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11 Minute Wake Up Yoga

This is a lovely little gem that could be great first thing in the morning, or helpful when you just need to move…but can’t commit to a lot.

I get it.

If you are going all the time, you might need a moment to pause and check in. You might need it more than you know! If you have been dragging a bit and feeling a little heavy, perhaps even low… you might just need a gentle wake up.

11 minute Yoga For When You Wake Up or for when you need a little wake up is here to serve! This session is short but impactful. Start your day off right with intention, efficient movement, and mindful breath work.

Nourishing and revitalizing - this is the perfect way to wake up the mind and body - so you can start again fresh!

Let me know how this at home yoga session goes for you in the comment section down below!

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21 comments on “11 Minute Wake Up Yoga”

  1. Finished true - day 26 workout (I know I’m like a year behind). Then saw your conference in Stockholm as YouTube cues the next related video. Great presentation. Seriously your yoga practice helps during tough times. Thank you. There should be an Adriene & Benji calendar

  2. I love this short little practice! I foresee this one being a repeater for sure... any morning when I have the time! Thank you, Adriene and team! Namaste

  3. Omg. I have been doing ywa for about 3 years now. I started because of a psiatic issue and fell in love with the practises today I did the check in and couldn't believe when I slowed down I saw for the first time how ywa has not just improved my back but MY FEET. I never noticed how much my feet are improving from yoga. I didn't even know they were that bad till I saw what they are like today. There are actually spaces between all my toes. May seem little but that small improvement spreads up to my whole body and today I feel it everywhere. Thanks Adriene. Magic blessings your way for all you do.

  4. Good Sunday morning,
    As we all know there are often small stressors in our daily lives . It is one of the constants. Speaking time on the mat becomes ever more important and I am determined in my daily yoga practice.
    No matter the situation you will find me there every morning bright and early. I am a big time morning person.
    So, see you on the mat again tomorrow morning. Thank you Adriene for guiding me to a better place.

  5. I really needed that❣️ I thought I was awake but I think only my eyes were open. Thank you, Adriane. Have a wonderful day‍♀️

  6. Hi Adriene
    I know you don’t get much snow in your part of the country. So, skiing isn’t on your mind. Have you ever thought of doing an apres ski yoga session? As a skier, I do my own little workout for my thighs and calves. A session with you would be great.

  7. Adriene, thank you so much for your inspiration.
    Thanks to your dedication and hardship I can't wait to wake up every morning and start my day with you.
    Jennifer Grace❤️

  8. Thank you so much! That's just what I needed to get back into the mindset to continue after Dedicate and has set me up for the day, physically and spiritually.

  9. Good morning! I finished Dedicate yesterday. Started the 2nd week in January and missed a few days, yet I was able to stick to it and do all 30 days. A really accomplishment. This morning I started with this. Will look for another "Adriene" video for later in the day. Thank you for your encouraging, uplifting and at times challenging videos. Namaste

  10. I am on day 26. Behind but happy and feeling better about my everything. Starting to feel strong. Thank you!
    Namaste ❤️

    ( I also have dogs that yoga with me. One is a blue heeler as well. Benji is his idol)

  11. Thank you, you're love and light comes through your videos. Just starting out but feel blessed to work out with you each morning. I know my poses are probably wrong, wish you were here to correct me! But hey, I'm actually doing it!

  12. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for being your True Self and helping to awaken others ❣️
    Every time I read something from you I get inspired and I feel like you are personally hugging me and encouraging me. I feel your love with a capital L

  13. Yes! I’ve been using your videos consistently for a couple weeks now but this one takes the cake! It was rough on my stiff muscles this morning but I feel amazing finishing it! I will use this one again & again! Thanks Adriene!

  14. Just a beginner. Have tried a few other routines that moved a bit too fast and I guess I needed pre-beginner. This was a great start for me. Instructions were very helpful. Still working on the breathing. Looking forward to trying to advance. Thanks!

  15. A great little session in the morning when time is limited. Thanks Adriene for you hard work. You cheer me up everyday. Lots of love from South Wales uk xxxx

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