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Dedicate - Day 0 - Welcome To Dedicate

Welcome to Dedicate!

Today is the official kick off for your 30 Day Yoga Journey! In this orientation video I share my top three tips for success with the program. You have already said yes to dedicating this time to tone muscle, improve mobility, clear your mind, and focus inward. Use today to set an intention and prepare for the journey ahead.

This is a 30 Day Journey about uncovering your authentic self. It’s not about re-creating, emulating or copying someone else. Trust me, trust your self. You just get your butt to the mat and together we will find the rest. I promise.

If you are healing from an injury or brand new to yoga - you can do this program. You will just need to modify, as will every single one of us at some point on the journey.

The practices in this program are absolutely suitable for pregnant women, with some modifications. Avoid twists below the neck and core work, and always ask your doctor for advice based on where you are in your pregnancy. When in doubt, supplement your twists and core work with slow and loving breathing.

See you tomorrow!

36 comments on “Dedicate - Day 0 - Welcome To Dedicate”

  1. Way too giddy about this years 30 days. Done them all, several times, and love YWA more and more. See you all tomorrow. xx

  2. Cannot wait! I love the beginnings of journeys--they are so full of hope. I also love how YWA is like yoga for the mind and soul as well as the body. What a GREAT way to start the year.

  3. Cannot find email for Day 1 even though i received emails for years. And have been subscribed to channel for years and now it appears i not subscribed?? Google wants to share info about me if i choose to subscribe again?? I not interested in that option and do t see any other option. Can someone advise?

  4. Blessing to all who are trying this. Third year I'm in - only got to day 15 in my first year and day 23 in year 2. Hoping to make all 30 this time! Health and Prosperity to all in 2019.

  5. Can't wait...these programs have changed my life....I feel so good! Lets get this yoga party started!

  6. Thanks Adriene, looking forward to it. Have done it before, it’s how I learned yoga. Then I became so advanced that I skipped it. Then I got so busy I skipped yoga!! Now I just can’t wait to remind myself why I loved it and why it matters. So very grateful you are doing this again. See you tomorrow x

  7. Super stoked to be practicing alongside you all, no matter how far apart we are. Let's do this!

  8. So excited to kick start this journey! I've been out too practice for a while and this is exactly what I need right now.

    1. The videos post to YouTube and in the YWA Membership at around midnight CST.
      If you aren't receiving your daily email, Adriene is sharing the emails for Dedicate in the Dedicate "Room" in our private community space, the FWFG Kula, so that anyone who has emails that go missing will not miss out on any of the daily emails. You can request to join here." (

  9. So ready to start again. I've gotten away from my daily practice and I'm really out of shape and stiff. Just did day 1 of 30 days of yoga to get ready for tomorrow. See you on the mat. Namaste

  10. I have yet to make it past 3 days. So many excuses, but going to try really hard this time!! Someone please hold me accountable!

  11. Just wondering, will there be a downloadable version of this series offered? I don't have the internet at home, but would still love to participate! Thank you!

  12. Hi Adriene! I’m intermediate, which playlist I should start? I hope you answer me. Have good day!

  13. where can I find out more about the music used in the dedicate series? who is it, and can I hear the full piece?

  14. Hello,
    I’ve been suggested to attend your 30 day yoga challenge but I don’t know how to see the other videos.
    Do I need to submit or fill a form?

  15. So what is the difference between the two 30-day yogas: TRUE & Dedicate?

    Thanks! I've been enjoying your videos for a couple of years now.


  16. Thank you so much for offering this gift! My son let me know about it and I am going to follow in his mindful steps.

    Be well,

  17. I am embarking on this 30 day Yoga Journey. I am hoping to stick with it. I usually stop things 1/2 way to 3/4 of the way. Working on sticking to something. And excited to see the outcome. I love you Adriene. You're so awesome and I appreciate your teaching style.

  18. Funny story....I decided to start the 30 day yoga challenge today. I was so excited to start that I accidentally started on day 30; thought I was going to die but stuck with it! Found out later that it doesn’t count down from day 30, but there is actually a day zero. Thank you offering this amazing kick start to a new me!

  19. I have been doing your senior yoga video. As a genuine senior recovering from back surgery, it is perfect. Thank you so much for this.

  20. I'm so excited to start this journey. Finally found a place which just suits my taste and needs. Thank you so much Adrienne.

  21. Hi Adriene- greetings from Ireland. I love doing yoga with since last January ( ‘21) . I’ve told so many people about it too!
    Hoping to get set for “dedicate” please.
    God bless you and your fabulous work. Nameste Deasún

  22. I am so excited. 5 years living (well just about surviving) with M.E and chronic pain, bedbound for the first 2 years, housebound for the next 2 but now I am venturing on the dedicate journey as I feel I am managing the condition well enough to try to pace some activities. My M.E physiotherapist in Edinburgh M.E Clinic at Astley Ainsley hospital recommended Yoga with Adrienne and I am so so so happy I can finally start. And so, the adventure begins.........xx

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