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30 Days of Yoga - Day 30

Day 30 of of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! You made it. We rolled out the mat for 30 Days. It may have taken longer than 30 Days - but you did it. You are here, now. You committed to yourself, to a practice that serves, inspires and moves. Enjoy this celebratory practice and know that you are are connected to others around the globe also with the mission to Find What Feels Good.

Day 30 is ultimately an opportunity for me to show you that really - it is all you baby. It is an opportunity for you to trust and love. It is an opportunity for you to get a good work out and work-it-out. It is a celebration of our practice and of our community! It's about inspiration. How lucky are we to have this practice to grow and this experience to learn from?! Who would have thought you could appreciate the tools of yoga at home in such a way and be your own boss? Who would of thought you would actually make friends across the globe and connect to a community on YouTube? Not me. But I'm so very glad we did.

Amazing work my friends. Please, please share your experience down below and stay connected. We have so much potential!This is just the beginning.

So very grateful for this community - keep rocking!!!

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301 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 30”

  1. Hey Adriene, I just completed the 30 days of yoga! Yay! I am so excited to have been a part of this journey from the start. I found you accidentally on YouTube and was instantly drawn to your energy and positive attitude. Your classes have been a perfect match for me. Most of all with my hectic schedule your classes have been doable; I have been able to sustain a routine within the workweek which, is not possible if I go to a studio. I feel a difference...I can't thank you enough for this enormous gift you have provided to me. You Rock! I appreciate you. Namaste. Lynn (P.S. Will I be able to access the Reboot series on You Tube?)

    1. Hola Adriene!

      I have just finished my 30 days of yoga with you and I feel great (sad to have finished) but have noticed such a difference in body and also mindset.
      I came across you accidentally on youtube, just over a month ago when I was incredibly stressed and would do a practice a day with you after work. I always felt SO much better.
      Anyway, enough about me. I think you are wonderful and I wish you could be multiplied around the world. I live in London, so not sure I'd make it to Texas for a class! I am also a teacher of young children and I have recommended you to everyone I know. I think the way you subtly differentiate and remind people that it is fine to be in different positions and stages is so wonderful. In addition, your playful approach and sense of humour has made it really fun to do! You remind me a lot of some of my friends.
      So thank you for everything, I will be looking out for more videos, as well as reminding people to look out for you!
      Well done on making a positive change to so many people. 🙂
      Namaste x

      1. Adriene you make me so happy. I love your series 30 days. I'll turn 73 in a couple
        weeks and have enjoyed you for a few years now. So proud you are staying with it. If you do the UTube free where can I contribute? Read a great article on your journey.
        Glad you didn't choose the acting! Love love love your direction for us stay at homers..Thank You.

    2. What a beautiful end to the thirty days! I cried because it was so beautiful. Thank you Adriene. You are a gifted teacher. This practice has started my day in a beautiful way for the past thirty days. I know I will continue.
      Much love,

      1. I cried at the end as well. This has truly been a gift for me, you have no idea. I felt so uncredebly strong under todays last yogaclass. I dont want it to end. Hos can i walk alone from here?

      2. I shed a tear also! To complete this 30 day journey has been incredible. Thank you Adriene for giving me the strength and confidence to try new things, venture out into my own journey with yoga and feel at peace. Namaste x

    3. I just finished the 30 days of Yoga. As a traditional yoga-type, I was skeptical at first. Then I found myself enjoying the variety and the playfulness in these sessions. I LOVE the constant reminder to connect to Earth and that we are ONE. I have done daily yoga for some time with other guided videos, and I now feel inspired to get on my mat anywhere, anytime, and just Find What Feels Good!
      Thank you Adriene. Keep up this great work.

    4. Bonjour Adrienne
      Génial de faire du yoga avec vous:) vous êtes douce gentille, fun, et jeune et belle:)) j’ai 62 ans et suis arrivée au 30 days après 45 jours pendant le confinement à l Île Maurice (Mauritius Island- Indian Ocean) — That was NOT easy .. I hope I will continu..
      It’s the best cours de yoga I have had since 5 years!! MANY THANKS.. and keep as it is.. :))

  2. A great finish. A yoga dance celebration to bring things to an end. Enjoyed every minute of it and looking forward to new adventures. I started a few months ago with yoga and found your videos simply more fun then the rest. As you say no robot yoga. There are a lot of high quality instruction videos out there but yours had the element of being on the personal level that makes it work for me and others safe to say.

    While I enjoyed the videos that had been previously posted it was the 30 day challenge that brought yoga together for me. The well designed individual sessions worked as a program to build skill and increase commitment. Now yoga practice either online or in person will mean a lot more to me.

    I will miss waking up early to peak at what's posted for the day and determine if I can sleep late or not if its a long session.

    Thank you.

  3. I loved this so much! Started off following you throughout the practice but then moved onto my own moves when I felt the need.

    Those flip dogs I couldn't do yesterday - I nailed today! Even showed my housemate and got her to give it a go. Must have been having an off day yesterday, but it's the small wins in life that count, right?

    I really loved sharing these last 30 days with you and I'm hoping I can continue to fit yoga into my daily life. I'm going to a blog event tomorrow and there's going to be a yoga class at the end - very exciting to do a class with a real life human, rather than via YouTube 🙂

    I'm a little nervous, I've only been to one yoga class before when I was 17, the teacher said my back was like a crocodile (?) and tried to bend me in ways that my body hated. I've been terrified ever since. Doom.

    Hope you've having a wonderful weekend.
    Peace out,
    Corinne x

  4. This 30 days has been amazing. I'm in Japan, so the time difference means I was doing them the day after you posted, and checking before bed to see what the morning held has become a habit. Thank you so much for doing these, they gave me a reason to pause every day and take a little time to "do what feels good", a little peace in my morning made the rest of the day go better. Thank you again.

  5. Woohoo! Feeling good! I just trusted my body and moved with the music. Beautiful way to honor and show respect for my great body and all the lovely things it does for me. I felt strong and stayed in crow pose for about five seconds (!!) towards the end. Moved easily and with intention. Have a blessed weekend!

    Much love,

    Meredith in Washington

  6. Adriene, Thank you so much for giving us "YOU" for the past 30 days, it was a journey that I throughly enjoyed, and wasn't sure I could make it, I'm 57 years young, and take care of my body, and always have, after all it is our temple. I made it all the way!!

  7. Thank you, Adrienne! The 30 challenge was just what I needed. You have inspired me to move forward and practice yoga everyday. I am not sure of my intention for the next month, but I will be there on the mat! Thanks again!!!! MB

  8. A wonderful way to end this 30 day challenge. I feel it's more of a blessing than a challenge. Thank you so much for these daily videos. I hope I can continue my journey, and continue to open my heart, hips, and mind. You have given us the stepping stones to create a home practice, and even in my tiny apartment, I could follow your videos. I really appreciate the time and effort you've put in to make these videos. Thank you.

  9. Hi Adrienne and community.

    Just wanted to say thank you for the videos and these workouts. I particularly loved the freestyle at the end and a couple of days ago and was doing totally different exercises you'd previously shown me and learning to make it my own as suggested. I will miss coming to the mat everyday but I began doing yoga with you last February and have felt so calm and refreshed after every session. I also love taking time to do the pranayama and foundations of yoga series to improve on myself and I especially enjoyed the vinyasa and the 7 day challenge you did last year which was a good precursor of things to come. I've really enjoyed this challenge and am looking forward to what happens next. Namaste. 🙂 xx

  10. Adriene you are incredibly clever and sweet. Looking forward to reboot..yay!! Also would love to grab a tee shirt..sharing the love from down under...I could practice alone but i choose to connect to you..thank you soo much>>Namaste!!!
    Dimity Jane

  11. Adriene, you seriously are my favorite person to practice with. The whole journey I've had with you and with myself through these thirty days has truly been wonderful. I thank you with everything I have for keeping it fun and not serious. I feel that we all need to do that , yoga teachers or not, break free and make it your own! I am really interested in knowing the soundtrack you used for today's video if you would kindly share that with me it would be great ([email protected]) because I have a hands and wrists workshop and I feel that this would make it just totally cool and beautiful! Once again.... Thank you and I send my love and happiness to you! Namaste~

  12. I enjoyed your yoga classes very much. I'm going to keep it up with you. Thank you. Namaste!

  13. I agree with everyone else- such a perfect finish to this thirty days. I am feeling a little emotional too, girl! Love connecting to this community- and it's been great to feel like each day as I get on the mat, I'm doing it with all of us here. And btw, GREAT soundtrack for this last video.

  14. I want you to know how much your videos have inspired me to change everything : my mental outlook, my thoughts, my life. I usually get depressed/sad in the winter, and your videos have been a beautiful solace and something to look forward to everyday. I can't remember the last time I actually committed to something in my life but your videos made it easy. I can't thank you enough for thinking of others and providing this free service. I want you to know how much it has made a difference. You absolutely rock and I'm so blessed to have been on this journey with you. All of my best and namaste, gs chicago, il.

  15. Wow! I loved the past 30 days so much. Thank you, Adriene for all the love, humor, and work you put into this. I liked how you you left the last day up to us to find our own rhythm. I wasn't sure about that at first; I figured I would just follow along with what you were doing but apparently I learned a lot over the past 30 days because I did end up doing my own thing as suggested:) I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I have these past few weeks so thank you for that. I will surely be keeping my practice up! Yeah!

  16. Wow ! I feel energised!! Finished the 30 today just running a bit late but so loved the whole thing .
    Thank you for a brilliant inspirational month . I love your videos which have challenged me but also made me laugh .
    Your personality shines through and it feels like I'm sharing a class with an old friend !
    Thanks Adriene and the team for such a wonderful yoga journey xx

  17. These are such positive remarks, and I am feeling good sharing in the celebrations of big and small movements in our community's practice and habit. I wanted to throw my own reflection in the mix as well, mainly for honesty's sake: On our third day of thirty I came down with a cold, battled it, babied it, and cursed it until it ran its course on about our 15th day. I got on a plane around our 21st day, and came down from the clouds sick again. Two in once month? Ugh.

    The reality for me was that I failed to engage everyday in our practice. I attempted to find some time each day to sit up, breathe, and remind myself that this too is a part of the journey: failure and what follows. For me this has been acceptance and choosing to find what feels good even when I don't.

    Last night, I downloaded the 30 days (, so I can take another run at making this know, a practice. So glad to be in this together, near and far.

    1. Hi Faith,
      I too got knocked down by cold and allergy. On one of the mornings, the sneezing fit and runny nose was so annoying that I had to stop half through that day's session. I made it up the next day when I was feeling better.
      Key is to stick with it. On many a cold mornings here in San Jose, CA, I did not feel like getting up. But I had started March with the intention of having a routine or ritual of getting up at 6:00 AM every morning and doing yoga. This 30 days of yoga with Adriene has been a big help.


  18. Just beautiful to see you move, the fluidity, the gracefullness, your sequence is just what I needed to learn "what feels good". I will have to keep practicing, learning my own daily "dance". Thank you for your creativity and your contagious energy. I'll see you back on the mat tomorrow and the days to come. This 30 days have started something amazing and will last.... longer then 30 days.

  19. The world is covered in white new beautiful snow outside my windows. I had my last practice by the fireplace. And I as I had a cozy time with beautiful Adriene, and my two little angels and love were all sleeping so the house was all mine. I was grateful for just that, all of those things. I am so happy for taking care of myself and transforming in all areas of my life..witch never stops but at this moment I found you to share it with and I feel so good doing yoga, living more and more yoga. Standing in balancing poses while cooking just cause it´s comfortable and I am aware and awake the more I let it in. So cool that the world has got someone like you girl,. And I agree it really does feel like you are an old friend.
    Namaste everone. Namaste

  20. Hi Adriene, thank you so much for these 30 days of yoga!! I enjoyed it so much and might repeat them 🙂 I'm a few days away from receiving my yoga certification. I want to spread my passion for yoga too!
    Namaste and all the best!

  21. I have just completed my 30 days of yoga with you, and I feel like this is just the beginning. I have looked forward each day to my time on the mat, you are an amazing teacher/friend, thank you for this gift! Going to check out either empower or reboot next!! Love!

  22. Thank you Adrienne for giving me a venue to continue my yoga practice. I had done yoga with a very good teacher for six months and then she moved and I just couldn't join any other class due to work and time pressures. Now I do yoga with you every morning at 6:30 am and I love it. Your 30 days of yoga was amazing, loved every minute of it and I really want to thank you. I am amazed at how much I have improved in performing the Asanas. Thanks again, Seema-Karachi, Pakistan.

  23. Thank you Adriene for truly wonderful 30 Days of Yoga. Such a brilliant start to 2015 with a fabulous and supportive guide. Thank you for enabling me to make space in my daily routine for yoga, for making yoga fun and helping me reconnect with myself.
    Hurrah for Adriene!

  24. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you so much for these 30 days of Yoga! My boyfriend and I did it together, and previously he has never been interested in yoga, but now he is converted. He is a long distance runner and has suffered from plantar fasciitis for a long time, but it seems to have disappeared due to daily yoga. It was really fun to wake up to a new video every single day and to progressively build strength in certain poses.



  25. You ROCK!!! I haven't finished the 30 days due to my work schedule but every time I get on my mat it is like I haven't missed a beat! I so wish I could go to one of your live sessions - being in VA makes that a bit difficult!! You are so open and I love reading everyone's post. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  26. This has been such a gift. I hope it's available so that I can start it all over again! Thank you for helping me change my life for the better!

  27. Hi Adriene, I always thought that Yoga was not my thing. I only liked energetic sports like aerobics and steps, but then I got MS and things changed. Luckily I found your yoga videos and now I'm addicted! Thanks Adriene for showing me that yoga is fun and helpful in so many ways! With love from Holland.

  28. Yesterday was my first day of this yoga challenge and I am super excited. After all exams and studying my muscles hurt everywhere especially my back. So now it's my day 2 and Im feeling better and better. Have a nice day!

  29. Thank you so much for this 30 day challenge. I enjoyed it SO much. A friend recommended this series to our knitting group (BIG thank-you to Alicia!) and on a whim, I decided to try it. I think I might LOVE Yoga! You challenged us to find 10 things we want to do for February....Continuing with Yoga will definitely be #1 (I'll have to think about the other 9 though). Okay, I've rambled on enough, you get it......again, Thank-you!

  30. Greetings my friend Adriene...I am Reid Foster form Montgomery, Alabama. I found your youtube videos the last week and I am very new to yoga and its practices. However i have signed up for the 30 day yoga challenge in hopes of completing all 30 days. However, that may take me 60+ days to complete because of having some health issues. I have Dysautonomia (POTS) that is an autonomic nervous system disorder diagnosed in 2013. You can find more information about Dysautonomia if you goggle it or go to Dysautonomia International where there is more information about this rare disorder that i struggle with daily. I choose to struggle forward together with others that is why i am choosing to seek out and research the practice of yoga. I like your slow and easy going and fun approach to your videos. Also, just wanted you to know that i am following you as i work into this yoga practice slow and steady. I am enjoying the slow pace of your videos as my heart rate can go from the 80's into the 120's just from standing up (POTS). As i study and research Yoga i encourage and challenge you to research Dysautonomia. Again i want to THANK YOU for your encouragement and smile as I have completed day #2 of the challenge even as i am wearing a heart monitor for helping the doctors help me ADJUST (my 2015 word) and feel BETTER (2014 word). I am going slow and just now learning all the yoga poses and words of yoga practice. There is lots more to my story and i am working on starting a blog and a Dysautonomia support group here in Alabama. If there are any basic books or reading material on the healing practices of yoga could you please send your recommendations to me for my personal research. Thanks so very much for taking your time to read this message. Struggling forward together with others, Reid Foster Montgomery, Alabama.
    About to tackle day #3....

  31. Adrienne,
    I enjoyed your 30 Days of Yoga! I started my first Yoga class about a year ago with my wife and we are both hooked for life. We have made some great lifestyle changes to go along with our yoga. We are eating very healthy,watching our portion sizes and have cut out alcohol entirely from our lives. We have never felt better. We love the workout but more importantly the spiritual aspect of the practice. We have two beautiful daughters that also practice with us when they are home from college. We joined a yoga studio where we live on Long Island. I have lost about 30lbs since a year ago and toned my body. It makes me feel so good about my journey. It was fun following your 30 Days of Yoga! I found some days I'd still go to class and come back home to follow your class. Thanks for being a great role model and a positive person. This world needs more people like you Adriene! Namaste

  32. Thank you Adriene- your show of emotion was beautiful- I could always sense your genuine love for all of 'us' throughout the videos, as I started my days with your big smile of encouragement. But now to see how proud you are at the end...beautiful. Thanks for giving all of us such a generous gift- yourself, your practice, your fresh energy- each and every day for the month. I am so grateful and will look forward to starting from Day 1 again tomorrow. Namaste

  33. I just want to thank you so much for these videos and for all your support and love that you are giving us, Adriene! Thanks again!

  34. Hi Adriene!

    Greetings from the Czech Republic. My friends and I love watching your videos! When we meet up for a ladies night, we first do yoga with you before we make a delicious dinner.

    I just wanted to thank you so much for these past 30 days of yoga. I have just finished the sequence of videos and I really feel much stronger and more confident. This is the first time in my life that I have managed to keep practicing regularly, thanks to your positive attitude and encouragement. I have a hectic schedule but now I know I can do it, and it's worth it!

    Thanks again and please keep doing what you're doing.


  35. Hi Adriene,
    I finished my 30 day of yoga practice just now and loved this last video. It really shows how much you have taught us in just one month - I was so happy to be able to follow along and recognise all the poses. What a wonderful final!
    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and dedication and generosity to share your love for yoga with people from around the world! Your yoga series has truly changed part of my life for the better. I'm very grateful for this.
    Sending love across the ocean from Europe.

  36. I downloaded your 30 days but wanted to know if I could load on both my laptop pic and my iPad for convenience...will it let me? Anyone know lonk still in my mailbox haven't done it yet

  37. Hi Adriene!
    2015 is still new but I already dare to say that last month will end up as being the best one of the year! So that just makes me rediscovering your videos over and over again....:)
    Thank you so much for this wonderful journey! It really makes me feeling alive (and yes, I just practised day 5 again:) ). I love what you're doing, keep up the good work!

    Lots of love from the Netherlands <3

  38. Only at day 7, but already very much enjoying the 30 days! It's so doable when it's just half an hour to commit yourself to. I do the challenge before I go to bed, only cheat on the nights that I'm home after midnight. Thanks for making the videos!

  39. Thank you for 30 days of yoga! I allways wanted to start and this was the thing I needed. I found a new hobby that really suits me.

  40. Adrienne I am a grandmother. ..raising 2 of my 5 grandsons. If that isn't challenging enough, I chose at 55 to get into shape, eat better and feel better. I started by running , I lost 50 lbs but wanted to tone. Then I found your website. You are so at ease. If I can't do a certain pose ...knee give me alternatives. Your website lets me fit the program into my schedule. Thank you

  41. Thank you so much for igniting my home practice and showing me that I don't have to be a Yoga Robot - I can just have fun. Looking forward to the next 30 days - I joined your Reboot program and I will redo this 30 days too! Namaste

  42. Just finished the 30 Days of Yoga! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and accessible program. For years I've wanted to have a solid home practice, but was never consistent. Now I feel like your classes have gotten me into a healthy habit. I downloaded your 5 flow videos and plan to continue with those and also revisit some of the 30 day videos. You are such a blessing! Namaste

  43. Today was my Day 30!! I am still a beginner when it comes to yoga, and going through these 30 days, I felt like I always NEEDED some kind of instruction. So when I finally reached Day 30 and saw that it was without any direction, I completely panicked and paused the video and all these thoughts filled my head: "Oh gosh, I can't do this! I need some guidance! Maybe I'll just watch a different video instead because I'm not good enough to do it on my own...." But then I stopped all of these negative thoughts and suddenly realized, hey, I made it THIS FAR and I feel like I've learned soooo much. I DESERVE the 30th day! I CAN do this!! So I started the video up again, and my goodness, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I did my own thing for once, and every time I glanced back at the video, I saw you fully enjoying yourself, and that made me even more joyful as I found my inspiration and made it through.

    So really, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your inspiration. I can not wait to continue my journey and I know your videos will always be a part of that. I have difficulty connecting with a lot of yoga videos, but yours are always the highlight of my day.

    Thank you!!

  44. Hi Adriene!

    What an amazing journey! I used to practice yoga at home, but lately I was in a moment without inspiration, and your videos helped me soooooooo much!
    I'm from Québec, so I speak french, and at the fisrt it was a big challenge to do yoga in english (not use to the names of postures in english!), but as it goes on, I was more and more able to just listen, without looking at the video.

    I love your style of yoga, it's so full of respect and joy, and it reconnected me to the heart of yoga, not only has a physical way to stretch and get streight, but also to be there for us, for the universe, just in the present moment, conscious of our mind and body. Thank you for that!

    Can't wait to try the empower yoga!

  45. Thank you for a wonderful 30 day program. I find myself looking forward to yoga during the day. I am inspired:)

    I am using your other video for my home practice. I am planning on doing Reboot after I finish some additional beginner videos.

    My 65 year old Mama is doing the 30 day challenge now:) You are a true blessing. Thanks for sharing your love with us!


    Kristine Pierce

    (P.S. I can't wait for my t-shirt to arrive! )

  46. Thank you very much for the 30 days yoga classes. I was a bit lost at the beginning of Year 2015, I am so lucky that I accidentally found your videos on YouTube. This 30 days journey makes me think about why am I here and many other questions in life. I get so much positive energy from you and how you make me think yoga differently now. Thank you very much again. You are very positive and influential, I hope you can continue and bring more positive energy to this world.

    Thank you.

    Much love from Hong Kong

  47. Thank you, Adriene. I'm picking this back up from day 1 and going at it all over again. That's how much I love this yoga. Peace, health and happiness. Namaste, Leslie

  48. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I was late to start but so very grateful I stumbled upon your 30 Day Challenge. Today was my last day and I intend to do it all over again, challenging myself with taking the moves a bit further. I'm not sure you know the extent to which this has positively impacted the lives of others'-though I can only speak for myself so I will share a bit of that. 🙂
    I have recently endured the loss of my grandma, the divorce of my parents later in their marriage, and two miscarriages-all in the last five months. Needless to say it has been a painful time but I really wanted to respond to all of it in a way that took best care of me. Insert 30 Days of Yoga here. 🙂 Your videos provided the perfect space for me to "let go of that which no longer serves me" and to really be kind and gentle with myself. It gave me something more positive to focus on and to just really get in touch with all things hopeful. I connected with your teaching style right away-your kindness and compassion and humour shines through your videos and was the gentle encouragement I needed. So thank you, so so much for sharing your knowledge and your practice. It truly made a difference in my life.

    Namaste 🙂

  49. Dear Adrienne,

    Your 30 days Yoga Challenge has been inspiring and uplifting. I just completed Day 30 and am feeling great about how much flexibility I have, strength and how far I have come since Day 1. You make yoga fun and enjoyable! I am excited to learn more and just enjoy and "find what feels good." Thank you so much for your 30 day Challenge.

  50. yay!! alittle late, but just finished 30 days of yoga...I feel so super good-all stretched and strong-this is totally helping me get through a fierce winter here in Boston....after going thru all 30 days (slower pace maybe) I definitely feel like I will continue-really want to continue with yoga...thanks so much're inspirational...Namaste. Heidi

  51. Hey Adriene,

    I've just completed my 30 days of yoga with you. I would like you to know that I started watching and doing it because of my pannic attacks (many people suggested yoga for feeling better). And it really helped! Just noticing how my body works, what feels good, and noticing that I CAN do much more than I thought. I could have never do it all by myself so thank you so much.

    Much love and peace!

  52. Never exercised every day before but always wanted to. The 30 days of yoga have been a life changing experience and it was soo easy because of your kind and inviting way.
    Thank you
    Maggie a yogi on the making

  53. Thank you so much Adriene -- you are amazing! I really really REALLy appreciate your generosity. I feel so good after 30 days of yoga, and I can't wait to continue my home practice.

    Love from Tuscaloosa,
    - Caroline

  54. Dear Adriene,

    I want to thank you with all the love of my heart. This was a lifechanging experience for me.
    I was never into sports, have been very unflexible my whole life. I was always frustrated with myself and my workout so I always quit after a few days every time I started something.
    This was the first time ever that I kept on doing with a smile on my face and patience with myself.

    I have a lot of stress, lower back pain, stiffness and headaches. (I'm only 18 years old, so I quess that's not quite normal.) With your help I started to feel more ease in my everyday life, mind and body. I still have alot of work to do, especially with my hips, hamstrings and back - but I'm looking forward to it!

    I'm actually really surprised about myself and this last day practice - I could acutally dance in my own way!
    Thank you so much for your daily E-Mails, which really helped me stick to it and for your kind and encouraging way of teaching.

    Lots of love from fall across the ocean,
    Anai form Berlin xx

  55. Adriene, Completed 30 Days and have started over. Am still working on some of the poses, but can tell my strength and balance are improving all the time. Thank you for making yoga challenging, yet engaging and fun. As you say, "Stay present, stay positive." I will.

  56. Thank you Adriene!! My sister and I loved your 30 day challenge!! We looked forward to doing your video everyday, and getting back on the mat. We will continue our yoga practice! You made it so much fun and enjoyable!!
    We will look for more of your youtube challenges in the future!!!
    Thank you!! 🙂

  57. Very rarely, I get massages with someone here in London, the city I live in. She is a lovely spiritual soul with magic healing hands and actually incorporates yoga into her massages. I went as a new years treat after a long time, talked to her about my stressful month ahead and she recommended I do the 30 day challenge- and it couldn't have come at a better time for me. Work-wise, it has been the most challenging month of the year and I honesty feel like your videos gave me the strength to follow through without losing it entirely- so THANK YOU! Some days were lows, and I cried while doing it, others felt amazing and just right...something definitely opened up. basically, it took me through the motions in just the right way and amount. I'd been looking to get back into yoga for years (i used to practice ashtanga about 8 years ago and though only ashtanga could do it for me- but I was wrong!) and this is the first time I re-commit to it. I look forward to following your other videos like the sleep time and back pain ones. Really glad to have 'met' you! 🙂 namaste!

  58. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you so much for these 30 days of yoga! I just finished my 30 days journey which I enjoyed it so very much! My days have included ups and downs but the yoga practice has given me trust, power and energy. I thank you again!

  59. You made me fell in love with yoga! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love your lessons! You should make a yoga DVD, you're a star!

  60. Hello! I just want to thank you for these 30 days! the last video was so unique! I cried all the session!!! crazy! anyway... You have the power to communicate harmony and in these crazy moments, it is so good! I just finished the 30-days... was an incredible path to find "what feels good". I really appreciate you!!!
    I'm crazy about knowing you! hope one day you can visit Mexico!

  61. The dance was beautiful! Thank you Adriene - you're awesome!! I loved these past 30 days and sorry that it has to end...

  62. Just completed day 30! I loved the whole series! This one ws s by far the hardest. Mainly because I didn't know what to do. I guess I'm not a true yogi yet. I followed alone with Adriene and proceeded to fall on my head while attempting crow. It's okay to laugh I did! Thank you for shari g your practice with us! Namaste

  63. Hi Adriene!
    thanks for everything, I will absolutely continue with yoga practice from now on. I fell in love with it and it finally felt like I was doing it wright :).
    Greetings from Slovakia !! 🙂


  64. Hi Adriene,

    It is March 2nd and I have just finished my second round of 30 days of yoga. I am thinking if I do March then I will totally have the confidence to flow on my own and may then try the empower programme. It has been totally awesome this year doing yoga everyday with you. It was so interesting to see how doing it a second time was so different. Totally cool and ever inspiring. I think my T-shirt may have arrived but stuck in customs??? Will let you know if it is. Happy monday. Tamsin x

  65. I am so grateful for this 30 days that you have offered us. I'm grateful that I began my practice with a playful instructor but also grateful that I finally decided that to make self-care a daily ritual. It's become my favorite part of the day. I can't wait to repeat the month!

    All the love in the world to you Adrienne, thank you <3

  66. Adriene, you are seriously INCREDIBLE. Thank you for taking me to a new level in my practice with this series and increasing my general love and appreciation for yoga. I have never felt better! Will be doing your videos over and over. THANK YOU for your generosity, amazing talent and willingness to share it. xoxo

  67. Hi Adriene,

    Just started your 30 day challenge - it was fast but I feel revived, so thank you. One day at a time!! What a great way to get into shape, keep healthy and focused, away from lives dramas. I absolutely love your Yoga leggings/pants, there awesome. Can I find them online. You rock!! Namaste. Justine xox

  68. Day 26, but took 33 days. Great introduction to yoga. I am sort of new, having 33 classes of bikram yoga only. Back pain is causing issues so trying yoga to assist. Really enjoying the classes and have bought two new mats for my wife and son (8). So its becoming a family activity.
    Thanks from Dublin in Ireland

  69. Thank you so much Adriene for this 30 days of yoga. After practising for so many years you've helped me realise it's not all about getting the postures perfect but finding what feels good! It's been an amazing journey and waking up to your videos each morning has bought a smile to my face 🙂 Can't wait to see what the next 30 days has in store for me.
    Namaste x

  70. Hi Again Adriene,

    I finished 2 days ago and yesterday gave my self a day off!!!
    Am back on the mat today and having read some of the posts I am looking forward to researching REBOOT!!!

    Thank you so much for being my best yoga teacher yet and to let you kniw that I am feeling so good now
    and soon the warmer weather and yoga outdoors !!! can t wait!! Thanks Adriene

  71. Thank you so much for this! What's the soundtrack - it's gorgeous! And perfect for practicing yoga!

  72. Love, love, love.
    I, too, found your videos 'accidently'. Have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and have been trying to develop a home practice for a long time. Your videos encouraged me to just get on the is always time well spent.
    Your personality and energy is so infectious...positive, fun, witty and light-hearted.
    Thank you for sharing your gift as a teacher.

  73. Hi Adriene,
    I want to say you thans. I really enjoy it. I never believe, that I finish this "challange". First days were hard, but until day 9 I started enjoy joga and fell in love.
    I hope, that you understand this comment and if I have here some mistakes, sorry :). I still learning English.

    Once more, thank you so much.
    Hana from Czech!

  74. Morning Adrienne from Melbourne, Australia!
    Thank you so much for organising this 30 day Yoga challenge for all new / current yogis out there today.
    I have definitely seen some vast improvements in my body (more flexible!!!) and my spirituality has soared to new heights from these practices each morning! I am appreciative to have started my yoga journey with you and I hope to explore this new territory more tomorrow!

  75. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you so much for sharing your 30 days of yoga! I stumbled across it in February just after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I was in need of some self love and tranquility - both things I got from your practice. I had to take a short break for surger and recovery but am happy to say that you have been a big part of my recovery (I was back at it 3 days post mastectomy) and am feeling great. My next journey of treatment (chemo and radiation) begins soon and I am planning on using your empower program to get me through. Thank you for making me come to my mat everyday and helping me find strength I didn't know I had.

  76. Adriene,
    Thank you so much for this amazing 30days, I was introduced to you by my daugher who is a physiotherapist, I am in my 60th year and even though reletaviely fit I found some of it very challenging but rewarding, I certainly looked forward to each morning and it became very quickly, something I wanted to do for myself. I have bought the downloadable 30 days so I have them on me when I travel. I feel I will probably want to do this again straight away till I gain strength, unless you reccomend where next. Certainly want to do this daily as I already feel the benefits physically and mentally. On another note you have to be congratulated bringing your awareness and love into my home as where I live Yoga is so expensive, so again thank you.


  77. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I needed this yoga practice. I am a teacher of a very challenging class of " at risk" children and not only did your series get ME ready each day but I also would begin THEIR day with five minutes of yoga in our classroom. They LOVED it. It has been transforming! Love to you!

  78. Thank you Adrienne for this wonderful gift you have given us. It has been truly wonderful and I have learned so much. Who knows, maybe I'll even start the 30 days over again!

    Thanks again!

  79. Hi! I finished the 30 days of yoga 5 days ago, and have been using your yoga for weight loss series each day since. I'm a musician studying in England so it's great to be able to do good, sensible exercise every day at any time! Thanks so much!

  80. Adriene, I found your videos and just about to start day 30. This journey has been wonderful. I was able to get on top of some pain issues I've been having for 2 years. Not completely resolved but my PT says I am so much stronger, thanks to you! I will keep doing your videos. Love them!

  81. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You help me find my inner child again. I enjoyed this 30 day journey tremendously adrienne! Its not just the physical aspect of becoming strong,for that was my initial intention,but you remind my spirit the power of kindness and be at peace to who you are. Namaste. I will continue my journey of self discovery with you and someday make my own dance of peace and utter joy 🙂

  82. Hi Adrienne!
    Thank you so much for giving us 30 days of yoga. To be honest, I didn't think I'd manage to do it but I DID! Every single morning without fail... even with a hangover one day (!) and a slightly dodgy shoulder. I feel amazing, so much better than when I started. I will be continuing this fantastic journey with you... I just wish I wasn't so far away in Europe, otherwise I'd come to your classes lol
    Thank you so much. You are AWESOME.
    Namaste <3

  83. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. You brought joy to my life every day of this challenge. And as a matter of fact it was the last day that was most challenging of all. Being my own guide turned the practice into a really powerful and hard one to complete. I am happy that you came across my life path. THANK YOU SO MUCH! TONS OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE <3

  84. Adrienne,
    Thank you SOOOO much!! I have just completed the course and I adored it : )
    I never thought I'd be good at yoga and the way you talked me in to each pose I suddenly found myself pretzeling like every other crazy person and it was great.
    I am so grateful for this course. I came in wanting more yoga, feeling the need to get myself stronger and healthier and have some stress relief during a difficult time. It's worked great. And the way you empahsise finding oneself and enjoying yoga, playing with it is just my cup of tea : )
    Weird yoga, fun yoga, crazy yoga, playful yoga, deeply heartfelt serious yoga, joyous yoga, grumpy yoga - all good.
    Thank you again and again.

  85. Thank you so very much! This helped me regain my yoga practice after four surgeries last year. There are poses I can no longer do, but these lovely daily practices have given me the freedom to embrace what I can do. I am going to do the 30 days again! Namaste

  86. Thank you for doing these videos, Adriene! I had a great time with your 30 day challenge! It was such a wonderful introduction to yoga for me! I love that you're from the south too!! I'm from Alabama, and I love to see that there are advocates for healthy wellness and mindfulness habits making their way into the mainstream from this part of the country! Way to positively represent!! 😉

  87. Hello Adriene,
    I've completed Day 30. I took me a little longer as I was cold.
    I planned to finish last week, but I've learned that I'm pregnant, so I wasn't really thinking about yoga 🙂
    Something ends, something begins 🙂
    Thank you so much for this experience, for your charm an joy.
    Greeting from Poland 🙂

  88. Wow. I started this journey with the simple goal of releasing tense muscles and improving flexibility. But I found so much more than that. I never would have thought that over the course of 30 days I'd learn to listen to and trust my body, that I'd be able to complete my own yoga sequence and enjoy it. On this last (but not really "last") day, I kept going for 15 minutes after the music stopped! I'm feeling amazing and empowered! Thank you, Adriene, for sharing your love of yoga and your kindness and for helping me to find what feels good - and to appreciate and revel in it once I'm there! I'm looking forward to continuing this amazing journey.

  89. Today was my Day 30! I'm so happy and proud I completed it, even though it took me a few days over a straight 30. Getting out of bed to get on the mat and see what you had in store for us has been a joy and I feel a bit emotional it's over : ) Thank you so much for making yoga an enriching part of my life. I'm looking forward to lots more of it! Cx

  90. Took me a while but finished with the 30 days series today. Just wanted to say a very brief thank you Adrienne your videos are the absolute best. I live on the beach and look forward to applying what I'm learning in my living room to some beach yoga as soon as I feel comfortable taking matters into my own hands.

    After sitting in hospital with a DVT in December 2013 and realising that I simply had to increase my activity levels in order to remain healthy I tried various different exercise activities but eventually found yoga to just work the best for me, specifically your instructional style and approach as the pinnacle of the yoga instruction I found on the Web. Many thanks and much appreciated, hope you keep up with your amazing efforts.

    All the very best.

  91. Well, it took me a lot longer than 30 days but considering how many times I have tried to get started with Yoga and quit - this is a big accomplishment. I can only accredit my success this time around with you, Adrienne! The pacing, the explanations, the grace, your loving demeanor exuded throughout each practice surely are the reasons for me. I now feel that I can say I will continue with and look forward to continuing with my practice.

    Thank you so much!

  92. Awesome... so awesome, thank you for this! Just finished the 30 days, on the other side of the world in Christchurch, NZ.
    Are you able to let us know what the music is in this video?

  93. Thank you!
    My 30 day long journey ended March 26 and it has been a pleasure to meet you every day an I will miss you.

  94. I just finished your 30 days of yoga series (it took me a little longer than 30 days). Normally I don't leave comments on pretty much anything, but I just had to leave a positive review for you and say THANK YOU! This was the perfect series to fit with my crazy life schedule. Your videos, taking the steps at work, and watching what I eat have helped me lose 7 pounds in the past two months and finally dump ALL of my baby weight! I was shocked by how natural following my own body felt in your day 30 video...your videos helped me rediscover my love of yoga, find an ease and comfort in practicing yoga I had never had before, and do things that I was never able to before. I held my bakasana for almost 30 seconds today! You have inspired me to continue my yoga practice past just these 30 days and I even hope to become a certified teacher some day in the future. Thank you so much! Keep doing what you're doing and please know that you are helping people achieve their goals and live healthier, happier lives.

  95. Day 30 was amazing!!!!

    Adriene, thank you for giving me the confidence to create my own at home yoga practice and for being there to help me stick and commit to it!

    This 30 days of yoga has not only improved the way I think about myself, but also about others and my surroundings. It has made me feel so fresh and thankful!

    Thank you Adriene! I'm so excited to start my next thirty days tomorrow!

  96. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you very much for this lovely gift you have given me through this 30 days of yoga. At the beginning of March I had set myself the goal of making a habit of waking up at 5:30 AM every morning and doing yoga and meditation regularly. I stumbled upon the link to your site quite by chance while waiting for the web development course to load on Udemy. I saw your introductory video to the 30 days of yoga challenge and signed up right away on March 1st 2015.
    I set myself the goal of successfully completing these 30 days no matter what. There were challenges like the pain in the lower left back side (I have a history of sciatica/lumbar disc prolapse), bouts of cold and sneezing fits, deadline at work and other things trying to delay my morning ritual. But I stuck with it. I made up for the days I missed on the following days. You are the key motivation, your witty humorous and gentle way of teaching. So much so that I missed your guidance on this last Day 30. Still I followed your moves.
    I am not quite ready to do dance on my own. I am a slow learner. So I am starting off with an encore tomorrow. Another 30 days of Yoga with Adriene in April 2015. I have started the blog with the intention to explore more about yoga, write about how I did an asana or felt after doing it. I aspire to attain the same kind of flexibility as you have some day. You are a great inspiration to so many of us.
    I look forward to learn a lot more about yoga from you for many more years.

    Lots of Love,



  97. Hi! It's my 9th day!! yeeeeh!!
    I'm a french girl so I don't understand everything you say but you make me laugh anyway so that's great!!
    you're a super teacher!! Thank YOU!

  98. Hello,
    I'm new to yoga and am so excited to say I have completed the 30 day challenge!!! You have been a life savor to me. I have tried many workout routines and exercise types but non of them have worked for me. Not only in this 30 days have I lost 12 pounds, but I feel amazing in mind and spirit as well! I have tried home yoga before and the videos I found were not inspiring, or good for people like me, who until you, had no idea what I was doing! I love you and your videos. I can't wait to continue my practice. With you by my side I know I can soar right into a healthier me in mind, body, and soal.

  99. Thank you SO much for these videos. I can't entirely explain in this post how much they have meant to me. I am in recovery from anorexia, and I relied heavily on intense, abusive exercise as a part of my disorder. When I first tried yoga, it was with the same destructive mindset and I used it as another way to try to push my body beyond its limits. After a break from yoga altogether, I found your videos and they have completely changed the way that I think about my body and my abilities. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together these videos! They have been a wonderful part of my recovery journey.

  100. Adriene,

    This journey with you has been one of self-healing and discovery. The person I was when I started these videos is not the same one today, and I have you to thank for this transition. Your beaming smile greeted me every day like the sunshine I desperately needed. You gave me confidence. You made me feel safe. You helped me through this time of pain and uncertainty in more ways than you'll ever know. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world.

    With deepest gratitude.



    1. Hi Pia,
      Stay strong and stay with yoga. May you go from strength to strength.



  101. Thank you Adrienne for reawakening the yogi in my life and introducing the wonders of yoga to my daughter. She actually found you on you tube and decided to give it a try. She invited me to go along with her and I am very grateful for her invitation. I have just completed 30 days and look forward to continuing all you have given us. I look forward to better spring weather and being able to do yoga in the woods to the meditating sounds of nature. Have mat will travel. My dog Mario also enjoys doing doga with you. Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to grow and strengthen our bodies and souls. Namaste dear one.

  102. Hey Adriene, I just finished thirty days of yoga, and I feel so amazing and empowered. I'm a beginner yogi, but you have me hooked. This was such a great experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this program. I will find what feels good. Namaste.

  103. Hi Adriene,
    I'm on day 14 of 30 days of yoga and its becoming something I can't wait to do each day. I do it at night when the kids are in bed so I can really connect to what I'm doing and feeling. I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, and find myself literally hunching up during my work day, even when reading in bed. Yoga is helping me be more mindful and aware of my body and what its doing or needing, and I'm actively trying to nourish myself even better too. I've also become aware of how shallow my breathing is! Something else I'm working on. I'm so grateful to have found your channel! You are a joy to share my day with.

  104. Adriene! Commenting from Toronto, Canada! Thank you so much for being so energetic and calming throughout the entire 30 days. I feel like I've come a long way in the past 30 days personally, and I am excited in diving deeper into yoga practice. Just wanted to know that you've even inspired me to start a "Wednesday Lunch Yoga" at work. We've gathered about 6-8 people, and we'll be projecting your videos on the screen as guide. Thank you!! 🙂

  105. Adriene,

    I've just finished this practice and am left with mixed feelings. This is the longest that I've ever stuck to any kind of fitness routine, and it's been one of the most visibly rewarding regimens that I've ever committed to.

    Being transgender and both physically disabled due to chronic illness and having a dissociative disorder, going to the gym or to a local yoga class isn't something that I feel like I can comfortably commit to any time in the immediately foreseeable future, but this 30 days challenge gave me the opportunity to see that guided yoga, day by day, building a little bit on something from the previous day is an incredible way for me to develop strength and consistency on my own terms in the comfort of my own space.

    I'm sad that I don't have another daily practice building Adriene video series to look forward to (because I'm not convinced that I'll ever find another yogi who's as fun, funny and empathic enough to overcome the awkward barrier of talking to a viewer rather than just to the camera), but I fully intend to incorporate many of your stand-alone videos as supplementary practices in the schedules I've downloaded from other yoga streaming sites. Maybe some day I'll be strong (and financially stable) enough for 'Reboot'. :3

    Thank you so much, you life-changer, you. xx

  106. Thank you Adriene!
    I just finished my 30day journey and I'm feeling GOOD!
    Looking forward to another 30days. In the past I have not been one to finish what I've started.... the change in my mindset alone is incredible. I did it - all 30! Wow! excited to keep going with a can do attitude

  107. Good morning from London: Adriene & Fellow Yogis,
    So I've posted on a few other videos but I felt that today I needed to write a full reflection, even if nobody reads it, but just for myself.

    This is the first thing ever that I have ever completed. I am the laziest person ever and fitness and exercise is a foreign thing to me. It took me 52 days to complete this challenge, but I documented every day in a diary to reflect on how I felt and the benefits of Yoga with Adriene. I got to day 36 and had reached day 28 where I had a day off here and there, and then I stopped for two weeks until today, I completed day 29 and 30. I have an exam in about 6 hours and I knew I needed to let off some steam. I don't know whether I didn't want the 30 days to end or I was just lazy. However, I got here, and after missing out on yoga for over two weeks, I realised how important it is to me and how great it feels to get on the mat and let go of your troubles.

    I thank you so much Adriene for your program and I will continue to explore your website and I've promised myself that I will be one of those people who can do a cool pose and post it on instagram lol. You are the most adorable and amazing woman, and you've made the (prolonged for me) 30 days brilliant.

    Congratulations to everybody who made it to day 30, whether it took you a week or a year. Thank you everybody, thank you universe, and thank you Adriene.
    All my love,
    Penny x

  108. May I simply say, "You are a daughter of the King and your authenticity in worship has touched my heart with healing." I am grateful to participate with you.

  109. Hi Adriene !
    I can't believe I just finished your 30 days of yoga and I would like to thank you so much for your great encouraging videos.This allowed me to get back to a routine exercise as I had stopped going to the gym for a few years and had lost my energy.It is a soft way of returning to a more body conscious life and this is exactly what I needed to find the impulse of moving my body again.
    I will definitely carry on by picking everyday a video among all the one that are available on your youtube account.
    I had never done any yoga until I started with you and I love it !
    Its an everyday hygiene that helps me cope with the tensions in my life.
    Namaste from London,UK !
    xx Catherine

  110. Wow 30 days! I never thought that I would be able to do this. Yoga is now something I don´t want to miss in my life. Lots of things changed during that 30 days in body, mind and soul! My posture is much better and I can push through hard workouts easier with connecting to my breath. I´m more relaxed than before. I sleep much better!
    THANK YOU! ♥

  111. Best 30 days ever. Thank you for the gift you gave me every single day this past month. I've done yoga in the past, but I've never been hooked on it like I am now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  112. I have just finished 37 days with Adriene! I can not express enough gratitude for finding her website and learning a new found practice that is helps me cope with my current situation. I will not miss one fact I will repeat her 30 days again as it has helped that much - being in touch with how I feel; a sense of balance; grounding down; a sense of health - what more can I ask for?!

    You are precious and appreciated Adriene!
    Love Tara

  113. Dear Adriene, I just finished 30 days of Yoga with You. Just started yoga at home on you tube videos. This is my first time writing. Even though I have the time to have a balance cardio and strength training regimen as I've gotten older the need to improve my flexibility and balance has been has been a concern. So yoga has seemed to fill that need just from the beginning i can tell a big difference. Your friendly personel approach has made it so easy to welcome the daily practice with ease. I want to maintain this journey. Thanks for being a friend of yoga to me.

  114. The main reason I started this 30 day journey was to provide myself with a short amount of time for myself away from the stress and the heavy workload of my upcoming exams.

    In short, I never imagined that by the end of the 30 days I would still be coming back to your videos, let alone finding a new love for yoga and the feelings I experience during these sessions.

    I am incredibly proud of myself for making this time to share a practice with you every day for the past 30 days, as I usually only stick to a routine for around a week. What's more, my exam stress is completely forgotten when I step onto the mat with you, meaning that I have achieved my main goal.

    I fully intend to continue with my yoga practice, up to and far beyond the month of exams that lay ahead.

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for this wonderful journey Adriene, I appreciate it more than you know.

  115. Hi Adriene ;),

    I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful, fun and healthy challenge with you!
    you were the sun that filled my sky with love...
    Namaste´ from Austria

  116. I have to admit, my eyes just teared up at the last note of that beautiful music on day 30. Thank you so much for this, it is such an incredible gift. I am new to the practice but after these 30 days I feel inspired to continue. You rock Adriene! Thank you for helping me "find what feels good" <3

  117. Thank you! I have just completed the 30 day series and loved every day of it. I first tried yoga when I was around 20, now I am 36. I have tried many times to get into yoga, bit it either it has been too spiritual, too much fitness into it, too much weird breathing, too much focus on getting the poses 100% correct, too expensive etc. etc. so after a short time I have lost interest. When I stumbled over your you tube videos I could not believe how easy you managed to make yoga. I felt like I got into it from the start and every day after finishing a video I started looking forward to the next time to get on the mat. Now I am ready to try your weight loss videos as summer is soon approaching Norway as well! Lots of love!

  118. Thanks, Adrienne! I am so grateful for this series! I had done almost no yoga for more than a year after I tweaked my knee skiing. I just completed your 30 Days series. Thank you for getting me back into a daily moving meditation. I think I'll keep the faith now, baby! Namaste! Bridget

  119. Thank you Adriene! This is my second 30 days! I am getting there!
    I am moving to a wild game farm in South Africa to work there with the wild game and in the 5 star lodge. I am going to miss you terribly! I don't know what the internet is like up there in the bush. But you have given me the foundations to keep up my practice. Thank you! Namaste.
    With much love

  120. Thank you, Adriene, for this amazing experience! I have enjoyed every single day along the way and know that I will continue with a daily yoga practice. I was a little worried when you switched the mike off today but I have learnt so much over the past 30 days. I trusted myself and felt empowered! I even heard you say "smile" once 🙂
    Namaste, Kari

  121. I just completed my 30 days of yoga and want to thank you for sparking in me a true love for yoga and especially for daily practice. I've dabbled here and there in the past, but never on a daily basis. It's amazing to me how much more rewarding yoga is when you practice every day. Space opens and strength builds so much faster. It had honestly not occurred to me to practice every day, but this has been a truly wonderful experience.

    Now I'm looking into other online and studio experiences to continue to build upon my daily practice. So thank you so much for this amazing resource, Adriene, and for spreading the wonders of yoga to so many. I think the world would be a better place if everyone got on a yoga mat every day.

    Namaste - much <3!

  122. Hi Adriene,

    It took me longer than 30 days due to a crazy schedule but I got there! Thank you so much for 30 days of yoga! You're positivity makes you a great teacher.


  123. After walking for a mile earlier today and completing this free-flowing practice this evening, I had two energizing, meditative exercises to help me stay positive today.

    Thank you.


  124. Just completed my 30 Days of Yoga with you, Adriene! I must admit that I did not particularly like the prior practices in which you encouraged us to free flow and do our own practice, so you can imagine my hesitation when you took off your mic in this last vid!!! After following your opening sequence I began, to my surprise, creating my own flow. I found what feels good! I was so happy that I could trust in myself to create a practice in which I mindfully challenge my body...and in 30 days!

    Thank you so much for guiding me along this journey. I live in FL now, but will be moving to Austin next year so hopefully I'll find myself in one of your classes someday! Take care and keep being awesome!


  125. Thanks, Adriane, for sharing these amazing 30 days with us. I´m gonna miss your goofy sense of humor, and your bright spirit. And thanks for this last video, showing me that I´m capable of doing yoga by myself. The 20 minutes went by so incredibly fast, and it´s good to learn that I can actually just go with what feels good! 🙂 I can also feel a change in my body after this challenge, which is amazing. I admit it took me a lot more than 30 days, but I did it and.. you are awesome. Thanks again. Namaste.

  126. I feel really sad to have finished! But I know that this is really the start. Thank you so much Adriene for this wonderful gift. I feel strong and connected and have found a home again on the mat. Joy to you. x

  127. hey, Adriene, I made it! Today I felt like I was watching a personal dance with life. Thank you, Having taken an 8 year gap from yoga, after an injury, I have enjoyed your process, what feels good, I have been able to look after the parts of my back that needed attention. Today I missed listening to you talk, I have enjoyed your words of advice, encouragement etc. So, the next 30 days, well, I intend to repeat and add, then length of time was perfect for after a day of work.
    Again, thanks

  128. Yiiihaaa! 😀

    I just finished my thirtieth day of yoga with you Adriene! Even though I was a bit sceptic at the beginning (hever gonna make it, never gonna get through, never gonna keep my interest and focus) and yet, with your wonderful and inspiring guidance, I did it! I even managed (actually wanted) to get on my mat every day, sometimes even twice a day: a quick 'wake up' flex session before and a relaxing session after work. And I have loved every bit of it! With such a great (and sometimes crazy but I love that!) teacher as yourself, I can't wait to start your Reboot yoga series, and after that the Empower series!

    Love from Amsterdam!

  129. I started my Yoga journey 30 days ago and thanks to you I am officially hooked! My progress in just one month is astonishing... #30daysofyoga has changed me and my new goal is now 365 days of yoga! Thanks Adriene!

  130. Hi Adriene,

    First of all, thank you!
    Next: can you reveal your playlist for this video? I love the music!

  131. Thank you, Adrienne, for 30 Days of Yoga. I have had a mental block about yoga, never actually completing a class. My son challenged me to join him and I was hooked from the very first video. I have found a new ability to 'shut down' my brain and relax and I owe it to you. The daily emails have been so helpful and I think one of the things that helped me the most is the fact that none of your daily practices are over 30 minutes. Yoga fits into my daily life. I am very hopeful that I can keep going and do a bit of yoga every day, whether on my own or with the help of your videos. Thank you again for showing this 59-year-old that yoga truly can be fun. 🙂

  132. Hi Adriene, i just finísh today the 30 day of yoga. I've been practicing yoga for two years and my yogui recomended me your vídeos. I started the 15th of May and it's been a perfect complement to my two days of yoga every week. I live in Spain and it's a same that spanish speakers can't not have the oportunity of learn so much with you. Thank you very much

  133. Thank you for your very generous gift of sharing your knowledge.
    You have been an inspiration to me and to others who have seen the change not only physically but mentality also.
    My hubby who wants to be a gym instrutor has seen the benefits first hand and who is now starting on his own journey.
    I will see you on the mat soon thanks for everything.

  134. Hi Adriene,

    I guess I'm not going to say anything that hasn't already been said, but thank you for your very motivational videos.i have never been very athletic and exercise has never really been priority for me, but I decided to give it a shot. As a Newbie to yoga, your 30 days was just what I needed! I was able to go at my own pace and do what was right for me. I completed the program today, and to be honest, am anticipating a little withdrawal from your daily emails tomorrow morning! I looked forward to getting on the mat every single day...your attitude and happy, gentle outlook certainly kept me going. I will continue to look for your videos and plan on going back and repeating this program, especially to see how I have grown through practice. THANK YOU!!!

  135. Just completed day 7, feeling a little stiff but so glad my sister Ann let me know about you, she is on day 24. My daughter plans to start next week. Fantastic and thanks for helping me come backmto yoga


  136. Good Morning Adriene,

    33 days ago, I awaken and said to myself "Lets try Yoga". Never in a million years! I was one of those! Recently I went to the Doc and she was telling me that my blood pressure was on the rise. My weight was becoming an issue. I just turned 54 and needed to do something. I came across your 30 day challenge...Also I made a commitment to trim some lbs and to feel good. The last 30 days with you was some of the best experiences I have ever had in a life time. So refreshing! My blood pressure is back to where it should be, I feel great! Thank you so much. You are a blessing. I love what you have shared with me and a world of others. I am so excited for the days and years to come. Yoga is here to stay. I love it and you make it fun.

    You get the "Wow Me" award for 2015

    Rock n Roll and thank you again

    Lawrence B.

  137. Good morning,
    I've just finished today's practice and all I want to say is thank you, Adriene.
    Yoga has improved my quality of life in such an incredible way, that I didn't know it was possible.
    I'm still a beginner, of course, but I've already seen changes in my physical attitude, my strength, my balance, and, most of all, my mindset. When I started this journey, I thought I would never completed it (it isn't easy for me to maintain the focus), but I did it, each and every day on my green mat, and I guess I'll never thank you enough for offering me this amazing possibility.
    I won't stop practicing yoga, that's for sure.
    Again. thank you so, so much.
    Arianna (Italy)

  138. Thank you so much for making this video series and introducing me to yoga! My practice from here on out may not have ever existed without you. Thank you so much for showing me the beauty and joy of yoga. I can't wait to keep learning and expanding my practice. Thank you with much love.

  139. Ahoj Adriene!

    Thank you so much I can spent the 30 days of Yoga with you.
    It was really amazing journey.
    Greetings from Czech Republic

    With love

  140. Tears... thank you for mentioning you were feeling emotional, it gave me permission to do the same. I found you on YouTube after realizing my physical therapy wasn't enough. I wanted to feel fluid again, to move with grace. There you were for me to discover! Your lighthearted actor confidence, your real you presentation, your real floor and weather outside, all of it brought love into my home each morning. My life became brighter and more connected. My movements throughout the day began to flow. My strength in therapy connected to my breath. Riding my bike down hills in the wind feels even more liberating. Riding back up the hills brought more form and line together. You've inspired me to teach in an even more authentic way. And today, you inspired me to provide time for one more drawing for my students to do in silence, to get emotional, to celebrate in their own way all they have committed to and become.

    Sending love to all you are creating Adriene xox

  141. I've just completed 30 days of Yoga and don't want to stop! It's been wonderful and I kept my commitment to do it everyday. Mostly first thing in the morning and it always leaves me feeling great and wanting more. 60 days of Yoga next!! Thank you Adriene.

  142. Hello! I wanted to let you know that I finished the 30 days of yoga, not in 30 days and not the more difficult moves but I finished! I have been off work for 1.5 yrs with back and pain problems after surgery on my back and yoga has helped with getting me moving. I would like to continue yoga with you but I can not afford it since I am on disability that is soon to run out. Do you have something online to complement what we have been doing so far? Maybe a yoga practice, with you of course, that i can do at home and grow with?
    Thanks for getting me out of bed! Debra

  143. I have really enjoyed this 30-day yoga challenge. Adriene, with her charisma, have truly made this yoga experience fun and, because of this, I can't wait to continue my yoga journey and find what feels good 🙂

    Thanks Adrienne!

  144. It was such an amazing 30-day journey with you! Thank you very much! Being able to practice yoga the way you teach us makes it a lot more fun, especially because, as you said, we don't have to be yoga robots! I feel very good after these first thirty days and will (willingly!) continue practicing it. You have a very positive, spiritual and inviting attitude towards this practice which is quite contagious! You are an amazing teacher! Once again, thank you, Adriene.

  145. Dear Adriene,
    Just finished the 30 day challenge and love it, like everyone else. We start our farm homeschool on Wednesday, and guess what the kiddos will be starting with at 730AM...that's right 30 day yoga challenge. Its perfect for them!
    Thank you for offering this service!

  146. Hi Adriene,
    I just completed 30 days of Yoga, and just want to say thanks! I have never really given yoga a chance, but when I found your 30 days I thought I'd give it a shot. So thanks. Thanks for being an awesome guide along the way, helping me to get more flexible and strong.

  147. Hi Adriene,

    I loved 30 Days of Yoga so much! Thank you for being awesome and sweet and funny. May God bless you always. Namaste.

  148. Hi Adriene, I just completed you 30 days of yoga. I added a 30 min. Walk to the end of every session and I have lost 10 lbs, toned up ALOT, but most importantly I cannot believe the peace of mind and the ready -to-face -the -world attitude doing yoga has given me each day. I am a little sad these videos are over, they have become part of my morning routine. But now my goal is to work on the other videos on this website. Thanks, and Namaste from Akron Ohio.

  149. Adriene,
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and letting us become stronger with you. One month ago I was feeling "out of control" in my own exercise practice and life routine. I found you on youtube, and your 30 days are exactly what I needed to start my day right and realign my life. Thank you so much!

    Lauren in AZ

  150. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you very much for being such an inspiration 🙂 I loved every moment of the 30 days of yoga and i want to keep on doing it! I love your way of being and your positive energy - you are among those people who make this world a better place. Thank you again! I wish you all the best!

    With love from Romania,

    Ana D.

  151. Dear Adriene,

    Wow. I'm filled with grattitude for this amazing journey during the last 30 (and a bit more ;)) days. What a ride! Coincidence or not, just after starting this challenge my life became pretty challenging as well. It has been an emotional rollercoaster with a lot of pain and grief, and really, it helped me so much to surrender to the yoga mat. To hear you say 'you've got this', which repeatedly echod through my head during the day 🙂 To really find integrity within my body, encouraged by your playful guidance in adjusting the practice to my own level.
    You rock! Thank you so much for finding and shining your super duper authentic light.

    So much more to say, but to put it in one word: Namasté.

    Love, Karin

  152. I have to start with me falling flat on my face during bakasana (never done that before). There was blood involved. I look like I've been in a fight. Besides that, I still feel pretty great! Loved this opportunity to make it my own. That used to intimidate me, but not now. This 30 days has made me really love yoga. I always knew I felt good after doing yoga, but now I just LOVE everything about it. Thank you! You don't even know how amazing you are. I look forward to continuing my practice with you and on my own.


  153. i did it, WOW, I have loved every mat moment. I'm not a morning person at all, speaking is an effort but every morning up with the sun and on the mat. Thank you for bringing this 30 days to me and everyone. You have given me a new chapter of my life, I've felt that I keep missing something ... light bulb... and here it is, I've taken to it like a duck to water, so to speak. Not that all my poses quite look like yours YET. Your energy and enthusiasim are infectious. Thank you so much. I look forward to our onward journey.

    Love and Light to you


  154. HI Adrienne,

    Just finished my 30 Days of Yoga with you. It took me a lot longer than the 30 days as I practised each Day for a week. Thank you for inspiring a perpetual procrastinator like me to get on the mat three or four times a week to go through the various steps. Thank you again.

  155. Thank you so much adriene for these wonderful series. I have just completer dat 30 and i am so proud that i made it! Thank you for your enthousiasme and Sense of humor. You made me smile everyday! I started 30 days ago because i am at home with burn-out signs. Your lessons have helped me through this period and gave me back hope but most of all joy! Thank you so much adriene. Namaste

  156. Hi Adrian: I really loved your 30 days Yoga. Just completed it 🙂 Please keep it up your good spirit.

    Awesome 🙂 and Namste 🙂

  157. I have now done 30 days and it´s been fantastic. I want 30 more 🙂 Tank you so much for sharing your yoga with us. Malin from Sweden

  158. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you so much for this amazing gift. I just finished day 29 & 30 on the same day! I couldn't get enough.
    I honestly didn't think I would be able to follow my own guidance for a yoga practise and sat ready to copy everything you did. By the time you had done the 3rd pose I was off doing my own thing and it really felt like a dance.
    This 30 days has been amazing, I really enjoy your humor and attitude towards yoga. It mirrors my own, (although, I have only been doing yoga now for a couple of months).
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to checking out more of your videos.
    Namaste & Arohanui from New Zealand.

  159. Adriene- You have helped me do what I have been trying to accomplish for over fifteen years- establish a daily home practice based on my own needs for that day. You are the best kind of teacher- reminding people to be gentle with themselves, teaching how to be your own "guru" and keeping the process (everything is a process) fun and flowy. This series has been such an inspiration to me not only around yoga but also in how and what I want to contribute to the world.

    Thank you.

  160. Hi Adriene! I just completed the 30 days of Yoga Challenge and honestly, it was very fantastic. I get to connect with my breathe naturally and yknow the feeling how awesome it is to start of your day with yoga? that is so amazing... relaxing... So thank you very much for helping me (us) to reconnect with ourselves, see our potential, accepting where we are at this point and most importantly, finding what feels good. I am gonna miss you. Namaste, Ayesha

  161. Hi Adriene,thank you for the lovely journey!!! I'm beginner for yoga and at first those 30 days looked imposible to do but now its said that it finished.I feel really different like woken up from darkness.You have something what makes people like me to continue and learn more.Its like adiction but in good way.Thanks again and please continue to help people to reborn again!!!

    thank you

  162. I finished 30 days of yoga the second time today. I did it also half a year ago, but then I felt like a "yoga robot", I didn't really enjoy these 30 days much, because I did everything you said like a robot, but didn't listen to myself...

    The second time was awesome! I listened to your advice, but also my body and really found, what feels good! Almost every day I also did some foundations of yoga practices, so that helped me a lot by paying attention to my body
    Thank you, Adriene, for helping me find what feels good 🙂

  163. Dear Andriene,

    at 53 I usually try to do 'more energetic' exercise but as I was recovering from the 'flu' i wanted to do something calm.My daughter had liked and suggested to me long ago to try your 30 days of yoga and I realised that this would be a good time to do it. It was great! Friends commented how well and calm i was. Of course one quickly realises how physically challenging yoga can be too! It was a very pleasant and varied experience.

    Thank you


  164. Hi Adriene!

    I've just this minute finished the "30 Days of Yoga" challenge and feel proud of myself for completing it, but also very sad that it's finished!

    I remember when I wanted to start learning yoga, I typed "Yoga for beginners" into Google and your website was the first that came up in the results. After having one wee look at one of your videos, I decided that the 30 Day Challenge was the best way to start learning.... and I wasn't wrong! 🙂

    You've been an absolutely smashing teacher; thank you for all the advice given throughout the videos... I won't forget it!


    Hazel xx

    (from Glasgow, Scotland, currently living in Alicante, Spain)

  165. Hi Adriene~

    I have finished your 30 days (at my own pace) and I am SOOOOOO thrilled! I am a beginner and YOU have been my inspiration and i have learned and achieved so much through your gentle yet descriptive instructions. I looked forward to you like a kid looking forward to a chocolate advent calendar! My sister coming next week to visit me here in Austin and i am getting another mat so we can practice together...
    I do have to share with you that at the end of this program i am able to put my palms flat on ground AND do the crow for 30 seconds!!!!! your instructions have built up my limberness (is that a word?!) and stamina and confidence in that I CAN do it!! I am going to incorporate your techniques into my life...breath deep and don't forget to exhale!


    Do you teach in Austin?

  166. I've completed this as so many hundreds have as well. Brought a tear to my eye. I hope to see you in the years to come and maybe on the big screen as well. Thanks for you and your dedicated crew for committing to this. You guys rock!

  167. Thank you so much for this journey, Adrienne! You made me fell in love with yoga once again and put a smile on my face everyday <3

  168. Just finished my 30 days in 30 days! I feel inspired, calm, excited, joyful, strong and so thankful for the opportunity you present to the universe Adrienne. Thank You!
    Namaste my friend.

  169. Adriene, I am a 58-year-old chubby woman who couldn't touch her toes when I first found you on YouTube. I just wanted some more flexibility and to not hurt so much when I got off my work chair but I didn't have time nor money for classes. 10 months later, I still do yoga just about every single day thanks to you. I have done your 30-day yoga challenge every other month, and find other things to try the other months (so I mix it up and don't get bored.)
    I'm still chubby, but I realize I can do a plank for over a minute, I can bring each leg up to my hands to go into a lunge, I have firmer arms, my hands can easily reach the floor in a forward fold and my hips don't hurt so much. I can even kinda sorta jump from downward dog to forward fold and back again. There are abs in there somewhere!
    Many thanks and much love from Ontario, Canada to Texas. Take in all these wonderful comments people are leaving and know that you are making such a positive difference in people's lives.

  170. go CampI am so grateful for your 30 Days of Yoga. It kept me on track. And if I missed a day I would do 2 days in one so I would keep up with what I needed in mind, body and spirit. Now I will be doing your Yoga Camp. With your options and playfulness it is so full of what we need in life. Thank you!

  171. Hello Adriene - i haven't commented before! I am in the UK near Brighton and I have just completed the 30 day challenge. I heard about it in a newspaper column. I am 50 years old this year and have had achey joints and muscle soreness. You and Yoga have changed this for me! I absolutely LOVED it and I will definitely carry on with you and on my own. I think you are a lovely, kind and gentle person. When I shut my eyes and just listen to you, your instructions are clear and easy to follow. They seem to work for my body and my mind too. SO THANK YOU! I am happy to have found you.

  172. Hello Adriene!

    I finished 30 Days of Yoga with you today. I've never tried yoga, until exactly 30 days ago. I had been feeling stuck and lost, as humans seem to do quite a bit, but it seemed even more frequent of an event for me. When my friend posted about your yoga camp, I just got a weird feeling like this was meant for me.

    So I signed up.

    And every day that I got a video, I became more and more excited, about yoga, about growing, about life! There were some days when your words in your emails just struck a seemingly-too-secret of a chord that I thought no one knew about, but you seemed to find it anyway.

    I cried at the end of today's video. (What a baby! but that's ok)

    I just am so grateful for these videos and for your welcoming, warm, positive, and inspiring teaching/spirit.

    Thank you.

    I was nervous about today's video. The idea of it ending seemed very scary. But I feel empowered to continue this new way of life. I have every intention to continue my yoga practice and to follow YWA.




  173. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you. Completed Day 30 today. It has been wonderful and I will continue. You are so giving - a great teacher - you have helped me to expand my comfort zone. I did so many new things and look forward to pushing the boundaries even further.

    I will continue to work with your videos to deepen my practice.

  174. Hi Adrienne!
    A year later... Your 30 days challenge is a bit of a christmas present rolled into a new years resolution for me, as my daughter brought you with her to our holiday celebrations. Your ease and sweetness and cheers have really made yoga into a day routine that never ever is boring.
    I salute you! Namaste!

    Annica, Sweden

  175. It took me almost 3 months to complete the 30 days, but I can see the difference in my life! thanks so much , Adriene! You are so kind! With love, Tamy

  176. I just completed the 30 Days of Yoga program. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful series. I looked forward to getting on the mat every day. Want to try Yoga Camp next! Take care and thanks again.

  177. Thanks Adriene! I finished my 30 days of yoga yesterday and picked up with a yoga for weight loss one today! You are so inspiring. I have done yoga before but this is the first time I have ever made it to my mat 30 (now 31) days in a row and I thank your excellent teaching and presentation skills for that. I love the varied lengths of the videos too because sometimes I have an hour and sometimes I only have 20 minutes. Thank you for making yoga something i look forward to each day and no longer a chore I need to make myself do. I also got a friend to do this who had never done yoga before and was too intimidated to go to a public class - she is happily on day 24! Youre the Best!

  178. Wow!!!! I just finished my 30 days of yoga and it has been so rewarding! I have done yoga for years here and there and have never had the know how to complete a practice on my own. I did it for the first time today and it was so wonderful. Thank you so much! I have all my family and friends in Colorado doing your 30 day challenge.

    Thank you again, what a wonderful experience!!

  179. Done! Thanks, Adriene!!! Great month! Finally I committed myself and did it! Started yoga in 1997, then again in 2005 and since then have done it in a more or less regular basis. This was great! Now ready for yoga camp!

  180. I have said for years that I wanted to start practicing yoga and one day I just happened to come across 30 days of yoga so I figured I'd give it a try. I absolutely loved the 30 days I was able to spend on the mat with you Adriene. I plan on continuing this journey with yoga camp 🙂 I can't wait to see what all awaits.

  181. Thank you dear Adrienne I am so grateful to have met you!! Completed 30 wonderful days of yoga today and I will goon practicing yoga camp my 26th day

  182. Hi ! I've just completed your 30 day series and I have to thank you. I've always struggled with being consistent with my practice and putting myself first. Your 30 day series has opened my eyes to a new way of loving my body through my yoga practice. I look forward to waking up and see where my body and mind bring me with my next experience on the mat. Thank you!

  183. Adriene,
    I am so grateful that I found you! I'm 46 years old and I've been anywhere from 30 - 50 lbs overweight my entire adult life. I've never found a diet or exercise routine that I could stick with. I tried a "Power Yoga" DVD several years ago, but it was so hard that I gave up. Your gentle, loving, and fun guidance has given me a love for yoga that I know will stick with me the rest of my life. I only wish I'd found you sooner, and I feel so sad that I won't have an e-mail from you waiting for me every morning. But I've learned to build my practice, to do what feels good, and to find the joy. I have stopped obsessing over my weight. I even threw away my scale. 🙂
    Yoga has impacted every area of my life, helping with work stress, breathing, awareness, etc. I already feel stronger, and I know that with yoga, mindful eating, and balance, my weight will take care of itself. I want to share this joy with everyone!!!! You have truly changed my life. Love, Sandy.

  184. Thank you for this awesome opportunity! I was never a fan of yoga until I tried your videos. I can't wait to do them again! You've helped me to tone up, feel stronger and more flexible and relieved a lot of stress in my life. You rock!!!

  185. THANK YOU! For 30 days of fantastic yoga experience! You brought me back to my mat and I'm so grateful for that! I will start to watch your other classes and to get more inspired to come to my yoga mat everyday!


    Lina from Sweden.

  186. Oh I feel sad now! Thank goodness you said you would check in with us tomorrow or I would be really worried about what to do without my boot camp fix! Thank you thank you thank you for these 30 days!

  187. I did it! Yay! I am renewed! Thank you, Adriene! As a 57 year old grandmother awaiting my 8th grandchild in 8 years, I need to stay flexible and strong to enjoy the floor fun! I have struggled with anxiety for decades and each day of the 30 day challenge I set my intention to be at peace! I cried completing this 30 Day Challenge and my heart is full of sunshine and yoga love with gratitude to you, lovely Adriene! Gently, June

  188. Thank you for the past 30 days of yoga. I did not practice yoga before; however, I was looking for a program to work on a hamstring injury with gentle stretching. This was awesome and i will continue with yoga...with the help of your videos! Thanks for sharing your time <3

  189. I finished the 30 days and just like a good romance novel you left me yearning for more! The first night without a video I tried one of your other videos. Core strength ritual, ouch but wow! I'm wondering where have you been all my life. I am so thankful for your videos they give me something I have been needing. So now I challenged myself to rotate to a different video as well as incorporating a 30 day revival video. I now have challenged myself to do what feels great! Thank you for your awesomeness! I look forward to waking up and doing a morning routine and I cant wait to get home to do an evening routine, of course after I do my adulting and mommy things! Your videos have centered me, I never commit as much as I did the last 30 days. I didn't miss one rock!

  190. Dear Adriene,

    I just finished my 30 days of yoga (well, 31 because of one day of illness) and it was an amazing journey. I started at a point where my back hurt so much that I could hardly sleep lying on the side or bent forward. One month later I am way better, feeling also more flexible, calmer and stronger than before.
    I tried out Yoga in a class once before but found it too hard plus it hurt my back. You allowed me to find what feels good. Now I signed up for a local yoga class here to give it another try. 🙂

    This last day of "freestyle yoga" made me so confident about being able to take my yoga to whereever I go, even if I don´t have access to any videos. And the best thing: Today was the first day with having my heels touch the ground in Downward Dog. 😀

    Thanks for being such a kind and inspriring person. Namaste.

  191. Thank you very much to my Yoga teacher of 30 days. I reached a plateau after losing 20 lbs and then I found your channel. Yoga has never ever been my thing, but am totally hooked. You are so funny, positive, gifted plus much, much more. I now feel more fit, flexible, stronger and definitely know Yoga with Adriene is what Makes Me Feel Good. My kids love it too since they get to mark it off the calendar.

    Thank you Adriene and Chris for inspiring so many in so many different ways and creating all these videosl!!!


  192. This was EVERYTHING I've been looking for!

    Adriene---you're a dream! Generous, genuine, unpretentious & fun. I'm SO READY for more!

  193. HI Adriane,THANK'S you for this 30 days Yoga journey .it was an incredible journey with you.
    You are funny,gifted, positive and inspiring.i now feel good and stronger after this 30 days of
    Yoga classes.You are an INCREDIBLE YOGA TEACHER.

  194. I began 30 days of Yoga here at home in Norfolk, UK and continued on our 10 day holiday to Boston and Cape Cod. We've been back at home for 3 days and I've just completed the journey. It has been a unique experience. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication.
    I discovered Yoga 7 years ago and it has become is my spiritual life, my whole life. I attend 2 weekly classes and a longer monthly class. I practice on my own most days too.
    I am so pleased to be part of this community. YWA and FWFG will be integrated into my practice from now on because Adriane, your approach and way of being speaks to me.
    Thank you.

  195. Thanks so much for the program. I have just completed the 30 days as a way to help recovery from a broken collarbone. I think you might have convinced me to keep going! Thanks again.

  196. Hi Adriene,

    I truly enjoyed my 30 days of yoga with you.

    You know a person is in it for the right reason when they share their beautiful gift with others.
    I want you to know that it has made a huge difference in my life.

    Namaste my friend and I will see you on the mat.

  197. I have learned so much from your 30 day yoga adventure and am looking forward to continuing my journey through your other offerings. Thank you so much for reaching out this way. I am so grateful and inspired by the idea of Finding What Feels Good. How can a concept so simple have become so overlooked in our world? Tremendous blessings to you for reminding us and offering us a way to find this path.

  198. Today I completed the 30 day yoga challange! It was so wonderful that I found your videos on you tube and signed up for this awesome relaxing challenge! Your energy is so vibrant and welcoming. Looked forward to opening the email each day! Thank you for sharing your time and spirit! I look forward to continuing this practice. Namaste ❤️ Jodie in PA

  199. Hi Dear Adriene,

    I'm Virág from Hungary, Europe. I've just finished my 30 days with you. It wasn't actually 30 days, it took me a bit longer, but I enjoyed every minute of those practices. Thank you for making yoga weird 🙂 Thank you for making yoga as I am, thank you for making it available. Thank you.

    I've known it for a long time, that yoga is my thing, I just couldn't find the right practice, the right style. All the classes I've visited were too strict, too fast or too slow, too spiritual... Not really my thing. But you just showed me the way I needed!

    So thank you!

    I will stick with your practices, beause I love your videos, the music, the design. I really appreciate all the efforts you've put in all this!

    I hope to spend some more fun time "together"! 🙂

    I've found what feels good <3

  200. Can I ask what music you used for that video? I have found a lot of music that is used for yoga to be boring or repetitive, but I really enjoyed the music you used. Thank you so much for these thirty days!

  201. Hi Adriene!

    Thank you so very much for publishing these videos! I just finished 30 days of yoga(even though it took me like 40 days) I accidentally came across your videos by searching you tube for beginner yoga videos. I am SO VERY HAPPY i found you!. I am 45 tears old and never in a million years did i think i could do any yoga! you make me feel so comfortable! I usually give up so easily when I feel like i cant do it...i have yet to feel that way with you and I must's awesome!! I never complete any fitness goals I start off with..I feel so accomplished!!
    I hope to continue with other videos of yours.
    I am a dental hygienist and yoga has helped me in my practice.My posture is better and a lot of the pain I had is gone (or at least i can work through it better) I suffer from depression and anxiety and although this isnt a "cure", I do have to say I can figure out how to calm myself more than i ever have before... I am also a part time professional singer and you have DEFINITELY helped me with my nerves!! I perform so much better now that i can BREATHE!!! I do a little stretch before I go on and take a few deep breaths and I can do it!


  202. Hi Adriene,

    I almost pride myself on the fact that I am one of the most inflexible people I know. I started your challenge with no real expectations in terms of flexibility - I was just interested and I've always liked Yoga even if I 'couldn't do it properly'.

    From Day 1 of this challenge, I felt strong, peaceful and happy. I felt motivated to continue and to complete the challenge. I'm so grateful to you, Adriene, for making Yoga a possibility for me. I fully intend to continue my Yoga journey and I wanted you to know that you're the one who lit the fire in me 🙂


  203. Wow that was an amazing end. I feel like I just did my own real home practice! I began this journey several months ago, but finally finished all 30 videos. I can't wait to go back and repeat them all, really taking time for me every day.

    I just love how you make yoga accessible, fun and still meaningful. Your style is so special... as is your spirit.

    thank you so are truly amazing!

  204. Wow. Thank you Adriene. You are a special person and we are so grateful that you are brave enough to be you, genuine. It encourages me more then you will know. It resonates with me. I feel safe with you guiding the practice. Assuring us that it is ok to be wherever we are. Not trying so be something we are not. This is 30 days leading to many more...Namaste. Recognizing the Devine within you 🙂

  205. Today is December 14th, 2016 and I just completed 30 Days of Yoga. I did not skip a day and every day I learned something new. I have done some yoga workouts before the unique thing about your videos is the emphasis you put on finding what feels good rather than pushing to meet some pose or position our body may not be ready for. This was a wonderful challenge that allowed me to stretch my body but also reconnect my mind to my practice. Thank you♥

  206. A huge thank you for saving me from a sad time... Your approach to yoga and positive attitude has been a daily joy, and i am extremely grateful. Thank you!

  207. Thank-you Adrienne. The 30 days of Yoga was just what I needed to get myself back on track with a regular yoga practice. I guess that I need structure and the 30 days gave me a goal. It took me from Halloween until Christmas eve to complete, but I made it all the way through. Now, I see that you are doing a 31 day Revolution. I am ready.

  208. Hi Adrienne,

    My husband and I have just completed Day 30 and we both cried at the end! It has been a wonderful onion peeling process for the both of us, I can't thank you enough.
    We mentioned your program to our friends who are overworked and have three children. They have started the 30 Day program together and are discovering each other as a couple again.

    Very excited about our next 30 days together.

    Hugs and love

    Cath & Anthony (Australia)

  209. Adrienne,
    I had so much fun, working out with you.... thanks for the practical everyday super yoga workout... I love deviations from the norm and totally enjoyed the freedom you gave me to make yoga work for me. I will take you on my travels so I can work out wherever I go! Thanks again....

  210. Hi Adrienne,
    Thank you so much for these 30 days of yoga! I practice yoga in studios for nearly 20 years in France and finally I've found what makes me feel good, thanks to you. Discovering your videos really changed my mind. I understand how hard I can be with myself. I will never give up the practice, it is part of me and not another task in my tight Schedule anymore 😉
    Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks

  211. Just finished my second month of doing yoga with you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am feeling empowered and so much stronger. And I just signed up for Yoga Camp. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  212. I used to love exercise including yoga and was very fit until I experienced a chronic health problem that prevented me from exercising for three years. I was looking for a way to start gently at home before going to classes and found your 30 days of yoga. What a gift. Your loving, kind, fun personality was healing in itself. You made me smile and laugh every time I put one of your videos on :))) I love your intuitive approach to yoga. you made it so much easier to love my practise despite my limitations. I am already experiencing the wonderful benefits of connecting to my body lovingly with daily practise.
    Thank you so, so much for sharing.

  213. Adriene,
    I am so thankful for you and your yoga training. I need guidance as to what to do next? I completed the Yoga Revolution, Yoga Camp and 30 Days of Yoga. Any recommendations? I'm thinking of doing the Revolution again.
    Love, love, love my time on the mat!! Thank you!! ;)\

  214. Hi Adriene !
    I am so happy to have found you on youtube. I have tried Yoga in the past and have always wanted to practice but I never thought I could due to the imbalance in my body from a stroke many years ago. I have to tell you, your gentle, playful approach to Yoga made it easier for me to get on the mat and I think you have made a junkie out of me! I can't thank you enough for how you have touched my heart with your wonderful energy. I will continue this journey of exploration and will come back to your video from time to time so that we may connect again. Thank you for being you. Namaste!!

  215. Thank you SO MUCH Adriane!!! I have done now your Yogo Revolution and the 30 Days, 61 days in a row. I am new to YOGA and totally love it. I turn 64 in June and will be retiring the end of May and you have helped me so much. I am hooked!!!

  216. Dear Adriene, thank you for the opportunity to return to the mat and feel my body again... your series are perfect for me as a mom of three little boys. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and great spirits.

  217. I have been practicing yoga on and off since the age of 12. I had severe body issues at the time and saw yoga as another way to work out and get them abs. After going through a tough phase of self doubt and discovery, I discovered the beauty of movement medicine. When I found you Adriene, it felt like a breath of fresh air or like a gulp of water after a hike. Thank you Adriene, for existing first and sharing your love and dedication to the wellbeing and health of your viewers. You're considerate and childlike in your practice which I needed to embody so badly in order to appreciate myself and my practice. You are so generous with your love and time. You give breath and awareness to all, and have made so many people realize their worth!
    Just wanted to put that out there!

  218. hi adriennen, i just started yoga out of extreme desparation after i woke up one morning, and i cudnt stand up. i have no clue what drs get paid for nowdays, but my life became unmanagable, and suicidal. i have tried diferent women instructors and when i ran across you, it gave me kind of a new hope. because of my depresssion, living alone, not able to cook, walk my dogdss, nothing pretty much, your routines proved to be very benificial to me. you are always so happy, and you put a little fun into it. so my spine took off again bout 2 months ago, im hunched over again, almost like i had made no improvment. but i had. but now im having a hard time finding stuff that i can do. i also want to ask if u have or know where i can get an awesome pain relieving, non depresxive, life saving routines for my brother. he has never done yoga, altho he lays on his bed for a few exercises in the morning, he isnt getting much. i have to convindce him that yoga is not just stretches. right??? however he is disabled too, he actually shot his foot and part of his leg off, about age 21. he is 4 now, and because he jumped in and out of the trackoe loader ect., working, idk how he did any of it. he hauled wood in somehow hoping. so i know he can be determinated to accomplish something if i can just find something he can do. his leg has been nothing but severe pain, never cud wear a prostetic. but now, with back and neck issues, 3 neck surgeriesw, they are ready to fuse his spine. he cant take the pain. i dont want this for him. i have my limitations, i think we all do. but i especially want help for my brother, i gues his first priority is his neck pain. he sits in recliner all day every day, living by himself. i worry about him. do you have videos that are super sensitive, ect., that he cud get started on?we are both on disability, but i think the money is worth it, especially if he gets any reliefi i cant really buy a bunch if they wont work for him. i guessf im looking for an easy slow start up routine that he can get the hang of it, and also start to feel better. with cronic pain, there is depression, and YUCK!!!! i wud gladly stay like i am if he cud get some pain relief. and even better, emotional help like i have gotten. . which im sure he will.

  219. Hey Adriene! I just wanted to say thanks! I just finished the 30 days of yoga and I absolutely love it!!!!! Thanks for making it fun! I love "holding the simba". I haven't done yoga in years, because I thought I was not flexible anymore and didn't have time, but your videos drew me back to it and I will continue, thanks so much!

  220. Thank you so much, Adriene! I wasnt sure I would make it, being a working mom, but yay! I made it. Day 30 was really special. I felt truly empowered. Also I have been able to be more loving and considerate with other people and I'm sure this is because of 30 days with you! All the best from Germany!

  221. Adrienne,

    Your beautiful spirit shines through in this series. I like everyone else found you accidentally and was drawn into the practice. Thanks for this series it is gift in the greatest sense of the word. Namaste.

  222. Thank you Adrienne! I got a little emotional too! You are really helping me connect with a positive part of myself. You're also teaching me how to create space, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The catch is there's always a bittersweet aspect to letting go of things even if they're things that weren't good for you.

  223. Thank you, Adriene! I have practiced yoga on and off for 15 years and was delighted to find you and your program to get me back in the groove. You are a delight! Namaste.

  224. I've just finished your 30 days of Yoga, without missing a day, and have signed up to the Yoga Revolution. I've never stuck at anything. I just cannot believe how much I've enjoyed it, I've halved my medication and look forward to my practice everyday. Thank you so much for what you do. The world is a better place with you in it x

  225. Merci Adriene! Just finished my 30 days of Yoga with you along my journey. It was a wonderful, insightful, funny and liberating journey and I plan to continue with your other yoga videos. What a great discovery for me and thank you for sharing yourself - I'm calling you my quirky yogi.


  226. Thank you so much for this gift. I feel wonderful physically and spiritually. I feel like I never stick to a goal like this. Your guidance made it a joy to practice every day.


  227. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Adriene! such generosity in sharing your time and your spirit with all of us, whom you have never met. I completed my 30 challenge in 30 days! through Christmas and New Years, every day. Some days with more energy and happiness than others (all my triangle shapes have four sides :-), but I did it. I am a 58 old male, in pretty good shape. I had done some yoga when I lived in Santa Barbara (pretty much a requirement there :-), and was thinking about joining a studio when I saw your youtube classes. Plus being at home, I had no excuse.

    I thought it would be a good idea to get a "refresher" course - and oh boy, what a refresher it was. I suddenly realized things were not moving or bending as well. But after thirty days, I can begin to feel the difference, and now I am not stopping. Getting into one of your other 30 day Camp programs tomorrow!

    I may join a studio down the line, but for now I am enjoying reconnecting with my body and with the energy around me. You have been such an inspiration, thank you for this gift, may you be blessed a thousand fold for this.

    Pax et bonum,


  228. Adriene,
    This was a joy and not a pain, although there were times when I grimaced just a bit. This was the first time I practiced consistently. Feels very good. Thanks for the joyful, clear, and casual sessions. I enjoyed them all. Look forward to keep on truckin. Cheers.


  229. I can't tell you how awesome this was for the last day of this challenge! I just closed my eyes and went with it!!! The happiest moment of my home practice was finally getting up in my crow pose. It literally made me smile! Thank you Adriene 🙂 Can't wait for the next 30 days.

  230. Thank you, thank you so much.
    My body, mind, and soul are happier and healthier thanks to this amazing gift.

  231. Hi Adriene,
    This is the second time I have done your 30 day programme 18 months apart. I was in a cloudy place in my mind when I started this second journey and I looked to your programme for some help to find out who I am again. It has worked a dream!!! I have to tell you that I have loved each and every single day. I haven’t been feeling changes through the journey until yesterday day 29 when I really surprised myself by almost managing to get my head to my knees whilst standing (I’m made of wood I’m sure as I’m literally unbendabale). Day 30 today and I never thought I could create my own flow but the music started and I just went! What an amazing gift you have given me and I cannot be more grateful I’ve come back to start my yoga journey again. Thank you for everything you do and I’m going to start your new True collection with a my new positive mindset.
    Thank you Namaste

  232. Thank you, Adrienne. It took me 60 days to complete your 30 days of yoga, but I truly enjoyed my first experience with yoga. I will be working through more of your videos. Namaste.

  233. My dear friend Adriene
    So far and yet so close to my heart .
    You made me love Yoga and I did not miss a single day, sometimes joining,g you at midnight before bed !
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart . It is not over for me, I am following you for more Yoga videos. And may be one day in Texas

  234. Thank you Adriene. I came across your program somewhat accidentally but immediately knew that it was right for me. I've been wanting to try yoga and did do some beginner poses that I found in a book but realized I needed a little more guidance and structure (at least to get started). I am a 58 year old male who used to be active and fit but that seems like a long time ago. Although I struggled with a number of the poses (i.e. most balancing poses, crow pose, and anything requiring much flexibility), I stayed with it, completed the program (in 37 days) and noticed continual improvement throughout. I am definitely still a beginner but I really feel confident to try some new things. And I realize (after listening for 30 days) that it's OK if I cannot do things perfectly or exactly - just do what I can and look for gradual and incremental improvements. I found myself really looking forward to the day's practice (often previewing the practice the night before) and always felt better upon completion. I used to wake up with back soreness but that's pretty much gone now. I am inspired to keep with it and am already looking at some more of your videos to continue what I started (True Yoga? - maybe you have a better recommendation).
    Thank you for your guidance, your encouragement and especially your sunny, positive attitude. Just so you know this is the first blog/comment I have ever written. Guess I just needed something I felt strongly about.
    Thank You

    1. Thanks for sharing your first comment with Adriene and the YWA community, Mark! 🙂 If you want to work through another 30 day program, I would suggest any of the other 30 day programs by Adriene- TRUE, Revolution, or Yoga Camp. Best wishes on your continued yoga journey!

  235. I just love your yoga series. On those days that I just dont find the time, I am really missing the exercise and your very nice way of "taking us through" and " catching us when we fall"!!
    Do you have any good yoga exercise for "carpal tunnel syndrome" ? I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you and have a great day

  236. Love u!
    Thank you for sharing your hapiness.
    I cried during this class, because I was full of joy. I dont know, cant explain.

  237. Howdy,
    I am at Day 6. I am beginning this journey 3 months shy of my 70th birthday. Some parts are older, I think. I have been feeling better almost daily. I love your serious/playful approach and, although I don't feel strong enough to do it every day (2 out of three seems about right) I am confident I can take the full 30 day journey and beyond. I regret the compulsiveness of previous exercise routines and am paying the price for them today. I was a 70 mile/week runner, I lifted weights (with a trainer) until I broke almost every part of my body. Knees are brittle, back is iffy, etc. But Yoga is giving me back some subtle strength and flexibility. Neck is turning like it should, posture is improved. I guess Yippee is the word. Thanks, Friar Jeff

  238. Hi Adriene. I just completed my 30 days of yoga!! WOOHOO! Thank you so much for your fantastic videos and your encouragement. I love my yoga practice so much more because of you and your videos. <3 Namaste

  239. A beautiful 30 day journey. I have loved this practice and knowing you don’t need to devote hours, just learn to be present and carve out some time for yourself. Even at my tired moments stepping into that mat gave me the strength I needed and I am so pleased I did this. Thank you

  240. So proud having completed this 30 day challenge! Thanks so much Adriene for guiding me through - can't wait to start the next challenge ♡♡♡

  241. Greetings from Ireland - just finished my 30 days today! I’m so delighted and so smug I could levitate! Your teaching style is fantastic!! Ordinary and extraordinary. It’s set me on a new home practice yoga journey. Thank you, thank you.

  242. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you so much for the 30-day yoga trial. Thanks to you (and me ;-)) i've been set on a new path. I hope i can make it a new lifestyle. Because of you i am so much more aware of the importance of breathing and i could develop my yoga and spirit. I wish you all the best, even if you are a bit crazy sometimes 😉 in a good way!

    best to you x

  243. Thank you so much for such a kind and generous gift in this 30 days of Yoga. This has been the start of a daily practice for me and my mind, body and spirit are definitely feeling more connected and at peace. What a joy and a blessing to have found you Adrienne.

  244. I have had an amazing yoga experience with these videos. I was in Portugal on vacation and completed a yoga video during sunrise in santa helena. Very high and beautiful scene. I have an amazing fast speed video I would love to share with you of the sun rising and me completing the yoga video. It was so breath taking and made the yoga experience so illuminating.

  245. Hi my name is Ryan 35 yr old male for the past few weeks I've been at the drs with problems sleeping where I didn't sleep for 5 days straight and felt like I was losing my mind and when I was up I went on YouTube and your video was suggested so itried it I'm only on day 4 but I've been sleeping and feeling alot better I felt like i was meant to come across it

  246. I know I’m late to the party but just finished this program and it was fantastic. I’ve not only seen improvements in my body but my mind as well. I started this program at a stressful, scary time in my career and it was a lifesaver.

    I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for 2 years now but have never had the confidence to try my own flow! It was scary at first but I did it, and it’s an amazing metaphor for life- at some point we need to “find what feels good” by ourselves rather than following a leader. Thanks for the amazing program Adriene, I’m excited to try True next!<3

  247. Hi Adriene, we are on day 30 of the Covod-19 lockdown and I have just completed day 30 of your 30 days yoga. Thank you so much, it has helped me stay sane, got me into a healthy routine and helped me start each day with a certain level of peace and purpose. I can't wait to tackle your other yoga sessions.

    Thank you again, you are awesomely amazing!

  248. Today I made the commitment to myself to start the 30 day yoga journey. I love how you explain the movements and how you let people know it is a individual journey. I decided to take this journey during this time of COVID-19 crices not only because I know that being cooped up was going to stop what progress I had maid in my weight loss over the past year but not being able to leave the house was going to take a strong toll on my mental and emotional health.
    I have tried yoga a few times but never practiced more than that but I will say that over the past few weeks I have watched and practiced with Adriene on some of her other videos and so today I woke you and decided today is the day for a change. A change in my life, in my goles, and in my mind set. A time to slow down and breath.
    Thank you Adriene I am looking forward to the next 29 days!!!

  249. Hi thank you so much have accomplished 30 days seems sad hope to carry on with 6 weeks of lock down I looked forward to the joys thanks again chris

  250. Good morning Adriene, I am working from home (I'm an Office Manager for a Primary School) as my medication for my Arthritis puts me at high risk of infection. I've been self isolating since 18th March and was missing Yoga. I began Beginners Yoga with my sister about 8 months but due to our work and family commitments we were not able to attend every week. Unfortunately, as I'm not very good at self-motivation my son suggested I check out your website, as he had himself used your site. I saw your 30-day programme and decided to follow it starting 1st April. It has worked out perfectly, completing my yoga each morning before I start work.
    I have now completed DAY 30 today! I have not felt alone during this journey, as each day you have inspired me to continue. It is going to be some time before I could possibly resume my yoga sessions with my sister, therefore I have decided to continue yoga with you each morning before work. Thank you, Namaste x

  251. Hi Adrienne,
    I used this lockdown to commit myself to 30 days of yoga.
    What an amazing Journey!
    I've been taking yoga classes for years but never got into daily home practice.
    You helped me do that!
    Now I will want to continue this during the rest of lockdown and also further.
    Thank you so much for the gift of yoga and for having your videos on youtube with no advertising!
    Greetings from New Zealand!

  252. Thank you Adrienne!

    I just completed the 30 days and loved your videos. Thank you for sharing.


  253. Dear Adriene,
    thank you so much for your 30 days of yoga (my introduction to your teaching)! And to my friend Melanie for introducing you to me. Along the way I dipped into your Yoga for upper and lower back pain, and for neck and shoulders; and Yoga for anger; and Yoga for bedtime, etc. So here I am, after about 2 months of the Covid19 sheltering at home mode of life, having completed the 30th day! Day 30 was lovely, thank you for your encouragement to do our own thing, and for sharing your practice with us. I have incorporated yoga -- with your guidance if I'm feeling un-inspired or needy or just want a moment of peace and calm with your lovely voice -- into my days.

  254. These 30 days have been my most valuable shelter-in-place, Covid 19 tool to feel like my life is not stuck, we are not frozen in time, but that YES, we can and are moving forward. I am diving right into 30-days Home tomorrow and cannot wait to continue this journey of discovering and exploring the capability of my own body. Austin, TX appreciation for you and this program, Adriene!

  255. Thank you during the pandemic! Several people recommended you and so glad i did. You’re amazing. Just finished the 30 day course. I’m a former Austinite living in NYC,! You make me proud!

  256. Thank you for this. You've helped me come a long way in a span of 30 days and it is greatly appreciated!

    Stay safe, thanks again, and namaste 🙂

  257. I am so, so late to this yoga party - but I couldn't finish this series without letting you know how much the last 30 days have transformed me. I feel so much stronger and more connected to my body! As well as building up my muscles, you have created a space where I can also grow my confidence and compassion for myself. You are a beautiful human, Adriene. Thank you for the gift you've given us all.

  258. Thank you! When I began I thought of yoga as a stretch and filed it under exercise. It is, but I've learned so much more about the mind connection. I also started because of the disconnections I feel in my life. Today I feel some of that dissolving and connections reestablishing. Today I could just about step into a lunge from down dog and today I did crow for a few seconds...twice! I feel stronger and ready to have some days of practice all by myself. Thank you!

  259. Adrienne , I bow my head to you and give thanks that I found you. I come home from work every day and the first thing I do is yoga with you. The very first day I did your yoga for beginners and then jumped in to 30 days of yoga as well as repeating day 6 every day and choosing one of your lower back practices. I am 64 and you have helped me to get stronger every day. I missed your sweet voice today and you look like a beautiful dancer. Now I need to figure out which of your videos to do next. Thank You again and again for doing this. You are a fantastic teacher.

  260. I don't know if I could have made it through this pandemic so far, without your yoga sessions, Adriene. Thank you form the bottom of my heart. Julie

  261. With all my heart, thank you Adriene. Having you in my life every morning for the last 30 days has changed me for the better. I'm so grateful to you! May you be well! May you be happy!

  262. Today was an incredible reminder of all the things you have taught me through these sessions Adrienne, like so many others I couldn't help but shed a tear. I have always been an active person, but never experienced yoga before. You have started something in me that I love - and I can't wait to experience more from your teaching in future videos.

  263. Hi Adriene, Thank you so much for being such an amazing yoga teacher! I am so grateful to have gone on this 30 day journey with you. You have such a beautiful spirit! <3

  264. Newbie here that just completed "30 Days of" today. Transformative. It's an amazing thing that you do and I'm so excited to continue to study, practice, learn, and grow. Here's to Many More Days of Yoga with Adriene. Thank you! Namaste.

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