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Crow Pose, Bakasana - Foundations Of Yoga


Crow pose! It can be done!

Crow pose it awesome and this is why...

It is a FABULOUS reminder that Yoga is not about creating the perfect shape but about the juicy journey and the return to the mat.

That is perhaps the biggest benefit of Bakasana or Crow pose.

In this special Halloween episode of Yoga With Adriene we learn the foundations of Crow Pose. Bakasana is a Hatha Yoga arm balance that challenges the mind body connection in the most fun way and strengthens the core. It strengthens the abdominal organs which can aide in indigestion and support the lower back. Also known as the Crane pose, this posture strengthens the arms, the wrist, the back body and the abdominal organs. This asana also teaches us and reminds us of the importance of integration in our postures. We work to create a full body experience to fly in our posture. Keep your gaze forward and rock in and out of it. Stay positive! Crow is a wonderful posture to return to again and again for inspiration and a reminder to focus on the practice. Breathe deep, take your time and enjoy the journey! The journey is the reward!

Adriene's Top Tips (Action Points) for Bakasana

  • Take your time
  • Build from the ground up. Pay attention to your hands. Press up and out of the knuckles and palms.
  • Find, keep finding and keep finding that upward current of energy. Maintain this and you will fly!
  • Draw your naval in towards the spine and hollow upper back.
  • Keep the gaze forward. A dance teacher once told me what were my eyes go I will go- when working on lifts and jumps. This goes for crow pose too- keep the gaze soft and focused forward. If it is collapsed and down- so you will you collapse and fall down. 🙂
  • If you do fall... smile, shake it off and breathe. Begin again.
  • Draw the shoulders down away from the ears. Create space.
  • Place a pillow in front if that helps quiet the mind
  • In time, straighten the arms and draw arches of the feet together
  • Have fun and enjoy the ride


Benefits of Crow Pose

  • Tones the abdominal wall
  • Strengthens abdominal organs to aide in lower back pain and indigestion
  • Strengthens arms
  • Stretches and strengthens the back
  • Stretches and strengthens inner thighs
  • Opens the groin
  • Strengthens the wrists! TRUTH! Practice.
  • Builds endurance and focus - mental focus and calm!



Challenge yourself and remember THERE IS NO RUSH!

Let me know how it goes!


23 comments on “Crow Pose, Bakasana - Foundations Of Yoga”

  1. WOW!! I never thought I could do it! I always watch the videos wondering if I will ever be able to do such poses and here I am! I'm am beginner and no I could not hold the pose for longer than few seconds but just following your instructions I belive that with practice I will be able to do it!! Thank you so much Andriene!!


  2. I'm so excited that you have done an advanced (it's advanced in my book anyhow lol) pose for a foundation video! All of the foundation videos are fantastic and I'm so glad that you do them! Thank you for this! I never thought I'd be able to do a pose like this but I was able to get my feet off the ground for a few seconds 🙂

  3. I have been working on this pose for 2 months now, and finally just now got it with your help! I had been looking down before, and your tip of looking up helped me keep the form long enough to enjoy it 🙂

  4. That was so much fun! My typical workout used to be so serious, I'm so glad I started yoga and I am so happy I joined the "Yoga with Adriene" family. I didn't fly this time but I was smiling the whole way through. Thank you!

  5. I really love this pose, but after I've done Crow, my right wrist really hurts. I know my right arm is weaker than the left, but does anyone know how I can prevent this or what I can do about it? I have a good warm up, but maybe some exercises to make my wrists stronger?
    Thank you!

  6. Thanks so much for this video! I ran around for ten mins after telling everyone I did it! For afew seconds, but I did it!! Looking forward to learning much more from your videos!!! 🙂

  7. I've been practicing crow on and off for months and never really felt like I was anywhere close to getting off the ground. This video really helped me to understand what I was doing wrong, and especially that I need a strong core. With your help, I think crow will become a regular part of my practice in no time 😀

  8. I love your way of approaching this pose!! I was terrified to try it at first - I didn't get to hold the posture but this video really gives me hope that I can do this, I'll keep on practising.. Thank you for being the teacher that you are I love your style 🙂

  9. Hi guys! I have only been practising yoga for a few days now, but I thought I would try this pose and keep practising throughout my 30 day challenge in order to see how I improved, however I can't seem to get comfortable enough to practise how long I can stay up for. My knees dig into my arms really bad and I can't seem to get them in the right position. Any tips from anyone?

    1. Yes knees dig into my arms . I think it makes the balance easier but I am not sure that it is right. I do however require a massive effort to get the weight off my e!how knee fu!crum. Is that right, is that the direction to go. I don't know. If you find out let me know and I'll keep trying and let you know sometime in the future.

    You're so amazing and hysterical, we're all so lucky to have you as our guide!!!

  11. This is so amazing! It's one of those poses I would see people on instagram doing and never thought I could do but I actually could for a few seconds! I did NOT think I was strong enough for this. Thanks Adriene!

  12. This video on crow pose has disappeared though I did manage to find it on Youtube. The link may need to be fixed.

  13. I am practicing only for two months and following this video I DID IT! It was only for few seconds and with the block, but now I am certain this pose is possible and I can train to do it properly. <3

  14. First time EVER attempting anything like this! I was able to get up for like 3 seconds. Sooooooo definitely room for improvement. BUT I had a blast and look forward to working on it:) Thank you for making it very understandable. Quick question...I find that it hurts where my legs press into my arms, is there a way to east that pressure?

  15. I don’t know who looks cuter in the wig - you or Benji I love the practice This is one pose that isn’t in a lot of classes cause so many people don’t know how to do it but it is one of my personal favorites Thank you so much You always do such a great job Namaste you and Little “Ben- Ben” I love you both so much

  16. It is the beginning of week 8 of lockdown in Scotland. I have been practising yoga with you Adrienne for about 5 months and this morning I lifted off in Crow Pose! I feel so happy not just because it is such a cool pose but because I worked at it and it worked. Thank you Adriene, stay safe everyone.

  17. Hi,
    I came to your page in search of a video, to share with my dad, on doing the crow pose. But had to stop the video halfway through. In Asian culture, books are revered and to see someone knowingly put their feet on a book is heart breaking. I'm not usually one to comment on a page but I saw this day before and I still can't let go off it. I hope you take this into consideration when making videos in the future.

    1. Hi Ani, Adriene shows using books as a substitute for a yoga block for those who do not have access to yoga props so that those without financial means can grow their practice too. Thank you for sharing your perspective though on using books in this manner. We appreciate hearing the view on this from your point of view.

  18. Yeah, my crow flew! It was only for a few seconds, but way more fun than staying on my tiptoes. I'm 56 and it's nice to know this old dog still has some new tricks in her!

  19. I was finally able to do the crow pose today!! Even through a video, your words and teachings come across with such power and love! Thank you again for sharing Adriene!

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