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Dedicate - Day 1 - Discern

Your Day 1 Dedicate practice is here! This full length yoga session invites you to set the tone for your journey as we DISCERN or recognize your reason for showing up. Take the necessary time to drop in and focus on essential vocabulary that you will take with you for the whole 30 days.

The hardest part is showing up. This loving, informative and foundational practice will ease you in nicely.

We are doing this!


71 comments on “Dedicate - Day 1 - Discern”

  1. Hello from Glasgow, Scotland!
    Adriene, can I ask if your Dedicate videos will be posted at a particular time each day?
    Many tnanks,

  2. Dear Adriene,
    I have been following your for about 4 years now and I just LOVE you SO much!
    I am 62 years old, just retired from teaching high school mathematics for 23 years and have told
    all my students to go to your youtube channel before coming to school. (Not that they would listen to an old lady, but ... )
    I am fit, trim and 2018 kicked me hard with shingles at the start of the year and flu/sinus infection at the end of the year. The in between was pretty good with all the retirement fun.
    Looking forward to "dedicate" and will be following daily until I head off on my big retirement trip to Vancouver/Maui/New Zealand. BUT ... I will do my best to catch up and follow you as I can.
    All the best to you in 2019. You have changed so many lives!

  3. Thank you Adriene!
    Day 1 was amazing! Can hardly wait to continue to follow with you on this new 30 day yoga journey.

  4. Thank you very much for offering the free yoga journey. I am looking forward to dedicating myself to a more consistent practice.

  5. So beautiful and restorative! As always, the perfect start to this incredible 30-day yoga journey - the perfect launch for the New Year. Thank you, Adriene! You are a gift to us all. (must add: gorgeous setting and Benji is a superstar, too)

  6. Great way to start the new year. I've been an avid subscriber to your videos and practice for some time now and I am always happy when I finish a yoga session with Adrian. Thank you!

  7. Thank you, Adriene! An AWAKENING.... after having neglected my yoga practice for a year! And thank you, Betsy, for inviting me to this 30 day Dedication. Looking forward to tomorrow's session...

  8. Just finished day 1..... I feel amazing! Thanks so much Adriene, always love to practice Yoga with ya!

  9. Just got back from a long car journey after spending new year in Scotland, this was just what I needed.
    Day 1 done,Thank you!

  10. Thank you, you beautiful woman. Thank you for being yourself once again. Thank you for bringing such sense of peace in me with this first session. Namaste.

  11. Brand new to this journey. I have a long way to go but the desire to do it. Thank you for the kindness and space where a true novice like me can feel safe and supported. It means everything.

  12. I am so grateful for your emphasis on the spirit of the practice - the focus on the mindful essence behind the movements, like how we get on and off the mat, rather than on achieving the yogi olympics. For me, that cultivation of mindful self-awareness and self-compassion is why I'm here, why I need to be here, and why I keep coming back to your channel. Thank you, Adrienne, for being yourself, and, in the process, for mentoring us to become kinder company to ourselves. PS - I've also shared news of your website with my friends around the globe, so whenever you say global community, I happily think of friends of mine who I know are also watching. And PSS - You literally had me snorkling out loud at the 'embarking' pun; I don't care if it was thought up weeks before or on the spur of the moment; it was fun and perfect - and raised a little suspense about whether he will bark at all this program...I'm not sure I've heard him bark yet...?? 😉

  13. Thank you Adriene. I needed this class today and I am looking forward to the rest of the 30 day journey. You are a godsend.

  14. I thought ugh 49 minutes but it went quickly and was great! I'm a day behind but am excited for tomorrow

  15. Thanks Adriene for this amazing gift. I really enjoyed the slow pace of day 1, it made me able to marry the breathe with the movements more than I usually do, which definitely made the practice more fruitful. Looking forward to the rest of the journey!

  16. Hola Adriene,

    Te sigo desde hace muuuuchos años y cada enero practico los 30 días de Yoga contigo. Me encanta cómo hablas, cómo explicas y la facilidad con la que muestras una práctica de yoga sincera y auténtica.

    Estás invitada a venir a visitarnos a España, Madrid, cuando quieras, y preparamos una clase bonita contigo!!! También si quieres practicar español podemos hacer skype!!! 🙂

    Muchas gracias por estar ahí, al otro lado del océano.

    Un fuerte abrazo

    Rebeca Carretero

  17. Hey Adriene,
    After a traumatic event, I stepped away from my mat for about 3 months. It was too hard to practice because I didn't love myself. I'm late, but I'm back.
    Thanks for always being there for me.

  18. Great to get back at the mat, Ive been missing and needing it. Thanks for the invitation! Love from The Netherlands. Namasté. xxx

  19. Thank you so much! Just started the journey today! Looking forward to tomorrow already!

  20. I heard about your site through another blog, and loved a few videos that I checked out. I decided to commit to the Dedicate series and tried this first video today. It was by far the best yoga class that I did. I loved your approach - being conscious of the breath, the body sensations in each move, working at one's own pace and ability, listening to your body.

    Thank you so much!

  21. Thank you for your energy and grace Adriene!!! This is exactly what I need. Happy tears after day 1.... so excited to continue on. Namaste!

  22. I am 63 and every time I start a yoga practice, it is too fast for me. This was just right. Looking forward to continuing with you. Thanks so much.

  23. Just what I needed today. Thanks for the encouragement. Good to be back on the mat.

  24. I have finally started! Many life stresses and changes later, I feel empowered again and ready to treat myself with love and honor from here forward. I thoroughly enjoyed this beginning, and although I am tempted to move to day 2, I know that my body will have messages for me tomorrow so I will wait.
    Thank you for this service you provide from your heart!

  25. Hi! Thank you from Sweden! I've followed you for years and tell everyone with any problems to do Yoga with Adriene. I'm already done with Dedicate once but starts all over again 'cause I Love it! I'm stronger, more even in my temper, calmer, got more paitience with the kids and so on.. Look forward to loosing the overweight belly so I can do the poses fully. I also have a depression and this helps med more than any medicine. 🙂
    So, THANK YOU!!

  26. Hi! I really love your videos! Just completed day one and I'm really excited to start this 30-day journey.
    Lots of love from The Netherlands 🙂

  27. I appreciated the comedic comments throughout, and am happy to have stumbled upon this series online. You are a great explainer and teacher. I hope to continue through this journey.
    CW in Rockville, Maryland

  28. It took me a second try to complete day 1, more than a month later and I still find it so difficult to remember my breathing and not thin negative thoughts throughout the practice. I hope that I improve, and that I don't give up this time. Many thanks for this video, I do really appreciate the time that you spend making it and that you keep it free is absolutely amazing.

    Thank you so much you lovely soul!

  29. Okay, we´re halfway down 2019 and I just finished Dedicate Day 1. I guess it´s never too late to dedicate. Thank you for this day 1 . Respectfully slowing down.

  30. After a year of not really exercising, I started day 1 today. I could immediately feel my body respond as if my aches and pains were responded - positively - to the postures they were longing for. My intention set for the 30 days is to get back into my body safely and pleasurably. Thank you, Adriene for making such a lovely and supportive tool available to everyone. x

  31. I haven't done any of your videos for a while (life took over there for a bit) but I'm back! I felt really frustrated for the first 5 mins then got super into the video and the next 40 mins just flew by! Thank you so much. I've missed you!

  32. This was my first day and I can not thank you enough for the value you put out there. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow and the full 30 days. I'm a personal trainer but had suffered from mold toxicity over the last year. I haven't been able to workout and get back to weights due to adrenal fatigue and a few other things triggered by the mold. Finding your program has me so excited about moving my body again.

  33. Help! Why do the days go backwards (starts with Day 30 and goes backwards...). I keep having to go forward and backwards to different pages to get back to day 1. Am doing something wrong?
    Yoga should be relaxing and soothing, not frustrating...argh.

  34. Hi, Adriene. Greetings from Poland. I really love your videos. I hope I'll finally practice yoga regularly, thanks to you!

  35. Hello everyone.

    Just start today, i realy feel relaxed before of the first lesson.

    Thank you for the videos.

  36. Hi Adriene. I am going to use your website for one aspect of my distance learning for my high school physical education students during our COVID19 distance learning. Thank four for this site and for your great teaching. What would you recommend for them? I was going to begin with the 30 Day Yoga Journey.

  37. Thank you so much for a wonderful yoga class that I took this morning here in Heidelberg, Germany.

  38. Easily the greatest yoga session I've ever experienced. Something finally clicked for me and I can't wait for the rest!

  39. Just wondering why I can't watch some videos? It says "This video is restricted. Try signing in with a G Suite account."? Do I have to subscribe to something? I'm in Australia in case that matters. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nina, you should be able to play any of these YouTube videos. I'm not sure why you are getting that error message. I just tried this link while logged out and it worked for me. You might want to try going directly to YouTube and seeing if you can play it there. I hope that helps.

  40. Hi Adriene,
    I just finished day one, while quarantining at home.
    I'm back after taking about 3 years away from yoga, so I'm moving slow but hoping to get back in my groove again soon.
    Looking forward to the next 29 days with you.

    Thank you for these videos.


  41. You Adriene are so quirky, i love it. Yoga feels different with you. Thanks. You and Benji make me laugh. Looking forward to the remainder 29 days. Cheers. t.

  42. Dear Adriene,

    Belen here 🙂
    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your very helpful (& FREE) yoga videos.
    I honestly am so, so very greatful I found your yoga videos on youtube!!! my upper back and neck have been killing me and I needed to stretch properly. And through your yoga video on "Yoga for Neck, shoulders, & upper back". It seriously helped me release all the tension and stress I have been holding in my back, neck and shoulders!!!

    I am so looking forward to reconnecting my body and self in yoga through you and your yoga videos.

    Thank you,
    Belen R.

  43. Day One Done! This is my first time performing yoga, and the rush of energy and peace it gives me is unexplained. Thank you!

  44. Thanks so much. I started my first day of a 14 day isolation travelling from Queensland Australia to Christchurch New Zealand. Yoga will help me get through some tough times ahead. I am here for my 96 year old mother who has gone into hospital after a fall. Yoga will help me make the right decisions for both of us.

  45. Dear Adriene,
    I woke up today full of anxiety over a huge life change that is impending. At 68 years old I consider myself in good shape, but a tension filled mess. I decided to begin your 30 day series and I cannot tell you how much better I feel already, after just day one. Thank you for bringing my thoughts and focus back to center. Thank you for sharing your expertise so lovingly. Just thank you.

  46. WOW, that was awesome. Love the storytelling and humour. I actually cried at the end! It's taken me so many months to 'start'. Today was day 1. Thank you!

  47. Hi,
    I loved this start. A real peacefull feeling came over me.
    I really like you’re style Adrienne. Looking forward to the rest of this journey!

  48. I just finished the 30 day True practice 2 days ago and I have just completed day one of this journey. The 15 minutes flew by my mind was screaming for the first 10 minutes but it surprised me how quick my breath and spirit took over

  49. Adrienne,
    I have been following your videos for a while. I have done 2 of your 30 day series, and just discovered this one. Looking forward to another fantastic journey with you!
    Thank you.

  50. Adriene, I think you are awesome and I truly appreciate you. Thank you for your karma yoga. I benefit so much from your tips and insights.
    Light and peace. Sandra

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