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30 Days of Yoga - Welcome!

Welcome! Thank you for joining for the 30 Days Of Yoga experience! Watch this video before you begin! It includes helpful ideas and tips to support you on your journey! Today we begin with this video! Tomorrow - DAY 1 of YOGA.

As we transition into the New Year I already feel great about the idea of practicing for 30 days straight. I feel excited about challenging myself, connecting to myself and learning something new. I am grateful that my body is able to move, that my breath is capable of deepening and I love that I will be doing it with so many others, around the globe.

The hardest part each day will likely be getting on the mat. Make time. Stay focused and choose to make the experience your own. This 30 Day practice is intended to support you in finding what feels good in the New Year. So, though it may be challenging to make time for your practice – just do it – knowing that it is okay to adapt, change, modify, rebel and do your own thang at any time.

But get on the mat.

Take conscious breaths and stretch each day as a way of connecting to your intentions, your big picture and ultimately, complete wellness.

Why not? Let’s reach for the stars!

118 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Welcome!”

  1. Hi Adriene!

    I signed up for the 30 days of yoga I think two days ago and told my sister to do it with me. She received the welcome email today but I did not, I am worried I won't receive the PDF calendar as well. Can you make sure I am on the list? I tried to subscribe again and it says I am already on there so I don't know why I'm not getting the emails. Thank you for your help! I am excited to start! My email is [email protected]

    Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year Adriene!

    What an awesome way to kick-start the year 2015! Just warmed up with the beginners video.
    Looking forward to 30 days of feeling good. 🙂

    And you just radiate such positivity and empathy that watching your videos makes me glad.


    Best regards from Helsinki, Finland

  3. Just what i was looking for to get myself consistently back on the mat! Thanks Adrienne! Love your youtube videos! Keep them coming!

  4. Good morning,
    I am a total newbie and just signed up for your 30 Day Yoga. Scared and excited. Can I make it to the mat every day??

  5. Your way of inviting me to do what feels good has helped me return to the mat more often this past year and encouraged me to let go of judging myself when I don't measure up to some unrealistic standard I've randomly set for my practice. Thank you so much for your guidance through this 30 day yoga experience, Adriene!

  6. Very excited about starting this journey!!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this project! Happy 2015 to you!

  7. What a wonderful way to start our new year.I started doing your Yoga videos a few weeks ago. I do the beginners everyI have day. I have also tried your other videos . OI think doing the beginners for a while is a good idea for everyone to start. Can't wait to do this.

  8. So happy you're launching this challenge, practice every day is my new year's resolution!

  9. Happy New Year Adriene! I look forward to start this journey with your knowledge sand guidance.

  10. Happy New Year, Adriene! Keep on shining with your positive energy, strength and kindness to inspire us to be our best selves for one more year! Thank you!

  11. I'm so excited for this challenge!! Following yoga with Adriene videos has provided healing for me in many ways, and I can't wait to really focus in and enjoy a daily practice!

  12. Thank you for doing this series. I so badly need to get back to doing something positive for myself & I'm hoping this is what I need to kick my butt back into gear not only with yoga, but also back into dance. It's so hard to get regrouped, but it's so easy to fall off. I also wanted to say enjoy Benji. I also got a new little guy for Christmas. It's like having a baby, but it also keeps me moving. 🙂

  13. Hi! I subscribed in december and I am superexited to start this 30 day challenge!! I have been waiting for today to start, BUT I haven´t got any email about this yet, and i can´t find it. Have I done something wrong when subscribing?

  14. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for doing this 30 days of Yoga Adriene. I'm really happy to be part of it.

  15. Hey Adrienne I have subscribe twice now and I am not getting any verification emails or your lovely calendar that you speak of. Could you help me figure out how to fix this?

  16. Hi Adriene,

    I'm looking forward to starting the 30 days of yoga experience! I subscribed but I don't believe I received a calendar nor do I know where to watch the first video. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

    I've really enjoyed a lot of your other videos and hope to start the 30 days soon!



  17. Awh , totally disappointed but positive. I was looking forward to this like an extra special Christmas gift , but I will wait another day for a new video. I am very thankful for you doing this Adrienne <3 you have helped me get through my depression. r

  18. I am very excited for this. I will be hitting the mat very early, so I hope you plan on posting early! If not, no worries I'll just follow a day behind. Thank you Adriene!

  19. I'm definitely getting on this. As a working, single mum I find fitting in classes is almost impossible where I am. Your videos are a godsend. Much love

  20. Hi! Is there a certain way we sign up to participate in the #30daysofyoga? I'd love to join! Thanks!

  21. Thank you so kindly for your awesome videos. My sister I found you recently. We both are still in a state of rslaxtion after "bedtime yoga" you mention in that video about the jaw being contacted with the hip in Chinese med. We cannot tell you that little bit of info changed are life's forever. We fell in love with you right away. #30daysofyoga woot!!!!!

  22. So excited for #30daysofyoga feeling motivated and ready to learn! Happy New Year Adriene so pleased to have found your youtube channel. Love and light xx

  23. Hello from sweden 🙂 i wanna wish you a great and amazing year. I'm also gonna do your 30 days challange 🙂 and i'm so exaiting!!!


  24. I have been following you on your youtube channel for three months. And these three months have done a lot for me! Thank you so much for your guidance! And knowledge. I look forward to using the 30 days of yoga and to stick with it each day! I hope to continue on. Namaste!

  25. […] I shared the Yoga With Adriene video earlier this year. Well she’s put together a FREE, 30 Days of Yoga challenge to get you started. It’s a video a day, built for all levels and the point is to […]

  26. Great introduction video. Great way to start a new habit and actually achieve some new years resolutions. Btw, may I ask how many shots took to got it right, or does it come to you naturally to talk about your passion and the 30 day yoga "challenge"? 🙂
    See you tomorrow, and tomorrow and so on 😉

  27. I am so excited to get started! I am an extreme beginner, found you on youtube months ago, but I never made myself make time for myself. So here I am again and this year will be different! I can't wait to begin! Thank you for being so open and welcoming!!

  28. Happy New Year Adriene! I am so excited about this challenge and cannot wait to get started!

  29. Hi Adriene! My husband and I are brand new to this and can't wait to get going. We had a rough 2014 and are looking forward to shrugging it all off in 2015. Thanks!

    J & S

  30. Happy New Year!! I am excited to get started. I am getting ready to do the yoga for complete beginners as soon as I finish this comment. A bit nervous because I am a really out of shape and morbidly obese women, but I am more excited than I am nervous. I know I have a long way to go but gotta start somewhere, right?

  31. Really excited about this! I subscribed to the videos but I'n not getting them, any advice?

    1. Hi Kate! The first "Get Started" video when up today! Day 1 yoga uploads tomorrow. All via the YouTube channel! Happy New Year!

  32. Super excited to be a part of this yoga experience. This will be my first ever 30 day yoga challenge. 🙂

  33. I've never done yoga before and am excited to get into it!! Great way to kick off a new year!!

  34. Hi Adriene! Happy 2015:) I have been doing yoga with you since May 2014...I must say.... you are amazing! Thank you for all your tips, guidance and sense of humor! I can't wait to start the year doing what feels good : YOGA!

  35. Hey Adriene! I am so excited to join you on the 30- day journey, but I realized that I forgot to sign up during December for the email notifications, and I hope that I can still do the program even though I haven't put in my email. Is there a way to still receive them? Sorry I missed it!


  36. Day 1 done! Great intro video and I chose one of your others to start. Thank you for this challenge and your awesome spirit!

  37. Super super excited to get started! Exactly what I need to start the new year 🙂 couldn't be happier to do it with the YWA community! Happy new year <3

  38. Hi. I'm in Las Vegas. I found you tonight just by searching on the YouTube channel on the Roku. Just FYI.

    So a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the Underground Yoga Movement (Google it, it's a Thing here) and I went and it kicked my ass because I am hilariously out of shape but I loved it. It got me wanting to get back into regular practice. This is what that is for me. So thanks. Looking forward to whatever this turns out to be.

  39. Hello from Australia. Here via a US friend who shared a link to your videos. Joining to try and get myself moving again. I used to do yoga all the time then developed a degenerative neurological disorder which makes exercise very difficult. Love the whole vibe of making it my own as I've avoided classes as many are very rigid in their teaching and less than understanding of my needs. So I've dusted off my yoga mat, wiped the cobwebs of my block and am going to give it a go!

  40. Hello Adriene! Happy New year from Jamaica! Thank you so much for sharing yoga so generously. I only started practicing in 2014 and your encouragement to find what feels good : ) has been so motivating. Looking forward to 30 days of yoga and wishing you a wonderful year.

  41. Hi Adriene,

    Happy new year 🙂

    In 2014, I started to be on the mat at my home in Amsterdam, playing one of your video's. I feel so happy and encouraged by the way you teach yoga: fun, relax, clear and a wide range of yoga themes.


  42. Just did DAY 1. Thank you Adriene. I hope I have the power and motivation to do every single video. Love from Copenhagen, Denmark

  43. Hi! I am so excited about this yoga journey and diving deeper into my practice! I also have my daughter and sister-in-law joining in! Thanks so much for this fantastic opportunity to connect!

  44. I subscribed but did not get a video for the 30 days of yoga. Any ideas? I am bummed!

    1. Hi Carol! They are all uploaded to the YouTube channel each day! Check your spam folder perhaps? Some of our emails have gone there this time. Working to fix this NOW. Namaste!

  45. Adriene! Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this journey. I am so grateful. I cannot thank you enough. Happy New Year!

  46. Living in the woods, I am happy to have access to yoga via youtube!! You are losing me during transitions and I am slow moving into lunge or plank positions, but I am modifying poses for myself and working at my level. This will be a great way to start my day!

  47. Thank! I searched the google and pinterest to find a 21/30 day yoga challenge. And yes, yoga teachers need challenges too! Thank you !

    #ChairYogaFitness instructor

  48. Will like to get in a regular daily yoga.
    Im about 20# over weight and totally out of chape hope you can help I want to do it gg

  49. Hey Adrienne! I just wanted to say I love love love your videos and about two months ago they inspired me to be consistent with my home practice. I'm looking forward to the 30 days of yoga videos and was just wondering when day two will me up??

  50. For some reason the challenge days are not coming to my email. I have added you to my address book and I have checked spam and junk and they are not there. I got the first day only.
    Going to the website, I do not see Day 3.

  51. Hi Adriene:

    I found your link on pintrest and was very excited to discover the yoga for beginners video. I've only being practicing for two days but I am energized and can really feel the stretch already. Just discovered your 30 days of yoga and I am thrilled to be joining in, a few days behind but showing up none the less. Love your videos. Love your yoga style. Keep up the great work!

    See you on the mat!


  52. Hi! I just discovered this adventure and want in!! I was wondering if there is any way for me to get that calendar pdf still? Would love to print and hang on fridge. Thanks! Xo

  53. Just what I need to do from home - in dark and cold England. Day 1 today so I'll be a few days behind though (only just found it). Yay!

  54. Hi there!
    I wanted to take up yoga and open up to my spiritual journey and i found your videos on YouTube. I do two every morning now and may i just say...
    I'm feeling so much better already and im on day 3 of the 30 days of yoga. (My knees aren't good so i had to skip out on my yoga for a day so im behind.. but I'm doing it! So thank you so much!!! 🙂 xxx

  55. Hi Adrienne.. I am recommending you to yogi friends in Kaslo BC Canada.... our alpine Nirvana!!
    I am a cancer surveyor of 16 years with active metastasized cancer in my lungs but I swam across our cold Kootenay Lake this summer in just over 30 minutes!!.. I am working on becoming more curious and dedicated to my meditation ( vipassana ) as well as deepening my practice in yoga... which I hope will lead to a more balanced mind and healthier eating consistently... don't we all!!.. I love your way of teaching and have been doing both morning yoga you tube videos... I am looking forward to your 30 day course and am starting today with the video... Yippee... love from Canada

  56. Just joining from ARGENTINA to the 30 days of Yoga!!
    Sooo excited!! thank you Adrine for letting me enter to the Yoga world on an easy way from the confort of my country and home!!
    Thank again!!
    Xoxo Sofi

  57. I joined online and never received the link for the downloadable calendar. How can I get that?


  58. […] 02 | YOGA WITH ADRIENE Even if you’re not a yogi and swore you never would be, I dare you to give this a try.  She gives you 20min practices that are simple and put you in such a positive mood.  Check out her 30-day challenge. […]

  59. Hi Adriene,

    I've been following your 30 days yoga class which I find great, so thank you first of all. It suits me as I'm always travelling for work, so wherever I am, I just take a towel and do the practice 🙂

    I do have a question. I have a torn meniscus unfortunately and the ortho recommended not do some poses but I would like to know which ones are allowed to be done as I don't want to stop practicing yoga...

    Can you give me some advice?

    Thank you so much 🙂


  60. My wife and I enjoyed your "30 Days of Yoga" class ... for about 30 weeks 🙂 We started in November 2015 and would go through one class five or six times in a week. This helped us get used to the postures and the flow. For me, there is harmony in the approach of mindfulness that you stress in the class. Also, there is an appreciation for listening to the body to let it reveal what it needs ... and not simply to rely on a "routine." Bottom line is that we feel pretty comfortable now doing 20 or more minutes of yoga on our own without a video ... but we'll probably tune into "Yoga With Adriene" periodically to learn something new ... or just to hear your perky voice and encouragement 🙂 Thank you for your generosity in creating these videos.

  61. You are the absolute sweetest! I am starting today, as a beginner and I have found so much inspiration ! Cannot wait to enjoy this journey !

  62. Hello Adriene,

    I have just finished Day 1 and I am very grateful. I went to bed thinking about yoga yesterday and this morning I found your website out of the blue, in an article about getting fit after middle age. I feel energetic and grateful and fully committed to complete the 30 days.
    My name is Ana and I live in Brazil.

  63. I am so excited to start this 30 day challenge! I found your YouTube channel and can't get enough of it.

  64. I just completed your 30 days of yoga.. I LOVED IT - GREAT CLASS and you are amazing.. it was tough but I showed up everyday!
    I plan to take it again.

    1. I was trying to follow through with the June month calendar but I pulled on my neck so bad that I ended up stopping and healing( listening to my body). But I am choosing this series to start me back up! Thank you for being you!

  65. Hi Adriene: Can I still get a downloadable calendar for the 2015 30 days of yoga series?



  66. Hello Adriene,
    This will be my 2nd round to do this 30day yoga series. So glad to have stumbled upon your channel last march 2021. Learned a lot from your foundation series and started with 6 of your ywa beginners videos. I left comments on all ywa videos I used and will be using. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  67. Hi Adriene
    Please give some insights on kundalini yoga.
    Love all your videos, and thanks for all these videos.
    Thanks & Regards

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