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30 Days of Yoga - Day 21

Day 21 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Joyful Home Practice. This yoga sequence is all about full body awareness and empowering you to make safe and supportive self adjustments. Play, get drunk on the breath. Practice Mindfulness and ENJOY!

Day 21 benefits the internal organs with movement and massage. It supports the joints and invites you to strengthen all major muscle groups. Focus on alignment and action as you continue to build strength and grow your practice. Strong focus on sensation over shape. Strong focus on pranayama/breath continue in today's Day 21 yoga practice. Stay true to your breath. Stay true to you.

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

35 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 21”

  1. Perfect. It's what my body needed. Glad I did this one early morning to get me going and loosen up by body.

    22 is next and I am ready! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. Adriene, you have brought my tired old(er) body back to life! I love feeling youthful again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste <3

  3. Hi Adriene!

    Just wanted to say how much I love your videos--the #30daysofyoga and otherwise. I started doing the videos seven months ago, and am experiencing so many benefits from starting a home practice! My body's stronger, my meditation practice is stronger, and my heart is stronger. <3 Thank you for your loving support, your encouragement to just get on the mat, and your mantra--find what feels good! 🙂


  4. I have enjoyed every one of your 30 Days of Yoga practices! I look forward to checking them out each morning!

  5. Love your 30 days of yoga so much I just tried purchasing them. I don't know if it went thru. OR if it went thru multiple times!! Help please

  6. Needed a relaxing, slower practice today. This is just what the Dr. ordered.

  7. Today I had to share my mat with my pet bunny. He nibbles my fingers and toes in downward dog and plank and likes to sit right under me when it's time for a vinyasa, but I let him because it's a heart opener!

  8. I really love how you take care of all parts of the body. Rotating the wrist, ankle, neck etc. It's like every part of your body is taken care of. Thank you so much for these videos!

  9. Hi Adriana,

    Thanks, so much for your videos, and your great teaching. This days are dark for me, lot of pain. Your moments are rest, and I can fully enjoy it. It means a lot for my body and soul.
    Thank you,

  10. Yeah! 21 days in and have not missed one! That is a huge accomplishment for me when it comes to doing Yoga - thank you for making it so enjoyable. Namaste

  11. DAY 21: Drunk on Breath!!!! If you are going to get drunk, get drunk on breathing!!!! Every day I feel more energized simply by having adding deeper breathing to my day, especially early morning when Prana is at it's best! I love the strength I am beginning to feel and the awakening of each muscle and body part as you take us through new poses. There was one with our legs spread and bending down that made me identify with an ostrich, so for me that is the ostrich pose!!!! 😉 Life is good, especially when you bring joy to your every day! Thank you Adriene, feeling super blessed, as I make my way through the 30-Day Yoga Challenge! <3

  12. Just what I needed today. I've been battling a cold all week, and it's been really nice doing the yoga and focusing on the breathing - it's one of the few times during the day that I actually feel like I CAN breathe! On a side note, both of my parents are doing the 30 days now - how great is that!?

  13. LOVED today's practice!! I almost screamed when I saw my right leg effortlessly stretch straight for the first time! It's amazing how much of a change I've noticed! Also I sincerely love that I feel like I get a workout during these practices but I honestly don't HATE it, I'm really enjoying it! I really really hate working out so it's a game-chager to find a workout that I enjoy.

    Keep it up! You're awesome at this!!

  14. I've tried to commit to doing yoga like a million times in my life, but I have never stuck with it as long as I have with this! I'm starting to get sad that I'm nearing the end of the 30 days. Thank you for making this practice so accessible and down to earth!

  15. Day 21- Another day of splendid practice. This sneezing fit is frustrating my practice. But I kept at it. Nice loose sensation all over and a kind of springy feeling. I think slowly getting the flexibility. I could do all the poses but for the bending over with legs apart and head touching the floor. That is gonna take a long time. But I will get there some day. Thanks Adriene for setting me up on the path of sustained yoga practice.

    Namaste ! Lots of Love!


  16. Hello, Adriene!
    Today's practice is basically what I need. Find the joy. Find the joy. Finding joy in every situation is essential to be happy and less stressed. This week has been very very stressful for me! Too much thoughts have been bothering my crazy monkey mind. I'm glad to have joined this 30 days of yoga because it keeps reminding me to be mindful of our thoughts and emotions. It really helps me cope up with stress I encounter everyday, especially in school. When I get home from our class, I really try to push myself to continue the session. And today I chose to hit the mat on Day 21! Thank you, Adriene!

  17. Hi Adriene, I've been following the 30 day yoga videos since the beginning of June 2015 and I just wanted to write that today was my favourite video so far! I keep a journal of my favourite poses each day and try to do my own little sequences first thing, just to rejuvenate myself. My intention since the beginning has been to anchor myself. I didn't even know what that meant when it first came to me in the first few days of the videos! Today I now know that it means that I will always anchor myself daily, physically, mentally, spiritually, through my daily yoga. Thank you so much for allowing my to create a new beautiful ritual that's going to permeate my life with positivity and self-love! cos we're worth it gurrrlfriend 🙂 love and hugs. Jenny

  18. I had begun the 30 day challenge at the end of June, but had to take a three week break in July as we were in a place with limited internet and electricity. Today I started where I left off, and this was such a great reintroduction. My body thanks you!

  19. This felt so great, thank you!
    I just have a quick question... whenever we do "yoga for the feet," it hurts my feet and toes SO BADLY. Is that normal for a beginner, or should I try and do something to alleviate that pain? I absolutely cannot sit on my feet in the way that you do. Any advice is appreciated! xxoo

  20. Could you tell me where you got your 'Crazy' Stripe Yoga pants you wearing today (Day 21), I'd really love to get hold of a pair to celebrate my new found well being!
    I have loads more questions and will get back to you soon, once I've signed up to your membership programme.

  21. Hello,
    A friend inspired me to use advent to thank all the people who have had a really wonderful impact on my year, so THANKS SO MUCH for these videos! I've loved them this year.
    Wishing you every happiness.

  22. This was a wonderful practice - physically and mentally challenging as I balanced to hold my warrior poses and find joy in the slower sequences that required patience. Namaste!

  23. I always read your emails before the practice and wow, you often say something that I really need to think about! Seams like a friend 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  24. Hi,
    Just started with you and on day 21 I have skipped a few due to long weekend party but plan on going back to those days I missed. Just going with it. I like the feel of do what is good for you no overdoing it. Too many people do that because they see the experienced ones pulling off difficult poses. I started yoga 20 years ago have come and gone with it. And always enjoy the coming back. You are taking the right approach and not scaring people off. Yoga is that re- connection with yourself, breathing into the spaces of our minds and bodies. Be easy on yourself just enjoy being physical. Thank you ...for inspiring people

  25. I know I am doing these almost 2 years later than everyone but they are still so awesome. I have never been an early riser but I feel myself jumping out of bed so I can get yoga time with you before the crazy day starts. I think in addition to the yoga, I love the energy you bring to the mat - I have actually noticed myself smile on the worst mornings because of you 🙂 This was one such morning and turned out to be one of my favorite practices.

    You are a fantastic teacher and doing amazing work Adriene. I don't have want the 30days of yoga to end but I think I am going to do yoga camp next.


  26. Yes today is my birthday 55! was feeling weak because my muscles were so tight couldn't even bend my knees into childs pose w/o pain. Now I love the pose...what I didn't expect to get out of this 30 day revolution practice was a calmness in my mind to the extent that i have. You see I'm a hospice nurse and have recently had a very challenging patient to care for, many of us nurses leaving our shift in tears. i find if i go home and tap into the revolution it helps me to re-balance and gives me strength to return to work and continue to focus on my patient and his family. Thank you Adriene

  27. Thanks Adrienne! People have bugged me to do Yoga but I never felt like doing it. I got interested when I saw your videos and now am doing it and finding it beneficial to me.
    I am still irregular in the practice but I have never 'reduced the irregularity' to this extent before!

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