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30 Days of Yoga - Day 18

Day 18 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Wonder Yoga practice is a sequence to for balance, opening and wonder in the unknown!

Day 18 Yoga invites you to regain wonder at being alive! Open the heart and hips as you breathe deep. This kind of practice helps me make clear choices, meet my edge and stay in the present moment. Balancing poses and mindful movement - simply cannot lie! Be patient. Take good care. Remember to have FUN. Soften your brow! Return to this practice again and again if you wish to grow a balancing practice! Peace.

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

36 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 18”

  1. thank you adriene & team for your great videos and your time to let us practice with u every day!!!

  2. That was so cool! Didn't think I was gonna make it back up in the balancing pose but I found strength to push through. Wow:) Thanks for today.

  3. i've really been enjoying this yoga challenge, and just wanted to stop by and say thank you! while i've had a regular 2-3x/week yoga practice for the past several years, it's been so fabulous to get on my mat each day!

  4. I'm so happy I could find balance more than before! I hope it continues to grow! Thank you!

  5. These balancing are challenging . I almost topple over. I am giving them my best shot though. It is a little harder for me because I had a ruptured back disk 3 years ago and had it operated on and I was left with nerve damage to my left leg so it is somewhat numb. I am hoping these poses help me with balance. I am enjoying each and every day of these yoga practices.Very relaxing and calming.

  6. Hi Adriene,
    Since I follow your 30 day program, I feel more you focus, strong and energetic. However, my back is telling me something different: It say ouch! I feel frustrated about it. I want to listen to this signal, and i want to feel the good parts.
    I now notice pain during at the roll up. And I notice my back in the vinyasa. Your message, find what feels right; is so hard for me to find out how? How can I continue the program and at the same time take care of my back? That is my question and I share it with you. Thank you. Greetings Martine

    1. Martine, having had significant back problems myself - I suggest investigating pilates and pelvic floor pilates to help figure out how to use your core and pelvic floor during yoga.

  7. Dear Adriene
    Today just went to a yoga class for the first time after I tried yoga with you. Was not planned but my friend said ''Wanna go to a yoga class with me?' and I thought to myself 'Why not?'. The girl giving the class asked me if I did yoga previously which I said that I follow a group of yoga online and this was my first as a group and in my native language, portuguese. It turns to be awesome, I followed the postures easily, putting a bit of myself in each to make it flow and it was a great moment. In the end she said that it looked that I was doing yoga among others frequently not like a first time. Until now I couldn't make it to go to classes since i'm always moving from one place to the other so I was inspired by you to do it every day by myself. I must confess that not listening your lovely voice was the weirdest part!! Thank you for your inspiration, thank you for making such a difference daily!!
    Love from Portugal!! Namaste, Filipa

  8. Hi Adriene. I've been really enjoying your 30 day yoga challenge. I've attended yoga classes sporadically in the past but this is the first time I've really kept with it. I can definitely notice improvements both physically and mentally. I have a lot of trouble with the balancing postures though. I can hold them briefly before I get terrible foot cramps and have to step out of it. Is there any way I can over come this?

    Thank you so much!

  9. Did it as part of a two a day. Must be getting in shape since I was not totally exhausted or sore after by early morning Day 21. Ok the last set of one legs was a nightmare but less worried about it at this stage in the practice and seeing my overall development.

    Only one session tomorrow for me!

  10. This was the most challenging day for me thus far. I always struggle with balance poses and often get frustrated that I cannot hold posture. Definitely something I am working on.

  11. DAY 18: Graduating pass the half way mark, whoo-hooo... grateful to practice postures in this practice that help me "make clear choices, meet my edge and stay in the present moment." I loved the fast pace and the challenging poses... I went back to view the video simply to see the flow and motions that I was challenged with. I enjoyed the leg at the hip and hands to heart and realize there is a process in making my practice much more graceful. Thank you for your precision and guidance during each of the poses...a voice that anchors you to your practice, yet always knowing that you will be able to let go and flow. Excited for what is to come and enjoying each day (although experiencing a bit of tenderness in my lower back, that could be from my play time at the beach yesterday with a little one.) <3

  12. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you for doing all these good things for us.

    Hugs & love from Romania 🙂

  13. Balances are so challenging to me! I mostly stayed in tree pose (especially since my arms are generally too short to grab my knee in front that way), but the information about lifting from the core still applied. And I tried to have a sense of humor about falling repeatedly out of my little baby tree pose.

  14. Beautiful practice, thank you Adriane. I am surprising myself everyday 🙂

  15. This 30 Day Yoga just keeps on giving! Each day seems to provide to point what I need for that day. Thanks for setting this up!

  16. Hello Adrian, I want to thank you for the great yoga lessons. I love them and each day is a challenge. The balance is improving day by day. love it. A happy way to come to myself day by day. Greetings out Belgium.

  17. Hi Adriene,
    Day 18 - was smooth until you got to the balancing pose. It was TOUGH! I kept falling over repeatedly. Thanks for gently reminding not 'to crank' (I cracked up when I heard it because that was what I was doing) and to not hold breath. But that is a natural reflex. I guess it will come with practice.

    So onwards to more practice and wonderful yoga sessions with you.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.


  18. Dear Adriene, thanks for the awesome practises. I was a bit sore after yesterday's session so I wasn't sure how it would feel today. However, I loved this one, especially the balancing poses!!
    I think I could do 30 days of balancing yoga, i love them so much.
    Feeling really great now, thanks to you 🙂

  19. Hola Adriane, soy Natalia, voy en mi día 18 práctico yoga hasta ahora y con tu programa de los 30 días, tengo varias dudas espero me las puedas resolver

    1. Con el tiempo mi cuerpo dejará de temblar al hacer fuerza o alguna pose de resistencia y será más flexible?

    2. Estar presente es un proceso paso a paso? está bien que me distraiga y cómo dejo de pensar tanto?

    3. siento poca felicidad creo que peleo con fantasmas invisibles, contra mi misma, mi depresión y autoconmiseración cómo puedo lograr ganar?

    4. cómo hago para entender a los demás y no juzgarlos?

    Gracias, quedo atenta a tus respuestas, espero me entiendas

    Un fuerte abrazo

  20. Today was so great! I really can´t believe that I was able to do that move with the foot up and lower down nearly to the ground. I thought like whaaaaaat! 😀
    Thank you! I realize every day that I get better and better and even my posture improved! ♥

  21. I missed this yesterday because I worked and traveled until late but I'm glad I did it today. Challenging but feels empowering when you can push further than expected!

  22. Hi Adrienne!

    I discovered your videos about a month ago and I'm now in day 18 of the 30 day challenge. I wanted to take a second ans thank you for your great videos. My family is currently going through a very rocky road planted with seeds of change and challenges and my practice is really helping me recenter every morning and find the strength to face the day with a smile. Thanks again and I look forward to day 19!


  23. My body was really in the mood to hold her balance today 🙂 Whoo-hoo! Just a great feeling to pour my focus into these movements, breath deeply and forget the stuff that presses on my mind during the other hours of the day. Just the ability to be present in each moment of this practice is truly a gift.

    Thank you Adriene 🙂

  24. I really enjoyed the flow, pace and challenge of day 18. It made me feel like I was really starting to get the hang of the rhythm of yoga and I surprised myself by being able to hold the more challenging poses. I was glad to pick up the pace a bit, and I'm looking forward to more stuff that will challenge and surprise me!

  25. Hi Adriene,
    You make the balancing poses so easy to do. My right leg is weaker than the left, that is, right leg give away earlier than left leg. Bending over was very challenging forget about coming to a squat. But still I attempted it. As you said, I will come back to this Day 18 practice more time every week to improve on my balance.

    Thank you so much.

    Lots of love and warm wishes,

  26. Dear Adriene & the FWFG Community,
    Thank you for setting out to create and share this 30 days of yoga over 1 1/2 (2 1/2?) years ago. Here it is, mid-September 2015 and I am following along, loyally, day-by-day. While I know it would be ok if I missed a day or one of the 30 yoga lessons it is important to me to follow along, as designed.
    Today, you are in San Francisco for your first city of your road show. I feel so happy that in the middle of doing this 30 day series I received an email saying you were doing a roadshow and coming to my city, Chicago! I've changed my travel schedule to assure I'll be able to meet you and other yogis, people who I feel are, or could be "members of my tribe," or I could be a member of their's.

    Today you shared a poem by Mary Oliver. I love her poetry and have even seen her read her poetry in person.
    I too want to be light and frolicsome and afraid of nothing. You speak about feeling alive and meeting your edge and I long for that.
    I am sniffling from a cold and aching from a pain that may require surgery so light, frolicsome, meeting my edge and being afraid of nothing are not sentiments I'm readily identifying with today. However, I will get on the mat, me and my watery eyes, stuffed up nose and gimpy hip. I will practice being aware of my breath and being present so that I can feel alive and as I heal I can think again of dangerous and noble things.
    Thank you,

  27. That balancing pose was so much fun! I don't think I've ever thought yoga was fun before. I've always liked it, but fun is definitely a new way to describe it. Yay!

  28. I tried this video already on Friday but was sick with a feverish cold and just couldn't manage more than 5 minutes and then felt worse than before. I was so keen but my body told me a very understandable NO. 😉 So today I felt better again and I tried again. The balancing part was tough and I only managed part of it but I am SO happy to be back, I missed it so much the last 3 days! I love the feeling in my body afterwards 🙂

  29. Thank you Adriene,

    This is my first post but I have been following the program from the beginning. I am not a beginner with yoga, have taken from many different instructors, including online videos. You are by far the best!
    I find the flow and your permission for us to "just be" and do what feels right for our bodies has actually made me much more confident in my poses. I also have crushed discs in my back, and have to be careful how far I push the poses, but I have been able to do all of them and today even surprised myself!
    What I have found has changed most for me doing yoga daily, which in the past I only practiced 2-3 x a week, is that I have been able to manage my stress and anxiety so much better, I am just overall calmer. I chalk it up to daily practice that is always fun, rewarding and fresh. Thank you!

    Namaste, Sherry

  30. I really enjoyed this sequence. I appreciated the challenge of the tree pose/foward bend variation as well as the familiar vinyasa sequence! Thanks, Adriene! Namaste

  31. Hello Adriene,
    I like the poses that play with balance; a bit of challenge is always a good thing 😉
    Have a good day ! Namaste.

  32. Thank you Adriene, I really love this series - as someone else said above, everyday you seem to offer just what I need. Lightness and groundedness today - and a thought to ponder, to balance sun and moon, light and dark. Coming through a period of darkness and thinking deeply about changes I would like to make and moving into a period of celebrating and having fun. Your yoga helps me so much! Namaste

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