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30 Days of Yoga - Day 6

Day 6 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Six Pack Abs! Yogi style. This is a shorter practice to tone the abdominals in a mindful way that feels fun and supportive! Also, almost everyone wants more core strength and tone abdominals. You asked for it!

Use this Day 6 practice to check in with the core. Mindful core training will support your entire practice and whole body health. While tone abs are something we all fancy (me too) core strength training is so much more than washboard abs or a flat tummy. By building core strength you are supporting the the back and all of the muscles that surround your dear spinal cord. By working those muscles we are taking some of our weight off the spine and engaging the entire body. We are more likely to do active, engaging things when the body is strong & engaged. Great for runners, dancers, movers and shakers! Great for grounding the spirit.

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

61 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 6”

    1. Very good work out for the abs and nice and gentle with the breathing... It helps.. Wonderful

  1. Loved this one! Looks fun, but it actually really works the abs if you put a lot of energy into it! Thanks for sharing, this has been a great day πŸ™‚

    Oh, and btw Adriene, I sent you something to your PO Box a little while ago, doubt you'll see this message, but would love to know if you got it! I sent the yoga pose illustrations - Tree pose and Sun Salutations! πŸ™‚ x

  2. I'm still with you too! This is amazing- I was guided to your YouTube channel right as 30 Days of Yoga kicked off. I don't know if it's the tiger pants or your personality & teaching style that I love so much. I practice yoga on the reg but this is helping me build my home practice, my love for yoga, and my commitment to get on the mat every single day- no matter what. I'm making time for myself. I'm prioritizing my physical and spiritual growth & wellbeing. And having fun doing it!! This reminds me of why I fell in love with yoga in the first place. Thank you for rekindling that fire!! I genuinely thank you for your work Adriene (& everyone else behind the scenes) keep doing what you do!! Big love from New York. Namaste

  3. Another awesome workout! had to take many breaks but did most of it. I can see adding some extended leg twists in there as well if a person needed an extra challenge. I'm not that person yet but maybe some day. I'll be adding much of this to my regular home practice. Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. This was a great workout! I was still feeling it the day after and then Day 7 came to rescue and stretch my body. I will be coming back to this one for sure!

  5. Hey Adriene,

    I’m really loving your 30 days of yoga program! I’m a complete beginner and enjoying to play with all these new postures every day. You give me a great start of each day, thank you πŸ™‚

    Only one question: I’ve subscribed to the downloadable edition. No problems with the video’s, but I’m not receiving the daily emails from you πŸ™ Can I still get them somehow?

    Namaste from the Netherlands!

  6. That was most excellent! I even tried a crow pose and did some head stands after and now feel awesome! I think Im going return to this one after each of the following videos. Im a community dance artist and have been out of action over the last year or more for a plethora of worthy reasons and Im currently embarking on launching my freelance business proper and getting back into my moving self. I slipped a disc in my lower spine twice within the last couple of years and so its important I have a strong core to support all my dancing and teaching. Currently its my weakest area! I normally hat sit ups and crunches and that type of exercise but this was totally accessible for me and I felt like I had the tools to take it at my own pace and build up safely at my own 'out of practice and historically broken' pace. I genuinely feel great and like Im getting back to my real self bit by bit.

    Thank you Adrienne.

  7. Hi there, just to say that I used a small pillow instead of the block and it worked well! The abs were great! Definitely working the core! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  8. This is my least favorite one, sorry I don't like abs too much... Can't wait for day 7 πŸ™‚
    I'm loving this daily commitment to myself to get on the mat no matter what.
    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.


  9. Wow. That's a tough one. I think we all try to avoid abs. This one hurt. Ready for Day 7 however!

  10. I'm a few days behind. But still here! I'm loving this set of videos- it's perfect to build the habit of daily yoga practice. Next month my goal is to do longer sessions. Thank you!

  11. I am so happy I found your site only on day 6 and I feel stronger and can hold my plank longer. I started eating better and have not been craving all the bad stuff. Thanks for making this fun!!

  12. I'm new to this site and your videos, and for a minute I thought you were serious about the six-pack abs thing. Which, I care a lot about self-acceptance and body positivity, so I thought I was going to have to grit my teeth through this. So glad to find that this practice was not like that at all! I took a lot of breaks, but it was a great core workout, and I'm feeling good πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Adriene,

    I am loving these videos! I got a yoga mat for Christmas and found your videos on YouTube. I love the daily emails that keep inspiring me to get on my mat. I can already start to feel the difference in my body, and my husband told me he is seeing a difference! Thanks for the awesome videos and for giving me something to look forward to after long, stressful days.

    P.S. Has anyone ever told you that you look a little bit like Alyssa Milano? I was a huge fan of Charmed and every time I pull up one of your videos, for a split second I think Alyssa Milano is going to teach me some yoga! Lol πŸ™‚

  14. hey Adriene πŸ˜‰ my abs are on fire! i couldn't believe that yoga can train tummy even better than specific abs workout. thank you for your energy πŸ™‚

  15. DAY 6: Six Pack Abs. The stomach represents the core area of the body and indeed strengthens the lower back. I currently suffer from lower back pain and have a bit of tenderness prior to going into today's practice. Laying down and folding legs outward where the knees do their best to touch the ground is a very awakening stretch for the muscles in my legs. Looking forward to the day that they will be at peace with the movement. Thanks Adriene for adding in a piece of the core. Your intro reminded me of how much Dancing has evolved with hip-hop, etc that are now being fully accepted. I'm sure some of your moves and beliefs will become the norm one day soon! In gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to connect with ME!!!!

  16. Thank you so much, I have just started 6 days ago but I'm feeling excited!! Can't wait to continue and see how I will be feeling in 20 days πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Adrienne, I'm just joining the challenge now. I am curious if you know much about diastis recti after pregnancy/giving birth? My abdominal muscles separated, and from my research, it is not great to do ab work (crunches and the like), as they can actually cause more harm than good. Pelvic floor exercise is recommended. So basically, do you have any idea if the poses involving your abdominal muscles are helpful for this issue? Obviously day 6 was very core centered, so I was a little nervous throughout that this variation wasn't the best for me. I've been avoiding ab strengthening exercises just because I don't want to harm an already delicate situation, but I'm hopeful that yoga will be a great solution because I'm loving it so much. If you have any ideas or knowledge about yoga and diastis recti, I'd love to hear!

  18. Just completed day 6! Love this series! I love the pace and the explanation of the poses. I especially love that it is slow and controlled and how to keep your back on the mat as well as releasing when the small of the back lifts. All the other yoga videos I've tried never explained this. Thank you adriene!

  19. I love this workout so much! I even get back to it every time I feel the day practice was not enough.
    Hope I will get that six pack one day ;p

  20. After hiking 13 miles yesterday, I was very grateful to not be using my leg muscles so much in todays practices. I definitely don't do enough ab work, and I love that you kept reminding me not to crunch! I did track and cross country in high school and I used to do 250 CRUNCHES - very bad for the rest of my body, I'm sure. It almost feels like more of a workout to not crunch the head/shoulders/neck.

  21. Hi Adriene and fellow yogis,
    Day 6 - It is a Saturday day, so I took my time to get to the mat. Boy! Those moves are not easy. Just holding my legs up while Adriene was explaining wore me out. But I managed to stick with it through the end. I do not have a yoga brick but luckily I had a cardbox, packing box of some sort of similar size. So I used that for the scissor moves.
    I have light pain on the lower back side. So did not push it. More power tomorrow.

    Om Shanthi Shanthi

  22. Hanging in there definitely feeling the burn tonight after this one can't wait for tomorrows video!!

  23. Thank you for the 30 day challenge. I am out of shape and my daughter sent me your videos. I have began and so far stuck with you each day. I really love your gentile approach to the program. It does help me come back each day.

  24. Hi Adriene and fellow yogis! After having some stomach cramps, I saw today's title and thought damn πŸ™ but once I'd completed it I felt amazing. Really did start the "fire in the belly"! I also thought I'd give the crow pose another try as recommended at the end of this video. I really couldn't get it before but today I actually achieved at least 5 seconds with my feet off the floor! I am so proud and can already see some progress after just 8 days of ever trying yoga.
    Thank you for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Adriene,
    I missed Day 5 *boo hoo* but I'm back on the mat and just completed Day 6. Thanks for being so encouraging and motivational. I love your sense of humour and your personality. You are real and that makes all the difference.

    See you tomorrow!
    Swee Lin

  26. For day 6, I'm in a thankful mood. I fell three days behind after day 2, so I should have been on day 9 today. I had been focusing negative energy on the fact that I was behind and thought I needed to catch up. However, when I got on the mat this morning, I read your pre-yoga email, and realized that I need not "push" or rush myself into the self-love that you mentioned. I'm now amazed at myself for having allowed the negative energy in, AND I'm proud of myself for letting it go. Thanks Adriene!

  27. I just started these and I love them. I'm a student and carry a lot of books and junk around with me during the school year, so I tend to carry a lot of weigh in my lower back and hips. I feel like strengthening my abs will help with that, but in this practice I felt like my lower back was doing more work than my abs were. Does anyone have tips about how to get some of that pressure off my lower back?

  28. Oh my word Adriene, what a fun session this is going to take some work for me. Definitely lit a fire in my belly.
    loving this series of videos.

  29. This was a tough one. Definitely a video I'll revisit to help build my strength. Crow pose is a goal for me, so I suppose the core strength is something I'll be working on this summer. After the video played I ended up doing some of day 7. Love those forward bends and had to get some downward dog into me before the day was over. Thanks again, Adriene for making these videos available to everyone.

  30. This is a wonderful, loving way to get me back into working my core. I'm just starting to exercise and practice yoga again after not doing so for many years. I did feel the burn and am very encouraged. Thanks!

  31. Thank You So Very Much for this 30 Days of Yoga series!!!!! I love yoga, but you have helped me so much with the 'Get On The MAT', so that I am looking forward to each new day of yoga with you.

  32. Holy Abs. I felt that one, and it was hard to pay attention to my breath this practice. That is definitely something to work on, but I loved it.

  33. Loved it! I thought I wouldn't be able to do some of them but I put my mind to it and I think after two weeks of continuous Yoga in the morning and in the evening, I have found my strength! So pleased! Thank you so much for this Adrienne!!! xxx

  34. HELP! I'm trapped in Day 6 and I can't get out! This one's so good--and I'm getting such great results--that I have been repeating it every other day. Thanks, Adriene, this is AWESOME!

  35. Thank you Adriene, I am motivated by your 30days Yoga program. After Day6..... Sore sore sore. But I feel great. Thank you!!

  36. I love today's practice! I've enjoyed all of them for various, reasons, but with today's I really could feel my core engaging! I also want to say that I really enjoy your style of teaching, including explaining poses and their variations. I'm really hoping that at least one of these days will include lower back, hip, psoas strength and opening. Thank you so much for hosting this awesome challenge!

  37. I loved this video! It really did light a fire in my belly. I am a beginner yogi and I love this 30 day challenge! Its so much fun! Thanks Adriene for introducing me to the wonderful world of yoga.

  38. I'm a complete beginner and love your videos, it's been nearly a week and already I feel so much better, don't know why its taken me so long to discover yoga but very glad I have started!
    Thank you x

  39. Hi Adriene, this video was great and I really enjoyed it. I always have a problem when scissoring my legs though, I can go really low but every time I do it causes my left hip to make a popping noise. I can feel it too, and whilst it's not painful it makes me worry that I shouldn't be doing that or that something is wrong. Have you got any advice on this?

  40. This practice has become a super positive force in my day. Something all my own for me to reach my inner child. Thank you

  41. Thank you. This reminds me of my Classical Pilates class that I have not been to in a while and need to return to for myself.

  42. I just completed 30 Days a Yoga. I feel refreshed and renewed. I'm glad I made the commitment and I was just as emotional as Adrienne to see it end. Thank you

  43. Hello from Mauritius Adrien. Amazing abs session today! i was a bit scared of the session today as I am on my first day of period. It went out great. thanks for your patience and dedication.blessings. xx

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