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Yoga for Courage

This is a 28-minute fiery breath-focused practice that invites you to the table. Nurture the body, tend to your heart, balance the brain, find strength, find stillness.

The courage to show up. That is where it starts. 

Find refuge, cultivate intention, anchor in slowing down your breath, and release tension in the body.  Get your fill so that when you step off your mat you have the energy you need to be present and serve.

A strong and whole practice will assist you in taking your yoga off the mat and into the world. 

I’d love to know how you are feeling in the comment section down below. I got your back. Sending you big love.

From my home to yours!

20 comments on “Yoga for Courage”

  1. Absolutely loved this video. Great start to my morning - can't go wrong when a lion breath is involved.

    Thank you for bringing yoga into my life in such a wonderful way.

  2. Thank you so much for all your videos you share so kindly. They have really helped me feel stronger and more positive about my body. It is a beautiful community you are building in the world

  3. It wasn't the next one in the Home sequence I thought I had clicked, but here now trying to find it again as it was spot on for me this morning. I'm working on balance and courage to not feel anxious each time an email from my CEO pings in. The courage moves have kept me going all day. Think I'll be doing it for while 😉 Thanks for the sanctuary.

  4. .? I'm new to your yoga videos & used to be able to put weight on hands but but both my wrists are now very arthritic & have a very painful right elbow ( old gymnastic injury & since a cubital tunnel surgery ) I'm having trouble doing anything that causes you to put hands down on the mat Any suggestions ??
    Do you have any videos that address fibromyalgia, chronic pain or R/A

      1. Thank you so much for responding it's very frustrating when you still see yourself as an athlete that you are no longer! I'm grateful for the redirect I tend to still want to do the more difficult practices I've been accustomed to

  5. Thanks, Adriene. I'm actually sticking to doing yoga each day. I cannot freestyle as I need to be told what to do.
    Have you tried yoga in a "fat suit" or at least a "fat front" for a couple of days of practice? I always have a little laugh when you say "gently bring your belly down to the top of they thighs" because mine is already there. I think some of my postures and movement are limited by this. I have been trying for years to lose shape but I think it's just about permanent now.

  6. Thank you Adrienne! Great way to start my day. I love all your classes I’ve done so far.

  7. This was such a lovely 30 minute practice, I DID feel strong!
    You made me feel proud <3 Namaste xo

  8. A perfect way to start my morning. Strong.... and ready to go!!
    Thank you

  9. Big up to you Adriene, offering this beautiful practice for free. Feeling the inner wisdom courage lion roar x

  10. Hi Adriene- just want to thank you for your work. I've rarely written to a person in the 'public' eye, except maybe a few politicians, and they don't count haha as I didn't have complimentary things to say. This is wholly different as the yoga you have shared with us has truly been an act of love for you and genuine. that comes through as well as your inner and outer beauty as a person. I ove your relationship with Benji, too. I have a 16 and 1/2 year-old coccapoo, MeMe, who is the dearest creature I know. I feel the connection between her and I deeply. I know our time together on this planet is limited, but the bond we share will live on as she represents the beauty and mystery of this universe we find ourselves in. The connection to you and your work is this: my frequent practice of yoga has grown through the years I've been practicing at home. It has allowed me to reconnect with my body and has helped me find my center in stillness and movement through this last hard year. As I imagine it's true for you, too, that you find these special moments in your connection to Benji, my relationship with MeMe gives me peace as well.

    One other thing, I had the great fortune of attending a session you did in Philadelphia a few years ago and met you there in the very early stage of my yoga practice. I hope that life will cooperate enough to allow you to travel and do sessions soon (if that's what you're moved to do) and that I can meet you again some day. Thanks again for your work and being yourself. All the Best, Jann

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