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30 Days of Yoga - Day 26

Day 26 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Earth Practice. Say whaaa? In this practice we use the earth to connect, ground, stretch and lift from. We learn another pranayama or breath technique and of course, have a little fun with a full body practice.

This 20 min yoga sequence has it all! It invites you to go deeper. Re-connect to home, ease and mother earth. Yeah, I said it. Simple meditation pose is there for you. This yoga sequence also invites you get low and be human. Explore all lines of movement with the support of the earth. We will stretch, open, and remove stress that has manifested in the body. We will tend to the feet and trek into the unknown! We will connect to our core - and keep returning back to the breath - reconnecting to YOU.

"It's all happening."

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Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

43 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 26”

  1. Enjoyed this today. Very relaxing, just what I needed.

    Thank you for the 30 Days Of Yoga, it's been lovely.


  2. Hi Adriene,

    trank you for the wonderful yoga experience today. I've been with you in this exiting 30 days of yoga from the beginning, but this is the first time I actually felt the need to share my feelings. I'm so glad that I committed to the 30 days challenge, it's amazing how much has changed in the last 26 days. Already I find much more ease in connecting movement to breath and I feel much stronger and more flexible too. And to my happy astonishment for the first time ever I felt my heels touching the ground in downward facing dog ๐Ÿ™‚

    so thank you for being (virtually) with me during that moment and


  3. I just started doing yoga today with your video. My 4 year old daughter Lilly also joined in, and it was fun. Because of my disabled wrists (due to a car accident more than 2 years ago), I find that I can't do the poses with hands down, but have just balled my hands into fist and use my knuckles instead. Even an hour after my first work out, I still feel the stretch and burn, as well as an overwhelming sense of peace in my body and mind. This is definitely something I will continue to work on. Thanks Andriene.

  4. Hi Adriene! I am loving these 30 days of Yoga!! Thank you!! I'm behind almost 10 days though because we've been so sick. I love how Yoga makes me feel and doing it consistently for those 10 or 12 days that I did felt great! What is your opinion about doing yoga when you're sick? I've read a lot of different things... Obviously I was too sick there for a few days but now I'm feeling a little better and I'm anxious to get back on the mat, but is that wise? What have you found in your experience?

    Thanks a bunch,

  5. Now I know why I like the course so well. It's not robot sounding yoga! Weird yoga is for me.

    Today was a joy. The session made me happy.

  6. After being cooped up from winter storm Juno and a few hours of shoveling, this hit the spot! Thanks Adriene! Your energy, motivation and dedication is much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love weird yoga with Adriene! Sometimes I even laugh out loud. This is a great supplement to my medicine ball classes!

  8. I really love how you keep things fun! You make yoga enjoyable and funny, which still connecting to our bodies. I think you're the best yoga teacher!

  9. Hi Adriene! I just wanted to thank you for bringing me into this warm and engaging community. I've totally stepped up my yoga game thanks to your encouragement. It feels all homey, like "Mekhasana is sukhasana." *hehe*

    Question. Where did you get the amazing yoga pants from a few episodes ago... the ones with the stripes and black ombre shading? Because I'm kind of in love with them.

  10. Hi there, thank you so much for doing these 30 days of yoga. I'm a new mum, age 32, live in Geneva, Switzerland and am having a hard time finding a yoga practice with my baby. Thanks to these 30 days of yoga, I'm getting in shape and, for the first time of my life, doing exercise every single day. i started on 6th of January and have skipped about 1 day a week, so am on day 26 on 6th of February. i don't seem to find the time or energy to go to regular group classes, so this has totally changed and improved my yoga practice. I put on about 10 extra kilos having a baby and they need to go. I also need to get in shape to keep up with this little baby guy once he'll start to walk & run.

    I can now do downward facing dog on my wrists (instead of on my fists) and am starting to find that pose comfortable. I can see a difference in my waistline and thighs which is the encouragement I need to keep going. I feel better about myself and that's all thanks to you. I've made a candle circle where I light a candle for every practice and state my intention. This is a physical manifestation that I can see during the entire practice (the candle flame is my focus point in front of me),

    I love your energy, your sense of humour and the way you give lots of options for each pose. No pressure, lots of reassurance and encouragement. Thank you so much for what you're doing!

    Namaste from Geneva, from baby Arthur and Joy

  11. Adriene, thank you for sharing your knowledge, charm, time, and practice with the world. You have made someone who feels like a walrus on the mat comfortable with yoga. While there are four days left in this challenge, your videos will get continual use as they are incorporated into my daily practice.

  12. I have really enjoyed the 30 days of yoga with you! Just completed day 26 this morning. I am not able to touch my heels to the floor in down dog and I have to bend my knees alot during any of the forward folds. My hamstrings are so tight. Any advice on what I can do to loosen them up?

  13. my wish is to see you in person...
    you have no idea how it was a bless for me to find your channel on you tube!
    it helps me with my health...thoughts....breathing...singing...cherishing life...letting go of all the sorrows fro my last relationship... the way you remind me of me when I try to inspire others in their hard inspire me...wish you were not virtual Yoga Guru...

  14. Great session today Adriene ! Day 26 was a breeze as you emphasized on connecting with one's breath. I was quite mindful of that and notice how energetic and calm I feel at the end of it.

    I could not rock on my back while holding my feet crossed with my hands. It was a very small rocking and no, I could not sit up like you did. I hope to do so one day.

    Thank you so much for these lovely 30 days. Wish you were here in San Jose, CA and I would have attended your yoga sessions every day live.

    Namaste! Lots of Love


  15. Hi Adriene
    I have been with you from the beginning of this 30 day challenge and have loved every minute. Thank you for adding some humor and reminding us to be playful with our yoga. Too often I find that I slip in to a robot mode during yoga sessions and you have encouraged me to explore movement when my body is craving a variation from the pose. I am so glad I found your videos as I have been blessed with better health.
    Thank you & Namaste,

  16. Hello from Australia,

    I have been doing your 30 days of yoga since literally stumbling upon you a month ago. I have been getting fit and never took yoga seriously. As an anxiety sufferer I was always putting pressure on myself and constantly feeling overwhelmed. Since doing yoga I have chnged my mindset. Yoga can be challenging, it makes me feel like I have worked out, but in a kind and gentle way. Even more importantly I feel like I am healing from the inside out. So thankyou for offering this oportunity to find a new way to keep healthy and enjoy the movement. You are a wonderful and inspiring teacher. Thank you.

  17. Hi Adriene,

    I have been following the 30 Days of Yoga. It is my "joyful practice" which I look forward to each day. Yay! Your focus in each video on playfulness keeps the practice centered on our personal needs. I love your instruction because you inspire us to explore instead of follow like robots.

  18. My 2 year old insisted on doing this one with me, and I loved it. He's such a cute little yogi.

  19. I started your 30 days of yoga this fall with pretty much no expectations. All other "challenges" that are on Facebook or YouTube like "30 days of plank or squats" seem really boring and meaningless to me but this felt like something I could do since I like yoga. Since I have an issue with finishing things I start (I don't finish them) that was pretty much my only intention, to finish it. A few days ago I started worrying about what to do when it's done since it's felt so good these psst weeks and I think that I need the guidance of someone telling me what to do and when to get going. But then today I felt a glimmer of confidence that "hey, I can so this on my own, I'll just do what comes to my head and what I feel like my body needs!" That feels huge, I never would have expected that from doing a challenge!
    So thank you!! Love and warmth from Finland! /Malin

  20. Day 26! this has been such a wonderful journey... i will be sad to see it end. but i am encouraged to continue my own at home practice. i love that this is not "cookie cutter yoga" and that you invite exploration and awareness. i find so many benefits to this practice and am excited to see how this journey continues to work with the rest of my fitness and life. thank you for doing this! i hope that you will do others in the future!

  21. Your practice is wonderful! Easy to follow, clear directions, great use of giving people different levels of each pose. Thank you from my heart for all that you do!

  22. Adriene, you are an angel! You have been keeping me sane when I have felt fraught. Helping me in mind and body. You will never know how far your positivity has spread!

  23. Hi Adriene,
    I want to say how peaceful and refreshing your 30 days of yoga has been. It is a very positive thing in my life. I am wondering what program you would suggest after the end of 30 Days?


  24. Hi Adriene. .....

    I love all of the workouts. i look forward to receiving my daily email with my new challenge. I will miss the 30 days of yoga.
    How do I proceed after the 30 days?
    This is the best, you're wonderful and a big thank you from Boston!

  25. You made me love True Yoga with Adriene

    I do want to continue after D30 !
    Thank you Adriene

  26. I'm doing yoga with you for two months.Every day for three hours. And want to thank you for this. I was in very bed place mentally. Now I'm better for my kid and my firstborn my dog Lady. Everybody is telling me that I'm overdoing for three hours yoga a day.but I feel I need it.Thank you again for saving my life. NAMASTE

  27. Hi Adriene! I just wanted to say thank you for this series! I recently quit nicotine cold-turkey and the cravings, headaches, and bloating were so bad that I was basically in constant pain. I started this series in an effort to focus on something else, and it's helped tremendously with my body aches, bloating, and overall self-control. It's been 20 blissful days of no cravings or weird side effects. Thanks for helping this person drop a bad habit!

  28. Iโ€™ve been practicing yoga regularly for almost 2 years and today was the first time my heels touched the ground in downward facing dog! Thank you for this 30 day practice, it has guided me through a tough few weeks.

  29. Dear Adrienne
    Thank you for posting these wonderful videos. I tried them at seventy years of age because I want to stay flexible to continue with gardening and other activities. I quickly felt that yoga is like a prayer for my body. I can feel that my body likes the movements.
    I also love the encouraging words you offer about our intentions and heart. I never feel pushed to go beyond my abilities, but feel completely comfortable with what I do.
    Thank you again.
    Marlena Hirsch

  30. I bet you never thought in 2015, that by. 2020/2021 someone (in the uk) would be using your 30 days of yoga to help them through lockdown during a global pandemic! I've throughly enjoyed your sessions & intend to continue using them. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Love the yoga practices. During this pandemic really missed my in-person yoga practice for 55 and older adults. Saw Adriene on the Today show earlier and remembered it. So glad I found Yoga with Adriene. She is so good to tell us know to modify to our level of practice. Thank you!

  32. Thank you Adriene! I have been enjoying your 30 day yoga series. Your calm and encouraging voice makes me engaged and relaxed at the same time. It is an awesome program!

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