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Anchor In Hope - Grounding Yoga

This new flow practice was created to inspire grounding and balance. It is an invitation to trust. Just as we condition and strengthen our bodies, so too can we condition and strengthen our sense of trust and hope. Cultivate fresh energy and release anything stagnant with this quick flow. We’ll also gently ground with some hip openers, energize with some heart openers, and invite balance back to the mind, body and spirit.

Tis the season.

Take 20 minutes and join Adriene for this sweet flow.

Let us know how you are feeling down in the comment section below!


65 comments on “Anchor In Hope - Grounding Yoga”

  1. Hi Adriene,
    Thank you so much for being you Adriene and for giving of yourself the way you do in such a genuine way. I have to tell you about how you have contributed to me keeping myself together during a very rough time. My husband left me 6 weeks ago after 25 years of marriage. It was an absolute shock to me. Never ever did I expect this. I have a very strong faith in God and a great network of friends who have been helping me through. I also turned to 30 days of Yoga with Adriene for Beginners videos and am on Day 26. I have been doing it every morning and it has helped me tremendously. You are a gift Adriene. I look forward to your January 30 days of yoga immensely. I will start it with my daughter who will be home from University over the holidays before she goes back. We so much enjoy doing the yoga together. I am sending you love back. Know that you are doing so much good in this world. God bless you.

    1. Adriene, thanks so much for all you do! I love following your lead in living a healthy and grateful life. Loving my journey in my yoga practice. Wishing you all the best in the new year!
      Your friend, Louise

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful practice!!! Send you hugs all the way from Germany. From my heart to yours, Erika

  3. Hi Adriene & e everyone.

    So so good foing this poses after a long hiatus due to a knee injury. Thank you Adriene for your calm voice & positive message always.

    Be good to yourselves this end of the year.

  4. I would have enjoyed that more if I hadn't done the Abs and Arms video yesterday. Ouch!! I will definitely come back to it, Thanks for these great videos that allow me to have everyday yoga practice!

  5. Thank you Adriene! As always, this was just what I needed to start my day off feeling grounded and energized 🙂 Enjoy the holidays! I can't wait to open up the gift of 30 Days of Yoga!

  6. Great video! Nice balance of heat, stretching and finding hope through connection to the breathe! Happy Holidays! Thank you for the gift you give me everyday of your videos. Namaste

  7. Thank you for a beautiful practice. It's just the thing for the holiday season. Thanks for inviting us to be a. part of it!

  8. Adrienne, you rock girl, I can t wait to join the new 30 days! Thank you so much for all your work. I m preparing for a yoga teacher training in Bali in February, and you are my anchor and inspiration

  9. Thank you Adriene, ffor showing us that we can always do a little cobra dance. 🙂 Love this session.

  10. I loved this practice, it was just what I needed to start my day. Thank you SO much adriene! You are making this world a better place! ❤️

  11. Hi Adriene, thank you much for putting so much love and dedication into all the videos you put out for us. It's been amazing. I feel the positive energy in all your videos. You making a beautiful and positive difference to the many of us around the world watching and practicing your yoga videos. Have a blessed 2018 festive season. Look forward to more of your videos.

  12. Really nice movement. Didn't feel like 20 mins. Felt like ten!
    Love your tender vibe Adrienne

  13. Many many thanks! Since January 1, I have only missed two days due to the flu. My year long goal has helped me move to a new level in so many ways!

  14. Thank you so much for this practice Adriene! It is coming in a tough time for me and it is exactly what I needed. Wish you lovely holidays, Katerina

  15. Adrienne, you are a blessing. You help me create a strong connection between head and heart, mind, body, and soul. Thank you for giving so generously during the busy holiday season. This practice spoke right to my heart and soul.
    "This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls."

  16. I love your videos! I can't wait to check this one out. You've really helped me get into yoga and stay with it. I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel and I absolutely love the content. Thanks so much!

  17. Dear Adrienne,

    Thank you so much for changing my life with your free yoga videos that provide me with so much more than I could have ever imagined, and I believe it’s largely due to your unique style!

    I can only try to imagine how many lives you are steering in a healthier and more positive direction so thank you on behalf of myself and all the others following your teachings!!

    I would love the opportunity to chat with you personally via email or otherwise. I understand you probably don’t have time to do so with your busy schedule. If possible l, it would mean a lot to me!

    Sincerely and with much gratitude,

    A fellow Yogi ❤️

  18. Hi Adriene,

    thank you for your videos. Your personality shines through each one of them, that's what makes them so great. May this holiday be good for you. Love.

  19. Thank you your truly loved
    You. Shine with your great gift
    You sent to the world.
    Looking forward to fight the fat.
    After hooray. !!!

  20. Morning, trust and hope, two essential pieces of scaffolding to build and maintain a healthy, happy, content mindset. Something I struggle with at this time of the year, so thank you, thank you, thank you. As ever your timing and support is perfect

  21. Dear Adriene, I haven't done this practice yet, but look forward to it. I just wanted to tell you that you have helped me get through this past week, which has probably been the worst week of my life. I found out my 15 year old son has cancer, and we were rushed to a hospital 5 hours from home so he could undergo a battery of tests.There were times when I felt I couldn't breathe. I felt I was going to fall apart and that my universe was collapsing. Oddly, I got the urge to do some yoga. Right there in my son's hospital room, I stood in tree pose. I had very long stretches. I reminded myself to breathe deep. I cannot tell you how grounding it was. THANK YOU! We have a long road ahead, but your yoga practice has helped me re-center myself, and ground myself so I can be there for my son. It is a great gift you are giving people. I thought you should know that.

  22. Thank you! I was feeling very overwhelmed with my week ahead and “to do” list for Christmas.
    This was just what I needed ❤️

  23. Thank you! This was perfect to wrap up a busy week-end and a great stretch for over-worked quads!
    Nataly from Montreal

  24. Thanks a lot for your work. Everything we get from you is really inspiring and motivating.
    My favourite moment of the day is when I get into something comfy and jump on my matt 🙂


    1. How so, Peter? Can you send us a message about the problem you ran into with the newsletter signup? You can message us at Support at fwfg dot com. Thanks!

  25. Dear Adreine,

    Thank you very much for inspire me.. I like to practice with you, gives me that Trust and balance that i need at the moment.

  26. Thank you Adrienne! You always come through! I appreciate the love note and encouragement via email this morning ! Helped me dust my self off, get back up, and recommit. I wish you all the best girly 🙂

  27. I was already appreciating this video, and then there was a Carter Family shout-out! That left me smiling.

  28. Adrienne, Thank you for your love and hope for all our souls!! You inspire us to be the best version of ourselves, and I am grateful for your leadership on my journey. I Trust today because of you! Lori

  29. Thank you Adrienne! Your yoga helps me with my aches and pains. Helps me to be more flexible and relax s me. Merry Christmas!

  30. This practice of hope was just what I needed. Thank you for your yoga practices.
    Merry Christmas

  31. I am so looking forward to the new 30 day yoga starting in January. I had some surgery on my foot in October and have really missed my daily yoga. But I have much to look forward to because for Christmas this year we have converted one of our bedrooms into a yoga room! Merry Christmas to me...

  32. Hi my darling Adriene, since this video is all about hope I thought I would request a video from you specifically for hope in hair regrowth! A video full of poses to encourage blood circulation to our scalps. So many of us for one reason or another are suffering from the devastaing physicological effects of hair loss. I try and be hopeful but, it is a vicious cycle everytime I pass a mirror. Please, please consider a video addressing this devastaing problem in the begining of the new year. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  33. Love the lavender idea... essential oils are the best! This was perfect in session length and I felt my gluteus and abs, triceps the next day! Thanks A!

  34. Hi Adriene
    Thank you for your wonderful yoga videos. I’m a shift worker and these 30 day sessions/recordings are great to get up to whatever time of day it is. namaste

  35. Hi Adrien ,
    I want to say thank you for you being you. Your gentle encouragement to be ourselves is much appreciated. it's so easy to get and stay on the tred mill. I am blind and me and my guide dog Jayna love your sessions. Your verbal instruction is excellent. Happy holidays and I look forward to our future sessions together.

  36. Hi, You are fantastic, but I know you have hundreds of members. I was at a meeting tonight, recovery type, and the subject was the importance of meditation. For the 65% of the room that had no clue I suggested, "Find Yoga Revolution or YWA on the internet and do the beginners' 30 days of yoga. Half way through you will know how to meditate." It is a foundation for spiritual growth for me. I was sick for a while and couldn't work out like usual, kind of missed it a lot. Yoga is one of the best parts of my day now, and I'm a member. So glad I found Yoga with Adriene, and FWFG.. just need a mat that's 6'0" long..

  37. Thank you. My hips and lower back feel fantastic after that practice. Yoga often surprises me with the magnitude of effect from such subtle poses. Pretty awesome.

  38. Hi Adriene
    I am wondering if my hips are tight should I continue with a hips yoga practice or use multiple kinds? Thanks for all you do I have been enjoying these practices!

    1. Hi Sue, keep practicing regularly with a variety of focuses in your yoga practice and over time you will notice more flexibility in your hips.

  39. Tried to do Anchor in Hope while anchored on my sailboat. Definitely adds more of a challenge to anything requiring balance while the boat rocks.

  40. Dear Adriene and the yoga with adriene team,

    Thank you for suggesting this video in the May 2019 calendar. A friend of mine suggested your videos a couple of years ago, since then I've off-and-on been following along. Particularly, your TRUE 30-day Yoga Journey was really impactful in a positive way for me.

    In the last few weeks, I've been working at getting back into a routine with some of your videos. Today, finding that anchor was just what I needed. There is some family drama waiting for me when I visit my old home in a couple of weeks (will fly across the Atlantic for it), and I am working to find ways to keep my strength. I realized last night I was holding so much tension and stress in my mind and jaw. Trusting in myself and anchoring in my beliefs and values is a helpful reminder. "An attitude of gratitude brings great things" (Yogi Bhajan), it's so true. At some of my lower times, I remember to keep a gratitude journal for 3 small things every few days; it helps. Cheers!

  41. Great quad and hip stretch. Firelog whew! I took Adrienne's advice and used block. That 20 minutes did fly!

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