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30 Days of Yoga - Day 23

Day 23 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Freedom & Forgiveness. Power Yoga! MEET YOUR EDGE! (Don't Panic)

Day 23 is not the power yoga you are used to. Rather, this sequence invites us to find power and strength through acceptance, forgiveness and letting go. Day 23 is an awesome journey! Modify as needed and find what really feels good. This practice will give you a good workout, stretch, strengthen and soothe. But beyond that, this breath focused playtime is the perfect sequence to practice letting go. Let go to create space for empowerment and new found strength. Let the practice be a mirror. Don't be hard on yourself. Be yourself. Be kind. Find freedom within the form and strength in letting go. Practice forgiveness as a way to keep moving forward.

Oh, and drink lots of water today!

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

30 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 23”

  1. Well tough stuff after a long Friday. Had to stay at beginners level but does matter as much this far into the program. On to day 24.

  2. Good work Lou! I felt the same and I had an easy Friday! Today was the first day I didn't take it further so you aren't alone! But after a lazy day I think I needed it.

  3. Adriene, I love your yoga sessions, they make my days a little shinier and give me lots of energy! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to follow each of the 30 days of yoga so I'm wondering whether the videos will still be available online after January 31st?!

  4. Side Plank is tough! I really enjoyed the practice and challenge today. Gotta work on my upper body strength!

  5. Hi Adriene, thank you so much for this great challenge! I love it so much that I start worring about what will be next, after the 30 days? Are you proposing another 30 days, more advanced yoga? I really hope you will! And if you are looking for a place in France to propose yoga retreat, You are welcome to stay with us! Have a look on our site, near the atlantic ocean. Thanks again, you are great!

  6. Really enjoying the 30 days so far, even though I'm finding some parts a little bit of a struggle, that can also be a challenge, which is good. I'm also finding it all really refreshing. I'm always struggling too with side plank but managed to hold on for a few seconds using the balancing/knee over pose mentioned in the video. Looking forward to the rest. šŸ™‚ xx

  7. I am 1 week behind/late starting but I have loved this practice. I have gained strength and balance. Your instructions are easy to follow even for me who has had very little yoga experience. Yoga is now my favorite kind of workout. Thank you Adriene for sharing the 30 Days of Yoga.

  8. Still love it, practicing every day, except when I'm out of computer reach.
    It's better and better every day, and every day is like. Wow I just want to do that.
    The cat of the house, likes it too, and making it's own kind of movement. Watching me closely.
    Thank you very much for this experience.
    May the lignt shine

  9. Fun! Every day is exciting - I'm sad to think we are so close to the finish line! Looking forward to what's next from you. Namaste

  10. DAY 23: FEELING FREE!!! It's a lovely Saturday morning and even lovelier when it starts with yoga with Adriene! I am still suffering from dis-ease in the lower back and am confident that continued practice will be the key to relieving and strengthening that part of my body. I'm hearing lots of crinkles in my neck as I roll it around and thinking how nice it would be to get it cracked and adjusted (as it does feel strange and quite loud in my ears). I went back to watch how you get in to the proper position of side plank and felt that was the most challenging pose for me today and love that their are more variations when one has graduated from basic! Thanks Adriene for connecting mind, body and soul with the ground and our precious environment! Namaste! :3

  11. Day 23 - Sessions started off slow, nice and easy. All preparing towards side plank and that is a tough one for me always. But Adriene you showed some awesome variations. I did it by supporting on my knee over. Overall a very relaxing session with lot of opportunity to watch/follow the breath and be in tune with one's inner self and surroundings.

    Thank you so much Adriene!

    Lots of Love,


  12. IĀ“m really relaxed now! šŸ™‚ Side plank and lift one leg...but I managed to hold it for a few seconds! šŸ˜€

  13. Day 24! Today my body felt so week and I really didn't want to do any extreme movements. I opened my email and received your day 24 message and was motivated to get on my mat! Almost done! I am brand new to yoga and this 30 challenge has opened my eyes to how wonderful yoga is! I've noticed changes in my body, specifically regarding my strength. Thank you Adriene for dedication and positive vibes!


  14. Absolutely loved this practice. Thank you Adriene for everything you do! Yoga has truly changed my life.

  15. Adriene, I'm so happy to be returning to these after coming back from a camping holiday where amazingly I found I was able to keep up my daily practice under my own steam thanks to your freeing and empowering tutelage over the previous 3 weeks. Just want to say that not only are you a stunningly inspired, inspiring, talented, generous and not to say prolific yoga teacher, but whoever is responsible for the web design, set design and camera work has done an awesome job too. Heartfelt thanks - I'm loving daily yoga and finding I'm progressing in a way I could never achieve with a weekly class.

    Much love to you Adriene, all who have been involved and all my lovely companions on this journey.

  16. My challenge is my wrists hurt. I hope they get stronger because right now they are limiting me. I love my daily yogawith Adriene and am hoping to see body improvement at some point.

  17. Whoop Whoop day 24. Love how it's coming along. Mind/body connect. Love setting intentions and being kind to self. šŸ™‚
    Enjoying reading others posts too.

  18. I had to take a week off because we only have a desktop, and it is in the guest room that was occupied all week. Oh, how I missed this! This was a great re-intro. I've never missed the mat so much.

  19. Hola from Tulum, Mexico. I am so glad my sister recommended you, and that I decided to commit to the 30 days. I am originally from Austin, but have been living here for about 8 years. I love your extra you tube videos, they make me laugh and your glasses feel like home. Gracias ! I'm so grateful for you.

  20. I started doing your 30 days of yoga during the lockdown (corona 2020) & I have thoroughly enjoyed your yoga videos. I have always wanted to do more yoga for myself & am I so thankful for finding you on YouTube.

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