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Beat the Winter Blues with Yoga!

Ever heard of SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder.  of WebMD says:

"With SAD, the lack of sunlight causes the brain to work overtime producing melatonin, the hormone that regulates your body clock and sleep patterns and a hormone that has been linked to depression. That's why all things considered, the farther north from the equator you live, the greater the risk you'll have some degree of winter depression. Only about 1% of Florida residents have some winter-specific discomfort or depression, compared to about half of those living in uppermost parts of the U.S. or in southern Canada.

A lot of my friends and family have been blast with some incredible winter weather this year. The sunshine is shorter or non-existent and the desire to go outside let alone exercise is slim pickings. I have heard from multiple people that the ice, snow and grayness is starting to "get to them" and even for the brightest of personalities one can lose their New Year's spark and motivation.  I decided to put together a little sequence to bring a consciousness back to the body - a little check in to raise your spirit and bring wellness to the body during this cold season.

A little winter pick me up for anyone who might need a LIFT - whatever the weather, really.

Practice this when you are feeling depressed, down, at a loss, on empty or frustrated. OR, practice when you are feeling good and want to connect to some "YOU TIME" and a relish in a good mood!

Here are my 10 tips for combating winter blues:

1. Aim for a regular sleep schedule

2. Take Vitamin D supplements

3. Read instead of watch Netflix - some.

4. Write letters or cards to loved ones

5. Do your spring cleaning now so you can play in the Spring!

6.Stock your kitchen with whole - unprocessed foods

7.Play uplifting music

8. Dance - even a 30 second secret dance will do!

9. Keep a journal

10. Limit your caffeine intake and drink lots of water.


Oh and stretch my friends! DO YOGA!!!

Yoga to Beat the Winter Blues is great for anyone who wants to stir up the energetic body and stretch and strengthen the physical body. This 30 min at home sequence for all levels is great to counter hours on the couch or reading in bed! Warm it up with this sequence designed to assist you in checking in with the mind and body in its current state and using the yoga tools to refresh, replenish and reboot.

Remember "You have to be present to win." So check in with this sequence and find ease. Leave what does not serve you on the mat! Get curious, go inward, be mindful, remember your sense of humor and have some fun.


14 comments on “Beat the Winter Blues with Yoga!”

  1. Love love love this one... upstate NY is definitely SAD country (not sad, just SAD!) so this little pick me up is absolute perfection on those days when I don't have a full hour's worth of practice in me. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Adriene! My boyfriend came upon your videos this Winter and I absolutely love them. Coming home after work to a new video makes my evening stretch more pleasing. Also your 10 tips are great! For sure things to live by. 🙂

  3. Thank you from a cold climate! It's -20 here in Toronto tonight, too cold for me to head to my yoga studio, so I stumbled upon your videos. What a lovely surprise! I've never enjoyed a yoga video as much as these ones. You're adorable. (I think my basset hound enjoyed it too).

    It sure was worth it to stay in tonight.

  4. My 3 year old daughter and I recently discovered you on Youtube (and we love you!) Its still cold and snowy in Delaware and this is just what we needed for our cabin fever. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Really really helpful (mind you I'm in Australia so it's never actually winter here) but it definitely helped lift the weight of the blues.


  6. I have been stuck with the winter blues for a couple weeks now. Thank goodness for you, Adriene. This video is just what I needed. Thanks for your help. <3

  7. That was great.Hi Adrienne,it's alice from Maine.And the weather here in December today is rainy and windy.However,still winter with darkness.But this practice is great,for feeling hemmed in,or in a blue mood.You have yoga for all touch points.And yes,vitamin d so important for us notherners.As our winters can be especially long.Yoga is very important to stay grounded all year long.Thank you,you have a gift,and to share it with all of us is awesome.And one of my mantras is...Your health is your wealth!..Your always there for us Adrienne,cheering for a greater expression of ourselves,mind body and soul.Blessings to you and Benji!

  8. This was a perfect day for this video. It was a rainy morning and traffic was a nightmare to oh s morning . So cool at the end of this yoga practice the sun broke through the clouds and made me smile. I felt energized and ready to declutter and organize my office. Thank you Adrienne.

  9. This was perfect for a cold day in the dead of winter in NY. I’ve been so blah and keep falling off the exercise path but this was a feel-good practice. Thank you!

  10. ya love all your classes. Wish I could meet u in person. You and Benji too are awesome. Thank you

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