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Dedicate - Day 15 - Reveal

It's Day 15! YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Today's practice is a jam-packed 17 minutes of all the goodness you need to re-connect, rejuvenate and CHECK IN at the halfway mark!

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55 comments on “Dedicate - Day 15 - Reveal”

    1. wow, I don't know what I would have done without this session tonight. Very unusual I felt alot of heat
      generating through my legs, and when I was attempting to reach for my hand to heart it actually ached with my one leg in the air. Both went away after the release, but are these two things normal?
      Did not feel normal. But I love yoga! I will always love it's benefits. I think I'll be o.k.............. hope you
      all tooooooooooooooo. Nameste.... Please let me know about my legs as I experience this sensation at unusual times of purification.Seeing a physician tomorrow.Beautiful setting with Benji too.

  1. Thanks Adriene , l am enjoying this 30 days very much and learning so much about myself, in that I don't always have to push so much to stay connected. Peace to all

  2. I loved today’s session! Today’s revelation was—don’t take yourself so seriously! I needed that. Thank you!!

  3. Loving my yoga journey. I look forward to my mornings and getting my yoga on! Your humor is wonderful.

  4. Always feel amazing after practicing yoga but this is definitely awesome with you Adriene!!!

  5. Thank you for honouring the half-way mark with so much care and love for this yoga community. I felt "seen" and lovingly supported by you and the intention of today's practice. Wow! This experience is so nurturing! xo

  6. Thank you Adriene for this series. I just started today...the new year had a challenging start, but I started new today with you and Dedicate!

  7. I'm amazed at how fast we've suddenly come to the halfway mark. I'm so grateful for this practice as a way to begin this particular year and I'm beyond grateful for the magic you constantly share Adriene.
    "and hand to hand is holy palmer's kiss" 🙂

  8. Was feeling stiff and old after gym session last night, but have just done day 14 and 15 together and feel great. My body feels warm and tingly and my mind positive.

    Thank you Adriene x

  9. Thank you Adrienne. At day 15 I am amazed at the results I am seeing in my flexibility. I used to be a long distance runner and had to stop due to injuries. I am so happy I found you. With daily practice I am seeing little changes daily. I can finally sit Indian style comfortably and sit on my knees. As I said, small but wonderful changes that I would not normally see if it were not for daily practice. I finally get it. Maybe I will get back to running next year. This year my focus is flexibility and strength (inner and outer).

  10. I am just soooooo amazed and in Love with this practice! I had no idea that committing myself to 'showing up' would become this most delicious and soul expanding experience! I literally feel like a new person. Many people have used the term " game changer" and I have to agree. It all feels SO good to my body, and my mind. My life feels different now, my outlook has changed. I feel powerful and thoughtful and motivated and optimistic. Yum! thank you so much Adriene, and to all of the individuals who are here creating this wholeness and this beautiful experience. So excited to be alive!

  11. Jokingly, I refer to you as my friend Adriene, because we hang out everyday! I'm a mommy to a 1 year old and a 5th grade teacher- my little bit of time in the morning to myself has become such an important part of my day!! THANK YOU!!

  12. Feeling committed and grateful! Thank you Adriene and yoga community. (Started late January)

  13. I smelled my arm pits. I was so in the moment I just followed your directions! Gave me a great laugh!

  14. I too, sniffed my armpits! Your humour and the relaxed and joyous attitude towards the postures really is appreciated A. Thanks so much for the delight of you. What was revealed to me today was that although I am not doing my practice every single day, I am still consistent with a few times a week, and that that is enough. I am often too hard on myself, 'shoulding' on myself all the time (should do this, should do that) and I am entirely tired of it. Now I just allow.
    I am SO Grateful for what you bring to the world.

  15. I had to take a break from Dedicate and I came back. I desperately needed this tonight. I feel I can breathe again. Thank you so much......"smell your armpit" and "the best lion's breath you can ever take" just made it all the more perfect.

  16. I started doing "Dedicate" this New Year. I don't do it everyday but probably once to three times a week. I love it!! Thank you so much!!!

  17. 'Smell your armpits.' I laughed so hard!

    Thank you so much for your videos, love getting on the mat like this.

  18. Thank you so much for every day that you share your practice with me!
    You have given me strength and courage to face many days which have been difficult.

  19. It's literally taken me 3 months to get to Day 15, but I'm still so glad I'm doing this practice!! Onto the next half!

  20. Hi, I'm loving Dedicate...had to dedicate to getting up 1/2 an hour early to be able to fit it in every day but it's so worth it.
    Do you have a next level 30 day challenge for when we are done?

  21. I love your teachings, so happy I found you. I have been doing all your 30 day challenges, and think they are just great! Thank you so much for making them.
    I just came back from doing YTT, and actually I feel have learnt more from your videos (currently 75 of them) then in the training I took, you are the best!

  22. You rock Adriene. Just finished Day 15 and am feeling fantastic. Thank you for being such an amazing guide on my journey.

  23. I am grateful for this series. I will never be a master yogi but I can feel the gentle loosening of my body even in these short 15 days. I appreciate the no-shame approach and the reassuring support throughout each session. Blessings.

  24. I began this journey 15 days ago as we have been 'stay at home' due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I am an avid runner, enjoy kettle bells, and boxing, and have never stuck with a yoga program before. Being a special education teacher, and now teaching online, I needed to take better care of the 'whole' me. This has been enlightening for me, and I thank you.


  25. Enjoyed my yoga time with you today. Thank you.
    Most valuable to me today was your reminder to let the shoulders be heavy during child's pose. I do believe I have been doing it without that added benefit for many years.
    Hoping you enjoy this day!

  26. So I'm at the end of my 4th week of lockdown in the UK as a result of Covid-19.
    Adriene your online yoga is keeping me sane. I do one of your practices every morning and it grounds and centres me. I have a severe scoliosis and I find yoga is the one thing that helps keep me moving. You get just the right tone, challenging but not too much, encouraging and funny, like your a pal. My adult daughter also does it, I find it so funny that you are such a restorative part of our family life but you are far away and we've never met you! Thank you for all you do for my family and for the wider world. The world needs more love, compassion, peace and connection and you bring all of that to me on a daily basis. I am most grateful. xx

  27. I started doing Dedicate a few weeks ago and I' loving it. Amazed myself by managing to stick with downward dog (a move I used to hate!). I'm getting my heels nearer the floor every practice, you never know, one day I might have my feet flat on the floor.
    I love the humour and the encouragement and I cannot believe how far I've come.
    Thanks you so much Adriene for making my lockdown much better.

  28. It's taken me three weeks to get to day 15... but I keep on... thanks to your encouragement!
    Keeping me sane during Covid-19 lockdown.
    Thank you Adriene and Benji!

  29. This practice with you has become a highlight of my day. Thank you for making it interesting, fun and so simple.

  30. Having very little experience with Yoga, I’m really enjoying it. I’m used to doing high intensity aerobics & find this a relaxing change, it’s helped my Sciata immensely. Thank you Adrian!

  31. This 30 challenge has been more heavy than “True” for me; but I’m so excited to say I was able to stick with it and I’m halfway there. I look forward to continuing this journey and learn more !

    Kindly and take it easy everyone~~~~

  32. So great to be able to learn to connect my mind and my body. I feel connected. Thank you x

  33. Adriene, my friend, you have changed my life in the short 6 months I have "known" you. You have helped me find the courage to make my life my own. On Day 28 of my first 30-day yoga journey with you, I found the inner strength to leave a very unhealthy marriage of almost 2 decades. Your love and forgiveness have allowed me to love and forgive myself for the first time in a very long time. Your unabashed authenticity has allowed me to not only accept but embrace my own imperfections. Thank you and the whole YWA community for all the love you bring into the world. I feel it every day and it gives me the courage to keep travelling into this unknown, and sometimes scary, future. Namaste.

  34. Adriene,

    Your yoga is keeping me sane, strong, flexible and in good humor during this COVID 19 crisis. I finished 30 Days of Yoga, Home and now I am doing Dedicate. Thank you!

  35. You are such an inspiration to me. You have redefined what yoga means to me and with that teaching me to look at everything differently. Nothing is static...
    Thank you!!!

  36. Thankyou so much Adriene! I am absolutely loving these practices! lots of love to you :*

  37. Hi Adriane,
    I'm 72. I'd never done yoga before...I'd always said I'd hated it! Much better to be outside biking, walking, hiking....and yoga seemed like too much time to let your monkey mind take over. NOT WITH YOU!! I now LOVE YOGA!! with you, that is. I love your positivity, your pace, your commentary, your sweetness, your dog! My friend, a 71 year old, and I are assiging 10 AM to 'Yoga with Adriene.' Thank you, sweet girl.
    Kisses and blessings.

  38. Checking in at halfway.... feeling great Adriene. Thanks to you and Benji for being part of each day. I truly look forward to it. This is the first time I've ever committed to daily yoga and now I think I'll keep going, long beyond 30 days.
    Peace to all.

  39. loved this practice and indeed I did have a "reveal". Many thanks Adrienne and of course Benji

  40. Loving the Dedicate series Adriene - thank you! We are in 3rd lockdown here in Sydney and it has definitely been helping me through. Hopefully we only have a couple of weeks to go until we have a bit more freedom so I will stay on the journey until then (and beyond).

  41. Thank you for your ever-present spirit of kindness. I have been doing different sessions of Yoga with Adriene since the beginning of the pandemic, missing only a few days for over twenty months, and I feel like my 73 year old body operates pretty damn well. I appreciate the variety of sessions; I really love the feeling of community even though I am on my own in my living room. I'm not sure how you do that, but you do!

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