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30 Days of Yoga - Day 9

Day 9 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Full Potential Detox Practice! Meet your full potential and come into your power with this vigorous - but loving - at home yoga practice.

Day 9 invites you to embrace your full potential! This is a fierce practice that is great for the digestive organs and abdominals. Perfect if you are feeling bloated in the belly or looking to tone to strong lean muscles. Very beneficial for those who suffer from IBS, constipation or stomach discomfort. Cleanse it out safely with yoga. Keep a strong focus on the breath and alignment as you connect to full body strength with grace and ease. Make self adjustments and modify up or down through this practice. This video is fun and challenging! Keep a sense of humor and always take breaks when you need! Listen to your body and ENJOY! Let your heart rate return back to it's normal rate in Savasana after practice. Drink a tall glass of water to follow.

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

58 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 9”

  1. Really enjoyed this one! I've always struggled getting my left leg up from three legged dog to lung without having to adjust my foot with my hand, this was the first time I've been able to do it and it feels great!

    Thanks for the motivation. I'm looking forward to the next 21 videos!

    Corinne x

  2. Another great session, was not expecting the heat with this one, lovely surprise. Again thank you for this amazing #30daysofyoga xxx

  3. I can't thank you enough for sharing yourself and your gift of yoga. You make this a lot more fun than many of the classes I've been through - and more rewarding!

  4. I love your videos. I love your style and your approach. Thank you for keeping me motivated.

  5. Hey Adriene.
    Its Dimity from Perth Australia. I'm loving your 30 day challenge. I have had to catch up with a few today as I lost internet connection over the weekend. I have been a fan of your youtube videos for a while, I love creating my practice around yours and it helps to have a positive friendly face when I can't get to class. You go girlfriend..I will see you on the mat!

  6. A bit behind (2 lessons behind...) but really enjoying every lessons. You have a great way to motivate people and I thank you for sharing with us. All the way from the Netherlands.

  7. Thank you for sharing York knowleg. Up here in the north (Norway, Oslo) i enjoy your warmth, light spirit and practise in my home. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi adrienne - do any of the videos on this website have a subtitled or captioned option? Some of the ones on you tube do - which is a great credit - but not sure why these ones don't? I love you and you're yoga so yell a little disappointed no caption options on the site but some on you tube (I'm deaf you see and it's rare to find yoga stuff with subtitled options - good ones at that - so you can imagine my delight when I found you on you tube and then your page)

    Can you perhaps let me know

    Jules x

    1. Hey Jules, I just checked it out, and today's video has subtitles too, you just have to put them on! I also noticed that some have no subtitles and some do, but I think all have the option. You just have to click the settings symbol, and choose English.
      I hope I'm not being belligerent, I just want to help πŸ™‚


    2. Hi Jules,
      You can turn on captions. Once the video starts playing on the YouTube page, click on 'CC' (which stands for Closed Captioning), which is the fourth icon from the right at the bottom of the YouTube control panel.
      That 'CC' is a toggle by which you can turn on/off captions.


  9. Out of order 9 for me but it was fine. Starting late and dealing with a respority infection have made this a extra challenge. However after doing a tough session like this one your breathing is a lot better.

    I hope to get all caught up soon but in any event doing the 30 videos in a short period of time is a great experience.

  10. Hi! I am in love with my morning yoga! It is a perfect start of the day and I RECOMMEND this 30 days of yoga with A. to EVERYONE, beginners (always beginners like me :D) and many others... It is the first time I learned (or I am still learning) that I can actually calm down in the beginning and at the end of a workout. And one big advantage- my back never felt better! So, enjoy and never stop! Greetings from Slovakia πŸ˜‰

  11. Might I suggest 300! days of yoga next? I am loving the 30 or so minutes each day. I'm always pushing myself to do more more more - turns out that less is better for me so thank you!!

  12. Great practice today! I was feeling sluggish prior to the practice, now I'm ready to meet the day. Thank you! Namaste

  13. DAY 9: Feeling fine!!! Honesty is the best policy... I missed doing this yesterday and have picked it up today. Indeed a vigorous "feel good" practice with some warmth and beads of sweat generated!!! Still challenged getting that leg to lunge and moving into some of the poses without looking like a spastic gumby. Loving the feel of moving parts that have been forgotten. Thank you Adriene you are a gifted yoga teacher who connects easily with her students, even when viewed by video!!!! (it's as if you have a sixth sense to know what we are asking!) Cheerz! It's a praw-cess!!!!

  14. Whew! Definitely a sweaty practice! I like the twists, even though I can't get my elbows to the opposite knee (in any position). And "TOWANDA!" made me laugh.

  15. I really really love your concept with 30 days of yoga. Im a total beginner so I'm doing the best I can here in Gothenburg, Sweden πŸ™‚ Of course I'v watched your videos for beginners. This is great and I actually enjoy yoga. Thank you!

  16. Heya, I have major problems with coming up out of the low to the high lunge, anyone got some tips or helpful videos?

  17. This was great. I shoveled snow first and had a glass of lemon water. Not only did my body detox but my emotions too. whew. I'm wiped..but in a good way πŸ™‚

  18. I'm saying hello from Rabat, Morocco. Enjoying each daily class. Thank you for this opportunity. πŸ™‚

  19. Phew.... That was an awesome session Day 9 Adriene ! I could do all but for the sitting down/lying down, crossing legs, catching the toes and then rolling/swaying. That was not possible for me.

    But all the others, I could. Really worked up a sweat. Feel refreshed and recharged. Thank you so much !



  20. This was great today! Just what I needed. And thanks for the reminder not to judge our bodies. I needed that. I'm guilty of it and am learning to let go.

  21. Woo, wrong day to wear a long sleeve shirt! Man alive that felt good! I know many people love doing yoga in the morning, but for me right after work is the perfect transition from being present at work to being present with myself and finally being present at home.

  22. Is it weird to burst into tears inexplicably after this practice? Definitely felt like something loosened in my belly. I am a long way from doing all those poses fully but I feel amazing! THANK YOU.

  23. Adriene,

    Ive been doing Yoga on and off for more than a year now. I thought my back will not reopen again until video 9. Today i felt my back is starting to open, it still has a way to go but im so grateful for i now can begin to feel the benefits of Yoga.
    Thank you for sharing the good vibe.
    Cheers from Honduras!

  24. Thanks so much Adriene. I love every one of these 30 yoga days so far and especially this one! You're an amazing instructor and having these videos is making practicing so much more flexible to fit into my busy schedule!

  25. Love your online yoga..Would you consider selling dvds??? THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!


  26. Sending love and thanks Adriene. As always you lift my spirits and inspire me x

    Good luck with your move and the next exciting chapter of your beautiful life x Such a blessing to be along for the ride and sharing it with you.

    Feeling humble and with a heart full of gratitude.
    Namaste my friend xxx

  27. Thanks again for saving me! I love love love getting your letters and yoga classes.

  28. OMG! this one was specially hard. I don't think I was present totally, I kept loosing my balance πŸ™
    Anyway, I work on a farm and doing yoga -specially stretching- is helping with my back, I love it.

    Thanks Adriene!


  29. Wonderful! I have been a distance runner ( but infrequent-yogi) for years until I tore my quad severely this summer. I have not run in months, which is longer than it has been in over ten years! Needless to say I was going a little crazy. Your videos, and especially this 30 day challenge have given me purpose with my days and helped me recover ( both mentally and physically)! Thank you very much for bringing a little bit of peace and recovery to me everyday!
    Do you think that you will do a similar daily challenge soon or for 2016 new years? I love being held accountable to this.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with us all! xoxx

  30. This was a great way to end a day with two cranky toddlers. My balance was a little off today, but oh those twists! Loved them. Thanks again. Looking forward to what is next, and I definitely drank some water with lemon after your email. Great tip!

  31. I just found your 30 day series while looking for a gentle way to start yoga practice. I am very grateful for your generosity in putting this out there for everyone. Day 9 and my body is feeling the transition Thank you

  32. Made me all sweaty and ish!!!
    Still not able to do the downward dog correctly and the downward dog to lunge correctly, but day I will persevereβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
    Luv ya Adriene

  33. First, thank you for making these videos. I have been following for several months now and although I still cannot get my legs to move into lunge from any 3 legged dog, I keep practicing in hopes to achieve it one day.

    My question is (after googling it and still cannot find it) what is "shout towanda" referenced to?

    Please enlighten me, somebody, anybody! πŸ˜›

    1. Fried green tomatos, great film for couch, bag of chips, tissues, and fried green tomatoes of course....

      Doing yoga with adriene for six months now, and everything gets easier, and I stronger, calmer, more stable, confident and- content, utterly content with myself, showing up on that mat.
      Hug Maike

  34. Loving the practices...first time to yoga...was looking for another 30-day fitness challenge, but now see how yoga will be incorporated into my regular life..Thank You!

  35. The series is intuitive. I am blessed to have found you and this practice. My best fried Sabine brought me to Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA. for a yoga weekend in March and I have be addictivley curious persuing it. You are for sure the answer for where I am now Thank you for your generous gift.

  36. Hi Adrienne,

    Big thank you and big hug to you for your warmth, kind heart and soft spirit detailed yoga challenges! I enjoy jumping on the mat everyday now for some me time and yoga practices! Totally enjoying all of your videos in this challenge! Starting to feel a little transition! Yipee!!! Thanks again Adrienne πŸ™‚

  37. My husband saw me doing a beginner's 7 day course of yours and decided to join me. Thank God he did because we motivate one another on those days when we don't want to move. I am happy to say we moved from that to 30 Days of Yoga and just completed day 9

    We are both amazed how 16 days of yoga allows us to be more flexible. We did things today that we couldn't do in beginner's yoga.

    Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us. I know there is no fee fir this, but if you have a store we can purchase stuff from we will.

  38. WOW! Day 9 was amazing! I'm 61 & returning to yoga after 20 years. I love your videos and I'm surprised at how much I am able to keep up with you. Thank you!

  39. That was intense...and just what the Dr. ordered!! I'm loving this 30 Days of Yoga challenge.

  40. I did 2 session today .catch up with 8 and 9. I was dead after session. omg that was challenging for me. I am all so stinky :p

  41. Thank you so much for making your yoga videos and 30 day challenges available online and for free! its been a lifesaver for me being out of work and living in Tbilisi, Georgia to keep my body happy and spirit positive as I figure out what's next!

  42. Thank you for having free yoga classes on line! I just found your yoga back in March of 2020 when my gym closed and have been practicing with you ever since. Now it's winter and cold and coronavirus is spreading so I REALLY appreciate your yoga!

  43. First comment in 2023 and 2022!!! Just noticed this website series has comment sections!!! Wow that's a lot of lunges!!! Pouring sweat and feeling fine!!! Thanks Adriene!!! (I definitely did NOT do those situps though!!!)

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