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30 Days of Yoga - Day 8

Day 8 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Yoga For Healing and Meditation! Whether you plan to mediate after practice or whether the practice IS your mediation use this slow and juicy sequence to guide your body and your breath.

Day 8 invites you slow down, cultivate balance and CONNECT. We open the hips in this sequence and use the subtle power of the breath to find release and let go. Connect to your spirit, soften, stretch and relax. If you are used to moving fast this may be a challenge for you. Enjoy the rejuvenating and restorative benefits of yoga and meditation. This should feel AWESOME after the first week of the 30 Day Of Yoga Journey. Relax and enjoy! You deserve it.

106 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 8”

  1. Adriene, I don't know how to thank you for this amazing practice. For me, today started out as a bad day ( I am suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and today was one of the very bad days) but as soon as I stepped on my mat with you today I felt better. And when I moved into Malasana this feeling of complete and unconditional feeling of love and happiness for just being overcame me. I am so grateful that there are people like you on the internet and I am so looking forward to the coming days of #30DaysOfYoga.

    Best Wishes

    1. I am actually excited about getting out of bed in the morning now, by doing Yoga with Adriene! It has completely transformed my life! This is one of my favorite videos. I have chosen to do the 30 days of Yoga with Adriene, over for a second time, because I am doing what feels good, LOL! I am happy to say I have found my passion! I can't imagine doing Yoga with any other instructor.
      Thank you Adriene and the other
      good people that made this possible for myself and others.

    2. Love the videos, just finished day 8. Loved the pigeon! thank you! My first home practice, I have been going to studios for yoga for the past 8 years>

  2. This was crazy timing. A friend's daughter is going through a very tough medical procedure today and a meditative, positive energy is exactly what I needed. Through this practice, I calmed my own nerves and sent a lot of positive energy their way. Thank you!
    On another note, my giant French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux...think Hooch of Turner and) is not a fan of Malasana! LOL - I opened my eyes to find him nose an inch from mine, apparently asking "what the hell are you doing, mom?" 🙂 Wish I'd had a camera!

  3. Thank-you for 30 days of yoga!
    The practise is the highlight of my day.
    It definitely feels good!!!!

  4. Adrienne,

    Love the 30 day it possible to purchase the series. If so, where can I buy them.


  5. Totally loved this video! I could hold Crow Pose for like 5 seconds for the first time! My hips are no way near the ground in Pigeon Pose yet, but your words of wisdom are inspired!
    Thank you!

  6. Came to this one a few days later but it was amazing!!!! Adriene, you're fantastic! I so appreciate what you do!!!! I've never enjoyed yoga so much! Many times your encouraging words come to me during the day when I'm tempted to go to "toxic thought world."

    You Rock!

  7. Thank you for the suggestions of using a blanket and block for support during squat! What a difference! 🙂

  8. Hi Adriene,

    I really loved this video and it made me think about stretching. I am flexible, but not as much as some of the other person in my yoga class. I would love to grow some length so here is my suggestion if someday you have time, could you do a special stretching for Yoga video?

    Were you flexible when you started? Is it a fantasy to think that i could someday do a deep downward facing dog?

    I would looooove to go deeper. Let's say that for now, i do it in my heart.



  9. What a wonderful practice today! I usually stretch at night before bed, and I can definitely see myself using this as a guide for my nighttime stretch! Thank you so much for this series. I am learning much about my body both physically and mentally. Not often do I get through a practice without crying. 🙂

  10. Loved it. Did this in the evening for a two a day to get caught up. Just right after a lot of stress at work. I have never been flexible so this is a great experience for me.

  11. Adriene - you have converted me to yoga... I am loving the 30 days and even shed a little tear in Savasana today. Thanks lovely!

  12. Wowza! That's my most favourite one so far, that half an hour went far too quickly! More like this please you yoga goddess

  13. Great practice and yes it did go by so quickly. Thank you for helping me slow it down! Namaste

  14. Dearest Adriene
    I have been following your videos for about a year now and of course....taking the 30 day challenge. I have pain in my left hip, sciatica and very tight hamstrings. Thanks to your beautiful and timely hip openers, slow breathing and balancing today I made progress. What looked at the beginning, a pretty ordinary session, turned into a breakthrough for me....and others, by the sounds of it. 😉 thank you from the bottom of my heart ( and left hip!). You, my friend ;), are my guru! Big love from Australia. Xx

  15. Thank you so much you have no idea how much this helps me.
    Xoxo all the way from Saudi

  16. My favorite, too! I love restorative poses and breathwork. And whatever my other challenges are (and there are plenty!) I have very open hips, so it feels really satisfying to do a few poses that come naturally to me. Gives me strength to meet my challenges another day.

    1. I have this too 🙂 I cannot for the life of me touch the ground with my hands when I'm in foward fold, or even sit up straight with strechted legs, but the pidgeon is working much better for me.

  17. Wow thankyou Adriene for sharing these practices with us and todays practice rocked. I actually managed to grab both feet after the Pigeon pose which i never thought id be able to do straight off. Love to you and all the lovely people also doing these practices. Namaste xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. I held my FIRST CROW POSE with this vid!!!! Counted only 6 seconds, but that's 5 seconds more than any other one!!! YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY!!!! Thanks, monkey.x

  19. Hey Adriene,

    I am going through your 30 Day Challenge series (better late than never!) and I have been noticing that I am very tight in the neck/shoulders and hips EVERY MORNING! I work a 9-5 desk job (studying to be a teacher as well) and I was wondering if you have any short videos I could do in the middle of the day to help loosen up. I don't want to have to wait until the next morning when I am very stiff and tight again to practice.

    Thanks for any advice!


  20. Merci beaucoup pour cette Belle pratique 🙂 c'est mon 7éme jours et je sens déjà les bénéfice du yoga. J 'ai également suivit tes autres vidéo pour débutants et pour la perte de poids et à chaque fois je sens mon corps se gorgé d'énergie tout en relaxant profondément. Merci de partager avec nous ta passion pour le yoga et au plaisir de voir la suite. Tu ne pourra surement pas lire ce message mais je tenais à le faire en français pour que tu sache qu'au Québec, au fin fond du grand nord, il y a des amateurs de yoga qui te suivent 😛 xxxxx merci

  21. Had a stressful day at work and was about to reach for a beer when I thought, no, I'll heck in with adriene, and luckily it was this video. Just what was needed. Still enjoying the beer now though!!

  22. I actually did crow pose! I can't believe it. I only ever tried it once before when i watched your tutorial video but I couldn't hold it for longer than a second. I think it was more mind over matter but regardless, it is so exciting to see progress of either kind. Half the battle is believing you can do it!

  23. I am so glad I found you. Your teaching style and your energy speak to me Thank you for today's practice. It was EXACTLY what I needed.

  24. Hi Adriene and fellow yogis,
    Day 8 - Was no walk in the park for me. I am actually catching up on Day 8 on Day 9. I skipped yesterday because of light pain on the left hip back side. I have a history of lumbar disc prolapse. I have tight hamstrings. I could not touch the ground with my hands in forward fold, or even sit up straight with stretched legs.
    But one day, with sufficient practice and your guidance, I will get there. Folks, trust me. I have personally experienced. Once upon a time when I knelt down and bottoms touched heel, I could not stay in that position for longer than a couple of minutes. It would pain and cramps would start. But by doing that everyday, in about a months I got comfortable. Now I can kneel and sit with my legs bent below me and bottoms touching heels without any pain or cramps. So practice is all it takes.

    Namaste !


  25. Loved practicing crow! I fell on my face but it was fun anyway. Thanks for creating a safe place to play:)

  26. Morning yogis! Thank you for today Adriene, I feel absolutely fantastic. After day 6 and 7 today was just what I needed, focusing on the breath but also new and difficult moves to maintain interest. Alongside day 6, this is my favourite day. That 30 minutes absolutely flew by! 🙂
    Namaste folks x

  27. This was just what I needed today. Its been a crazy day and to end with this was perfection. I love days like today to focus on breathing, I personally know I'm successful when my breath sounds like the ocean and I instantly relax into a pose. I hit that many times today. Thank you.

  28. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I find it incredibly difficult to do that squatting position, and when I do manage to get it my hips hurt a lot, I have always had very open hips and i am fine doing any other hip opener stretch. I had to skip that part of the video as I found it too frustrating and painful. any tips?

  29. Thank You!! Somehow it wasnt what I wanted but exactly what I needed. Also after 8 days I can finally touch my toes (just) but still every day a little bit easier with a bit more grace. Thank you for the encouraging videos the time i now take for me.. xx

  30. Oh hey there tear drops, I didn't know you were in there, trying to get out! Reading the comments, I see I'm not alone in feeling like today's practice was a relief. It was powerful. Thank you for teaching me to breathe! I can't wait for tomorrow, and tomorrow's practice. I'm feeling a little emotional so I'm going to relax for the evening and check in. This yoga is strong stuff!!

    Namaste Adriene, and fellow 30 day challengers 🙂

  31. Adriene, I am so very grateful that I found your practice. I have been doing yoga in public classes for a few years and never knew how to let go and connect. At the end of your practice today I was laying on the floor with tears streaming down my face. I was just overcome with emotion. It was beautiful. Your spirit is beautiful. Thank you.

  32. Day 9 had been the hardest for me so far. I suffer from really bad ADHD and I am always fighting to sit still. The first ten minutes drove me crazy, but I forced myself to get through it. Thank you for the challenge.

  33. Heard of this 30 day challenge from a friend and happily joined, it's amazing. Day 8 though, left me with huge pain in my lower belly, on the right site, almost as if my period is coming up. Not that time of the month though. Good thing it's a free Saturday and I can spend some resting time on the cough to hopefully breathe the pain out. I'm surprised that a practice has such a heavy response on my body, hope it goes away soon, this doesn't feel very good..
    Meanwhile, thank you for the great practices!

  34. Great day today. I got the giggles trying to do crow pose as I am soooo not there yet! Pigeon, yes, absolutely with knobs on (british expression) but crow. It's nails!

  35. I've been doing these videos since first of June! I've only ever tried Yoga once before in a class. I'm finding it really difficult. Everything hurts, I always forget to breathe...and when I do breathe I dont really catch full breaths. I just keep getting frustrated through sessions which defeats the purpose. I'm really upset. What do I do 🙁

  36. Adriene thank you so much for this day 8, that was soooooo great <3 I started practice the crow pose only 4 days ago, and today I started to feel it so close !
    I'm really addict to your 30 days yoga challenge, I'm addicted to you, your smile, your way of seeing things, and I really want to thank you a billion times for that !
    Love from France !


  37. Adriene, thanking you for your lovely, supportive personality. I've been wanting to get back to a daily home practice and your 30 day challenge has been easing me into it. Sending all kinds of loving juju
    your way.

  38. I have rare medical condition called Hyperadrenergic Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (HyperPOTS). It's often debilitating due to the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) being in charge of my body, instead of the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore). Adriene, your yoga style has helped quiet my fight/flight so my body feel restored...decreasing pain, nausea, and arrythmias. You've also helped me to gain my muscle strength back, something that was this disorder has robbed from me (I used to be an athlete). Brick by helps me feel like myself. #deepjoy

  39. Adriene,
    Thank you for this practice! As a school teacher that just completed my first year, I needed this summer to recharge and reconnect to myself and my purpose teaching. I've done yoga for many years, but lately have had trouble keeping a consistent practice. The 30 day challenge is exactly what I needed! And Day 8 just happened to fall on my husband's birthday, a day when I want everything to be perfect and as life goes it doesn't always turn out as I'd like, so a meditative practice to help me let go and be in the moment was perfect. By the way, I share your beautiful home city of Austin!
    Thank you for your wonderful energy!

  40. My favorite! Loved Day 8. Maybe I can do the crow pose someday hahah. Thank you, Adriene! <3

  41. Thank you so much! I love what you are doing here. You are amazing, thank you for passing this fab yoga vibe to the world.

  42. Thank you so much for sharing this practice. I also have been suffering from acid reflux the last year or so and did not want to take so much medicine so did some research and heard that food grade diatomaceous earth helps. I drink 1 t to 1 T mixed with a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach and have been symptom free for 2 weeks! Read about it online, it has many reported benefits. You can get it through amazon but make sure it's food grade. Good luck and rock on girl - love your style!

    ~Adrienne in San Diego

  43. This happened to fall on a Monday morning for me. What a lovely way to start a Monday! 🙂

  44. LOVED this one! It may be my favorite day so far, and I accomplished my very first bananas. On top of that, I finally got the inhale right in my ujjayi breath!

    1. This posture has my smile now. I'll always be thinking about "your" bananas lifting up my legg
      Thank you for that! Makes me take it a little less serious

      1. Well, then that autocorrect was a pleasant mistake. 🙂 Glad to bring some laughter your way.

  45. Oh perfect timing since - on this rainy sunday - i was drifting away a bit... needed this to reconnect. Thank you Adrienne!

  46. Just completed day 9 and my hips feel so relaxed. I am soo close to doing crow pose now, been trying for a while now, and managed to hold it for a second today (before falling on my face). Am really enjoying your videos so far, thank you.

  47. So enjoyed this! And kudos on the excellent yoga challenge. Look forward to it every day.

    What is the serene music you're playing behind this sequence? I'd love to have it.

    Many thanks again for your knowledge, sensitivity, and style. And your wit!

  48. HI! I just posted this on the actual video, but I thought I might post it here as well...

    It has been a very long year - full of stress and anxiety stemming from so many different sources. Before starting this challenge, I had knots the size of plums in my back and neck. In fact, I couldn't remember the last time I didn't have these knots constantly screaming down my spine and out through my eye balls! Determined to feel happy and healthy, I set out on a voyage of self-reflection and change; which led me to this challenge. Having completed day 8 of this 30 day yoga journey, I am pleased to announce that the knots have melted away and I have taken a much more proactive and positive approach to the things that once cause so much distress.

    Thank you so much Adriene for your guidance in my practice. Everyday has been just what the doctor ordered and I look forward to the next 22 days. Thank you for your light hearted nature and for creating an invitational practice where I can be forgiving to myself, accepting of where I am and celebrate the steps I am taking in the right direction.

    Namaste _/|\_

  49. Today's practice was amazing. I really loved it. Could not do the crow pose at all, but some day, one day I hope to do it. Thanks Adriene for this calming video♥♥

  50. I loved, loved, LOVED this practice! (I loved the other ones too, but this one... Mmmm...) When you were going in to savasana I was like: "What? Already??"
    Thank you so much for these videos - they bring me so much peace and joy everyday! <3

  51. That was beautiful. I felt it was my 'reward' for persisting with the challenge. Thank you, Adrienne, you are a beautiful soul. Looking forward to day 9.

  52. HI Adrienne!
    I am a blocked and anxious novel writer and this practice with you has led me to unblock, and trust myself and my path again. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to connect with your laid back yet mindful soul. Thank you.
    How about a 365 day challenge?! I'd love to meet with you every day to focus like this! 🙂
    In gratitude,

  53. Namaste Adriene!!!
    I wanted to let you know that I felt a deep joy when you said "Day 8 - Don't hate, meditate, feel great!!". Really appreciate all the energy and positive boost you bring in everyday. Though we don't know each other yet I feel a much deeper connection with the being in you. Great job and Thanks for making this available.
    I would like to share a sanskrit shloka that speaks of universal Joy. I choose to share this with you as you embody it by sharing this yoga experience.

    In Sanskrit:
    ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः।
    सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।
    सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु।
    मा कश्चित् दुःख भाग्भवेत्॥
    ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

    In English:
    Om, Sarve bhavantu sukhinaḥ
    Sarve santu nirāmayāḥ
    Sarve bhadrāṇi paśyantu
    Mā kashchit duḥkha bhāgbhavet
    Oṁ Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ

    May all be prosperous and happy
    May all be free from illness
    May all see what is spiritually uplifting
    May no one suffer
    Om peace, peace, peace

  54. Again another perfect warm self loving practice. You have a calm excitement to you that keeps me wanting more. Namaste

  55. Thank you so much dear Adriene, with this practice i could see my growing, not only i was able to do crowpose wich a significant step in my practice but only I notice my self calmer and grounded. Thank you again for share yourself

  56. Dearest Adriene,
    I loved this yin practice!
    I love the way you teach, with joy and humor.
    Perfect balance ; not too serious!

  57. I am an ultrarunner. I had never really tried yoga more than a few times. I'm at day 8 now and I am enjoying it so much! I am SO tight, especially quads and hips. I can't squat like you do but I will. I am patient and enjoying this yoga session each day in addition to my run. I even orders a mat which will arrive today. Thank you for being you! I love the way you practice and teach. Calm, easy to follow, explaining adaptations. Can't wait for Day 9.

  58. Adriene, thank you for these wonderful videos. I practiced yoga very seriously for many years, but for the last 3-4 years, life has taken me away from the practice - I've been going through some big life changes, and I just made the decision to return to yoga when a friend told me about your videos. I've been a little apprehensive about going to classes (especially in LA, where I live) because they can feel really competitive and judgemental, and it makes me focus on how I look instead of how I feel.

    Honestly, after a week of your videos, it makes me think I might not really have to go to a class again. I feel your warmth and kindness through the videos (which I don't ever feel in the highly produced ones from Gaiam etc), and it feels like the personal vibe of a class without any of the judgement. Thank you so much! It's clear from the fact that I had to scroll so far down the page to leave you a comment that I'm not alone in my gratefulness for you! <3

  59. This community you have created'around your indescribably lovely yoga videos,'s truly amazing. My love and respect to you. And to us all.
    I will spread the word here in Finland. We sorely need some of your attitude in respect to acceptance, gentleness, and lightness. AND love. <3

  60. Dear Adriene, you''re really wonderful and a great teacher for yoga meditation and gentle practices as well as for more energetic postures / sequences. Thank you so much for your videos ! 🙂 Namaste from Switzerland

  61. My brothers both cured their acid reflux by drinking Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar every day. I drink it with blackstrap molasses and water every morning for all its other benefits!

  62. Bonjour Adriene,

    Four words : you make my day !!

    Great progressive practice for a beginner like me + fun and good vibes. Your videos bring happiness into my home even on rainy days, so THANK YOU <3 .

    Anne-Julie, from France

  63. I have been doing your daily yoga since Jan. 1, 2018, a New Year's Resolution. I have not missed a day yet. I started with "30 Days of Yoga" through January. I did "True" through the month of February and now I am doing "30 Days of Yoga" again through March. I match yoga days with calendar days to help me keep track. I am 71 years old and feel great. Thank you for making these available.

  64. I absolutely love these yoga routines. I have done yoga exercises over the years that have been too fast paced for my liking. You make yoga fun and exciting for the next day to come. I have been following along every day so far. I feel so good afterwards. Thank you so much for doing this. You are awesome.

  65. Omg i loved today' practice. I missed one day yesterday thinking the practice would too much stretch as I had period pain but I regret cause it would have been great to do this practice yesterday. So relaxing even I didnot manage to do it as perfect as you do. much love. sarah

  66. Every practice has been good so far. This one did something more. I opend up. I cried. I was really in touch wiht my innerself. What an amazing experience. Thank you so much.

  67. Thanks for this today. It's almost as if the Universe knew I needed this today. Of course, this was recorded five years ago and we're in the middle of a pandemic right now and I just wanted to cuddle back into my blankets and stay in bed. But I dragged myself out to do the yoga and was brought back to a state of peace and acceptance and readiness for today. Thanks for this today. Blessings.

  68. This has been the only relaxing thing in these strange times as we go through a pandemic. Day 8 and I can already see my body transform (unless I'm imagining it lol) and I feel much better, more flexible, sleep better. Used to struggle with insomnia, but I know the cure know! I love that I can do this workout anytime of the day. literally me at 2:15am, cranking it out... haha thanks Adrienne!

  69. Absolutely love this heal video Adriene. You my dear have changed my life. Thanks for helping my fibromyalgia, arthritic body to feel healed and healthy again. You are a magical woman and I love everything about you and Beni. Xoxoxo J and my pooch Zeke.

  70. Dear Adriene - Day 8 is the best. Day 7 was good too, harder, and then Day 8 is so great for stretching. One question... about the pigeon pose, when one leans over the bent leg towards the front, is that bent leg in the center of one's leaning over? I just find my chest (boobs) get in the way and I have to shift a bit to the left. I have this problem every time with pigeon pose. Thanks!

    1. This was a wonderful session. Thank you. Some days this pandemic gets to me; everyone should do yoga, as I keep telling my family & friends. I’m realising that for years my left leg & hip have been super tight, but slowly, very slowly, they are starting to release, as is my shoulder. Every day things are feeling looser & more alive. That’s years of poor posture coupled with an anxious disposition. But this, this is pure magic! THANK YOU.

  71. So enjoying my first 30 days of yoga programme with YWA, you are an inspiration to soooo many girl, please keep up the good work! Felt really good coming towards the end of session 8, then suddenly from out of no-where.... tears! I think it is a sign of how ‘in the moment’ of self awareness a really was, laying there flipping my feet around like I was a child again. I am almost 60! Grateful to have found these classes., they are enriching my life.

  72. Today’s practice came on just the right day! Love it when that happens!
    Your energy gels with exactly what I like in Yoga practice and I am so enjoying this series and all your videos! I really appreciate you and the practice you’re sharing!

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