I really needed today. So, thankyou so much again!

  13. Hi Adrienne,
    I'm so excited to be starting my 30 day challenge tomorrow with a group of friends. We have chosen to do the Dedicate series. I have a bit of a glitch. My family will be away starting on day 9 of the challenge and ending on day 16. I won't have internet access where we are going but I want to continue with my practice. Is there a way to save the videos to my computer so i can play them back without having to access Wifi?
    Thank you so much for offering this amazing gift to everyone.
    With immense gratitude,
    Deb 🙂

  14. I stopped commenting after a few days! But today was exactly what I needed. I woke up and my body was craving yoga, I'm happy I have chosen you as my mentor! Thank you teaching me to be sweet to myself and others, Namaste <3

  15. Thank you so much, Adriene, for making my life so sweet! I LOVE everything about this practice and that has a lot to do with you! Thanks for being a beacon of light each morning. Namaste!

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