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30 Days of Yoga - Day 17

Day 17 of 30 Days of Yoga! Forget your troubles come on get happy! Hop on the mat for Happiness Boosting Yoga.

Day 17 Yoga's practice invites you to awaken the chakras and energetic channels of the body, or the nadi's. Use deep conscious breaths as you follow this sequence to lift your mood. This practice can relieve tension, anxiety, the blues and is great energetic hygiene! Increase flexibility and build strength, mindfully. Cultivate a full body experience. It is not what you do but how you do it in this sequence. Increase balance with practice and breath. Choose to enjoy the effects of 17 days of Yoga. Keep listening!

45 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 17”

    1. I am just getting healthier and healthier. And I walk around with more confidence and my perspective is confident that good is going to happen.

      So thankful I can learn this wobbling around my own living room until I find balance and confidence.


  1. This one was fantastic! I was a little surprise that I could actually grab my ankle and while stood on one foot, even though I was a bit wobbly and couldn't pull it too far up, it was more than I thought I could do!

    I'm loving this challenge and I'll miss it when it's over! Do you plan on doing any more in the future?

    Corinne x

  2. Another great practice today! I can feel my body slowly changing. My balance is improving too. Thank you!

  3. This routine was fantastic! My favorite one from you yet!! Since following your videos and spending time "finding what feels good" I have been able to get off my Arthritis medication and am feeling fantastic! So thankful to yoga and you girl!!

  4. My favorite day so far. But You are Always amazing! My absolute favorite for a long time now!

  5. Hi Adriene

    Thank you for this great video, I loved it!
    Do you have a foundation video for the dancer (? Is that what it's called?) pose? I did search your website for one, but not sure if I am looking for the right thing.

    Maria x

  6. I want to thank you for using your time to teach me and all who follow you to practice yoga . I've really begun to love yoga and you are so inspiring to follow. I am so grateful , thank you 🙂

    Greetings form Norway

  7. DAY 17: Get Happy, because Happiness is the Way! Making a commitment to 30 days of Yoga has been the best way to celebrate the New Year. Getting in touch with body and breath and providing attention to each whisper (or scream) of discomfort and stiffness, finding treasures in balance and imbalance. Many challenging poses for me today and yet inspired to do more as the body responds slowly but surely to being one and being whole again! Thank you Adriene! Life is good and gets even better with YOU! Feeling blessed!

  8. Finally have all 30 done today. This was a make-up. Did them all in 28 days actually. This was a fun one. Sorry to have missed it but glad I did it on a Sunday after I had the other 29 done.

  9. I don't know how we can thank you other than by posting here, but you are such an inspiration and just thank you for channeling the good to all of us!!!

  10. Namaste from Malawi! Your 30 days of yoga have so far been 17 days of restoring calm and balance into my life. Each day's practice has been a special gift. Thank you thank you thank you!

  11. Thank you, Adriene! I love all your videos but this has easily been my favorite so far.


  12. Adriene I've been practicing with your videos for over a year now and I love your yoga style! 30 Days of Yoga has inspired me to do a teacher training course - I feel great!!

    P.S Where do you buy such a large supply of colourful, fun yoga pants??!!! I've searched everywhere!!!

  13. A great Day 17. It was relaxing. Great that we started off on the back because those moves are good back for my back. I have been doing them often, so it was very doable for me.

    I could balance on one leg but get shaky after 1 or 1 and 1/2 min. I guess longer duration will come with practice. I found that turning to left or right in downward dog pose to be challenging.

    Overall a great relaxing slow session. Thank you so much Adriene.

    Satish Iyer

  14. I have been doing yoga for what 10 years? once in a while, among other things in my life, I've never been a regular. Indeed, that is the first time that I do it every single day! I love the videos, I love your energy I love every different themes for every different days, most of all I love the balancing pose (tree pose is my favorite or all, it doesn't have to be complicated!) and being more aware of the sensations in the body and the breathing, we are forgetting the breathing in our daily lives taking it for granted. Thank you very much for these practices. Namaste.

  15. I am a bit tired today. Had looooots of workouts before. But I´m glad that I pushed through this one because I don´t want to miss a day! 🙂

  16. I think this was my favorite day so far! Relaxing yet challenging at the same time. I do have a question though, every time I windshield wiper my legs back and forth my lower back on the left side gets sore. Not sure what causes it, but are there any moves I can do to help stretch it ou?

  17. As others have said, this was a fantastic day. I could so feel my energy flowing! And it did boost my mood. I arrived at the mat somewhat discouraged and downhearted about work. My intention came to me during the first part of practice: release. That's what I was able to do, somewhat at least, and I do feel better.

    As always, thank you!

  18. Hi Adriene!

    I had a massive anxiety attack about 30 min after finishing this practice. Someone suggested it was because I released the stored energy from my hips. Could this be true?


    1. Hi,

      Something strange happened to me too after this particular practice. I felt a depression in my mood and had an anxiety attack 5-6 hours later. As I read a bit more about how certain poses could trigger this, I was able to feel a bit better after changing my mindset about how my anxiety was a gift given to me by yoga as a manner of releasing and healing deep-seated trauma.

      Thanks! Samra

  19. I cannot believe how strong I am getting. Thank you so much for this! I am over half way through and I feel amazing.

  20. I love love love your 30 Days of Yoga. I was a runner - never thought about doing Yoga - like maybe with friends - take a class - but never thought more about it. I found this 30 Days of Yoga and now I live for it!! I just love it because it makes me feel so good - I feel strong - I feel fit - I feel energy that I never had. I am so much more happier when I do my Yoga - even if it is just for 15 mins. Thank you - you are an amazing teacher - funny - a leader - patient - understanding. I look forward to my yoga every day. You are making an impact on people's lives all around the world

  21. I've been doing your videos for about a year and love them very much. You do a great job!
    I do have a question though, when I do the standing poses on one leg, my ankle of the other leg hurts. I'm I not possibly standing properly or does the pain go away with practice?

  22. Day 17 and even with a couple of missed sessions I feel so much stronger. Had a skip in my step going downstairs after practice yesterday instead of hugging the bannister.

  23. Hello. I did not receive the mail with this day yet. I usually receive the mail at 9 a.m.(my country is GMT+2), but now it's almost 4 p.m. and I did not receive it. I hope this is not gonna repeat because the kinds words in the email motivate me and remind me to get on the mat.

  24. Adriene
    You are the Best Yoga trainer ever
    I simply want to follow all your training videos ( I live in France ) But if you agree, I want to join for a month intensive training wherever you are ! Or may be you can come to France ? I would love to welcome you !

  25. Loved loved loved this! Not done a headstand practice since I was pregnant 2 years ago and after this I popped up into headstand like I've been doing it daily. Ten deep breaths there too. Feeling super happy! Thank you xx

  26. Thank you I have had back problems for year from tightening of muscles in many areas, on day 17 now and my breathing has improved walking a bigger distance easier all round feeling better at 67 should have done earlier but men seemed not to thanks chris

  27. Coming across your 30 days of Yoga journey has made isolation bearable. Knowing that each morning I have a purpose and a relaxing while also challenging start to the day. I could not be any more grateful. I have never been someone to take part or commit to Yoga classes, but your yoga practices and energy has converted me! Cannot wait to take part in your other yoga practices once the 30 days are over. Keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

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