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A Quick Guide to the plants of YWA!

Many of you have expressed admiration for my plants and curiosity about what types of species they are.

Please enjoy this friendly plant guide from friend, fellow female entrepreneur, and plant queen, Candice - of TROPIC OF CAPRICORN!

21 comments on “A Quick Guide to the plants of YWA!”

  1. Dear Adriene; I'm new to yoga but find your blog and youtube videos inspiring. I have enjoyed reading your blog. It's cold and wet in England at the moment. My yoga teacher has a large monstera and Bird of Paradise in her small, intimate studio which all adds to the ambience.

  2. I see you don't have the one that you had about 3 years ago. Because that one, I got one too for my Zen Den, but I forgot what it is. It's gone squirrelly crazy mad! Nice to see your new greens...much more erect than the first!

  3. Do you know if these plants are safe for cats? I would love to incorporate a few into my practice space 🙂

    1. Hi Joni, many plants can be toxic to cats. Please check with a knowledgeable source about which plants are safe for cats before adding one of these to your space. 🙂

  4. Started doing your yoga last month. I love it. Best I've found. thank you Adriene.

    Laurie from Canada

  5. Found Yoga with Adriene on you tube and I am very much a beginner. I am a 64 yr female and Love yoga with Adriene. I can't certainly do all the poses but I find her so uplifting and nurturing which is something I really need. I do my best and each day I do a session I mark a Large Y on my calendar in a pretty colored marker so it challenges and inspires me to do it the next day. I do struggle with some poses that involve lifting your neck, it causes strain so I am wondering if Adriene would comment on how to make an adjustment.
    thank you so much Adriene

  6. I am obsessed with the pot that the little Dracena Marginata sits in, to the right of the screen (adriene's left). It is grey-ish and looks like banana leaf or paper bark of some sort. Any idea where to find it? Yeah, good luck from 5yrs ago, but hey - worth an ask - thanks in advance.

      1. Sarah,
        Thank you for the name of this plant. Everyday I practice Breath yoga with Adriane I fall in love more and more with this plant and of course the practice.

        I'm definitely getting one!!!
        Thank you and Namaste!

  7. Dear Adriene,

    I am so happy I found you. You are so inspiring! Originally from France, I live between Hong Kong and France, and I bring you along wherever I go.
    Thank you so much, Adriene!

  8. I have to buy a Monstera Deliciosa after Covid lockdown. It was my first trip out of the house, straight to the greenhouse . It brings me so much joy!

  9. Woo! Thanks for this guide. LOVE your plants, Adriene. They are so calming -- your whole vibe is. My biggest question/dilemma: where do you buy these plants + planters? Your pots are beautiful. Thanks!

  10. Hi Adriene. So glad I found you out as you are a saint who guides us to the world of ambience and love. I continued practicing with you from Breath, the 30-day yoga journey. Now it's been a year. I will always continue to practice with you every day. Love for you and Benji.
    This love is from Madurai, India.
    The oldest and sleepless city of India.
    Best regards for your future videos

  11. What is the name of the tall tree like house plant in "Centre" 2023 videos please?

  12. I’m dying to know the plant that’s in Adrienne’s house right now (January 2023). It’s very spindly looking but more like a tree. So beautiful. If anyone’s got an idea of what it is I’d love to hear.

  13. I have been doing the CENTER daily and came here just to find this out too!!! I hope she / someone that knows answers.

  14. For those asking: The plant in the background of the Center 2023 videos are called a "Pencil Cactus" or "Pencil Tree" (Euphorbia tirucalli)

  15. I'd love to know where your favorite planters come the one holding the rubber plant. It's sometimes hard to find ones that look as natural, earthy and simple as this.

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