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30 Days of Yoga - Day 27

Day 27 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Flexible, Fearless and FUN Yoga Practice - equipped with Plank Playtime!(Don't be scared!) This 16 min practice is a great reminder that we can have fun on the mat. We don't need to take yoga so seriously to have a connected and focused practice. We don't need to be so serious to get a workout. Let's have some fun as we explore on our mat and check in with the present moment.

Day 27 gets the juices flowing and focuses on flexibility, balance and breath. It strengthen's and stretches all major muscle groups inviting you to build your practice based on Day 1-26. You are doing so great! Stick with it my friends!

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

24 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 27”

  1. Tougher then it may seem at first but at least on my good side the tree pose was fun.

    One leg poses something for me to work on after the 30 days are done.

    On to 28.

  2. You are precious. I am new to the practice, my friend challenged me to the 30 days, and I agreed. I have been keeping up. I'm writing to share that I just told my husband I was so sad it was almost over... I love spending time with you every day, getting to know my body and becoming stronger and more flexible. I am better. Thank you for your kindness.

  3. I'm so happy my tree pose is getting better! I just need to open my hips a little more. Loved the Plank Playtime! Great practice!

  4. I love the balancing poses - this was a great practice. Thank you again for this 30 day program.

  5. DAY 27: And I'm in Heaven!!!! Another great 20 minutes of awesome practice. Finding my center and balance on tree pose was a bit challenging as my base seemed a little wobbly (after all, "it's all about that base, about that base!) All kidding aside, enjoying each and every moment! Love feeling the stretch in all of my major muscle parts and still feeling the nurturing my lower back is screaming for. Hope to get to a firm solution on what makes it happy and scream for more, scream for joy! Thanks Adriene, you are Yogi and I am Boo-Boo! 😉

  6. Thank you Adriene. I was a yoga hater until starting your 30 days. I now look forward to it, love the flexibility and balance gains and most of all spending my alone time with you. (Don"t tell my wife!!)

  7. Just did day 26 and 27 together and I'm all caught up. This yoga felt soooo good after 3 days of roller derby practice. A nice, gentle, yummy way to stretch all those tight muscles. MmmMmm good!

  8. Hello Adriene and my fellow yogis,
    Another great session of yoga. Day 27 - challenge of the day, tree pose. I expected myself to be very wobbly but to my surprise I managed to hang on, both left and right leg. But no complexities added to that like moving my arms up above my head or back like Adriene does. I did attempt that, arms above head interlaced and moving my head to look up, only to loose my balance.

    But it was fun and definitely something to look forward to work upon.

    Namaste! Lots of Love,


  9. I was so looking forward to yoga this morning. I have loved this practice and worked through some of the challenging poses. I've been dealing with personal difficulties for the last couple of months. Finding Yoga with Adriene has been a blessing. Thank you for all that you do and all that you have given me.

  10. Day 27 I loved it left the mat feeling energised and at peace. My tree is planted and is growing strong and true it definitely bends in the breeze

  11. Namaste everybody,
    Awesome tree pose practice. I managed to stay up on each leg and even had my hands up. I was a little wobbly but did not collapse. I did day 26 before doing this practice. I think the long session helped. I was all warmed up and ready and more flexible to do tree pose. It was fun!

    Thank you so much Adriene!
    Lots of Love,


  12. I can't believe there are only three days left, I have really enjoyed getting to my roots and exploring further with yoga and my body. The tree pose was difficult for me today since I'm a little sore from previous workouts but I still liked the challenge. Love you and what you're doing here!
    Much love,

  13. Adriene,

    I found your 30 days of yoga late in 2015 but just in time to rediscover the peace and balance. I love your teaching style--very supportive and relaxed. No yoga robots!

    One thought--in tree pose, maybe provide the options visually to allow wobbly beginners to better concentrate on a focal point, without watching the video.

  14. I like doing balancing poses in the morning. I think they are great to focus and be concentrated on oneself, be calm before being in the rush of the days.

  15. Wow! A lot is happening with my body on day 27! I was able to pump 3 push ups in plank position! It has been years since I could do a push up because my right wrist and forearm would feel crippled afterwards for weeks. I am moving with my breath and understanding more what that means and what that feels like. During the video I am moving with breath but also keeping up with the flow of the instructor. But when I am alone and have a random yoga moment, and do some stretches spontaneously, I notice that as I move with breath slowly and at no particular pace except doing what "feels good", each individual moving part of me gets its share of oxygen and seems to fall into place somehow. Areas of my body that have felt frozen for some time are opening up! When I feel a frozen spot I stay there and take a few more breaths and keep letting it loosen. My movements are more fluid and less jerky as each link seems like it is getting oiled and rotated! Haha! Like a vehicle! Adriene, I am loving your instruction. It is not scary at all and you have completely helped me. And, strengthening feet has been WONDERFUL. Also, I am going to climb Half Dome next September and this balance and full body strengthening will enable me!!!

  16. Thank you adriene for making yoga fun and not so serious. I love your comments and the fact that you don't take yourself too serious as well. It reminds me as a yoga instructor to keep a little lightfullness in the teaching.

  17. Thank you for providing yoga focusing on the breathe, connecting to your inner self, slowing down, and forgetting to-do lists! Your yoga sessions have been the only yoga classes I have ever continued. I searched for the right type of yoga for years, only to find the focus on yoga robots (your words, thanks), the silhouette of the pose (not the feel), and mindless repetition (sun salutation over and over). Your yoga sessions have changed my life in so many ways since I started almost a year ago. I was looking for peace of mind, less competitive thinking, loving my body more - and I got all that and more. Along the way I also found wonderful things I wasn't looking for - stronger abs, a bigger butt, stronger arms, better ability to focus, more patience at work and with my family, compassion for myself, compassion for those who feel lost, questioning why I push myself so hard, and so much more. Please be assured you are changing lives.

  18. Loved this session thank you again Adriene. I've been painting a lot this week and when I did the cactus pose at the end my right shoulder really hurt which has never happened before. Thank you for making my body realise it has been overdoing it. Time to rest it before I do more painting.

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