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30 Days of Yoga - Day 3

Day 3 of 30 Days of Yoga! Forget What You Know About Yoga! It is so easy to slip into automatic pilot. For today's sequence, come into a beginners mind. (Bonus if you are a beginner and totally new to yoga!) When we come to this idea of beginner's mind - we open up to all possibilities.

Use this Day 3 practice to check in with balance and connect to your core center. Let go of expectations and stay receptive as you work to build strength and unlock more space. Again, open up to making new discovery! If you are regular yogi this practice will be a great opportunity to change it up. If you are new to the practice, ROCK ON, you have that beautiful beginners mind already. Seek opportunities to learn - especially in the difficulties. Everyone, close your eyes when you can, move mindfully and trust yourself. Breathe. Breathe slowly. This revitalizing and strengthening sequence is great for balance, core & hip check in, and supports good posture! Explore where you are TODAY.

There are some more restorative practices on the way, I promise! Plus shorter sequences begin to weave in and out! Stick with it!!

159 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 3”

  1. Having signed up for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I thought I would get the daily practice sent to my email each day. That is not happening. I got the very first one and none after that.

      1. Check your spam. I bet it's getting caught there. I've been getting the emails no problem.

  2. Hey, so I just happened across this challenge, a couple of days late. How to go about it? I'm pretty new to this stuff, but I'm in a general good shape and used to working out so... Hop along and start where you are today? Watch the previous videos? Do the previous exercises?

    1. I was a day or two "behind" and just started at the beginning. So today is 7 Jan and I'm doing Day 3.

      1. Me, too. My balance is terrible, but today I actually found a few points of stability and ease. Thank you for making today gentle!

  3. So Yoga doesn'the have to be scary, it can actually be refreshing. I may stay with you the whole days.


  4. This has been my favourite video out of the first 3 days! I felt a lot more connected with myself & was able to concentrate on my breathing better as well. Can't wait for more balancing videos 🙂 x

    1. Me too ! I struggled with Day 2, feeling quite defeated and sure I couldn't do the 30 days. But this morning ready to at least try. I LOVED the balancing. Really motivated for day 4. Yay !

      1. Lara, I am about to start Day 3 in 20 minutes (still waking up) but also felt discouraged after Day 2. Your comment makes me feel a whole lot better. Don't ever give up! (right?)

  5. Great practice again today. My balance is so off, but with practice I hope I stand on one leg with a smile!
    Thank you for today!

  6. I had sooo much trouble keeping my balance until you reminded me to stand on the four corners of my right foot. Idk why but that helped me a lot.
    This whole thing is helping me a lot.

  7. I like your videos, they are a good mix of balance, stretching, flow, and fire! Plus you are happy and fun to listen to. Thanks for the videos. It's my first yoga challenge!

  8. THANK YOU! As a working mom, my budget goes to daycare and my time, well, anything but me. Having access to your videos is something I can do no matter how late and not leave the house. I appreciate all the work you put into making yoga accessible to anyone. Your 30 day series has been fun and I look forward to it each day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  9. In today's practice, I learned that I definitely needed to be patient with my balance. I really enjoyed it & I'm so excited for the rest of the #30daysofyoga 🙂

  10. Happy new year & thank you for your awesome videos!
    I've started with yoga because of you a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it, especially the #30daysofyoga workouts. Great job!

    Best wishes from Austria

  11. It was so much fun in my day 3 of yoga with Adriane, I have no balance on my body at all when I close my eyes, I know is practice but any tips my dear teacher?

  12. Thank you thank you thank you for these videos. Such a great way to re-connect with myself.

  13. I haven't been feeling today. I started doing half the video then just sat on my mat. I'm about to go to work and I'm off at 11 tonight. Hopefully I feel better and I can try this video again. I really like how you instruct and I aim to keep up for all 30 days. Thank you!

  14. On to day three. My abs are sore but let's do this. I love your quirky personality it makes doing exercise a pleasure. Thanks for the videos.

  15. Thanks Adriene for sharing your vaaaaaast knowledge of yoga with the world, you're one hell of a teacher!!
    I'm enjoying this 30 day challenge a lot, hard as it might be sometimes!

    best wishes from Spain

  16. I got a later start on the 30 day journey, but I'm loving it!! Thank you for this wonderful practice, I look forward to the next 27 days (and beyond)

  17. Thanks a lot for the amazing exercise dear Adriene! I loved it and I felt good about myself when I was done. I think balance exercise is my favourite. Looking forward to tomorrow's video. Greetings from Cairo 🙂

  18. DAY 3: Forget what you know! How true is that? Often we need to unlearn to learn and today's practice was to simply let go of what we know and enjoy the moment. I am hearing the whispers and screams of my body from the parts who receive some daily attention and to those who receive none, yet all yearn to be heard from. Learning to find harmony and balance and myself is an exciting journey. Each day I participate and enjoy that there is an air of light and laughter with you Adriene! And there are parts of my body who are protesting the awakening and only beginning to wake up from their deep sleep. Thank you for opening up new possibilities to remember who I truly am!

  19. Loved this practice - it was just what I needed today! Thank you! I'm starting to look forward to each day!

  20. Hi Adriene!

    I'm just now starting this (late, I know, but I had to psych myself into committing to it), and I just wanted to say that you are so encouraging and easy-going. I'm out of shape and overweight, and I do this yoga in the confines of my room, late at night, so my roommates don't see me. It's hard - tears have been brought to my eyes the first two days - but I've done everything you have that my body will allow...which is a lot more than I've been giving it credit for.

    Thank you, friend. Thank you so much.

    1. Stephanie, I just wanted to take time to encourage you to keep doing this. I am a 55 year old out of shape woman and started doing a different yoga program a few months ago. It was so hard and I felt so out of my league but my daughter kept encouraging me and telling me to only do what felt good to my body. I felt that I had permission to not set myself up for failure. Since then I quit that program due to the cost but I searched and found Adriene. I kept going because since I started yoga I feel so much stronger and healthier even if no one else sees it , I feel it and love it. Take time each day to connect with your body and you to will realize the inner lean and strong feelings that are waking your body up.

      Good luck and keep going,

  21. Hi, I'm in too! I figure it's never too late to get started 🙂 Just loved this sequence so much that I had to do it again today. Plus I was really having a bad day where everything was going wrong, so when I got the chance I knew this would center me and get me back on track (that followed by a tall glass of water). Thanks for doing this. I can't quite get my heel to the ground on that downward dog, circle with the knee thing, but I got closer today. Plus 3 days in and my posture is improving already and awareness is growing, thank you so much!

  22. I absolutely love yoga. I have tried so many diffrent work out regimes and was so exhausted with hardcore workouts. I love how I feel during and after each segment. Thank you for your awesomeness. I love feeling grounded.

  23. Okay, I just started this challenge - on Day 3 today. That was my favorite so far!! Thank you for this. Hoping I can make it through the whole 30!

  24. I'm revising for exams at the moment and, as someone who stresses a lot and finds it hard to do exercise, this is really helping me! I'm on day 3 and it is certainly helping me to relax before bed! Thanks so much for these videos!

  25. Hey fellow yogis and Adriene, my practice in the past has been erratic and never consistent. I do it for a bit then stop, at the moment my movement is very limited as I have two herniated disks, I've been putting on weight and lacking confidence in me. I found your challenge 3 days ago and can honestly say I am very grateful. It's giving me the motivation I need to keep going through but at my pace and with variation. Thankyou Thankyou thankyou x

  26. Simba!!! Yes! That was awesome - that pose series was always a chore for me, but that one word has totally changed my view of what I'm doing there. 🙂

  27. Love this daily yoga! i love that it is me time and that it is very simple and easy to follow as a beginner in yoga! I am on day 3 and already cannot wait for tomorrows video 🙂

  28. I love the challenge so far. It's so much more then the other challenges. Yoga has helped me reopen my eyes to me 🙂

  29. Thanks Adriene, my 8yr old son and I took up the challenge 3days ago and are really enjoying it. Looking forward to the next 27.

    You're doing a great job, thanks.


  30. l got a late start but I finished day 3 today. Day 2 was a real stickler for me, as I battled thru technical difficulties and my own breathing issues. It took me 1 1/2 hrs but I stuck with it . Balance is an issue as well so day three was very helpful and motivational. I never have done anything like this before and am anxious to continue with day 4. Thank you Adriene

  31. Thanks for these free classes Adriene! My New Years resolution was to increase my yoga practice from once a week to daily and you are the key to keeping me on track! I'm mixing it up with public classes also.. I like the reminders to smile and not be so serious..
    From Ruth in Ireland x

  32. I have never done yoga before and and enjoying this. But I totally felt like a Weeble today, haha! I know my balance will get better as I keep at it though 🙂

  33. I want to express my gratitude for your work, Adrienne. I have started and stopped yoga more times than I can count. Your 30 Days program is perfect for someone like me who wants to get into a practice, but cannot afford (either in time or money) 90 minute long sessions in studios. As someone who has never been able to regard flexibility as anything but an enemy, I also appreciate the openness you offer, even from a recording, in modifying or exploring ways to make a pose work without having to follow your exact posture. I also appreciate your ability to make yoga available to the beginner, without making it feel like you are "dumbing down" the session.
    Again, thank you for the work you have done, and I suspect will continue to do in the future.

  34. I'm a beginner to the art of yoga. I was super impressed at the whole body work out that you get with it! I have never had a work out challenge that I actually looked forward to doing, but with this I can not wait to get my daily email every day with my new video!! Thank you so much for sharing your practice!!


  35. Hi Adriene and my fellow yogis,
    Okay, while I got off to a great start on Day 1 and 2, my start on Day 3 was not good. I had not prepared the previous night by hooking up my laptop to the TV, so as to follow Adriene at floor level and regular TV level :-). I will post a picture before the end of 30 days of this setup.
    I could do most of the poses today. I did have some hard time balancing. I noticed that I am more confident and stronger on right leg compared to left leg. But that will improve with regular practice and over time, as I have seen in the past. My hamstrings are very tight and hence I cannot bend over totally and touch my toes comfortably. I have to bend at the knees. That is my goal, to be able to bend over and touch my toes or the floor comfortably without bending at knees. So the short session was welcome today.
    More power tomorrow!
    Namasthe Adriene and all fellow yogis !

  36. Thank you Adriene, for the great yoga videos. Sticking with this for 3 days has been totally worth it and I will keep going!!!

    I'm battling depression, which also caused me to leave my boyfriend and resign from my job too. I'm doing yoga to re-discover who I am, find myself and love myself again, so thank you for what you are doing for me.

    You have a great personality and a fun yet relaxing way of coaching us through this 30 day challenge... x

  37. Really funny....just opened my email link to do day 3. Guess the ad I got just below your logo?? KFC yes the fast food oily chicken kind lol

    Awesome videos! Thanks for sharing it with us xx

  38. Hi Adriene,

    I love your pants in this video! They look so comfy and perfect for yoga, not to mention lounging 🙂

    Where are they from?? I would love to order a pair!



  39. I am a total beginner at age 64. Would you recommend that I do the 30 day program or should I start with your beginner videos or is it ok to the 30 days? Thanks for your help.

  40. Wonderful and you are so amazing! I have not been doing yoga for over a year and love this way of easing back into it. Thank you, thank you!

  41. This has been my best day so far! I found it really enjoyable and fun. I did day two twice and found that to be a killer so this was a nice follow up 🙂

  42. Hi Adriene. A friend told me about you this weekend. So I got started right away. I am really enjoying these videos. Overdone many yoga videos and it's really hard to get one that is just like attending a class. Yours feels that way to me. You are very sweet for sharing this with the world! I really enjoy your energy, your tips on getting into the pose correctly and your goofiness...that is actually my fave part about you. So thank you for sharing your talent, knowledge and energy! I'm very appreciative. ~Ginger.

  43. As a busy mam to three active boys, this challenge has been perfect for me! The length of each video makes it perfect for nap time practice! So glad I found you! Thanks for being so real and refreshing!

  44. Ooooh Day 3- felt so good to stretch out after Day 2's torture. I was so sore all afternoon yesterday and last night. Woke wondering what today might bring...I will be practicing my smiling while I yogi!

  45. Beauteful, Adriene. Day 3 was a lovely variation. Body ace after the 2 first days, so this day 3 was just awesome to do - and no more body ace.

    Looking forward to see you tomorrow!

    Love from Norway <3

  46. I haven't commented before this, but at day three I can already feel my body rejecting the unhealthy and craving nutrition and exercise and health. And the breathing has really helped me with my anxiety. So thank you, Adriene! I look forward to day 4!

  47. Wow ! I'm a yoga novice, and I have to say that this is pretty tough. I can't do all the moves but I try my best - finding what feels good. 🙂
    Great stuff indeed.


  48. I have to say Balance poses are my favorite, not because I find them easy though, quite the opposite, they're so challenging, which makes it that much more of an achievement when you manage to not fall over! Thank you for this, I already feel so much better after only 3 days.

  49. Hi Adriene!

    I was not in the mood or mindset for practice today but after reading the motivational email I knew it would do me good! It most definitely did! Thank you for these videos, I'm new to yoga and this seems like a great place to start the journey 🙂

    See you again tomorrow!

  50. Trying yoga for the first time and after the first two days Im sore but today's video was good but disheartening. I tried really hard to do the standing poses but most just kept having to plant both my feet to keep from falling over. Not going to give up though! Just hope I gain a better sense of balance!

  51. Hi! ( Sorry for my English ) .
    love you!
    your voice, your smile, your peace.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

    In my email I have received the "Day 16" , but i only did so " Day 3 " .
    My 30 days will be a little longer , but I will complete the challenge.

    regards from
    Buenos Aires,

  52. Hey Adriene,
    Your videos are so lovely.
    You are doing great things, for a lot of grateful people.
    Eeeeee excited for the challenge.

  53. I just began the 30 days of yoga and let me just say that you are so inspiring and amazing! I never thought that I could do yoga...EVER! I'm pretty clumsy, not at all flexible, and the furthest thing from graceful. The 30 day series and your mantra "Do what feels good" has put a whole new spin on yoga for me. Now, rather than beating myself up about trying to get the poses perfect (and feeling discouraged when I'm unable), I do the best that I can and really focus in on my intention and breathing while staying in tune with my body. I feel like this version of yoga is what true yoga is meant to be, so THANK YOU for sharing! I feel so much more self-aware because of my practice with you!

  54. Definitely helped med figure out what I need work on w/ balance/strength 🙂 I may have to go back to this video a few more times and practice

  55. Day 3 was my favorite one yet! I really felt my core working during the seated "Simba" exercise. It made me giggle thinking about holding little Simba in my hands and it actually distracted me from how much my abs were trembling. Thank you so much for all you do! I look forward to this time every day and I can't wait to see what the next 27 days have in store!

  56. I've just done two days so far, got this to look forward to tomorrow. I'm really enjoying it, thank you x

  57. Hi there. I am sorry about being slow in answering. I enjoyed the days I did but ran into some bumpy times and haven't done anything later. I did buy a new yoga mat and also the block and hope to be able to get back and start all over in a week or so.

  58. Hi Adriene,

    Thanks for these 30 days of yoga! I just finished my Day 3 video, but I started doing yoga regularly last week on Wednesday and have done it every day since, and I have a burning pain just under my ankle bone on the outside of my foot that burns when I walk and feels really tight. Is this a strain or overextension that you've heard of from beginners? If so, do you have any advice on whether to keep trying to stretch it out or maybe give it a break?


  59. My 3rd day in 30 days of yoga - it's definitely the best part of my day. I love that I am becoming so familiar with your style and really feeling it during the practice. You make it seem almost effortless and I am already seeing changes in my strength and balance. You're so awesome and I can't thank you enough for providing this for FREE. So incredibly generous. Again, thank you and namaste.


  60. After having a baby about 6 months ago, my core is completely weak. This is frustrating for me as I was a total gym rat prebaby. This is slowly helping me to get back on track. The videos are quick enough that I can get in a mini workout during a nap!

  61. I've subscribed to this weeks ago. I've done 1st day and rest of the emails went unread and left me with a feeling of guilt. So I've hidden them in the folder...

    Today I'm after my 3rd day - still, long way to go and anything can happen - I know it. But I feel good. I finished Yoga and went for a short run. It's 30 minutes mixed with walk but it's much more than I've done for the last couple of months.

    I'm rather slim but gravitation is doing the best it can to make my body less firm and juicy. So I've decided - I'll try it once more. Yoga and running. Hopefully, I'll be here tomorrow 🙂

    Thank You for this experience, You seem like a wonderful person!

    I've got one question - sometimes I feel some pain in hands when we do a lot of 4x4 positions. Is it normal? Am I doing something wrong or I my body just have to get used to?

    Sending my best from Poland.

  62. i did your yoga for beginners 7 days for the last 30 days . So I thought I could graduate to your 30 days yoga program. Only on day 3 and I cannot get into these positions or maintain balance at all. Are beginners really doing this stuff in only 3 days? I am feeling totally inadequate . Can you give me any suggestions?

  63. Third day of the 30 Day Yoga Chsllenge. How fun to get a new workout sent every day. I love your videos!! You are a down to earth, easy to follow instructor. You make Yoga fun and convenient. and are saving me money and time not having to drive to a Yoga Studio, pay $12 for a class and take the class at a time that is often not convenient. So glad I got directed to the challenges your videos via one of my Fitbit FB Groups ! You are making a difference. Namaste

  64. thank you Adriene
    I am on day 3 and absolutely loving it so far. I love your approach, fun yet meditative.
    looking forward to more!!

  65. Wonderful! I've started the practice and now feel fine! I'm back dated and was worried. Thanks.
    (I don't if this is correct english but hope so).


    from Italy.

  66. I'm new to yoga and I've been loving this callenge! It's kinda hard for me but still wonderfull. You are so encouraging! Sorry if I said something wrong, English is not my mother tounge 🙂

  67. This is my 3rd day and I am feeling good. I wasn't sure I was going to make it but I did and i am enjoying it. I really do like your style. You encourage people to fidget and to feel the right spot that was my problem with other yoga videos. They were too advanced and held the poses like a rock, not good for beginners!


  68. Namaste Adriene sister
    Wonderful! I’ve started the practice and now feel fine
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!
    Best of luck for your wonderful work…..
    wish you Happy Raksha Bandhan.....

  69. How is this exactly what I need each day? I usually don't have patience for slow movement, but this was actually fun and relaxing. Thank you!

  70. thank you the videos are so much fun. ive dona yoga before cause of my back problems i have scoliosis and yoga helps to ease my pain

  71. I have been sick for 10 days and really lost my practice! Your videos are helping me get back to it. Also loved the Day 3 email. After teaching yoga for 12 years, I now realize I had become a "yoga robot," and lost my playful exploration. Thanks Adrienne!

  72. I had a lower pack pain. I used to do yoga before, but stopped entirely. Getting back to yoga.
    Thanks for your great video. Appreciated for this great 30 day program.

  73. I just completed Day 3, and was surprised at how disappointed I was when I realized it was the end of the video. Was kind of a cool feeling in a weird sort of way. 🙂

  74. Hi Adriene, I love your video-yogaclass. You bring me back to how my body is, how it feels and make contact again. Thank you. Xx

  75. Started a while ago when I was on holidays but syopped when I was back to the rutine. Just got back again and doing it three times a week at home when the kids are drawing. They think it's so funny to see me struggling! Thanks a million for your videos! Greetings from Spain!

  76. really enjoying these video's!! I'm on the waiting list for yoga classes in my home town, but this is even more fun, I can do it at home 🙂 Great! Thank you so much!

  77. Thank you for todays video!
    I got up all tense this morning and couldn't breath deeply but towards the middle of your video I became more focused on my body and keeping the balance and began breathing more easily. I feel much better now. 🙂 Thank you for reminding me to smile!

  78. I like your videos, they are a good mix of balance, stretching, flow, and fire! Plus you are happy and fun to listen to. Thanks for the videos. It’s my first yoga challenge!

  79. I'm a complete beginner. I tried yoga once or twice years ago. Loved it, and never did anything futher. Now I tried Adriens complete beginner video a few times. That gave me the courage to reach out to a local yoga teacher. I got to start tomorrow, even though the next class doesn't start until january. I've just completed day 3. My body is so so sore, BUT I feel so good about myself. I feel so light after every practice. Why didn't I start this journey years ago? I just love it.

  80. Hi Adriene,

    I am grateful for this video, Day 3, because it helps you to forget about everything you do. I believe this should help not only me, but also everyone else, get over some of the stuff that has happened and press on.

    Everyday is a challenge, but if we learn to channel it down a bit day by day, we'll get by
    further and further in life, rather be in panic mode all the time.



  81. Today practice was beautiful and it helped me a lot with my anxiety, I'm thankful to God for help me to find you adriene, thank you, you're wonderful! 🙂

  82. Hey Adriane!

    First things first - thanks for doing this! It's a blessing to "be on the mat", as you say. I'm a beginner, and I have to say day 3 was a relief after day 2! Haha. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it, is just, yesterday, I felt pain, cramps and tremors in places I never knew I could. It was hard. There was a moment where the only thing I was doing right was the breathing - and some other moments that the breathing was the only thing I was doing at all! But I'm glad and proud of myself for trying, and as you also say, a little goes a long way (after 3 days of yoga I feel a bit more mobile, lighter, and mainly easier on myself and life).

    Today I took sometime to watch two or three other videos of yours, that I already seen, to literally "find what feels good". I was searching for the movements and poses that brought me more pleasure, taking notes not to forget. It seems the sitting positions with forward fold are my favourites, a left-over from my ballet times, I reckon. Anyway... I'm glad to enter this "yoga world", and I'm definitely thankful for finding someone like you, a channel like yours, to guide me through this amazing path.

    Much light to you. Namaste!

  83. I have been following your 30 day videos and for yesterday and today, the videos stop about 10 minutes in, I thought it was possibly my internet connection yesterday and so did the winter blues yoga but it did the same. Can anyone help me work out why this is please?

  84. Thanks again! I have never been so motivated in my life. Today, my 9 year old daughter joined in 🙂

  85. I'm 70. Taking to heart your encouragement to trust our bodies where they are and reach gently toward the poses. Only Day 3 and I'm sore but much more flexible.

  86. This came at a perfect time for me. I have been wanting yoga back in my life. Thank you so much for doing this. I am loving your teaching style.

  87. I am very much late than the rest of the group but I am keeping up to do the practice daily since I started, I am enjoying myself a lot and you made me loveeee Yoga, it is my first time for me to do yoga and I feel I love it ☺️
    I hope I would be as flexible and as balanced as you are, I want to get for control over my body
    I loved today's practice that I wished it was longer, thanks for everything.

  88. I have only just found your website and already I love it!!! On Day 4 of the Challenge tomorrow, yahoo!!!

  89. Day 3 down and feeling great! I'm so glad I stumbled on your videos, I'm feeling like this yoga thing might become a permanent thing for me! Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  90. Loving the 30 days of yoga! I am mum to a toddler and run my business from home. Its so great to have something for myself every day and gives me the energy to keep up with life.
    Thank you!

  91. I really enjoy yoga but the experience here is more relaxing and am loving the 30 days of yoga.

  92. I do not do balance so well so I was glad that the video today - day 3 was shorter than day 2.

  93. Hi Adriene! I am new to this. I love your motivation! I had extensive chemotherapy years ago that led to some brain damage and a lot of balance issues. I really want to improve but am struggling with the balance, any suggestions?

    1. Hi lovely Traci, there is so much we can explore here but my main advice is to give yourself the support you need on the mat. Have a chair near by or work near a wall - so you can work on things with proper support and less struggle. Also, more love on the feet. Focus on feet, foot massage and care. Let me know how it's going?

  94. Thanks so much for providing these videos.Im completely new to yoga at 54 years young. Taking it slow but feel so good after each session. Actually repeating each day a few times before moving to next day. Love your mellow instruction.

  95. 64 yrs old out of shape, over weight 183 committed only got through 12 min. Nausea, headache. Could not manage complete movements but did my best with help of a balance chair close by. Marti H day 3

  96. day 3....looking forward to the challenges. Unfortunately, I have plantar faciitis so am having to adapt a little so as not to pull on my arch or heel.
    I'm sure, with care, it will do me good. Thanks for your cheerful way of being, Adriene! Alix

  97. Thank you for your videos as a whole, and for the 30 day challenge specifically right now. I've been adjusting to a lot of changes in my health as I'm headed into my 30s, and returning my focus to yoga helps me have a lot more control over how I feel. Thank you for making it so accessible!

  98. I'm enjoying the daily classes and did not realise how poor my strength and balance are so hoping to see improvement by day 30!

  99. I started the workout and got to day 3 when I got my period. Instead of today's yoga I decided to do the special yoga for cramps and PMS. Should I continue the 30 day yoga from day 3 or skip it and go day 4?

  100. I'm very new to yoga. Some of the routines are very challenging....but I'm trying. I actually like challenges but never seem to complete any. So here I am again....I'll try not to quit on myself. I like when you tell us to stay present in the moment. That works for me since I tend to drift. Thank you.

  101. Thank you for your wonderful practice. You made a comment on day 3 about shape and a TED talk. Please, can you tell me which one it was? It sounds so interesting. Thank you

  102. Hi
    Thank you i am on day three.I really appreciate and really like and hopeful that i get back in shape as well.
    Best Regards

  103. Dear Adriene,
    I am Shahrzad and I am from Iran, I found your video accidentally on filtered YouTube and subscribe 30 days yoga program.
    Though I know English, it is sometimes hard to concentrate just on your voice and try not to look at the videos.
    After each practice I feel like I am like an energy bomb. I really feel all bad and exhausting powers fly away from my inner spirit.
    I recommended your programs to my friends.
    Plus I like your calm character.
    I Really thank you for this program.

  104. Loving the series, I'm on Day 3. Is there any way to set it up so that the videos don't automatically go to the next one after shavasana? On day 2 and 3 it scared the crap out of me when I was laying there totally relaxed and the next video started up. I got up early this time to pause the video but it kinda messes up your perfect landing as you guide it down to a graceful closing.

    Very well done videos by the way, looking forward to the rest of the series.

  105. Am loving this Yoga course. Its brilliant! Thank you Adrienne. Love from the Isle of man xx

  106. Day 3 looks shorter than 25 mins which felt really nice. I had pain in my leg and back from previous days practice. Is that normal? I am glad I found adrien. Thank you so much

  107. Dear Adrienne,

    thank you so much for offering this free class! This really is a big help during the corona "house arrest".

    Greetings from Germany

  108. Adriene, you're my favorite yoga instructor. This pandemic is causing a lot of anxiety. ¨Woebot¨ a free app for cognitive behavior therapy recommended you. It's amazing how calming and stress relieving your classes are. You're a real gift to human kind.
    Sending you love and wishing you the best of health.

  109. This 30 Days Of Yoga has been keeping me calm and feeling blesses during this pandemic. I thank Adriene from the bottom of my heart! Stay safe, and God bless.

  110. Your cues are right on! It is as if you are in the same room with me. I am so grateful that I have discovered you and the 30 day yoga journey. Just on Day 3 and it already has made a difference. Thank you! Thank you!

  111. This challenge from 2015 is my fav... I’ve done it a couple of times!! Thank you for keeping it free!

  112. Feeling a little sore today but still getting on the mat! Nice core work today

  113. I am a little late to discovering Yoga with Adriene - but on day 3 of the 30 days and really loving it !

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