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10-Minute Yoga for Beginners

This 10-minute yoga practice is perfect for the absolute complete beginner or someone just wanting to go back and add subtle body connection and alignment for a sustainable practice that supports harmonious whole health. Set at just ten minutes, this is a must-do yoga session for all.

Bring a blanket or a towel if you have one. (Not required.)

8 comments on “10-Minute Yoga for Beginners”

  1. Thank you Adriene. I very much enjoyed your session and look forward to trying again tomorrow.

  2. I'm a beginner. That felt great. So relaxing. You have a top notch ass on you btw.

  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for practices that are similar in difficulty to this? I am getting back into yoga with Adriene after a long illness and this is about my level right now 🙂

  4. Hello - I think there are other beginner practices and also I have found practices for "seniors" useful and those marked as "gentle" or simple. I realise you may not be a senior but suspect that these would also be good after a long illness. Good luck.

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