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Corpse Pose (Savasana)

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Corpse Pose (or Savasana) is often considered the MOST IMPORTANT asana in Hatha Yoga. I believe it and treasure this posture. Here we relax and often cool down at the end of a practice but you can practice the actions of Corpse Pose anytime & anywhere! Grab a blanket or a pillow and take a rest. Let the body be still and quiet. Turn your cell phone on airplane mode. (I know, it's hard for me too.) Relax! Renew! Rejuvenate! Breathe and reduce stress by quieting the mind and resting the body. You deserve it.

10 comments on “Corpse Pose (Savasana)”

  1. Hi, Adriene! I am a fan of all your videos and practice them almost everyday. I'm a semi-beginner and am having problems with savasana. For some reason this pose is THE most uncomfortable pose for me because my lower back has a substantial curve and it never touches the mat. No matter what I do the only way this is comfortable is if my knees are bent and my feet are planted on the ground or my knees are spread and the soles of my feet touch. Any suggestions as to how I can "master" savasana so its not so uncomfortable?

  2. Is it bad that this is the only pose I can do? It really gets me going. I feel like a champion when I do this. I feel so close to the universe when I do this. You know what they say keep YOGAING!

    1. It is great that you can be so deep and joyful in any pose. And if this one brings you close to the universe - then all you need to be is there! 🙂

  3. Hello and a big big thank you Adriene for your energy! I have really enjoyed getting back into yoga! I have some issues with lower back and the soft tissue and tendons around the lower spine- translation: they get really angry when I do intense workouts, long runs, or forward bending motions ! I've been following your practices for almost three months now and have noticed big differences in my strength and ability to be in or move through positions. BUT, savasana is always difficult at the end because of my low back. Any advice? Will this be something I can work through someday and help it heal? It's hard to lay flat, and at times my hips feel like they lock up and don't want to bend forward, which is a useful daily activity! Thank you so much! B

  4. I love this pose at the end of a practice. This is one of the only times of my day that I am fully relaxed and able to pray to my God without any 'blocking.' I am very new to yoga, but I can honestly say it is changing my life. Thanks, Adriene! I hope to attend one of your practices in person one day.

  5. please take this video and make it longer, like 22 minutes, title it when you just need to relax and when you say relax the face go more relax the eyes the mouth the tongue the arms legs run through it all...pretty please with sugar on top.. i absolutely love this video.. tysm adriene xoxoxo

  6. Love your videos so much This was so relaxing I feel like I needed it im very active and am always on the go so it was perfect I hope you and Ben- Ben have a good and safe Halloween too One pose that I see taught a lot is also Bird of Paradise I looked for the foundation video but you don’t have one for that pose It still surprises me how many poses there are and I’ve been practicing since I was in second grade and am about to turn 37 on the 15th of December It’s crazy Anyways I love you both so much and Namaste

  7. So relaxing to do this pose after every yoga practice... teaches me how to value stillness...

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