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10-Minute Morning Yoga

The BEST way to start your day! In this quick but extremely beneficial routine, we will release tension, clear the mind, and connect to what matters most. Take 10 minutes to start the day on the right foot for better mental, emotional, and physical health.

Stretch out the stiffness, let’s energize for the day ahead! You won’t regret it.

7 comments on “10-Minute Morning Yoga”

  1. I really like Adriene's classes - loads of different time lengths, levels, and energy levels. Adriene herself has such a lovely, relaxed vibe. Once I discovered her (during lockdown) she's the only one I turn to for online classes.

  2. I need another day of yoga or maybe 2 more! I do chair yoga two days a week! It’s saving me! But I need more!
    What do you suggest?

  3. Thank you so much, Adriene. I am so happy to have just discovered your classes. You have a lovely aura... Your voice is gentle and peaceful, and you imbue your classes with ease, serenity, and warmth. Ben is the icing on the cake!

    I am bringing you into my every day...

    With gratitude,
    - Gail in New Hampshire

  4. Perfect way to stretch and start the day. Great opener to another one of Adrienne’s classes. I also recommend doing any if her 30-day journeys to create your daily yoga habit. Namaste

  5. Adriene rocks! She has had such a positive effect on my life and well being. I recommend a daily dose of her warm, funny, chill vibe!

    Sheri from Ottawa, Canada

  6. I have been doing pilates + YOGA since 2002. This movement, flow & PEACE
    have helped to continue my forward movement out-look on this goofy thing-called life ;}*

    Hope ON Peace-OUT & make-it-a-super*star* life, Adriene

  7. Love this one,started with the word love and now divorced thought of my adult children who I adore, found that by the end when you said the love word I realised I should love myself as well, emotional. Thank you Adrienne x

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