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Dedicate - Day 12 - Curate

Welcome to Day 12! Today's 20 minute session will feel incredible after Day 10 and 11. Strengthen the upper body, focus on hip release as well as abdominal and low belly tone. Continue to release stress and tension in the shoulders and use your breath to increase your awareness, shift stagnant energy and welcome empowerment.

This is what it's all about. On Day 12 we explore the power behind curating your own experience on the mat.

Stretch, soothe and continue to ride the wave - mindfully. It's your practice to curate. Enjoy!

15 comments on “Dedicate - Day 12 - Curate”

    1. Loved day 12 session both the challenge and words of inspiration, wonderful way to start my new year

  1. I found what feels good with the reclined pigeon pose...much better for me than the upright one. Thank you Adriene!!

  2. It feels so amazing to see Benji looking out the window out to the forest, seeing things, like a bird, a squirrel may be. I did "TRUE" last year, and I loved that he was there the room has changed so much, Benji can see out, like the world opened for him, he's not bored anymore against the wall !! its amazing to see your own evolution and the change in his world !! its genius. you're genius. thanks for this one, it was a good, it worked, as always. Love u, Audrey.

  3. Lights out for this pigeon! Good night and thanks for another fun eye and hip opener. 🙂

  4. The timing of this message was so perfect for me...I am in charge of my own happiness. The last two days i lost sight of this, thank you for the reminder and thank you for sharing your gift. I am new to yoga and your videos make it easy and sustainable!

  5. This is amazing! I’m focusing a lot on preparing my wedding this coming May! And been trying to “work out” this has been perfect for me with a 3 year old running around. I can do this during nap time and get the energy I need for the rest of the day! I did take a 3 day break as she got the flu but I’m back to doing it! I did start later so DAY 12 here I come!!! And I get to try out new oils that just released, to help focus on my breathing!

  6. This was amazing. I’ve learned that I hold a lot of anger in my hips and at this end of this practice I was tearing up for some reason. Maybe I let a lot of anger go this time around. Thanks for that. Loving this journey.

  7. It's like you know what I'm needing every day that I'm doing this. Thank you so dang much!

  8. I love doing the yoga with you Adrienne, it's so relaxing and hard work at times but you make it so fun. It's really nice to have the time to myself in a busy day. You're amazing and so is Benji of course❤️

  9. Enjoying this all a lot. I started because I'm in lockdown and walking is boring. I like it that I can tale my own time. "Your" 12 days has taken me 36 days!

  10. THANKYOU SO MUCH! I am feel so grateful that I came across your youtube video and now I am on this journey. You have beautifully curated all these videos and I look forward every day to practice with you. Thankyou so much again!:)

  11. Thank you so much, Adriene, for all of these videos and for the yoga practice. I have been doing them for six months now. I started at the beginning of coronavirus around the beginning of March. You have so many of them that I’ve been doing different ones all the time. I have really enjoyed them, and they have helped me physically and emotionally.

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