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6-Minute Yoga for Hips

6-Minute Yoga For Hips is just what we need in this modern age that we live! Spending time sitting at desks, in office chairs, in the car, or on the pot causes our hips to get tight from resting closed too much of the time. This tightness can cause problems with mobility and discomfort.

Use this practice to lubricate the joints, reduce or prevent back pain, and to boost overall health and wealth! Also, hip openers, like this 6 min practice, unlock creativity and promote healthy flow of energy.

It's your body, care for it, love it.


One comment on “6-Minute Yoga for Hips”

  1. My hip flexors are always sore.. even in child's pose. I have been doing yoga off and on with you for about a year and still my front hip "cords" flexors are always tight and painful. Sometimes popping in the hip too when lowering my leg when I am on my back. Any suggestions?

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