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Cat Cow Variations For Your Core - Yoga For Weight Loss

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Yoga for weight loss isn't just about working the infamous six pack. Learn this cat/cow variation that will help tone the entire body. This short sequence can be repeated to build strength in your mindful core and trim belly fat.

It will also inspire awareness through the entire body and spine, helping to alleviate back pain and improve overall posture and body awareness. Rest your knees on a blanket or towel if you need to, and take your time!

Repeat this sequence as many times as you like and be sure to rest in between.

4 comments on “Cat Cow Variations For Your Core - Yoga For Weight Loss”

  1. Hello Adriene

    Love your lessons. And want to sign up and pay for Reboot but tried twice to register and cannot. I am from Singapore and I think that the default with American states has something to do with it.

    Hope you can look into this and solve the problem.

    Yours in yoga

  2. Hello Adriene ! I have the same name as yours, just as mine is Adriana . I am from Romania. I'm 38 years and I've never been skinny I did pilates and in April I started doing yoga and I found you and I simply love your funny way to teach yoga. I didn't lost weight , but I feel much better and do yoga twice a day. Sometimes I do and two clips of " 30 days of yoga " . I do not know this it's ok ? I'm not a vegetarian , perhaps because it did not lose weight. Anyway , I want to thank you and to know that in this corner of the world , Romania, somebody loves you .Thank you!

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