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Dedicate - Day 11 - Courage

It's Day 11! With lots of imagery and an opportunity to focus, to fall and to fly, this 23 minute practice invites a presence like no other.

Remember, your thoughts have power. Use today’s power poses to inquire, build strength, invite balance and grow. This integrative yoga session is an opportunity to really lean in to your story.

The world needs us to be courageous. To know ourselves and stand up for what we believe in. We are doing this.

See you on the mat!

21 comments on “Dedicate - Day 11 - Courage”

  1. Oh wow! It's been a while since I've practiced Crow...I just couldn't seem to get both feet off of the ground today! But loved today's practice! Thanks so much Adriene!

  2. Yogi squat happened! The hips don't lie but easing in from froggie helped. Crow pose was always something ladies with the cool sculpted arms did before but you made me fly today. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Thank you Adriene, You're a beautiful spirit and I'm truly thankful to you for all you give and share. I have been using your yoga videos since July last year and feel the benefits of your daily yoga spilling into all areas of my life. Peace and Love, Jo xxx

  4. Today helped me appreciate all the muscles in my toes! One of my goals is to improve balance, so this practice was both challenging and helpful. I am so far from being able to do crow pose, but Dedicate is teaching me that it takes strength and courage to come to the mat no matter what point you are at. Not just practicing physical balance but the mental balance of accepting where I am at now and moving towards where I want to be.

  5. I'm looking at this pose and know I will not be able to do this as I have significant wrist injury in the R hand. ( have to modify many poses to rest forearms on the ground instead of hands) Do you have a suggestion on what I can do to replace this pose? Thanks in advance. I'm really enjoying the series.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful practice... and for reminding me the candy is in the journey. Spoke to my soul today! Ended up with an effortless frog stand that felt GREAT!

  7. This was my favourite so far. Playful 🙂

    I've loved it all though. I can feel myself getting stronger and more graceful and in a better mood! Grounded. Using my breath off the mat also. Thank you so much. Namaste.

  8. Your Yoga Video is My new Motivation in the Morning during the dark Season to get going here in cold Germany. Thank you for this lovely service of Yours. Sorry for the spelling. I Had the link through a riding FB Group.

  9. You are wonderful I’m late to the party, and I haven’t watched the class yet, but I found your words moving. Something about this time of year, this cold weather, that makes it kinda tough to be courageous sometimes. Thank god for yoga!

  10. Another great day! Taking lots of breaks for the wrists and loving the twists and balancing.

  11. Holy Crow! I never thought I would have been able to do the crow pose - Thank you Adriene for helping me to find courage today.

  12. Thank you from the deepest of my heart. I feel very gratefulI to be able to watch your videos. I started the dedicate programma for the second time. Your words remind me of Steven Hayes, my mentor from long time ago. So double pleasure.
    Gina (Belgium)

  13. Thank you, Adriene, for dedicating and sharing your gifts with us wherever and however we are. This practice has been a lifesaver during Covid-19! And the frozen shoulder bothering me before I started the practice is now resolved. Yes, I’ve got this!

  14. Thank you Adrienne! Since the studio where I practiced shut down in March, I had been struggling to develop a strong home practice. These videos are really helping to revive my practice. Namaste

  15. Thank you Adriene for your passion and dedication to deliver yoga to us beginners. My husband and I started our yoga journey during lockdown and haven't stopped. Also, just moved to London from Texas so love feeling connected to another Texan.

  16. Making it a practice to thank myself for showing up, and I thank you for reminding me everyday. Thank you for what you do Adriene, you also never fail to make me giggle during sessions.

  17. Thanks a lot Adriene, I did the crow pose but lasted way longer. You inspired me to hang on to my core, breath and I lasted more tan ten years ago 🙂

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