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Clean Green Comfort Soup - Find What Feels Good

Hello my darlings! Since I've been treating my weekly love letter as my underground blog, it has been ages since I've posted!

I thought with the new month, I'd make a return and share my Clean Green Comfort Soup recipe... finally, as promised.

Vegan + gluten free + satisfying for all diets, all types.

Now it's important to know that this soup is supposed to taste good and thus help you feel good. Not only is it packed with nutrients but if green juice isn't your thing, or perhaps it doesn't do a body good in the colder months, fear not - make this simple one pot wonder and you'll be set in the clean green healthy bad-ass department.

Cooking is another form of yoga for me. I like to put on some tunes, navigate the dog at my feet, message with friends and ultimately give thanks as I rinse every stalk, every leaf.

I enjoy the process of making the soup - and then I eat it all week long with different combinations to keep it fresh. Add a side salad, a sandwich or your favorite warm bread or salty cracker. I like to put sprouts on top when handy and eat with a slice of Canyon Ridge Gluten Free bread.

I seriously eat this soup for an entire week and never get bored. I feel satisfied and get the nutrients I need to work hard, work out,  serve others and feel good.

And when I look good, I feel good!

Sub the cold green juice or the fresh salad this fall and winter with this Clean Green Comfort Soup!

Mix and match the veggies based on what is available. Experiment, give thanks and have fun!



  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2-3 minced garlic (add more if you want extra immune boost or to keep the demons away)
  • 1 chopped zucchini
  • 3-4 stalks of chopped celery
  • 1 head of chopped broccoli
  • 1 bunch chopped asparagus
  • 1-2 cups chopped leafy greens (I like spinach and dino kale, gets that green-green color.)
  • 32oz Vegetable Broth
  • White Pepper - Start with a teaspoon though I undoubtedly use more now. This is my secret ingredient for this soup. It gives it a little kick and reminds me of a good starchy soup - without all the starch.
  • Salt - to taste
  • LOVE (Duh, don't ever cook in a bad mood. Breathe, return to your attitude of gratitude, life is too short and there are people who are truly starving.)
  • You will also need a big pot, a blender or Vitamix.

To do:

  • Warm oil in pot and once it's warm start with your onions.
  • Once onions are translucent, add garlic. Saute and stir.
  • Add vegetables stirring in between and slowly adding a small amount of broth and your 1 tsp of white pepper. Start with the ones that take longer to cook, though with this type of soup you can't mess it up since we are going to blend it all together. Put the leafy greens in last.
  • Once everything is soft, add the rest of the broth if you have some. If you need more it's okay to add a little water.
  • Turn off the heat and use a ladle to add a small amount of your soup into the blender or Vitamix. Blend bits at a time - depending on the power of your blender. (If your blender is small you might need to have a fresh pot to pour your smooth soup into. It's all good! Experimenting!)
  • Once your soup is blended smooth like butter, return to low heat and season with salt to taste.

It's done! It's gorgeous! And so are you!


I like to keep mine in the pot so that I can heat up on the stove for the rest of the week. (Also, I got rid of my microwave, long ago.)

Let me know how it goes below!







92 comments on “Clean Green Comfort Soup - Find What Feels Good”

  1. Yum! Warm front coming through Dallas and all, I will be making this soup this weekend. Thank you!

    1. Patricia, I am still smiling because... WE MET! We hugged. The Roadshow is so special because it keeps on giving!

      The weather here in Austin has been a bit all over the place. It was quite cold last weekend but warming up with a little rain this week.

      Be well! Enjoy the soup! xoxo

      1. Adriene, you made my day. I have goose bumps. Let me tell you, I AM STILL SMILING BECAUSE WE MET! AND HUGGED! Yes - the Roadshow keeps on giving indeed!

        It was chilly here too ... we even turned our heater on the last few days. However, there's a crazy warm front coming in. Glad I still have my sandals out. LOL

        Warm hugs darling! Gracias! xoxo

  2. I can't wait to try it. I'm not very good about eating my greens but I think this looks like a great way to incorporate more green into my diet. Thanks Adreine, you're a blessing.

  3. I'll try this recipy thank your bloggs and your positivity I'm starting to give me atry on a difference in Life. Thank you Adriene

    1. Cant wait to make it's never to hot in NL to not make soup..Adriene I believe you are a Super Women..Sharon Moores Canada

  4. I have been making something like this for a few years now. I call it my Power Soup! I put a bit of cayenne pepper as well to warm the body and soul. Also I use an immersion blender, works great. Love ya bunches sister. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Thanks Adriene for this recopy! I will try it this week and let you know how it tasted. I am pretty sure it will be delicious. Curious what my men will say(husband and two suns age 19 and 16). Also I would like say thanks for all your great uoga lessons on You tube. I love it and feel better and better. Also a big hig for your adorable dog! And of course for you. Love from Joan from the Netherlands

  6. Due to new food allergies I just had to switch to a vegan and wheat free diet. I’m so happy to hear about new yummy recipes since the change has been a challenge.

    Can’t wait to try this soup. Sounds yummy and filling.

  7. This looks amazing I can't wait to try it out
    We would love it if you brought the FWFG tour down Under have a blessed day lovely one namaste

  8. I will be making this soup this weekend. Thank you Adrienne. I remember you talking about a natural supplement that gave you natural energy. What was the name of that? On Day 11 of 30 days of Yoga. Feeling like want to feel. Thanks again.

  9. I just made this and it turned out even better than I expected! So grateful :). Sooo good, thank you. I have been feeling down for a week and I made the effort to go get the ingredients, making the soup put me in a good (meditative) mood, and now I feel proud and happy. ♡

  10. I'm a (stressed but still blessed) university student who has been seriously slacking on nutrition and this was exactly what I needed today! We got out first snowfall in my province this morning, and I just finished a series of papers and midterms. I used what I had in the fridge, and it turned out great. My whole family liked it! Will definitely try again soon. Thank you, Adriene!

  11. This looks fantastic! I live north of Buffalo, we have long Winters. I love homemade soup! I will be trying this soon!

      1. Hi Elizabeth! I am in Lewiston. 🙂 I made this soup last week, it was so fantastic that I am making it again this week.

          1. I am south of Buffalo. We are in a deep freeze right now! I am making this soup today before I go out and brave our lake effect snow.

            This is why I love Adriene’s yoga so much. I can do it in the warm comfort of my own home when that wind chill is below zero and the snow is so heavy I can’t see across the street.

            Keep warm, ladies! 🙂


  12. I just made this for myself on our weekly "Make Your Own Dinner" night.

    Everyone is eating it.

    I'm glad they're getting all the nutrients from this amazing soup and all, but stop eating my soup!!!

  13. Just made this for me and my daughter, and it is a hit! We added some goat cheese on top for a little protein and it's amazing!

  14. Absolutely delish. Had some fun with your recipe and added fennel and coriander seeds as well as some marjoram. Didn’t have asparagus so used cauliflower for extra loving nutrients! Perfect for today’s snow in Victoria, Canada Thanks for the inspiration beauty. Keep on keeping on ✌️

    1. I am making this in Vic today too! No snow, back to the usual rain, but still a perfect time for comfort food.

  15. Adriene, you are MAGICKAL !!! I, who cannot cook, never good at and don’t care to cook, made this soup !!! It tastes FABULOUS !!!
    Thank you

  16. Greetings from Nova Scotia!! I just made this recipe - lots of greens and lots of love - and it turned out delicious! Great soup to kick off the daylight savings week. It will get me through the darker mornings. Thank you for sharing - the soup, your kind words and your yummy yoga - you've brought a lot of happiness to my life!

  17. I just made this- my dad and I loved it. I baked some crispy chickpeas to sprinkle on top too.

    Thank you, Adriene!

  18. Made this soup with slight modifications for dinner I did not have broccoli and asparagus at home so I added a cup of green lentils instead! It was warming and delicious! Thank you Adriene for sharing this recipe❤️

  19. I've just made the clean, green comfort soup. I love it! Added a little green pesto too.
    Finished my self love bake off with Adrienes vegan energy bars, which are baking whilst I do the power break yoga sequence.. Big self love to all ❤

  20. I am going to make this today - the weather in Philly just turned cold.

    Something to note - white pepper is often blended with a bit of flour - mine contains wheat. So, if you have Celiac Disease (like my teenager), be sure to read the label on your white pepper!

    Love, love, love you Adriene!

  21. Thank you for this!!! Lately i have got bored with salad veges particularly greens, so I have been making curries etc. This will be lovely to make for dinner and then take to work! Also I have felt uncomfortable having a microwave for a while. Please tell me why you got rid of yours??

  22. I’m making my second batch right now! So simple and delicious! Been eating it with a hunk of sourdough. Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Hope to take a class with you when I’m in Austin in December 🙂
    Aloha from Hawaii

  23. I am going to make this after Thanksgiving! I think it will help cleanse the body after all the heavy foods. Thanks for the recipe!

  24. It sounds absolutely delicious!! With winter on deck here in the Midwest I need something warm, healthy and yummy to get me through to spring! I am curious though, why blend it smooth? Is there a nutritional benefit to doing that?

  25. Delicious and so easy to put together. In my variation, I left out the asparagus and went nuts with spices (black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, cumin, tons of smoked paprika and some Caribbean oregano). I love it and look forward to experimenting with other flavor profiles (maybe lemony version). Thank you!

  26. This sounds delicious!

    Would you ever do a video themed Yoga for Elders? I live next to a First Nations Reservation, and I was just at a Sewing Circle there with some Elder ladies, and they said that they would like to try yoga. But some of them have health problems and would find even some Beginner Yoga, especially moves on on the knees, too difficult. I think that would be such a great idea! I told them I'd look into something we could try together.

    1. Hello Rosie! Chair Yoga and Wheelchair Yoga would be great for elders! Also, Yoga at Your Desk and Yoga For the Classroom are knee-free 🙂

  27. Made this for myself today because I have a nasty laryngitis. I added 1.5 tsp of white pepper and another tsp of Penzeys Fox Point seasoning, which is green peppercorn/shallot based. I used frozen broccoli and asparagus for ease of prep because I'm feeling so lousy and I am now eating a bowl of the most peppery green deliciousness! I can feel my virus getting burned out like the shadow monster in Stranger Things 2! Thanks for the recipe, Adriene. ❤️

  28. I made this substituting carrots for celery. It will be delicious in my lunch this week with roasted sweet potatos!

  29. So incredibley delicious and I could just feel the goodness! Thank you for this and your guidance!

  30. Thanks for the recipe, honey. Gonna try it this weekend. Thank you so much for all your wonderful, insightful, funny yoga vids. Love and light xxxx

  31. I made this last night, and it was amazing. I’ve never used white pepper before, but I’m glad I did. It was so good! The pepper definitely gave it a kick as I used 2+ teaspoons, but I also doubled the broccoli and zucchini too. AND I added two cans of white kidney beans to make it more of a heartier meal kind of soup.

  32. Just made this! Gonna add some beans. Very grateful for you Adriene and the community you have built! 🙂

  33. Made your veggie soup last night! Yummy! I’m not a vegetarian so I sprinkled Parmesan over top of my hot soup along with a paprika spice mixture. Super delicious. I ate two bowls along with jicama fries.

  34. I made this for lunch today after completing the True floor practice. It was delicious! I will be saving this page and making it again. Just one bowl was filling too. Thank you for the recipe Adrienne!

  35. I made this tonight. Thank you so much I love it!! This is definitely a new favorite!

  36. Good morning from Barcelona!

    After the 4th day of Yoga True (I started a bit later) it's a bless to see recipes like this one. It looks yummy and I bet it tastes even better!

    Thank you so much for sharing all this things with us —I've been struggling with binge eating for so long and you inspired me to finally make a change.

    You are true light, Adriene. Thank you!

    Lots of love from Barcelona 🙂


  37. I just made this today. It is delicious. So filling. I had it with a slice of Ezechial Bread. YUM. Please post more of your recipes. SO GOOD. Thank you. Noreen

  38. Delicious!!! Thanks for posting. My fam has been working hard to clean up our eating. This feels so much more satisfying than a green juice or smoothie.

  39. Oh my goodness! Ye of little faith... because lemme be honest, Adriene, I was thinking this would be a health food recipe I had to convince myself was delicious because I'm trying to eat more nutritiously. Kinda like cauliflower cookies (let's not go there....). But this is sooooo good! Made it tonight for dinner with some homemade bread.... so good! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  40. Hi Adriene! I’m eating the soup right now, and it is delicious! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the recipe and for all you are and do!
    I saw you shared a video yesterday with the recipe for a chili you were cooking but missed it! Where could I find it? Thank you so so much again, Namaste 🙂

  41. This soup is awesome! So comforting, so warming, so clean! My dad didn't believe me when I said there's no cream or butter or any starch in it. I've made it a few times now, this time I opted out of the celery and added baby kale and spinach. Question: Does anyone else experience a strong, barn-like (yes I'm taking horses) odor from the white pepper? I put it in when I'm cooking the veggies, and BOY IT SMELLS. But the flavor is awesome so I always use it.

    Thanks again, Adriene, for always having cool things for us to try.

  42. I love this. Just tried it today because I had oral surgery and some of my veggies were going to expire on my soft diet. A perfect healing comfort food.

  43. Making the soup right now! I had a rough day at work today, and needed some comfort food. Instead of something fried I decided to go buy some veggies. I'm so excited! Thanks for the great idea!

  44. I just made this in my Instant Pot and turned out yummy!

    Use the saute' setting and cook the onion and garlic as directed. Toss in everything else. Soup setting for 15 min and hit your yoga mat while it cooks. I did a natural pressure release since I was on the mat when it finished, but a quick release should be fine. Blend and enjoy!

  45. Thanks for sharing recipes and yoga with us! Can't wait to try this! I get your weekly emails; is there a separate list to join to get your blog postings?

  46. This recipe is a keeper! I stuck with the green theme and garnished with avocado and a squirt of lemon.

  47. Superb! Didn’t have the celery or asparagus available but still a fabulous surprisingly filling, deliciously bright green soup. Thanks.

  48. I have been making this about once a month since fall. It was a colder than usual winter in GA so it fit perfectly. I added cumin, black pepper, and dried mixed herbs to the soaking veggies and it gives it that extra mmm. I leave out celery for personal preferences and double up on zucchini, but might add cauliflower next time! I will absolutely continue making this into the warmer months. Even my boyfriend who’s not into veggies as much LOVES this! Cleans the bowl. Much love, Adriene, thank you!

  49. Just made it. So good ! Thank you Adriene ! I found you just at the right moment when I was in the process to get my body and mind on track... thank you the universe ! And thank you Adriene !

  50. Hi Adriene!

    Thank you so, so much for your Yoga videos. They are amazing I have chronic neck and back pain, and they help so much. I also got my mom into these videos, and she loves them! I'm trying to get my whole family on board!

    Also love your recipes. Thanks for all that you do.

    I have a question for you about probiotics: you had mentioned in one of your videos that you recommend taking probiotic pills. I've been looking for good probiotics and prebiotics to take, and was wondering if you have any that you would recommend?

    Thanks again!!

  51. So glad I found your recipe! I was looking for a way to incorporate more greens as it’s too cold for a smoothie and this is delicious! Going to make some more to keep in the freezer. Thanks xx

  52. Hi Adriene,

    I want to try to prepare this soup Thank you for your recipe!!! You are awesome

  53. Mmmmm, that just looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    Anyone that just loves the combination of healthy, fresh food and Yoga - I really like to recommend you this Yoga, Surf and Health Food Retreat in Portugal which will be held at the end of this summer - with Ocean & Yoga. You'll live on an organic farm for a week, spending time in nature, practicing yoga twice daily, practicing meditations outdoors by the cliffs and learn surfing (beginners lessons or intermediate). AND you will learn how to prepare simple & healthy meals - getting the veggies straight from the garden :))

    You are what you eat! xxx

  54. Well, in lack of spinach I cheated a bit and added two carrots 😛

    Everything is boiling right behind me as we speak! Can't wait to taste it when it's done.

  55. Love making soups in general, so this is being added to my top lists! I usually try to keep it as lean as possible but actually can see benefit in adding a bit of coconut oil. Will fit perfectly to my 21-Day No Sugar challenge I'm redoing now for the 2nd time with 21DayHero! Thanks for sharing

  56. Hi there. I made this tonight and everyone in my house loved it! Thank you SO much!! But would anyone be available to tell me the nutrition info by chance? Thank you kindly.

  57. I made it for the first time tonight to coincide with the beginning of Yoga for all Commune! I added more green with a bell pepper, jalapeño, basil and a little fresh ginger. First time using white pepper, I’m an instant fan!! Thank you!

  58. This soup was incredibly yummy. I made it with broccoli, zucchini, kale and celery (plus the veggie stock, garlic, onions and white pepper). Excellent recipe that is immune boosting, but also chock-full of nutrients for this pregnant mama. Thanks Adriene!

  59. Superb! Soul-filling soup complimenting mid-Dedicate journey! Thank you + lots of love!

  60. This soup is like giving your body a big loving hug! I added the juice of a whole lemon after blending. Yum!!!

  61. This soup has become a staple at my house and everyone loves it! Thank you for your positive energy.

  62. This sounds delicious, I love all these veggies and cook them all the time, I just never thought to blend them up. Thanks for the recipe and idea!!

  63. This sounds yummy 🙂 I have made a cold pea & onion soup for summer (also vegan), but I've got to try this version for when it gets cooler out! Thank you!

  64. I LOVE this soup! I made it in the instapot like someone suggested here, and I have a cup of it when I get home from work every day. I also top it off with some extra pepper, a drizzle of olive oil, and a slice of homemade bread. It feels decadent!

  65. We are living out of our RV down in Florida for the winter. I would like to put this in my soup maker, which can handle about 4 large servings of soup. Do you have any idea how many servings as your recipe is written? Thanks, friend!

  66. This is one of our favorites! I do not use an entire teaspoon of white pepper though. I did the first time I made it and it was a bit overpowering. Love it and make it regularly! Thank you

  67. This soup is definitely greater than the sum of its parts! I love it and fix it frequently on Sundays to have for the week ahead. I use lots of garlic and white pepper. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  68. Just made this soup for the first time today. Very healthy & yummy! We're getting a lot of snow today, so I really great day for a mug of hot creamy soup.

  69. I crave this soup now that I've made it a couple of times. It is so good & warming, yes, it's still winter in Northern Wisconsin. I pray Adriene & I will meet someday.

  70. I appreciate your efforts which you have put into this article. Genuinely it is a useful article to increase our knowledge. Thanks for share an article like this to

  71. Adriene! Holy cow! All I can say is, this soup is a game-changer! So delicious and nutritious, and perfect for a cold winter day here in Montana. Thank you for sharing this recipe, particularly in your signature way of being loving and intentional. The way you incorporate love and gratitude in your recipe has changed my mindset for the whole evening. Thank you!

  72. OMG, Adriene, this stuff is THE BEST!

    I was skeptical, at first. But it's so easy to make and it comes out buttery smooth. Like you, I'm not adverse to eating the same thing every day and this soup I can do. It has become my best foodie friend ;). Am going to pair it with the crusty bread you've suggested.

    Tomorrow am gonna make the morning tacos and the Quinoa salad for lunch.

    Such a wonderful and healthy way to be nice to ourselves. Thank you for your help.
    Cheers from Indiana!

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