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30 Days of Yoga - Day 19

Day 19 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Use this Breath and Body practice to relieve tired muscles and calm the mind. Day 8 invites you slow down to synchronize body and movement with the breath. Deepen your practice with pranayama. Marry your pranayama practice or breathing practice with your asana practice. As we focus on the breath we invite fresh oxygen to the blood and to the brain. We connect to prana (or energy) and use the breath to control that vital force - so you can cultivate your magical powers and live your full potential! Let your breath sing! Let your body talk. Listen, relax and enjoy! You deserve it.

Connect and support others down below. Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

23 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 19”

  1. hello Adriane: i am from Tijuana BC Mexico, and i am fan of your videos on YouTube i am trying to catch up with your blog too, but well the reason of my words is to thank you very much; your videos had inspired me to practice yoga, really before checking them i was very skeptical about this practis, but after i start to following your youtube channel i really start to like it and loving it, i do not have very much time practicing (since september last year), but i am pushing my self to continue doing it, yoga practice has given me a lot of benefits on my body and self confidence, now i recomend yoga to everybody jajajaja!!!; when i knew that you were doing to start a 30 days of yoga i was so excited i had been following up since day 1 and is incredible, my body feels, strong and happy because i had been doing some positions that at the beging on september were hard and hurtful but now i can do them without any problem thats why i need to share with your my gratitude, thanks Adriane to share your knowlage, wisdom and above all your way of being so positive and charismatic to inspire others on all your videos thank you thank you thank you wishing your the best fo the world you deserved it. Namaste!!!

  2. I started doing your 30 Days of Yoga, and really enjoyed it, I felt better even after the first session. I found only 19 of the 30 days, and wondered were the other 11 days can be accessed.
    thank you.

  3. Really nice practice today. It's difficult sometimes to focus on the breath, though it's so important. Thank you!

    1. Agree! I have such a hard time focusing on my breath.

      I love the videos- only ones that have kept me interested in yoga. Love the website 🙂

  4. Today was the first day that I felt the true flow of a vinyasa. Normally I am concentrating on getting it right so to speak, matching the breathe to the movement and feeling frustrated when I can't. But today I just let go of the control and truly found myself feeling powerful and flowing. That was the best and longest plank I've ever done, mentally and physically. Thank you for getting me to this point. I look forward to feeling this more now.

  5. Beautiful Adriene, thank you. This practice came as a blessing today. Through it I felt a deep connection and an awareness of grace. Thank you for sharing this gift.

  6. I loved the focus on breathing today! I also am curious where you got you're Cheetah T-shirt? I have been Google shopping for it all day:) Looking forward to the rest of the 30 days and more!

  7. Loved the ease of today's practice! Looking forward to day 20 - wow this is going by so quickly. Namaste

  8. DAY 19: Breathe in and out with ease... feeling very calm, relaxed and peaceful after this practice and do enjoy the benefits of pranayama, bhastrika and sudarshan kris. The breath is what we take when we are first born and it is the last thing we do before we die, even then the breath is in sequence. Being conscious of oxygenating the body with breath is so important and today's practice is a great reminder of how it fuels, yet calms the body. I'm still observing all the nooks and crannies in my body that need a whole lot of attention and greasing. Each day I begin with thoughts, prayer and my 30-day Yoga challenge with Adriene! Feeling grateful for the blessing you are in my life Adriene! Namaste!

  9. I wanted to get caught up today so I did 18 & 19 back to back, and it was amazing! It is the first time I felt that my breathing was truly in sync with the asanas. I also felt, for a brief moment, an upward current of energy!!! I am so full of gratitude for having discovered Yoga with Adriene. It's a huge blessing. Thank you, Adriene!

  10. Day 19 already! Can´t believe it!
    I do the 30 days of yoga-videos after my workout. At the beginning of the video I always think that I need to stretch out a lot after yoga but after the practice I don´t have pain in my back anymore! Thank you!

  11. Hi Adriene and everyone! I got off track for a time this summer, but I'm back! I do yoga twice a week at the fitness center, and yoga with Adriene at home. I enjoy it so much, Adriene, and I love that you allow your fun personality into your practice! Thank you!

  12. Day19: Quite simple to do but the key is to connect movement to breath and breath to movement. Slow, nice and easy, beautiful juicy practice. Thank you so much Adriene.

    Namaste !

  13. Day 19. Thought I would share this. Half way through my morning yoga practice, my youngest can be heard banging and crashing around the house, then bursts in..'I lost my headhones!!' (only gave them to him last night and he has yet to leave the house), I ignore him, he says it louder, my response from my breathing exercise..'Oh for christs sake!!! I am in the middle of my yoga practice and meant to have calm!!!'. Pause the video, quick look in his room, not there, so say, 'oh just have mine, look when you get home!' Back to the mat, restart video and Adriane says 'namaste', I breath deep and say 'namaste'. Burst our laughing as the irony of the situation is not lost on me. A pal at work told me that she had done this and was now on the revolution.

    I needed something new to kick start my well being and whilst I still have to sort my diet out at least everyday I am back to working on my health.

    Thanks Adriane and thanks to foe making it fun...bit late to the party, but I am here now!

  14. I'm lovin' this! It's been perfect... can't wait to go through all of you 30-day challenges. Thank you!

  15. This session was my first day back after a rotator cuff procedure and 5 weeks of physical therapy with more to go. Today I decided it’s time to try to stretch on my own. Even though my range of motion is still limited, I’m able to modify certain positions to get to where I want to be. I can’t wait until I’m fully healed and can do the full positions and complete 30 days of yoga.

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